Top Plantar Fasciitis Exercises

So if you ever suffered from heel ache or plantar fasciitis you already know the drill – Use proper footwear,

moderate physical activity, and keep that Fascia stretched.

Easier said than done if you don’t know exactly what to do though isn’t ?

For this reason I have compiled a list of the top plantar fasciitis exercises.



* Do note – It is recommended that you talk with your podiatrist before committing any activity. Do not take any of said below as a pure medical advice,


Calf Stretching

plantar fasciitis exercises

Calf stretching is a great exercise to relive calf-area aches that could be caused by PF.


  • Stand with your hands on a wall for support
  • Bend the front leg as shown in the illustration while keeping the rear leg as straight as possible
  • Lean forward to feel the stretch
  • Repeat with both feet for a couple of minutes







Plantar Fascia Stretching

Plantar Fascia Stretching Unit

Stretching the plantar fascia is as important as choosing the right footwear for your feet to cure over time.

To stretch the fascia just right you can –

  • Sit / Lay on the floor
  • Hold your toe surrounding area
  • Pull towards you till you feel the stretch
  • Repeat for both feet for several minutes

I would also recommend for you to review professionally designed tools for stretching,

it really helped me when I had my PF, and it helped to the guy in the testimonial below.


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I’m a lifelong runner/walker and have had many injuries over the years. I usually “suck it up” and try to work through it with rest, stretching, etc. However, I was diagnosed withplantar fasciitis this year and it was accompanied by a burning feeling also. I bought this thinking it looked easy and straightforward and I might actually use it.

I had immediate relief after the first round of use and continue to use it most days. This is not the only thing I am doing for my PF, but this definitely helps and is easy to do. I’d recommend.


Foot Roller Massage

Plantar Fascia Foot Massager

Foot rollers are excellent as an all-around solution for dealing with heel or arch area aches,

you can put them in use in endless ways and not just for your feet actually,

they work great for hands, sour muscles, and in many other scenarios.


What you can do with a roller

  • Put it on the floor
  • Place your arch area on the roller
  • Move up and down while massaging carefully the painful areas
  • Repeat for both legs for several minutes

The best roller I’ve used is the Elite Sportz roller, which really relieved my pains, and I’ve actually used it since then

whenever I get sour muscles when working out – it does wonders.

Elite Sportz roller testimonial

At the recommendation of a physical trainer, I purchased this for my soccer-playing son who has trouble with tight calf muscles and plantar fascia. It’s been a great help. I use it often myself on my own latent trigger points. It has held up well (purchased in April 2014), works great and I would recommend it to anyone who needs relief.

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Toe Flexion

Toe flexion can build up your foot muscles, help you with plantar conditions and feet cramps.

Its a common practice for ballet dancers to work on their flex, but in case of feet pains it can be really helpful for anyone else.

To work on your flex you can

  • Place your foot on the floor
  • Flex for 5 seconds
  • Extend in a slow pace
  • Repeat 10-15 times for both feet

This can also be accomplished with specially designed tools for keeping your flex well formed,

its not a requirement and I’ve personally not used one – but I heard they can be quite as helpful as all other techniques mentioned.Toe Flexion for Plantar Fasciitis

Take a look at the testimonial below for the Elgin Archxerciser in the picture to the right


I have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis for years. I also suffered from horrible cramps in the arches of my feet while exercising (I actually had to quit going to spin class because of it). I took a chance and bought this arch exerciser. After a few weeks of using it faithfully I am completely pain free! I no longer suffer from the cramps in my arches and have returned to spin class! I continue to use the arch exerciser because like any other muscle you do have to continue the therapy or the problem will return. I only use it a couple times per week now or when I feel my arches stiffen.



Foot Stretching Bands (Theraband)

Best exercise bands for plantar fasciitisTherabands have been there for a while now, you can literally use them for any muscle and any purpose,

just like the foot rollers they’re awesome for a lot of areas and can be used daily for years.

Check out some exercise bands reviews on Amazon to get a good impression of what they’re worth,

also you might find the testimonial below useful –



I have found the IsoStrength stretch system to be extremely useful in several situations. I have suffered from Plantar Fasciitis and, through plenty of stretching using the IsoStrength, I haven’t had an issue in months. Using the product, I’m able to target, isolate, and stretch muscles that I never was able to before on my own.



I hope some of these tips will help you to reduce pain and quickly heal !

If you have any tips to share, please do and help many others by commenting below and sharing your knowledge.


And as always, remember we’re with you –

at every step you take.

TheShoesForMe team.

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