The Best Vegan Shoes

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Sup guys?

My dear friend Claire is a vegan, has been for 5 years, and let me tell you – it’s not just the food, it’s a certain lifestyle.

We talked and she asked if I’ve already reviewed vegan shoes – in which point I turned immediately to my coworkers,

and the next week was full of vegan shoes surrounding the office.

There are a lot of extremely cool vegan shoes – both stylish and in an extremely good form factor.

We took them out for a test drive, handed out some to our professional reviewers, and formatted the results down below 🙂


The Most Awesome Vegan Shoes Out There

Saucony Originals Men's Jazz Low Pro Vegan Sneaker4.6$24.41 - $99.95
etnies Men's Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoe4.4$13.96 - $83.36
Dr. Martens Women's Carnaby Mary Jane4.2$44.95 - $59.95
Deer Stags Men's Williamsburg Oxford4.2$19.99 - $44.99
DailyShoes Women's Military Combat Lace up Mid Calf High Credit Card Knife Money Wallet Pocket Boots4.3$12.99 - $69.99
Saucony Originals Women's Jazz Low Pro Vegan Retro Sneaker4.5$22.95 - $63.99
Saucony Originals Women's Bullet Sneaker4.5$7.99 - $80.99
Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Running Shoe4.5$36.62 - $89.99
Deer Stags Men's APT Oxford4.2$34.95 - $49.99
Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Classic Sneaker4.5$22.50 - $85.00
Nomadic State of Mind JC Sandal4.5$32.00 - $36.00

Saucony Originals Men’s Jazz Low Pro Vegan Sneaker


This is the first pair of Saucony shoes I’ve ever owned and I’m very pleased. I’ve typically worn the heavy, suede, New Balance 564 fora retro running shoe, but wanted something lighter. The low profile sole is more reminiscent of Onitsuka Tiger shoes, which are also a favorite of mine.Unlike the Asics shoes, these have a more traditional running shoe style. As vegan shoes, I don’t expect them to last long and I’m not expecting a great athletic shoe, because vegan shoes never are, imo. They’re very comfortable shoes, although I’d still give the edge to Onitsuka Tigers in that regard. I am slightly worried that they don’t breathe well, due to an inner sock lining that covers the entire inside, but that’s not a huge factor for me.The fit is just great for me, but I have somewhat narrow feet. These do run narrow, especially in comparison to the 564, which is wide even in standard widths. My most common athletic shoe sizes are 10.5-11 and I purchased these in a perfect 10.5. For the sake of comparison, I typically wear an 11 in Nike, 10.5 in Onitsuka Tiger and have recently had to size up to an 11.5 in New Balance.In closing, I’ll note that they come with 2 sets of laces in different colors, even though I saw no mention of this anywhere. I ordered them in Navy, and in addition to the Navy laces shown, they also included some in cream that match the stripe. I was actually hoping they would do that and will probably use the cream colored laces.


etnies Men’s Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoe


I work at Petco and I wanted a shoe that would match the uniform (dark brown aprons). It was almost impossible to find a dark brown shoe, and this one was one of the few. However, I do thing it looks great (I didn’t just settle). Also, it seems sturdy, which is hugely important to me as I tend to tear through the soles of my shoes within two or three months. The fact that it is eco friendly is amazing. It’s really hard to even find non-leather shoes, and this one even contributes to planting a tree? That’s great. The only downside is that it’s not very available in smaller sizes. I’m actually female so even the 7.5,which was the smallest I could find, was a bit too big for me (I’m 8.5 in women’s). However, keeping the laces tight helps a lot and I don’t feel like their a problem when I’m working, so good enough. I didn’t take this out of the star count because I knew my shoe size would be smaller and that it’d be unlucky I find them as male shoes don’t usually run in sizes that small.


Dr. Martens Women’s Carnaby Mary Jane


I’m a tough critic, still have almost no complaints about this shoe. They were comfy from first wear, with no break in time. I have flat feet with bunions on both. I am a size 6.5 US, ordered a 4 UK… perfect fit! I could walk all day in same comfort as any roomy tennis shoe. The only thing I’d change is the strap over the foot. You have to buckle and unbuckle every time, no quick slip on and off because the straps have no stretchy elastics holding buckle. Other than that, they’re a true black, a bit warm even for the spring time, have a simple look and the sole is not chunky. Perfect casual every day Mary Jane.


Deer Stags Men’s Williamsburg Oxford


Keep in mind, I write my reviews based on value of the product. For a $40 a pair, these shoes meet every criteria for a five star. These shoes do have flaws, but if you want better shoes, pay more money for them. It’s as simple as that.The Good:Good fit. I was worried that my wide feet wouldn’t fit comfortably, but there were no issues.The design is sound. My feet don’t slip out, the sole of the shoe is a solid rubber and feels to be decently durable.They made a significant attempt to make the shoe comfortable. Lots of padding inside the shoes.Passes as a professional shoe. Unless under close scrutiny, nobody would really notice you’re wearing cheap shoes.The Bad:The inside padding is definitely cheap and doesn’t provide prolonged comfort. However, it is enough for intermittent standing.The traction isn’t very impressive. If you enter a slick area, you are at risk of slipping.The material reminds me of a cheap couch.The shape of the shoe isn’t the most appealing. It’s hard to explain, but it doesn’t have many arches or bows which are found on most dress shoes.The heel should probably be raised slightly.Does not breatheThe Ugly:The soft material causes a large crease to form on the top during the first use.Overall, a good professional shoe for someone without a lot of cash. You won’t get better than this for $40.


DailyShoes Women’s Military Combat Lace up Mid Calf High Credit Card Knife Money Wallet Pocket Boots


I wore these on a trip to Grandfather Mountain in NC. It was a 3 day trip that included a lot of walking. I didn’t have appropriate boots and most of the shoes I have don’t have heavy tread on them. In addition to these things, my feet are quite large so it’s really hard to find reasonably priced, attractive shoes/boots.I wore these boots all 3 days. There were several miles trekked in them and they held up splendidly. I’m very, very surprised considering the price and I assumed they would be more fashion than function.Depending on the shoe, I wear either a 12 or 13 women’s. Usually I shop at Payless because they carry a variety in those sizes online (sometimes in store), but I couldn’t find any boots that I really liked and the ones I did were not in my size. I purchased a 13 in these.The zippered pockets were roomier than I expected and I liked that the zipper was a bit difficult to work because that prevented me from losing anything out of them (I actually only kept a pocket knife in one and a flint stick in the other).I wore skinny capris with them, so not a lot of fabric was tucked into the boot, save for my socks. I didn’t wear thick socks (it’s spring, after all), but could have if needed. During winter and fall I will tuck my bootcuts into slouchy boots, but I’m not sure how well these would do with that. I think the amount of fabric would be too much.The width of the size 13 was very good. If I bought a 12, it might have been just a bit too small.The only issue I had was near the end of my 3 day trip. I started to experience some discomfort in my toes, but (this might be gross) I needed to trim my nails a bit and then it was fine.These carried me up hills and down hills, over stones, dirt, gravel, grass, pavement and through a river. Again, I am very pleasantly surprised and plan to get my hands on the purple ones at some point.


Saucony Originals Women’s Jazz Low Pro Vegan Retro Sneaker


I bought these because I was looking for a workout shoe that I could wear with black pants, that wouldn’t make my feet look like they were in a sci-fi movie. (Although, I do love to watch the TV show Eureka!) I was happy that they were vegan, as well.I went to four different B&M; stores, tried on dozens of pairs of shoes and was beginning to think that my feet had suddenly grown in some weird fashion (no pun intended), as NONE of them fit properly. I tried on various sizes, from various brands, in various styles and nothing was right. It was soooo frustrating!I ordered these in what I previously thought to be “my size” (women’s 10), based on others’ reviews and whew, was I happy when they arrived and fit PERFECTLY!I wore them around the house for a bit to make sure, then to work for a full day of light duty stuff, yesterday to the gym for some precor and rowing machine work, and then, today, to the gym for a lo-impact workout. So far, so good! They are SOOOO comfortable AND – BONUS: they make my feet look smaller! This was confirmed by my mom, when she exclaimed this upon seeing them for the first time.Fit points (in all shoes) that matter to me:- toe room: these have a good amount of it, so toes can wiggle, but not so much that the foot is unstable or the toe box looks huge.- stitching in toe area: At first, I thought the bar of stitching that runs across the top of my foot, at the base of my toes, would irritate me, but I only noticed it the first hour or so and haven’t noticed it since.- the area around the Achilles tendon: again, just the right amount of room (shoes usually bend forward too much for me, not these)- arch: i dunno if i have flat feet or not, but I do love a nice hefty arch. These have a good one, with a smooth transition from the rest of the surface.- sole width: some shoes seem narrower in the sole, even though the shoe might fit, thus causing my foot to look like it’s floating or hanging over the edge – ick! These are just right in sole width.PROS:- sized right (for me, anyway!)- comfy!- nice style (simple, but not boring; old-skool, but not out of style)- vegan! Saucony’s site claims: “This Vegan friendly Saucony shoe contains no animal products, by-products or derivatives. Canvas and hemp create the classic design.”- TWO pairs of shoestrings (mine came wearing a black pair, and with an oatmeal pair in the box) – this helps to match your style & I find I get more use from an old pair of kicks, when I spruce them up with some new laces!- women’s sizes 5-12, with half-sizes from 5.5 to 9.5- the insole is removable!- so many great colors!!!CONS:- the frayed cotton look on the oatmeal parts does make it look a little scraggly. (as mentioned by another reviewer) but it’s not totally noticeable and, some may even think it gives the shoe a bit of “granola” charm. Mine seem a bit more frayed than the pic shows. I’m on the fence and could take it or leave it. We’ll see in the coming months, if it deteriorates faster than expected. [2015 UPDATE: fraying is minimal and a snip here or there cleans it right up. I may have done this once. I wear them (to work out) about 4+ hours per week. They still look great and are still comfy and I’m still very pleased with my purchase!]NOTE:there is a good bit of chunky traction on this shoe. This will certainly help on the trail, but causes a noticeable amount of grip on smooth floors. I find it tolerable (even a bit soothing, as pressure on the various tread triangles gives my foot a bit of a “massage” while I move around), and the added grippiness is a minor concern for me, compared to my other preferences, but if this is an area of major concern for you, you might be bothered by it. This might decrease, as the tread wears a bit. If I notice, I’ll update.CONCLUSION:Active vegans have another reason to rejoice! And, so do active non-vegans, or non-active vegans! These shoes are super-cute, cool, comfy, and caring to animals, and indirectly, the planet! They fit great (true-to-size) and can be worn confidently! With so many great colors and the guarantee of a good fit and function, I will be back to buy more! Thanks, Amazon!I rely on reviews to help me make informed buying decisions. I hope this review helped you in the same manner! 🙂


Saucony Originals Women’s Bullet Sneaker


I’m trying to overhaul and replace all of my leather wear (watch “Earthlings” and you’ll know why). Shoes are a major leather offender, so it’s great to find good quality shoes that are cruelty free. I first thought that I’d be stuck with cheap quality “pleather” shoes from Payless Shoe Store with zero arch support when I decided to get replace my leather shoes. Thankfully, there are some higher-end shoe manufacturers that have a vegan line (Dansko, Earth Shoes (negative heel technology), Birkenstock, and Saucony) that also feature excellent arch support. I have a very high instep that has been severely challenged after working retail—i.e., Macy’s cement floors with only a thin layer of carpeting and padding to buffer standing on the cement for hours at a time. These Saucony vegan sneakers are awesome: they fit like a glove and are so comfortable! I can stand on them for hours without feeling pain in my feet.


Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Running Shoe


These lightweight, super comfortable, super fly ninja shoes are…deadly. I think you can pretty much do anything in them: run, fly, shoot lightning bolts, be invisible, be awesome, etc. Many color options are available for any and all missions, be it covert op or just generally winning at life. These kicks are ready for just about anything.This is my second pair. The first pair have lasted me 2 years on practically all terrain types and still have good tread, still have magic powers, still ride like a Ferrari, still look good (every once in awhile, after they’re getting a bit dusty from the trail of victory, I fill the washing machine with water, put a cup of bleach in there, swish it around, drop these bad boys in there, put a couple white bath towels on top of them to keep them submerged, and hit “go”. Presto. After you let them AIR DRY, they look brand new again.). They seem to be immortal.Some basics:They ride low to the ground for good tactile sensitivity, but cushion is plenty adequate – so you can feel just enough of what you’re stepping on without hurting the bottom of your foot. They are a significant step up from a “barefoot” running shoe in this respect. They run nearly true to size – oh so slightly larger than normal for me, but not enough to buy a smaller size (a half-size smaller would have my toenail digging out the toe of the shoe with every step), and it’s not a problem.These are my number one recommendation for hybrid athletic-casual swag deluxe. I don’t know what else to tell you.By the hammer of Grapthar, as long as these things are manufactured on the Earth, I will continue buying them, for the rest of eternity. I’m a 36-year-old dude, and they are probably my favorite all-around everyday shoes of all time. Huzzah.


Deer Stags Men’s APT Oxford


After many frustrating trips to shoe store I decided to try online. I expected to have to do the back-and-forth thing till I found just the right pair, but I was wrong! These shoes are amazing! I’ve never had a pair of shoes feel so comfortable out of the box. I wore them all day today and still felt great here at the end of the day. These are lightweight yet comfortable. Feel very durable also. Very appropriate style for the office.


Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Classic Sneaker


Very nice shoes, and not too expensive. My old shoes (Puma Athletic somethings) have very pointy toes – It wasn’t a problem, but the fact that these Onitsukas have lots of room for my toes is apparent and very welcomed.The tread seems grippy enough; Not so aggressive that you’ll tear out rubber and shred the shoes in horrible mangled chunks (after a few weeks of jumping around and gym stuffs), but good enough that you won’t slip in most situations. It does an amazing job of picking up little rocks though; you’ll be picking them out all the time if you like keeping the soles all nice looking (or uniform and clean).Unlike my Pumas these shoes are very nicely constructed (The Pumas were on sale -like 75% off- because there was some quality issue) . The materials and stitching are very good quality. No defects or any weird problems occurring due to manufacture error or shipping mishap.They are pretty flat shoes, but actually the insole is slightly molded to support your inner arches. They are extremely lightweight too, which is awesome because then I don’t feel like I’m lugging extra weight around. It also makes them perfect gym shoes (I work at a parkour/gymnastics type gym)And they are pretty stylish; bold looking with the stark Black/green/white contrast. I almost don’t want to wear my other shoes anymore because they simply don’t look as sharp as these do.I was originally going to use them as my parkour gym shoes, but I really love them, and now I find I wear them all the time. It takes a determined effort to not wear them with my everyday outfits haha.Very nice shoes!


Nomadic State of Mind JC Sandal


I’ve had these shoes for over a month and absolutely love them! They really are super comfy, and they don’t hurt your feet. When you wear them, it’s like your not wearing any shoes at all, because they are so lite on your feet. I’m an avid concert/festival goer and these are wonderful for just that. They’re easy to put on, and easy to take off. They can be slick on some surfaces, but once you get used to them, you should be okay.Another plus is, they are washable, and it dosen’t really matter if you get them dirty. However, if you’re out in the rain, or just don’t plan on getting wet, they will stay wet, so if you don’t want them to get wet, bring extra shoes with you. My second plus is, they come before expected. I ordered them on a Wednesday, and while expecting them to come the following week, I got them that Friday.Overall, these shoes are awesome! I love wearing them, and I get a lot of comments and compliments on them. Like the tag that comes with them says, they really do make you want to, “roam the planet” and are “habit forming.” These shoes are the best!




Vegan Shoes are a popular trend, and many brands take this into consideration and the result is an extremely decent line of vegan shoes.

If you have any suggestion for this article, or for our next articles, we happily accept feedback in the comment section below,

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