The Best Walking Shoes For Women

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So after we’ve discussed the best shoes for men, it’s time to give you ladies some special attention.

Men’s and Women’s shoes are different – be it in size, cushioning, colors, laces, and basically every

component can be a bit unique in its way.

I chose to consult with my good friend Amelia (Thanks Amelia!) in choosing the 11 most awesome walking shoes

out there for you, girls.

Amelia, I should note, is a gym instructor who works closely with podiatrists and has a very thorough background in this

area, so she was a natural fit really.

We took into consideration some key aspects in choosing our grand winners:

  • Shoe Weight – You don’t want your shoes to weight a ton, we’ve weighted the shoes and verified their specs
  • Cushioning – Walking (or running) shoes should have proper cushioning, this was taken into consideration
  • Long ‘test-run’ – We walked with the shoes for 4 hours straight, on both flat and inclined surfaces
  • Flexibility & Support – Shoes shouldn’t be too stiff, this might cause bruises and annoyingness

Consulting with relevant professional, those are the sweet-spot conditions for a winning shoe.

So let’s start reviewing our top candidates, shall we?

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Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 3 Lace-Up Walking Shoe4.7$37.48 - $100.99
ASICS Women's MetroLyte Walking Shoe4.2$29.97 - $74.94
PUMA Women's Asha Alt 2 Slip-On Sneaker4.4$39.99 - $98.35
Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe4.5$26.24 - $93.14
New Balance Women's WW511BB1 Walking Shoe4.2$23.35 - $64.95
Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Aspire Slip-On Walking Shoe4.4$30.98 - $62.00
Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Impress Memory Foam Slip-On Walking Shoe4.4$32.19 - $85.26
ASICS Women's GEL-Quick WK 2 Walking Shoe4.4$46.97 - $70.38
Skechers Women's Dreamchaser Ante Up Walking Shoe4.3$34.84 - $84.00
KEEN Women's Presidio Shoe4.5$25.99 - $116.16
Skechers Performance Women's Go Flex Slip-On Walking Shoe4.6$26.24 - $90.00

Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Lace-Up Walking Shoe


My favorite shoes YET!!! (Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Lace-Up in Aqua/Navy) Absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the gogamat insoles!!! These are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever had. I walk all day at work, anywhere between 5-10 miles and I can wear these all day long. Also have plantar fasciitis in both my feet, and these definitely keep my feet happy!!! I will be looking for different colors for sure!!!Update: I’ve owned these shoes for several months now and couldn’t be happier with them. I don’t wear them every day, I like to have more than one pair of shoes to be able to switch them around. I have not noticed any of the issues others complain about. My shoes are still as soft and comfy as they were the day I got them. Yeah, they get dirty, they’re shoes! I love them so much, I’ve ordered another pair, so when these are too worn out, I can have the exact same one and I ordered a pair for my daughter (Skechers GOwalk 3 Houston also with goga mat insoles) and she loves them too!


ASICS Women’s MetroLyte Walking Shoe


These shoes are just absolutely amazing. I bought these a little unsure if they would be good for 5 days of Disney World. They’re cute, airy and lightweight. Easy slip on which was good for a speedy airport security checkpoint. They feel like water shoes. My shoes got soaked from rain, puddles, and wet rides. But that night, the insoles slipped right out and I was able to quickly blow dry the entire shoe and they were ready to wear again the next morning. Third day, I realized the shoes were incredibly tight after taking them off my swollen from excessive walking feet. Swelling went down and the shoes fit alright again. One thing I noticed was, and I’m not sure if it was because my socks were thinner than before or because it was the cement walkway next to a beach but the bottom of my feet were burning hot, like walking on summer sand barefoot during peak sun hours. However, that was the only time and place it happened. I can’t tell you how many miles these shoes have endured and you couldn’t guess it; they still look nearly brand new in condition. Beyond outstanding, must have footwear. I honestly don’t think I could have bought a better shoe for my vacation.


PUMA Women’s Asha Alt 2 Slip-On Sneaker


I’ve been buying Puma’s for years. I have to say I’m not sure what design has been changed but these are the best pair I’ve ever owned.First and foremost, the aesthetic appeal. I’m one who doesn’t really care what my “comfy” shoes look like. I’m wearing them because i want to be able to walk long distances, not because they’re cute. However these surpass expectation. I get several compliments on them, and the color is bright yet subdued enough that they’re easy to match to.I’m a fan of slip ons, so these are really easy to throw on and go. The most surprising thing about these though is i can actually RUN in them! Yes, run at speed. Without worrying about one flying off. They hold up on different terrains okay (obviously not recommended for rocky terrain, but if you’re looking for shoes for rocky terrain and you wound up here, you may want to investigate your hobby further), and even do a decent job crossing slick surfaces while wet.The main reason I purchased these was for a family vacation to disneyland. In my first true day of wearing them, my pedometer had 18 miles on it before my phone died. I was able to get up and do the exact same thing the next day. These shoes provided excellent support and have maintained the comfort.I will be buying future pairs in different colors as these are the best investment in my closet I’ve made.


Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 3 Slip-On Walking Shoe


WOW & WOW & WOW!!!Ready to jump and cheer!! Finally a shoe that fits and feels wonderful!I have a wide foot (metatarsals ache in regular shoes). I used the Sizing Chart and what others said to order (I ordered a 7.5 E since I measure 9.5 inches long and have a Wide metatarsal). Happy to report they fit PERFECT!!!! And there is no tightness on the metatarsals! There was no time to “break them in” as they felt perfect right out of the box.I have walked all day in them and quite frankly…I forgot I was wearing shoes! The inner sole is very comfortable. Super comfy, can walk all day in them, super lightweight and they give support. I think these are amazing shoes and recommend them to anyone who enjoys a comfortable shoe.UPDATE: I have had this pair for about 6 months wearing them basically every day. I finally put them to the doorway to be used as quick slip ons as the insole is not as comfortable for all day wear. Gladly, I did purchase 2 pair so I have my backup pair as the main shoe!


New Balance Women’s WW511BB1 Walking Shoe


My daughter bought me a pair of these in Black for my Birthday trip to Mardi Gras this year. She knew we’d be staying in the French Quarter and doing a LOT of walking. Besides that is the standing for long periods during the parades… or waiting to get across the street during a parade! LOL And… we were only going for 4 days, so I didn’t want to pack a lot of different shoes either and the Black ones (I felt) are pretty neutral. I wore these on the airline trip (which is hours and lots of walking through the airports), and for three of the four days I was there walking ALL over the French Quarter and all up and down Bourbon and Royal Streets. My feet did not hurt at all. I mean, like… never! In fact, I switched up one day into an old pair of Vans, and my feet were screaming at the end of the night… so, I went right back to these! I got a 10B which was spot on, plenty of room in the toe box, not too narrow, not too wide, I have a high arch and surprisingly (based off some comments I’ve read), the arch in this shoe was sufficient and fit in the right spot, they are light with what feels like tons of a cushiony soft insole! Love so much I bought a grey pair for my daughter and myself! Would purchase again if they had more colors! A must have if you do a lot of walking or like to wear sneakers for your commute!


Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Aspire Slip-On Walking Shoe


I would hate to read a review that starts with “OMG!”, but honestly that was my response to these shoes! I can’t remember the last time I have worn such comfortable shoes. I can’t say about the rest of the Memory Foam Fit Collection…..but these seem great, so far. They’re a little weird in the beginning; as they are so light, your foot is cushioned w/o feeling like you are wearing anything. I usually wear an 8 in athletic shoes, with thicker socks, but I will have to get some thin ladies socks for the 8 I have. I didn’t order up a half-size, as I really find these feel as they mold to my foot in a bare foot, thin sock, or a nylon footie. I bought mine at Bealls during a 40% off the entire store, and had to have my color choice- Black – in my size delivered. I have tried soooo many brands of shoes to find the right pair for me , alas no more. $65.00 is a jump above my budget – but if these continue to wear well, I will have my eye out for sale or discount to pick up another pair in another color.


Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Impress Memory Foam Slip-On Walking Shoe


I wear these everyday for work, and they will be my go-to shoes for Disneyland all-day walkabouts. I have the “extend” grey model of these shoes, and those seem to be a tad bit longer than these. These fit your foot snugly even at the toe area, but even with my sensitive toe issues, this hasn’t become a problem. They’re incredibly light, and very squishy. Walking feels much more natural in stride with these on. If you have sweaty feet however, just buy some foot liners and be done with it (trust me). So despite them being slightly snug on the end and the not too fantastic breathability, I am definitely a fan of these shoes. I used to wear the less auspicious Croc flats, but honestly, after putting your foot from this shoe into one of those, it feels like you’re walking on a very hard surface. Kind of ridiculous… For the record, I sort of hate spending this much on any clothing item for myself, but I have two pairs of these things regardless!—Update 8/21—Still wearing these, still my favorite shoes! I forgot them on my last trip and bought the Croc Adrina flats in a last minute haste at the store, and let me tell you, these shoes were sorely missed! I purchased some sock shoe liners that are softer than the lace ones, a stretchy almost transparent fabric, and I’ll definitely mention that having soft foot liners with these shoes makes for perfect cloud walking. Some important things to note:-Snug at first, but stretches out a little bit-True to size due to some stretch with wear-Breathability is no longer an issue with foot liners-The fabric is super comfortable– no rubbing on ankles, blisters or too much pressure


ASICS Women’s GEL-Quick WK 2 Walking Shoe


Asics are consistently my favorite shoes and I rarely wear any other kind. I tend to stick to cross trainers, but I got a couple of their walking shoes to try out this time. These pair are very well made, they’re fitted without extra room, but not too tight, really perfectly average. The grip on the bottom is such that I sort of creak a bit when I walk, but nothing problematic, I find it amusing. The footbed is a little hard. I guess most of their shoes that I wear are a bit “bouncier” if you will. So, be prepared to have a good layer between you and the ground, but one that has much less give to it than if you were wearing a pair of their trainers. I do use my own insoles, so I always have more padding and arch support, so I can’t speak to the long term nature of their provided insoles.


Skechers Women’s Dreamchaser Ante Up Walking Shoe


I love Sketchers and Asics! Those are my shoe brands. I didn’t realize that these were slide on shoes, but once I put them on and started walking, they fit great! I wear them everywhere because they give me the support I need. I wear these when I’m doing Jessica Smith’s Walk Strong DVDs and Denise Austins Bikini Bod Workout. Great support.


KEEN Women’s Presidio Shoe


I bought the first pair on sale in a sky blue color, and loved them so much I invested in the red variety at full price…just bought pair number 3 in black, to wear on semi-professional occasions where I’ll be on my feet for hours and need to be able to run (I work with the press, so speed is sometimes a priority…I have a pair of black Dansko clogs I occasionally wear for their comfort, but moving faster than a brisk walk is impossible in them). I’m not sure which colors are currently available on Amazon, but I know this model is produced in at least five colors: moss green, brown, black, tomato red and pool blue.I have narrowish feet, size 8.5 and high arches…and this is literally the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever owned. I’ve walked upwards of eight miles at a time in the blue pair and – here’s another plus – they still look great, after a year and a half of fairly constant wear.These shoes cost more than sneakers, but I can absolutely tell you they are worth every penny. The leather is sturdy and I’ve dropped a full glass of water on my toes with no splash marks left later.Seriously, I cannot say enough about this product. My only worry is that Keen will stop making them. If I ever see another pair on sale in my size I will invest in #4.I own several other pairs of Keen shoes as well (including the Bend, the Portola and the Tuscany)…and while I would rate those maybe an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10, the Presidio goes up to eleven. Higher, really. The fit is most like the Targhee mid, another Keen model of which I own more than one pair (try the purple ones, they’re insanely cute.)One detail: They run about a half size smaller than marked. I wear an 8.5 in most brands of shoe, but I need a full size 9 in the Presidios.


Skechers Performance Women’s Go Flex Slip-On Walking Shoe


Ok. I have been a “Go Walk” fan for quite a while now. I had the original “Go Walk”, the “Go Walk 2” and the “Go walk 3”.I think this might be my favorite. They keep getting better.Things you NEED TO KNOW:1. They are about a half size smaller that you normally wear. I wear a 9.5, and the 10 just fits me. This isn’t a big deal. I just tried them on at my local Sketchers store before buying – and I’m very glad I did. Get a half size larger than you usually buy for these guys.2. They are more rigid than your typical “Go Walk”, especially in the heel. They’re not uncomfortable, but it will feel unusual after being in the normal “Go Walk” shoe for a few years. Don’t Panic! It just keeps your foot in place so it won’t rub as much. It’s not painful or uncomfortable. It just feels weird after a few years wearing “Go Walk” shoes. I figured that since it’s winter, I’d be wearing thicker socks, but I’ve worn this socks and they still feel fine. It’s just a matter of them being less floppy.3. If you are in a profession where you are on your feet all day, but constantly moving – especially if you move from side to side a LOT and have to worry about inversion sprains (ankle rolling), THIS IS YOUR GLORIOUS SOLUTION! Unlike all of the other “Go Walk” shoes, which tend to encourage ankles rolling, these don’t roll at all. I feel really stable in these shoes, as well as mobile. So far I’ve worn them for 2 nine hour days in a row, and they’ve performed excellently. I get a little sore towards that last hour, but they are far more stable than my GW3’s.4. Quiet! My GW3’s had a bad habit of making a wet lip-smacking noise on the hard floors of my work. It was unnerving and gross. These are much more quiet on hard tile and smooth stone. Cement sidewalks are another matter. So, when I’m at work, they’re silent. On the sidewalk they are loud… which is fine since I’m not trying to be quiet on the sidewalk.5. They feel more free/flexible on the sole. They seem to bend with your foot much better than the GW1,2,3’s. I feel less like I’m wearing flippers.6. They grip extremely well. You are going NOWHERE when you stand. These grip the surface they’re on and don’t budge a bit. That’s key for my work. I think they really improved my work ergonomics overall. I feel like my balance is better too.7. Limited color choices. This is very minor. I just want some heather grey and purple in my life. C’mon Sketchers! I’ll settles for the black/white/pink, but let’s get a wee bit of thistle lavender in there somewhere for the next go. You have 6 months.8. I’ve not had them long enough to test their stink-proof-ness yet. My 2’s did better than my 1’s and my 3’s did better than my 2’s so I have high hopes for these. I’ll update when I know.On the whole I condone the purchase of these shoes. If you are a Go Walk fan, you will have some getting-used-to but I think you’ll be pleased overall. These are definitely shoes for the more active person. Love them!


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