The Best Tennis Shoes For Women

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Hi there lady readers 🙂

We’ll review the best tennis shoes for you, ladies, that are currently available in market.

Stick in for our thorough review below, and have a great read !


Choosing a perfect fit tennis shoes

Choosing a perfect shoe can be a cumbersome process – here’s a great video by Lynn Ray,

which discusses some key points and tips for choosing a great tennis shoe.

Check it out below !


Thanks Lynn !


Tennis Shoes For Women Guide Chart

adidas Performance Women's Barricade Court W Tennis Shoe4.2$21.83 - $79.00
ASICS Women's GEL-Noosa Tri 9 Running Shoe4.5$59.95 - $199.95
adidas Performance Women's Barricade Team 4 W Tennis Shoe4.1$29.29 - $90.00
adidas Performance Women's Sonic Allegra Training Footwear4.3$28.29 - $94.95
adidas Performance Women's Galaxy Elite W Running Shoe4.2$30.67 - $106.68
ASICS Women's GEL-Game 5 Tennis Shoe4.4$41.00 - $80.00
ASICS Women's GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe4.5$53.44 - $140.00
adidas Performance Women's Barricade V Classic W Tennis Shoe3.9$33.75 - $119.00
ASICS Women's GEL-Dedicate 4 Tennis Shoe4.5$26.15 - $65.00
Twisted Women's Tennis Basic Athletic Sneaker4.0$8.99 - $35.00
ASICS Women's Gel Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe4.5$79.00 - $130.00
ASICS Women's GEL-Fit Sana Cross-Training Shoe4.3$34.99 - $81.94


adidas Performance Women’s Barricade Court W Tennis Shoeadidas Performance Women's Barricade Court W Tennis Shoe


UPDATE: I’ve had the shoes for roughly 10 days now and they’re breaking in nicely. My feet do not hurt at work and the leather is getting nice and movable. Very pleased with these shoes!
Okay. All the people saying the shoe runs small must be referring to the width. The shoe is actually a bit too long (I ordered an 11 and should have ordered 10.5 which is my true size). The width is a bit snug but it’s tolerable. The toe is a bit more pointed than what I’m used to, I am hoping that as the shoes break in it will soften that a little. The shoe is comfortable, however there is little cushioning. I work on my feet, and I was hoping for a comfortable shoe. We will see how this one performs. For now, I am satisfied with the purchase. I am an Adidas girl, after all 🙂




ASICS Women’s GEL-Noosa Tri 9 Running ShoeASICS Women's GEL-Noosa Tri 9 Running Shoe


I debated a lot on what size to get. I’m a size 10 In another pair of Asics I have that are blue, pink and A neon green they are about $49 on here I got them back in August and they hurt my feet so bad now after a workout. all the comments I read said to go a half size up with these shoes which I got a 10.5 and they fit absolutely perfect!
I even wore them to the gym tonight! These are seriously the best shoes I’ve ever owned my feet don’t hurt or ache after working out tonight which is such a relief ! I didn’t even want to take them off when I got home they feel so nice! I’m so happy I got these shoes the color, support and feel are wonderful! Plus the price wasn’t bad at all either! Will defiantly be making these my regular workout shoes!
First looks- bright colors, well made, the grips on the tongue and heal are a plus, I like the breathable mesh
For fit defiantly go a half size up ! They are super Comfortable though and the best shoes I’ve ever owned! I workout 4 days a week and walk/run around 15-20 miles a week. So as time goes on it will be interesting to see how well they last!




adidas Performance Women’s Barricade Team 4 W Tennis Shoeadidas Performance Women's Barricade Team 4 W Tennis Shoe


I really love these shoes. They look and feel great! I usually wear a 9 and these are a 9 that a tiny bit bigger than a regular 9, however, I like a little extra toe space. I think an 8 1/2 would have been too small.




adidas Performance Women’s Sonic Allegra Training Footwearadidas Performance Women's Sonic Allegra Training Footwear


These are really nice and lightweight court shoes. I usually wear a “big” 8 (not quite 8.5). I ordered the 8 and my toes have plenty of room. They are very lightweight for good running on the court. I have a normal to narrow foot with a high arch and these work great – no pinching anywhere.




adidas Performance Women’s Galaxy Elite W Running Shoeadidas Performance Women's Galaxy Elite W Running Shoe


I just got these today and figured I would write a review on them since there are quite diverse opinions on these. The first thing I noticed is the fit. They are a lot more roomy in the toe than I expected but I appreciate it. Definitely order true to size just expect them to feel slightly loose when you put them on because of the wide toe area. The next thing is the sole. The sole is not cushy by any means. It’s solid, which I also like. Just be cautious when you order if you don’t like harder soles. Plenty of room for insoles though if you don’t like the hardness of the sole. I also find them to have a great breathable exterior and they are cute (I purchased the grey and orange). Also something that I didn’t see anyone post about is the sole slightly catering to pronated runners but is not uncomfortable if you are a neutral runner.




ASICS Women’s GEL-Game 5 Tennis ShoeASICS Women's GEL-Game 5 Tennis Shoe


This is my 3rd pair of ASICS tennis shoes. They provide the best support and comfort needed for my feet. I love them. I love that they are colorful and stylish. Nice not to have to sacrifice style for comfort.




ASICS Women’s GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis ShoeASICS Women's GEL-Resolution 6 Tennis Shoe


I love these. This is my 2nd pair of Resolution 6s and before that I went through 2 pairs of Resolution 5s. They are very comfortable. I play tennis, including drills, 5 days per week, for a total of 11 -12 hours. I wear out soles very quickly. These last 2-3 times as long as other – less expensive- tennis shoes I have tried.
I am a size 8 usually, and can wear the 8 in these, but I find the 8.5 to be more comfortable. I also put a very thick heal cup inside the shoe, which doesn’t take up much length, but may have some impact on my 8.5 preference.
I find these shoes to be very stable on the court – the 6s even more than the 5s. I do have issues with foot pain from time to time, which is why I chose to try these initially. The sole is very supportive even without the heal cup.
Well worth the money, especially when you consider how long the sole lasts.




adidas Performance Women’s Barricade V Classic W Tennis Shoeadidas Performance Women's Barricade V Classic W Tennis Shoe


The most important thing to note about these shoes for women thinking of ordering them is to order a whole size smaller than you typically wear. I’m a size 8, and the size 7 fits perfectly.
Now, onto the shoe itself!
First, these are awesome looking shoes. Very bright. They stand out on the court. The neon orange and purple with a little bit of white is a striking mix.
Fit and performance: There’s plenty of room in the toebox for my toes, great arch support and high ankle support for a non-high-top shoe. I feel like my feet are very protected. They have coolmax (or something similar) and my feet haven’t gotten overly hot. Since these aren’t highly breathable shoes, that’s pretty impressive. Because the shoe is half coated in a rubbery material, if you get nailed in the foot by a speeding tennis ball, it won’t hurt your foot. The traction is excellent on indoor wood courts. I haven’t tried these on the outdoor clay courts as of yet. I suspect they will be equally good on the clay.
My only complaint about these shoes is the tongue, which is very thick. I really have to put some muscle into it in order to get a good, tight lacing on these shoes. The tongue also slides to one side a bit as I play, which is a pet peeve with shoes! It isn’t bad, a few millimeters, but I notice it.
I am a bit worried that the very cool looking hooks that the laces tie into aren’t going to hold up to the force needed to keep that tongue in place. They don’t look all that sturdy, however awesome they do look.
Overall, I give these 5 stars. The tongue thing is not enough to detract from the positives of the shoe. Especially given how great they look!




ASICS Women’s GEL-Dedicate 4 Tennis ShoeASICS Women's GEL-Dedicate 4 Tennis Shoe


These shoes provide stability on the tennis court as well as comfort. I feel confident and empowered to play my best. The slightly tapered toe adds a refinement not usually found in athletic shoes. I’ve been playing tennis for 30 years. Normally, shoes don’t make that much of an impression on me. These shoes, however, are different. I also walk a great deal and I tried these shoes out on a 6 mile walk. Very comfortable. No problems whatsoever. I think I would buy these again. Note that the trim on my shoes is green, not as pictured here. Other than these shoes and tennis hat reviewed here, I generally wear golf clothes for tennis as I prefer tailored clothes.




Twisted Women’s Tennis Basic Athletic SneakerTwisted Women's Tennis Basic Athletic Sneaker


I usually wear a size 7.5 or 8 in most shoes. I had initially ordered the 8 in this shoe, but it was too small. I returned them and got the 8.5 and they fit perfectly. Very comfortable, and I like the nude color. They are a little on the narrow side, so if you have an extra wide foot, I don’t think these would be comfortable for you. But if your foot width runs average then you should be fine. Just order bigger than your normal size.




ASICS Women’s Gel Solution Speed 2 Tennis ShoeASICS Women's Gel Solution Speed 2 Tennis Shoe


My husband ordered these for me but I did the research. I have worn several different ASIC running shoes for playing Pickleball but decided to order these court shoes based on reviews. It is a very comfortable shoe with lots of support. I had to go up a 1/2 size. I normally wear a 7 but not in this shoe. I ordered a 7 1/2 and they are perfect with room in the toe. This shoe is a deep purple and gets lots of compliments. Best looking court shoe I have ever worn and, of course, helps my stability on the Pickleball court. Pickleball Rocks!




ASICS Women’s GEL-Fit Sana Cross-Training ShoeASICS Women's GEL-Fit Sana Cross-Training Shoe


UPDATE 11/30/2015
Still love my shoes and I have ran in these the entire year, outside mostly and my feet are great in these. I am getting ready to buy me another pair. I know some people say that are not for everyday runners, but I was running in the summer about 3-5 days outside in these. I would also wear them to the mall or grocery store as well. I’m still in love with these shoes…the other ones I brought for running from Asics I should have returned because I hardly every wear those because I am always wearing these and to see the price drop on these….BINGO!~
UPDATE: 4/29/2015
I can’t understand why some people will rate these shoes low – these shoes are the They have not fallen apart on me and i’ve owned since feb. 2015.. I have trained for a 5k in these and have done my aerobics tapes, yoga, etc. I have another pair of asics that i brought for running….i don’t wear them because these suit both purposes! I’m so excited i will be running my first 5k race next week. These shoes are the best i’ve ever own and they are sytlish – be real people! Love this shoes!
I absolutely love these shoes the style /fit and everything is just perfect I run in these and I do my aerobics.. awesome shoes! I want them in every color!




Concluding It All..


We’ve shown you some key points of choosing a great tennis shoe, together with testimonials and a cool chart

summarizing the top women tennis shoes out there.

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