We Reviewed The Best Farm Ranch Shoes

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Today my dear friends we are going to talk about the most awesome farm & ranch shoes out there.

Making this post, I have got help from my dear friend John who’s a farm owner, and he gave me some great tips

which I’ve used to pick only the best boots out there.

As usual, we’ve made a compilation of reviews for each boot, and we summarized everything in the form of a simple

table below.


The Best Farm & Ranch Shoes For Men Guide Chart

Durango Men's Farm and Ranch FR104 Western Boot4.2$129.00 - $172.95
Durango Men's Farm and Ranch Western Boot4.1$99.00 - $172.95
Georgia Boot Men's GB1222 Chukka Boot4.3$90.00 - $144.00
Georgia Men's Waterproof Farm And Ranch Work Boot Round Toe4.5$109.99 - $192.00
Justin Women's Burnished Farm And Ranch Cowgirl Boot Snip Toe5.0$94.95 - $110.95
Durango Men's Farm and Ranch Plow 27602 Western Boot4.5$141.85 - $169.95
Justin Women's Panther Farm And Ranch Cowgirl Boot Snip Toe5.0$94.95 - $110.95
Justin Boots Women's Farm and Ranch Equestrian Boot4.1$32.19 - $89.99
Georgia Boot Men's 12" Wedge Wellington Work Boot4.4$130.49 - $350.00
Georgia Boot Men's 6" Wedge Work Boot4.6$109.00 - $160.99

Durango Men’s Farm and Ranch FR104 Western Boot


I really like these boots. I have two pair – black and brown. Since I have a high instep the right boot was a bit tight on me but I learned my lesson on the first pair and stretched the heck out of it. When first purchased the right boot was painful to wear and after a few hours I had to actually take the boot off for relief. I got some stretching fluid, spayed the inside of the boot and shoved a wad of paper rolled up in a dish towel into the boot. I left this inside for several days then did the same process several times until the boots fit me and I’ve been wearing them ever since. After well over a year these boots are still wearing well and looking even better with age. The second pair I just started the stretching process immediately and when I try them on they feel just right.These boots are great everyday work shoes and can handle wet weather and keep my feet dry. I would recommend them.February 2015 – Update: Boots are still going strong. I use a clear polish on these instead of a color so that the scuffs and marks will show through to give the boots more character. I have a pair of Black boots in this style and the left leg shaft is a bit smaller than the right – strange – but they also fit and wear well. Over the last few years I have been amazed at how waterproof these are. A few weeks ago I was in the basement of an old building that had 2 or three inches of water and my feet stayed bone dry – can’t beat that.


Durango Men’s Farm and Ranch Western Boot


These are the “ONLY” boots I wear. I’m tough on boots and wear the same pair every day. They last about 1 1/2 years and the comfort can not be beat with the rubber sole and heal. I said good bye to leather soles about 15 years ago. Here they call them “Accent Boots” but the real name is “Durango Farm and Ranch”. Try a pair, you’ll be hooked on these Farm and Ranch boots for ever.










Georgia Boot Men’s GB1222 Chukka Boot


I had a pair of these Chukka boots that saw heavy use in my shop for several years. Back then all of the customer comments always mentioned how super comfortable they were and the fact that they were sized large so a person should order 1/2 size smaller. Considering the abuse and chemicals I work with those boots were extremely durable for such a lightweight boot.In reality the boots are close to the length their listed size shows. They instead run a bit wide and have foam embedded inside those large soles which is why they are so comfortable for standing on hard surfaces all day.The tread pattern is shallow and not designed for hiking through heavy rocks and mud which also means these shoes won’t carry big clumps of mud in with you to later be scattered inside your home. Instead the shallow ribs are good for firm fairly smooth floors like cement, tile, and wood but the tread is flexible enough for “rock hopping” which I sometimes do for my work.Another small bonus is while they don’t claim to be waterproof you can stand in 2″ deep water for a few minutes and stay dry.Bottom line is if you are looking for all day comfort on hard floors these boots are a great choice.


Georgia Men’s Waterproof Farm And Ranch Work Boot Round Toe


Bought these 6 months ago because I work in water, heat, ash, snow, mud, and with chemicals. I’ve stood in lots of water and these have ALWAYS kept my feet dry. The outside is worn and have been through a lot and are scuffed but not coming apart anywhere. The only thing I would change is better soles. Not much grip.





Justin Women’s Burnished Farm And Ranch Cowgirl Boot Snip Toe


I love these boots and wear them nearly everyday! They have held up over the last six months and I’m ready to wear them as soon as it gets a little cooler again. Perfect boots that go with everything.













Durango Men’s Farm and Ranch Plow 27602 Western Boot


Best boots I’ve owned in quite sometime. I put these on brand new out of the box and can wear all day long, be on my feet and no foot, leg or lower back pain! Hope Durango never stops making them!










Justin Women’s Panther Farm And Ranch Cowgirl Boot Snip Toe


Great Boot with great true fit.
















Justin Boots Women’s Farm and Ranch Equestrian Boot


I’ve had these booth for 7 months. At first I was planning on sending them back because they were not comfortable, but once I broke them in, they have became pretty much my everyday shoe. I would not recommend walking a great distance but the are wonderful for anything around the house and I’ve even used them for on the mountain mudding. I have worn any tread they had on them off so they are quite slippery now. All in all good boot for a good price.


Georgia Boot Men’s 12″ Wedge Wellington Work Boot


I have a hard time getting shoes let alone boots that fit. I bought my pair at the Boot Barn right off the rack. I normally take a 13 EE because my right foot is EE while my left is E. I bought a pair of these 13 normal width boots and they fit even with thick socks. The right was a tad bit snug at first but after a few days it stretched out to a perfect fit.These are by far the best boots I have ever owned. I can work all day in them and not get sore feet. It is almost as good as being barefooted (which is what I normally do). I am considering buying a back up pair just in case they stop making them.


Georgia Boot Men’s 6″ Wedge Work Boot


I’ve worn numerous shoes and boots with wedge soles from various makers in the past and found them to be very comfortable. I ordered my Georgia boots on June 11, and they were delivered on June 16. The first thing I noticed upon opening the box was the color, a warm “honey brown” which looks quite attractive with jeans and with khakis. The leather feels impressively thick and supple to the touch. Yay SPR!Further examination revealed fabric lining inside around the toe and instep, and a padded insole and padded tongue, both covered with breathable moisture-absorbing material. The portion surrounding the ankle is unlined. A nylon pull strap is firmly attached behind the ankle. The wedge sole is of a neutral khaki color, and has the words “Georgia Boot” and “Oil Resistant” molded on the bottom, along with a shallow chevron tread pattern. Although soft, the sole appears intended to wear a long time, with a generous 5/8″ thickness under the ball of the foot, increasing to slightly over 1″ under the heel. If the soles ever do wear out, they are replaceable by any competent cobbler.The laces are quite thick, and woven with alternating dark brown and light brown bands, reminding me of an attractive pattern seen on some snakes. They thread through four sets of brass eyelets, and one set of brass “speed hooks”.Trying the boots on gives a very good first impression of comfort. I can’t remember the last time any shoe or boot felt this good “out of the box”. The fit is good around the arch and heel, and roomy up front, with space to wiggle ones toes. They fit well with hiking socks, such as Thorlo, SmartWool, or Wigwam.I immediately went outside and mowed a large portion of my back yard, taking about an hour. I proceeded to wear the boots until retiring for bed. Over the next two days, I wore them all day while running errands, mowing the rest of the yard, working on the car in the driveway, and other tasks. No pinching, chafing or discomfort of any kind was experienced. As Steve Martin used to say in one of his standup routines, “I’ve got…..HAPPY FEET!”Walking on hard surfaces, the heel can be felt to compress a little, as well as the insole, absorbing almost all shock which might otherwise reach the foot. In addition to no shock, there is almost no sound generated by the action of walking. One just strolls along in almost total silence. Perhaps these would be a good choice for a private investigator engaged in stealthy surveillance?I think Georgia could sell a great many more of these if they offered them in additional colors, perhaps a darker brown, and/or black, and market them as an “urban” boot, rather than only a farm and ranch workboot. Overall, their styling is very similar to the 6″ Dr. Martens 0939, both having a similar texture on the leather and cushy outer soles which absorb shock.I am also a former Dr. Martens owner, and wore the same pair of D.M.s for several years. While not intending to “bash” Dr. Martens, I will say that I find the Georgia boot to offer superior comfort. Some advantages which I feel the Georgia boot offers over the D.M. include:1) Georgia boot SPR leather is softer to start with, no break in required.2) Georgia boot has padded insole, D.M doesn’t (in styles 1460 and 0939).3) Georgia boot fits better according to marked sizes, and is available in half-sizes, D.M. isn’t. If you need a half-size in a Doc, you must buy the next full size larger, and then purchase an insole or wear extra-thick socks, or even two pairs of socks (actual recommendations by a clerk in a Doc Marten-only shoe store in Oak Park, Illinois).4) Georgia boot is resoleable locally, D.M. isn’t.In sum, the Georgia 6″ SPR boot offers excellent quality workmanship, a high standard of comfort, and, in my opinion, good looks. While sold primarily as a work boot, they are also great for casual wear with jeans or khakis. They COULD be the only boots you need to own.




We’ve taken a look at some neat boots right there.

They differ in height, color, size and brand – taking all those into consideration, we’ve tried to bring you most

insight on what should be the choice for the best farm & ranch boots out there.

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