Why Boot Socks are so Important ?

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Socks are items of clothing that protect the feet from getting cold. They also serve as barriers between your feet and your shoes so that your skin won’t chafe or get blisters. They are especially useful for those who wear running shoes and new shoes.

The important of boot socks

There are different types of socks available in the market today. Unlike in the past where there are only a handful of designs, today’s array of socks is as varied as they come. Some socks are made with cotton and some with wool. Some are meant to stay up to your knees while others only go as low as your ankles. They also come in every color imaginable. Some socks come in printed designs while others are made plain. Frills and laces are also popular sock adornments especially in children’s socks.

With all the great designs, people still rarely think about their socks as these are often just considered as accessories that are hidden inside their shoe. Little do they know, there is a very important reason why socks have different designs and are made with different materials.  Take boot socks for cold weather, for instance.

What are Boot Socks?

Boot socks are special socks that are made to be worn with any kind of boots. They are typically created using high quality wool so that they can provide the wearer’s feet with ample warmth during cold weather days. They come in different designs and lengths so you can be sure to find one that’s right for you. They are often more expensive than regular cotton socks as they are made with more heat absorbent material.

What makes boot socks special is how they really fit well with different kinds of boots. Boot socks can be used with knee high boots and ankle boots and they would still be appropriate. They provide warmth to your feet no matter what pair of boots you wear.

Another important thing that makes boot socks special is their material. Unlike cotton socks, boot socks are made with wool and other heat absorbing materials. This construction allows your feet to feel warmer than if you are wearing cotton socks. When you are walking in the snow, water can still get in your boots and your feet can still get wet. The woolen material and other specially treated material that make up the boot sock keeps the moisture away from your foot so that you do not get frozen feet. Boot socks are also thicker and less likely to absorb water. Some woolen socks are made with treated fabrics that wick off water.

Boot socks come in stylish designs. Some designers make the socks by knitting wool to create patterned socks. These boot socks can be considered as traditional boot socks because even in the olden days, woolen knitted socks were used by people of old ages.

The more modern versions of the boot socks include those that are made of water resistant materials like neoprene and treated fabrics. These boot socks are engineered for heavy winter months. Unlike knitted boot socks, they come in bright, solid colors. These can be worn with any kinds of boots including rain boots and boots used in industrial work places and deep sea fishing. Socks like these are more heavy duty than woolen boot socks. They don’t unravel when they get snagged in the wash.

The Benefits of Buying Good Quality Boot Socks

Good quality boot socks are very important. As earlier mentioned, they provide warmth to your toes and feet on cold winter months. This is the boot socks’ main benefit. Other benefits include:

  1. It can still be used as a regular sock – if you don’t mind how high it goes on your legs, you can use it even if you are not wearing boots. Use it with your rubber shoes or running shoes to feel warmer during days when there’s no snow.
  2. Use it to warm you up inside the house – people who feel cold all the time even when they are at home with a good heater running can use boot socks to keep their feet and legs warm. Knee high boot socks can cover the area from the toes up to the knees. There are boot socks that only go up to the ankles and socks that go above the knees. Pick the best one that fits your needs.
  3. Use them to warm your hands – If you find that you are without a pair of gloves, use a clean boot sock to keep your hands warm. The knitted ones are best as they allow your hands to move freely even if they are wrapped in the sock.
  4. Use them to warm up pets – Most pets have fur that can protect them from the cold. Others have their fur removed, so they need to be warmed up in a different way. The knitted boot socks can be used to keep smaller pets like Chihuahuas and tiny poodles from getting cold. The knitted material is stretchy enough to fit a small pet. Let your pet wear a boot sock while you are carrying him inside his carrying bag to keep him warm. You can also try cutting a hole on old boot socks and create a makeshift sleeve that can keep your pet warm. Speaking of old boot socks…
  5. Use old boot socks as cup sleeves – you know those sleeves that come with your morning brew? You can create a better cup sleeve from old knotted boot socks. Just cut from your old pair of boot socks, preferably the part that your foot did not touch and sew it into a cup sleeve. You save the environment and your hands from getting burned by the hot cup.
  6. Create bonnets and caps from old boot socks – Use the portions that did not touch your feet and create a bonnet out of it. The woolen ones can be used for this DIY project. They can also warm up your head the same way they warm up your feet and legs.
  7. Use them to keep items from breaking while they are being transported – if you are planning on moving soon, you can try using woolen boot socks to keep glass figurines from breaking and scratching other surfaces. Use them as makeshift bubble wrap. They are thick enough to protect glass items.
  8. Use them to keep things warm – a thermos of hot cocoa could stay warm longer when wrapped in woolen material. If you find yourself in the forest or in the wilderness somewhere and would like to keep your cocoa warm, wrapping the thermos in woolen boot socks can keep it warmer for longer. The heat from the woolen material traps the heat and keeps your drink warm.

Final Word

Boot socks are useful items to have around. They can provide warmth to feet, toes, and legs. They ensure that your feet don’t get frostbites and your legs do not cramp up because of the extreme cold. They are stylish and come in many different designs. They are made of high quality, heavy duty material like those used in treated fabric boot socks. They are not that expensive and can last a very long time.

Boot socks are sound investments especially if you live in areas where there is winter. Even if you do not have snow in your area, these socks are still handy for keeping your feet and toes nice and comfy after a long walk in the cold.   Remember to only buy boot socks that fit your needs. If you are only going to use it for leisure, buy the woolen ones. If you need it for industrial purposes, get the ones made from heavier and sturdier material.

Gvie warmth to your cold feet, toes, and legs with boot socks. These are available online and retail stores everywhere. Buy one in every color and for every day of the week.

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