The Best Yoga Shoes

Today, my friends, we will discuss the best yoga shoes out there.

But first a little side story – I was introduced to yoga around 5 months ago from my friend Melanie,

she told me I should totally join her yoga class and that it helped her being both in shape and calm.

Told myself heck, why not, and I’ve joined the class.

Let me tell you something – it took some months of adjustments, the postures were hard to maintain, and I really… how should I put it,

sucked, at first.

After the initial adjustment phase, I was really, really into it – and I really recommend you guys to try it out.

Now one thing that I’ve spotted, and that was some days ago, that more and more of the class were coming in with special footwear,

I’ve snooped around and found out that there is a category of yoga shoes, and, one thing led to another, I’m writing this review for you.

I have talked with my yoga instructor and my fellow classmates – and I have collected the top yoga shoes down below.

Check out the reviews and testimonials below and find out the best fitting shoe for you.



The Ultimate Yoga Shoes Guide Chart

Sanuk Women's Yoga Sling 2 Flip-Flop4.6$36.00 - $59.99
Fitkicks Flexible Flats4.1$19.99
Skechers Cali Women's Meditation Slingback Yoga Flip Flop4.5$14.50 - $64.00
Vibram Women's Alitza Loop Fitness Yoga Shoe4.5$54.00 - $127.48
BBA Water Skin Shoes Aqua Socks for Beach Swim Surf Yoga Exercise4.0$9.99 - $15.99
Vibram Women's VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe4.5$47.98 - $99.99
Sanuk Women's Yoga Sling 2 Prints Sandal4.8$26.00 - $44.95
Women's Wave Water Shoes Pool Beach Aqua Socks, Yoga , Exercise4.0$2.75 - $24.00
Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Metallic Women's Sandal4.6$24.00 - $40.00
Sanuk Women's Yoga Sling Slingback Sandal4.6$36.00 - $41.95
Ahnu Women's Karma Flat4.5$43.23 - $95.00

Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Flip-Flop


I generally wear a 9.5. When a brand doesn’t carry half sizes, I usually go up a size, but my last pair of Sanuks was a bit loose as a 10, so I went down to a 9 for these. The 9 is perfect me. I have really high arches, so I was a little worried that the strap over the top of the foot would be too tight, but they fit just fine – to give myself a bit more space I switched the layering of the straps from the way they are in the picture, so that the over-foot strap is underneath the ankle strap. The soles are super-comfy, and I don’t think the toe piece will require the usual wearing-in period since the fabric is so soft. Another plus – the shoes came in a really neat sustainable draw-string bag.Update 3/21/14: I bought these days before a 2 week beach resort vacation. These shoes were amazing – I wore them to dinner, to the pool, on a walking tour . . . all over the place. No wearing-in time, no blisters, no sore feet. They do take an extra moment to put on (mostly to get the straps to lay right) but that moment is very worthwhile! I could have left my other shoes at home, they were that great. I’ve ordered these in two more colors.Update 1/23/15: I now have 4 pairs of these. I wore them all summer long last year and well into fall. They do eventually get a little smelly from constant wear. To combat this, I wash the foot bed with yoga mat spray, and hand wash the cloth part with mild detergent. The cloth also stretches out a little over time, but not enough to affect the fit (they get easier to put on, but still stay on well). The patterned ones seem to stretch less than the solids. I get compliments on them all the time. Love my Sanuks!


Fitkicks Flexible Flats


I got the black and gray pair, and now I’m back for more! I keep them in my bookbag or in my car, and slip into them most days when the impractical shoes I wear out of the house get uncomfortable. There’s no arch support (or really any other support), so it’s essentially a kick ass slipper. I’ve worn mine to the grocery store, to babysit (when shoes would be on and off quickly as we play outside and come back in every 10 minutes), in our church nursery (when I don’t want to track in my dirty shoes and I want to walk softly and not stomp on little fingers!), to class, and to work. If you’re not used to walking barefoot, you might feel some discomfort as you re-learn to walk gently – but it’s one of the things I’ve loved about these. Wearing them made me realized how hard I stomped on my heals when I walked, and now I’m walking more gently, which is good for my entire body. I’m a size 10, and the 10-10.5 size fits perfect – if my feet were bigger, they’d still fit, but I’m not falling out of them. I’ll be buying these as gifts for everyone – my husband is so jealous and wants them in men’s sizes!


Skechers Cali Women’s Meditation Slingback Yoga Flip Flop


SO COMFORTABLE!!! I have gotten so many compliments on them, as well. Every time I wear them, people say, “I love those sandals! They look like they would be perfect for (insert verb here).” From walking to class to walking around the mall or even walking my dog, I would definitely recommend these. Plus, the straps are also silky soft, so they never rub!! You have comfort from the soles, comfort from the straps, and everyone will compliment you 🙂 They are a GREAT buy! Perfect for summer~


Vibram Women’s Alitza Loop Fitness Yoga Shoe


I’ve only owned one other pair of Vibram FiveFingers, and anyone who wears them knows it takes time to get used to them. They suggest you wear them an hour a day at first to get your feet used to them, and then go up from there. Well, my first pair, i really loved, but I never stuck with them long enough to truly get used to them, but I still wore them a good bit. I even ordered a second identical pair to wear when we would go to the lake, because i hate walking in sand barefoot, and it was no problem swimming in them either. I also ordered a different pair, but I couldn’t get those on my feet. (I need the opening to go down far enough where I can put my fingers in to help align my toes where they need to be). I’m sure once I get used to them it will be easier to put on other pairs that are designed differently.As far as this particular shoe, I think they fit and look better than the style I originally had. The only thing with these shoes, you have to be sure to get the right size, or they won’t be comfortable even after trying to “train” yourself to them. If you go to Vibram’s website, they used to have a tool to help you pick the right size. You would measure your foot and put in the info and it would tell you what to get. That’s how I knew what size to order these in. If you buy them, and they don’t fit or feel comfortable, keep trying until you find the right size, because once you do, you’ll really love them.The Alitza Loop are really nice. They’ve been comfortable every time I’ve put them on so far, and I know I’ll be wearing them a lot in the months to come. I LOVE the color (I got the magenta) and the bands across the top have elastic in the middle so they don’t sit too tight.


BBA Water Skin Shoes Aqua Socks for Beach Swim Surf Yoga Exercise


We bought these to hang out on rocky North Shore beaches. These beaches can be really pebbly and uncomfortable to walk on with bare feet depending on whether or not the tide is in or out. Also, crabs and other small, er, sea creatures (I guess) can sometimes grab toes.They were EXACTLY what we needed. Just enough protection from the rocks, shells & pebbles (sea creatures).Made for comfortable wading & felt like socks.Actually, they look and feel like socks, we bought 4 pair and shared with the family during a family get together at the beach. We bought 2 small & 2 medium.We also bought extra because we thought they may fall apart due to some of the reviews I read. This was not the case for us, we have them packed up for next season.I wouldn’t quite call these super durable if you are going to be walking on hard surfaces. We went from grass to beach & back several times with no wear to speak of.I would definitely purchase more than one pair, make sure your toe nails are trimmed well. If you can see the shape of them through the shoes, they are too long & just as with socks, your toes will bite holes in ’em in no time =)We got lots of compliments on them & they were much appreciated when we shared with other family members while we were just lounging on the beach.If I were going to be at a water park, I would buy an extra pair to have on hand.


Vibram Women’s VI-B Fitness Yoga Shoe


I really wanted these shoes and convinced myself that I needed them. I wasn’t sure how well they would fit or how useful they would be but as a minimum I thought they’d be good to wear on the beach and around the camp at night when canoe-camping. I was so pleasantly surprised! They fit well and are more useful than I expected. I did wear them at camp at night on a sand/pebble bar and they were great for that. They are also very light and take up little room so they were easy to take in my pack.Protection: I decided to wear them all day on the second day of an overnight canoe trip to see how practical they would be. Some of the reviews I read said that the sole was very thin and didn’t provide much protection. Well the sole is not super thick but provided more protection than I expected. They don’t protect your feet as well as the TrekSport style protects them but they are a good alternative to going barefoot and I think provide more protection than the Signa style. They are also more comfortable and cute. I walked on sand – no problem, pebbles – no problem, and medium sized rocks – I could feel them but no problem (see photos).Fit: They slip on easily and they didn’t come off in the water as I was afraid they would. My foot is a bit narrow and I normally wear a size 8 (narrow if I can find them, regular if they run narrow). I was afraid the size 8 (39) would be too wide. They fit pretty well and I think the next size smaller would have been too short. They never came off accidentally.Bottom line: I recommend these shoes. I will continue to wear my TrekSports when I know I need more protection but will always take these along for when I don’t need as much. They are comfortable, cute and light. They are going to be perfect for the beach.Update after wearing on the beach: these were so great! I rarely took them off. They were great to wear inside, on the sand, on the paddle board, riding a jet ski and in my kayak! I forgot I had them on!


Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling 2 Prints Sandal


What a cute pair of sandals! I just got these in and I love them already. The first thing I noticed is the great fabric – I just love the swirled tie-dye look (although the pair I got has much more of the oranges than the blues in the pic, but I know that’s just what you get with fabric variation), and the fabric is very soft. I believe this will be a type of fabric you can wear indefinitely and it won’t cause chafing. My biggest concern when ordering these sandals was whether or not the soles would just be thin and hard, providing no support and becoming uncomfortable very quickly. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised that these were squishier than I expected. (I will wear them for a while and try to remember to come back and update this review regarding their comfort with wear.) Overall, I really like them and so far I’d recommend them!


Women’s Wave Water Shoes Pool Beach Aqua Socks, Yoga , Exercise


These are so GREAT!! In all honesty, I didn’t know how well they’d fit or if they’d be comfortable because they are a priced at a great deal! I have to say that I wear them everyday, and they are super comfy! Easy to get on and off. I ordered a size 11 in case they ran small. I wear a 10 but sometimes an 11 if the toe are is pointed. All depends on the brands.I love these shoes, they are very durable and lightweight. I have plenty of room to wiggle my toes so maybe consider your shoe size and if you think you need to order a size up? I’d do it.I did write that the fit as expected as I ordered the 11 and new at least they wouldn’t be too small. I always read the reviews on sizes that others have experienced.All in all? It’s great,comfy, durable, wear anywhere shoe!! Love it!!


Sanuk Yoga Sling 2 Metallic Women’s Sandal


I’m always looking for comfortable shoes because I’m on my feet a lot and frequently find that they hurt by mid-afternoon. These sandals, however, are some of the most comfortable sandals I’ve ever worn in my entire life. The bottoms are squishy like a yoga mat (as advertised), and the fabric is nice and soft on the top and sides of my feet. My feet swell easily, so I like that the fabric expands with my changing feet throughout the day to continue to provide a snug but comfortable fit. It’s also difficult to find a flip flop that puts fabric (as opposed to rubber) between the toes, so that makes these sandals even better in my book! The “black rainbow” color is slightly more dressy than the other pairs, since it has some subtle, multi-colored glitter fleck in the fabric. The glitter doesn’t make the fabric itchy, though, so it’s definitely a “win” when you’re looking for a dressier version of this sandal. For reference, I typically wear size 6.5 or 7 in women’s shoes, and the 5/6 “big kids” size in these sandals is the PERFECT fit (in fact, I actually prefer it over the women’s version).


Sanuk Women’s Yoga Sling Slingback Sandal


I rarely buy shoes online because my foot length is a 6 1/2 and my arches are a 9 1/2 – so my size varies dramatically between a 6 and a 10 depending on the shoe. Most of my shoes are at least an inch too long but leave painful red marks on the top of my foot at the end of the day. I bought these after trying on in a local store. I wasn’t planning on buying shoes that day, but kept thinking about them and decided to go back to get them only to find them sold out! I love them and they fit fine, but are definitely a little long – When I buy these again I’ll probably get them in a 6 or 7 instead of an 8.If you have low arches these will probably feel too loose for you.The foam footbed and soft fabric feels like slippers, but they are still more chic and more secure than a flip flop. They are very soft with no arch support. I spend a lot of time barefoot so that doesn’t bother me, but if you need a lot of arch support you should probably choose something else.I did wear them in a restaurant today where the floor was a little slippery. The traction was not fantastic so I would hesitate to use them for anything athletic, including yoga.If you hook the ankle loop behind the heel they are easy to slip on like a flip flop, then you just stretch the strap back over your heel and adjust the fabric to cover however much of your foot you like. I haven’t had them slip off my heels, ever.I wish Sanuk would make them in more solid colors. I would buy them in solid red, coral, and pale blue too.


Ahnu Women’s Karma Flat


These flats are extremely cute and amazingly comfortable. They’re very lightweight, yet still manage to be moderately supportive; they also don’t chafe or rub. That’s a big deal for me with shoes that have straps, as I have a very high instep, and if the straps aren’t right, they’ll irritate my foot.I bought mine at a brick-and-mortar retailer, which had in stock black (leather) and pewter (suede), so I got the chance to try on a couple of sizes before buying. What I found was a tad interesting– the black in my true size (9) were too big. It didn’t FEEL patently too big in the classic way until I tried on a half size down, it was just weird: a little floppy, very bad toe cleavage, awkward-fitting all around. The half size down fit like a dream. Then, however, I tried on the pewter in the same half size down. It was significantly snugger and the straps cut into the tops of my feet. The length of it felt about the same, but think the basic reason for the disparity was the material, which was stiffer and had less give. Also, the bottoms of the straps on the leather pair were ridiculously soft and smooth; the bottoms of the straps on the suede pair were much rougher, less stretchy, and more uncomfortable overall. Ergo, to get a comfortable fit I think I might have needed to get my regular size in the suede. Therefore overall I’d recommend sizing down a half size if you’re getting a leather pair, but buying your normal size if you’re getting a suede pair– especially if you have a high instep like I do.That said, once I figured out the sizing, everything else about this shoe is fantastic. The only word of warning I’d have is about toe cleavage: in the correct-fitting pair, there is still a minimal amount of it. Nothing extreme, but if any amount of toe cleavage bugs you, I’d stay away. Aside from that, I’d recommend these flats wholeheartedly. The price is a little steep, but they’re so ridiculously comfortable and cute that I think they’re worth it. I’d DEFINITELY buy at least another pair or two if they weren’t so spendy!UPDATE 5/13: I just wanted to add that, with a coupon, I did end up purchasing a second pair, in silver sage. Since I was a bit confused and unsure about the color, thought I’d post specifically about it. Here on Amazon, as well on some other sites, it looks like a neutral beige sort of color, and mostly definitely leather. But on a different set of sites, it looks more green than beige, and more on the suede side. Given that I didn’t like the feel of the suede pair I tried on, I was a bit nervous but went for it, hoping for leather/beige over suede/green tinge. Glad to say, they ARE leather, and while I think they’re a bit more grey/taupe than the photos here on Amazon represent, and can have greenish undertones in certain lighting, as a whole the green isn’t overwhelming or too noticeable. They are a very good neutral and seem like they’ll go well with almost anything.




I have collected some cool resources for you yoga lovers, if you’re a beginner, intermediate, or even a yoga expert – you can use the resources below

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Thank you all for your time, and hopefully you’ve enjoyed this article!

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