Why Are Shoes Allowed in Church ?

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There are different religious sectors and each of these has their own set of rules and regulations. It’s important to abide by these guidelines as it shows how much a person respects his or her chosen sect or organization and the values it upholds. As you may already know, one of the guidelines strictly observed inside churches is the wearing of the prescribed proper attire.

Why are Shoes allowed in church

Some religious organizations practice the removal of shoes prior to going inside the church as a sign of reverence. This can be observed when reading the Old Testament, when Moses removed his sandals before approaching the Burning Bush in Mount Sinai. It is a sign that the worshiper must be clean in the presence of the Lord. Modern church practices allow footwear to be worn in the church as these temples or structures are merely “buildings”. Church leaders stress that the true temple of the Lord is the soul of the person, and that is what must be kept clean and pure.

Shoes are allowed in church for a variety of practical and sensible reasons. Wearing of shoes inside the church promotes modesty. Some women may like to apply loud-colored nail polish on their toenails. There are also other people who may have not had the time to clean their toenails. These might seem unsightly and inappropriate to other church-goers and it might make them feel uncomfortable. By wearing shoes, modesty is exemplified while still being able to keep one’s personal style.

There are also people who have skin conditions on their feet. While some of these conditions may not be contagious, it may still cause some level of discomfort for other church-goers to see. Some skin conditions are also accompanied by unpleasant odors. Shoes help hide these skin conditions and allow church-goers to focus their attention on the service and on what the church leader is saying, making the time spent in Church truly worthwhile.

Shoes are also allowed in Church for sanitary and hygienic purposes. People coming into church come from all sorts of places and they bring various germs and bacteria from outside. The skin is the largest organ of the human body and it is very receptive to all kinds of microbes. Children are highly susceptible to these and they are frequently taken to the church along with their grown-up companions (and even adults aren’t immune to these microscopic dangers). That’s why it’s important to keep everyone’s feet covered in going to and stepping inside the church.

Wearing of shoes inside the church does not mean that people aren’t giving importance to the holiness of the Lord’s house. Respect is exemplified not only inside the church but outside. When one does good to others and practice the teachings of the Lord by being kind to fellowmen – that is the true measure of holiness. What ultimately matters when one visits the church is genuine presence.  Outside appearance may matter, but the Lord alone sees the heart – something that no man can do.

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