The Best Spinning Shoes

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So I was in the spinning class that other day, everything’s usual, you know,

me and my two friends were all cycling in speed, burning those calories.

I noticed our guide, Gina, wore a unique pair of shoes, with some cool looking clips which really made me wonder.

Approaching her, asking about the shoes, she told me about her Pearl Izumi’s

she said they are easy on her feet, are cushioned well, and even help her burn more calories – Woah.

Later at home I started researching about the topic a bit, and found some cool features that cycling shoes

have that made me feel really awesome in my later spinning sessions.

Let’s take a look at the top rated brands and models of spinning shoes out there!


Pearl Izumi Women's All-Road III Cycling Shoe4.2$89.90 - $90.00
Louis Garneau Women's Multi Lite Cycling Shoes - Closeout!4.4$59.95 - $98.95
Pearl iZUMi Men's Race Road II Cycling Shoe4.2$33.99 - $130.00
Giro Women's Riela Mountain Shoes4.3$49.96 - $100.00
Gavin Mountain MTB Sneaker Style Cycling Shoe4.5$44.95
Gavin Mountain Spin Cycling Bike Shoe MTB4.1$34.95
Gavin VELO Road Bike Cycling Shoe4.5$39.95
Giro Women's Whynd Mountain Biking Shoe4.4$24.96 - $120.44
Pearl iZUMi Men's X-Alp Enduro III Spinning Shoe4.3$31.99 - $92.00
Pearl Izumi Men's X-ALP Seek VI BL Cycling Shoe4.5$32.96 - $110.00

Pearl Izumi Women’s All-Road III Cycling Shoe


My spin class instructor recommended I get some bike shoes to make the class easier. Thanks to the other reviewers I ordered my correct size. I wear between about an 8.5 wide in most shoes. I ordered the 41and it fit very well. At first I thought that it might be tight in the toe but then realized the shoe tongue was a little bunched up. After I straightened the tongue the fit was pretty much perfect. I bought the Shimano SM-SH52 SPD cleats and installed them easily with an allen wrench (watched a you tube about it to figure out the pointed end should face the toes). Made sure to tighten them well at the advice of another reviewer. It took a couple of tries to click in on the LA Fitness bike pedal…. just slide the pointed end into the pedal and sort of push forward and down on the pedal til you hear a click; then when you’re done….twist your ankle outward to unlock (watched a you tube about that process as well because it was my first time using cleats). I’ve done a couple classes with these shoes now and they do seem to make it easier because they are stiffer than tennis shoes and offer good support when you stand. I also love my Pearl Izumi gloves that I bought on Amazon because they cushion my hands so nicely during the classes and also on the other weight machines.


Louis Garneau Women’s Multi Lite Cycling Shoes – Closeout!


I use these for teaching my indoor cycling classes. The reason they work so well is because the SPD clip in recessed, so you don’t slip/fall on the floor and can walk normally around the cycling room. Be sure to use the Louis Garneau sizing chart when ordering. It makes a difference, and should get you the proper fit IF you read the size chart. You must purchase your SPD clip separately, as it’s not included. I also like having the three straps to adjust the fit properly since I have a narrow foot. Happy cycling.


Pearl iZUMi Men’s Race Road II Cycling Shoe


Wow, I didn’t know a cycling shoe could offer this much comfort. I had never owned a pair of Pearl Izumis before. Now I wish I had found them sooner. The level of comfort is unparalleled. The shoe feels plush while on, yet efficient while pedaling.Based on the advice of some of the reviewers, I went with a size 11 (U.S.), even though I wear a 10 1/2 in active wear and a 10 in normal shoes. I really wanted a 10 1/2, but I guess that size is not offered. Anyway, I was very, very concerned/hesitant about ordering the size 11. When the shoe came in, however, I found that it fit very well. In fact, I would say that it fits exactly like my 10 1/2 running shoes.Finally–and most will find this totally unimportant–I am pleasantly surprised by the coloring. My wife suggested the white and red, as opposed to the constant barrage of black that I normally buy. They came in and, well, I think my wife was right. The shoes look “fun!” And, since they feel fun, I found it to be an overall fantastic buy.



Giro Women’s Riela Mountain Shoes


I have been spinning for 13 years and FINALLY bought myself a pair of cycling shoes. These are so pretty and I love the white/black/turquoise color combo. I have been searching for a great looking, not all black or lace-up pair and I certainly found them. I ended up purchasing these on another site though because after placing my order through Amazon, the distributor emailed me that they were going to be on back-order for 3 weeks. I just couldn’t wait and I am glad I didn’t. I would advise you to check the Giro website to determine your size. I am an 8 in flip-flops and an 8 1/2 in athletic shoes. After reading reviews of them being small, and doing a lot of research on sizing for different brands I decided upon a 41 (which is a US womens 9). They fit pretty perfect..maybe ever so slightly big. I probably could have gotten away with a 41 (womens 8 1/2) but with nice athletic socks I think these will feel perfect during class. The size chart they have associated with these is for MENS so I would not go by it just FYI. I also read a review that she wasnt sure why the clips weren’t included and they rarely ever are. You have to purchase those seperate. Very stylish and super happy with my purchase!


Gavin Mountain MTB Sneaker Style Cycling Shoe


These shoes are my first foray into cycling shoes, so I didn’t want to cough up $100 in case I didn’t like it. I am using them with Shimano PD-M324 pedals with the SPD release tension set to low while I learn how to use them. I am riding for fitness on a hybrid bike on street surfaces and usually cover a little over 10 miles per ride . They are comfortable and my feet do not get hot even in TX heat. I was worried they would be too narrow, as I usually wear a 9 wide. On occasion, I will experience my feet going to sleep, but I don’t attribute that to the shoe since I don’t wear them that tight. I ordered size 43EU, and they fit very well. I would re-order these if they were lost/stolen. When I am off the bike, I do have to duck walk on cement surfaces but not on gym flooring, linoleum, or carpet surfaces.


Gavin Mountain Spin Cycling Bike Shoe MTB


Was not expecting to like these as much as my old MTB shoes, but I like them even better! Yes, they’re too narrow by half [fortunately, I bought 1.5 sizes larger than my regular shoe size, since I was pre-warned from other reviews they run narrow] but they are FAR more comfortable for walking in than any other cycling shoe w/ a hard plastic outsole. Stiff enough to support my foot when cycling [so no probs w/ my plantar fasciitis flaring up since using them] and no “CLACK CLACK CLACK” when walking on hard surfaces. What’s not to love? Yes, I’m not a fan of velcro closure either, but at least they won’t pop loose like the old ski-boot buckle type closure on my old cycling shoes when I randomly hit the side of my shoe against something.


Gavin VELO Road Bike Cycling Shoe


Super comfortable, great fit, good support, and the straps provide as much snugness as you’d like. Absolutely awesome shoe. I wear a woman US 8.5 and I ordered a 40 – it fit perfectly. This is the best price Ive seen on shoes so I highly recommend this shoe for indoor cycling/spinning. Just dont forget to buy the clips to add.


Giro Women’s Whynd Mountain Biking Shoe


I had been taking spin classes for a few months and it was so uncomfortable in my regular sneakers. These provide much more support and were worth it. I wear a 7.5 and purchased the equivalent and while they were slightly snug, they are snug in a good way where my foot doesn’t move around. I don’t believe ordering up would have helped at all. Plus they look a lot nicer than some of the other bike shoes I had looked at. I’ve purchased clips also, but haven’t even installed them yet. They are helpful without even using the clips.


Pearl iZUMi Men’s X-Alp Enduro III Spinning Shoe


Love this shoe. Stiff enough, great tread, comfortable bed, ratchets. I bought this for all-mountain trail riding, but I could also see it being a good shoe for a casual cyclist.The trails in my area necessitate a hike-a-bike at least once a ride. If the terrain gets too rough to ride then you don’t want to be wearing a dance-shoe type sole. This Pearli shoe is a great alternative. Very grippy sole perfect for climbing rock and scree. So far – after about 10 rides/30 hours on the bike – they are holding up well. Tread wear has been slightly better than expected given how grippy they are.The shoe is certainly not as stiff as a pure riding shoe (I was in Specialized Comp before), but – to me – it is not flexy enough to compromise pedaling efficiency. They are also noticeably heavier, but, again, not so much as to be a bother.Also, if you’re an all-mountain trail rider you probably have a pedal with some type of platform, which helps minimize shoe flex.In addition, the ratchets work quite well and are well designed so as to be accessed while riding without looking down. The velcro on the lower two straps finish things off nicely.I wear a size 10 and ordered that (44 euro) and these are a true fit. Perhaps slightly wider in the mid-foot than what I like, but the straps and ratchet help cinch things up.So far I have only worn these when temps have been below 60F, so cannot attest to how hot they get. But I have been wearing thin riding socks and can feel some air-flow, so I would wager they are acceptable in heat.My only negative so far has been a slight protrusion of the SPD cleat above the sole level. Its only about a millimeter or so, but it does create that distinctive crunching sound when walking on pavement. Its not all the time, but somewhat frequent. I’m running Shimano cleats, so am not sure if this applies to other cleats.Overall this is one of my favorite shoes ever.


Pearl Izumi Men’s X-ALP Seek VI BL Cycling Shoe


The shoe I have been using for mountain biking was the Pearl Izumi Men’s X-Alp Seek IV WRX size 46 which I use with a XLC Ultralight Alloy pedal and the Zefal “Cristophe” Mountain Bicycle Half Toe Clip Size L/XL. I was looking for a shoe lighter in weight, a stiffer sole with some grip which the Seek VI fulfilled. My previous Seek IV weighed in at 454 grams, the Seek VI in size 45 weighed in at 407 grams. I found the Seek VI sole and fit to be more liken to a road shoe but the sole with the flexible toe point is comfortable to walk or hike in. The Seek VI has a mesh upper for better ventilation than the IV, but the IV has a softer layer of interior material making it more comfortable. I found the size 45 right with a 11M shoe I normally wear, no need to compensate to a size up as I had to with the IV. The outsole is very compatible with my pedal arrangement producing a fine grip on rough technical trails with roots. I do miss the lace storage into the tongue used in the IV, but the new loop storage works fine as long as you get the lace ends equal in length. I plan on continue using my IV shoes purchased in 2012 that still have plenty on life for the colder/wetter conditions the uppers are more suitable. I do not plan on using SPD cleats for the VI as I had on the IV which I used with Shimano M324 pedals that were very easy to engage.


So basically

Spinning shoes are awesome. They give you a certain kind of unique flexibility, they ease the process

of pedaling – and they keep my feet right where I need them.

The difference from an o.k pair to a fantastic pair, such as the ones I’ve mentioned above, could be extremely noticeable,

so be sure that you’ll fall in love with your own pair after you’ve taken it to a quick ride.

Be sure to comment below and tell us your spinning experience!