Why Buying Basketball Shoes is Important

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Why Buying Basketball Shoes is Important

Some parents think that buying kids expensive shoes like basketball shoes is a waste of money. They reason that children’s feet grow very quickly. It won’t be long when they will need to buy a new pair again to compensate for this growth. Most parents think this is costly and wasteful. They feel that children do not need to wear the right kind of basketball shoes just to play the sport.

While it is true that the feet of a child can grow very quickly in a short amount of time, the opposite is true when it comes to needing the right basketball shoes. The right kind of basketball shoes can do wonders for your child’s playing performance.

Imagine that you are a carpenter and you have to hammer a nail on a piece of wood. You got the wood and the nail but there’s no hammer. The only thing you have is a wrench. You pound on the nail using the wrench and it takes you double the effort to bury the nail on the wood. And after so much pounding, the nail still looks crooked and is still not perfectly embedded into the wood. The wood even sustained damage due to the wrench.

Now compare the nail to basketball and your child’s sneakers to the wrench. No matter how good your child is at basketball, he will still be unable to perfect his craft without the right equipment. Compare the hammer with the right basketball shoes and see how you are able to pound the nail in the wood in less time and effort. That’s what the right shoes can do for your child. It can help your child achieve his full potential because he is using the right equipment. It will help him perform his basketball skills because he can run without worrying that his shoes will skid off the basketball court or that his ankles are not supported properly.

Why is the right kind of basketball shoes important?

In basketball, shoes are not just accessories. Basketball shoes are engineered to do a lot of things that regular shoes cannot do. Here are some of their special characteristics and why they are important:

  1. They provide ample cushioning for the feet – basketball is a very rough and demanding game especially on the bodies of your children. They could get injured while they are running. Their ankles and feet could get sore because the soles of their shoes are not equipped with proper cushion technology that most basketball shoes have. Your child could end up getting his ankles and feet strained due to all the jumping and running. The proper cushion can lessen the stress on the child’s joints in the long run.
  2. They have sturdy ankle support – most basketball shoes are cut higher than sneakers. These ‘hi-cut’ shoes protect the ankle when the child is running. They support the muscles and bones so that your child will not slip, slide, or fall off during a particularly intense run.
  3. They come in a variety of arches to support your child’s feet – some children are flat footed while others have a very high arch. This is called the pronation of the feet. Basketball shoes come with different arches that can properly support your child’s feet.
  4. They come in a variety of styles – high cut basketball shoes help support the ankles while low cut basketball shoes are great for games that are not very competitive. These different styles protect the child’s feet properly to avoid injuries.
  5. They open opportunities – a child who can freely move and don’t feel restrained by his footwear can become a very effective player on the court. If basketball scouts happen to be watching, it can open up opportunities for your child to play under a scholarship or go pro when he comes of age. These opportunities are rarely offered to just anyone.

Benefits of Basketball and Basketball Shoes for Children

Basketball is a game that requires strategy, skill and teamwork. Your child will learn all of these if you decide to enroll them or let them join a basketball team.


  • A child playing basketball will learn the right moves on how to outsmart the opponent just to get the ball to the basket. Your child can try passing, dribbling, or driving the ball to the basket. He can do spin moves and other evasive moves to outwit the person guarding him.
  • Your child also develops his quick thinking skills when he is playing basketball. While the ball is in play, players have to rely on each other to execute plays and do their magic. They are often faced with situations that are different from the plans provided by the coach. When they are in the game, they get split second decisions that can win or lose the game for the team. He can pass or shoot the basket. These are just some of the tests that your child may encounter during a game.


  • Basketball teaches children proper techniques in running, shooting and gameplay. Before they can become great players they have to practice basic skills like dribbling, passing and shooting. The knowledge and proper execution of these skills can ensure lesser injury while your child is playing. Playing basketball also helps kids become more active and agile.
  • Another skill that players get from basketball is discipline. When your child starts playing for a team for example he becomes more disciplined with practicing, performing strength training exercises that will strengthen his physique and do calisthenics that will improve his game. He will learn that if he wants to be the best, he will have to practice and practice some more. This will instill discipline in him.


  • One of the best things that basketball teaches is teamwork. The game is a team sport that requires five players from each team to work together to achieve the goal. No matter how great one person is when it comes to basketball, he still won’t be able to defend the ball and the basket against 5 people from the opponent’s team. He will still need the other team members to help him.
  • Friendship and camaraderie are invaluable products of teamwork that your child will be lucky enough to experience should he choose to become a part of a basketball team. Some lifelong friends started out as buddies and teammates in the school basketball team. Shared interest and passion are some of the things that can bring people together. Basketball can certainly do that for your kid.

There’s no question that basketball is beneficial for children, but what about basketball shoes? Basketball shoes for children can give them the confidence that they sometimes feel they don’t have. Some children may feel like they are not good at playing. But sometimes they only need practice and the right equipment.

The right basketball shoes can help a child run faster, jump higher and perform better when playing basketball. Basketball shoes are designed to support a child’s feet no matter what move he makes. They are made with the child’s comfort in mind so you can be sure that he won’t feel pain every time your child plays basketball.

The right basketball shoes also provides traction, anti-skid properties and others to protect the child from falling and tripping easily while playing ball. Many regular rubber shoes don’t have this property. Some of them can get very slippery especially when they are already worn off. Using them on the court is an injury waiting to happen. The grip support on the child’s basketball shoes can help eliminate slipping which is often the cause of basketball injuries.

A child’s skill can go to waste if his shoes cannot keep up with his abilities. Basketball shoes are made for the tough wear and tear that basketball games sometimes entail. The right kind of shoes can help your child execute his crucial moves and won’t feel limited by his shoes. It makes him free to move, run and jump because the child knows that his shoes will provide ample support. Some basketball shoes are lighter than regular rubber shoes. Lighter shoes can help a child run faster and jump higher because they don’t feel like their feet is very heavy.



The money that you spend while buying your child the right kind of basketball shoes does not compare to the injury and pain that he will sustain if he keeps playing using the incorrect type of shoes. The right basketball shoes will bring confidence, and freedom of movement. It will also protect his feet from certain injuries associated with using incorrect shoes. It will also help him perform to the best of his abilities because he isn’t worried about his shoes failing on him while he is playing.

Give your child a good shoe that fits his feet properly, his playing abilities and his style and he will perform better than ever. Buy basketball shoes from reputable stores to ensure that you get only the best quality shoes. Don’t be tempted to buy shoes that are one or two sizes higher than your child’s actual foot size. Shoes that are too big could make your child fall and trip. He could end up injuring himself permanently.

Think of the shoes as an investment to your child’s well-being and you won’t ever feel like buying them is such a waste of money. There’s no better reward than the smile on your child’s face as he plays basketball freely and confidently.

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