What are the Best Insoles for Plantar Fasciitis?

Suffering from heel aches? We know how difficult dealing with it can be, and we are here to help you.

One of the effective ways of dealing with the heel aches is using the right insoles,

here at TheBestShoesForMe we made a thorough review of the best insoles for plantar fasciitis,

Be sure to check out our chart below that shows some top notch competitors!


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The Ultimate Guide For Heel Ache Relief Insoles Chart

PictureInsolesHigh/Low ArchTarget AudienceRatingPrice
Protech Full Length Orthotic supportsHigh ArchUnisex4.6$$
Powerstep Unisex PinnacleBothUnisex4.6$$
Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx RedFlat / Low ArchMen4.5$$
Superfeet Green Premium InsolesHigh ArchUnisex4.4$$$
New Balance Insoles IUSA3810Medium to HighUnisex4.3$$$
Orthaheel Active Full Length OrthoticsBothUnisex4.3$
Relief Full Length Orthotic InsoleHigh ArchUnisex4.2$
Powerstep 3/4 Length SlimTech Arch Support InsoleHigh ArchUnisex4.3$
Spenco Thinsole Orthotic InsolesFlat / Low ArchUnisex4.3$
Orthaheel Full Length Shock Absorber OrthoticHigh ArchUnisex4.2$$


What are shoe insoles ?

Shoe insoles, inserts or foot orthoses, are footwear pain relief products that accompany your shoes along the day.

They were traditionally made from plaster casts which were made from the patients feet, then went

a process of form capturing, drying and hardening – till they were ready to put on the patients leg.

There are a few types of insoles available – Air, Gel, Liquid and Memory-Foam, each suits

a different purpose with its own cons and pros.


Advantages of wearing insoles

Wearing insoles has many benefits and is highly recommended for dealing with injuries or pain.

  • By using insoles you properly align your feet for intense athletic activity, which reduces fatigue and improves your running stride and overall performance.
  • Provide arch support – be it low arch, high arch, or flat feet, there is a great variety of insoles which would fit your feet and needs.
  • Stabilize your foot motion – when walking, jogging or running intensively, stabilizing your foot motion is critical for eliminating future injuries.
  • Absorbing shock which can lead to heel, shin or knee injuries.
  • you can wear them with practically any shoe! Boots, sneakers, casuals, all can be inserted with insoles for comfortable walking.
  • Its one of the solutions that actually works well, with many patients documenting that their insoles relieved them from heel aches and gave them the chance to recover from long time injuries.

Overall insoles play a major part in providing your feet with correct form and support for its critical parts,

and are a great pain reliever for various leg injuries.


How do I find the best insoles for me?

Choosing insoles can be a hard work indeed, with so many on the market and tons of reviews available saying different things,

you might want to consider looking at some factors:

  • Make sure you buy the right type of insoles – you’ll be surprised of how many people dismiss the idea of wearing insoles because they’ve tried it once with the wrong type. Its important to understand your foot structure and arch to choose the best fitting insoles for you.
  • Check reviews and search people with a similar condition – what do they say ? Search for heel ache, PF, weak angles, or other conditions and choose the insoles with the best reviews per the given condition.


The top 5 insoles for plantar fasciitis

Superfeet Green Premium Insoles


The Superfeet Green’s are terrific, they took the best qualities of all insoles and put it into one model,

being also latex free and vegan, they might be the first choice for some.

Like the Pinnacle’s below – the Green’s have an anti bacterial coating to preserve your skin.

The Superfeet Green’s are on the top category of handling plantar fasciitis, with many patients indicating that they were most effective dealing with the pain and curing the injury over time.

User testimonial

As a podiatrist and author of Those Aching Feet, I recommend Superfeet orthotics for my patients. Superfeet orthotics are designed to help control the motion in your feet and are excellent for individuals with overpronation or mildly collapsing arches.

Highly Recommended (4.4/5.0)

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Protech Full Length Orthotic supports

There’s a reason that these Protech orthotics rank so high, with over 750 ranks,

these bad boys are all about comfort.

Ideal for mildly flat feet to high arch ones – they will provide you with all the support

you need to walk, jog, exercise and climb any obstacle.

Also being completely Unisex, they offer a variety of sizes for both men and women.


User testimonial

The Powerstep ProTech Full length orthotic is one of the best I have ever purchased. I cannot believe how inexpensive this product is for the quality and longevity. I have been using Powerstep products for four years now and all the aches, pains, and fatigue my feet used to feel has been history for just as long.

Bottom line

  • Great for flat or high arch feet.
  • Great for everyday activities such as running, jogging or even standing on your feet all day.
  • They have a unique presence that you can’t forget.

Only con really is that if you buy one for a pair of shoes, you’ll probably like them so much that you’ll buy some more.

Highly recommended (4.6/5.0)


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Powerstep Unisex Pinnacle

Although it can take a couple of days to get used to, this pair is a great choice for plantar fasciitis.

Heel pain seems to go away after a couple of months when you are provided with constant arch support

and sole cushioning – and that’s exactly what you get with this pair.



  • Extra cushioning provide you with additional comfort for any activity.
  • Fit for both low arch, high arch and flat feet, they really are a universal solution.
  • Comes in 17 different sizes – guaranteeing you the best possible fit, for both men and women



  • The top lining wears off after a few months of use – although this doesn’t affect over performance, you might want to order another pair for any occasion.


User testimonial

These orthotics have completely resolved my plantar fasciitis. They aren’t the first I have tried because I have had this condition for years. I appreciate the quality and price. I was thrilled to get them so fast.


Recommended (4.6/5.0)

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Powerstep Pinnacle Maxx Red

Ah, the Pinnacle Maxx, another Powerstep success right here,

With anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti friction fabric, these insoles come with lots of perks to keep your feet safe and comfy.

The Maxx insoles better supports the heel and keeps it properly aligned and in place,

by providing and extra layer of cushioning.

Say goodbye to PF, heel aches and weak ankle injuries!


User testimonial

I have expensive orthotdics for feet that are excellent but expensive. A new podiatrist recommended these rather than the expensive orthotdics. I have worn them for a few months and they really seem to help with the pain that I get walking without the expensive orthotics


Highly Recommended (4.6/5.0)

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New Balance Insoles IUSA3810 Supportive Cushioning Insole


New Balance are known for their highly professional products, ranging from their vast variety of sneakers,

to their casuals, gold, tennis and other sports footwear.

These insoles are no different – and worked great in curing many injuries and reliving pain overall as well..

Even though they are quite pricey, you’ll surely be on the right road to give your feet some rest and let them rest and cure over time.


User testimonial

After purchasing three pairs of orthotics which were designed specifically for my feet by two different foot doctors , with multiple adjustments, I finally found relief with these new balance insoles. With bilateral Morton’s neuroma, high arches, C shaped feet, unstable ankles and very physically active, I was a mess and in constant pain. After about eight months of nonsense from two different foot doctors I came across these insoles and they were a Godsend for me.


Highly Recommended (4.3/5.0)

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There are more than enough insoles on the market with a great amount of reviews – choose your pair carefully

and accordingly to our feet structure and you’ll be relived over the passing months.


We hope we helped you getting a clearer view on what are the best insoles for plantar fasciitis, heel ache or any other injury,

Let us know the insoles that have helped you overcome an injury in the comments below!


And remember, we are here for you – for every step you take,

TheShoesForYou team.

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