The Best Sperry Top-Siders

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Today fellows – we talk about boat shoes.

When you’ll search around for popular brands you’ll surely come across Sperry, they make the best boat and deck shoes out there,

combining quality, fashion, durability and day-to-day convenience.

We’ve used some of the bad boys below and reached some fine conclusions that helped us in choosing the top shelf

shoes, just for you.

Lets begin, shall we 🙂

Sperry Top Sider Guide Chart

Sperry Top-Sider Men's Authentic 2-Eye Boat Shoe4.3$39.99 - $109.19
Sperry Top-Sider Men's A/O Boat Shoe4.4$54.98 - $120.00
Sperry Top-Sider Men's Billfish 3-Eye Boat Shoe4.4$69.95 - $130.00
Sperry Top-Sider Women's Ivyfish Boat Shoe4.7$88.00 - $96.94
Sperry Top-Sider Women's Angelfish Oat Slip-On Loafer4.3$61.11 - $99.00
Sperry Top-Sider Men's Authentic Original One-Eye Boat Shoe4.3$59.99 - $156.00
Sperry Top-Sider Women's Bluefish 2 Eye Boat Shoe4.5$76.46 - $109.24
Sperry Top-Sider Men's Salt-Washed Striper CVO Boat Shoe4.3$49.99 - $78.82
Sperry Men's Gold A/O Boat Shoe4.5$89.94 - $159.95


Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Authentic 2-Eye Boat ShoeSperry Top-Sider Men's Authentic 2-Eye Boat Shoe


Looking for your next favorite pair of shoes? Well here they are. The Sperry Top-Sider boat shoe combines comfort and style making it the perfect everyday shoe. Whether you are wearing them as a dress shoe or just as a casual day shoe, Sperry’s are the top of the line. I have been a Sperry owner for over five years and I am more than happy with them. My first pair was the original Top-Siders and I still wear them today.
I originally got them as a dress shoe, but then I started to wear them more and more because of how comfortable they are. Today I wear my Sperry’s almost everyday and they are still in great shape. The durability of the shoes is unmatched, minor wear and tear is visible on my first pair even though I wear them daily. I liked my first pair so much that I now own five different styles and colors of the Sperry Top-Siders.
The shoes are not only extremely comfortable but they are also in style right now and have been for a while. Dock sider type shoes have been a staple for boat lovers and beach goers in the summer time for years. Recently they have become a very popular shoe and are worn almost all year round by all kinds of people, not just boaters. Sperry’s have versatility that allows you to wear the same pair as dress shoes or casual day shoes. There is a wide range of colors and styles of Sperry’s so if this pair isn’t quite what you are looking for they have a great selection of other styles that will fit your taste.
As a Sperry owner, I know that you can wear them in almost any situation. This is a great shoe to be able to just throw on and know they will look and feel great all day. I usually just slip mine on and off and leave them tied at all times. They are extremely convenient to have because they are light but also very tough. Sperry’s are even easy to clean and dry quickly when wet. Another great aspect of this shoe is the “no-sock” look. I prefer to wear them without socks, I personally think they look and feel better that way but the choice is yours.
Even though I really like these shoes, they aren’t without some issues. The main issue is with the smell after a time of prolonged use. If you are a no-sock wearer like myself, the insoles will be unpleasant to smell after a while and need to be washed or replaced. I usually wash them after a few months and then they are as good as new. Another good trick to reduce the harsh smell is to use foot powder in the shoes before and after wearing them to soak up any moisture.
The Sperry brand is currently very popular which means these shoes are in high demand. The price of Sperry’s can be a little high, anywhere from $70 to $120. The expensiveness may drive some people to look into off brand boat shoes. I have done this and I know that a pair of $30 boat shoes seems like a steal and you feel like you just got a great deal on some nice shoes, but you will figure out quickly that if they are selling for that cheap then there is a very good reason for it.
Sperry is a very widely recognized and popular brand today. They have a reputation for making the best boat shoes and the rep they have is justified. Compared to some of the other companies that make boat shoes, Sperry’s are definitely the best choice. I have owned some of the other brands such as Margaretville and Timberland and I was not satisfied with them at all. The cheaper, similar style shoes are usually so inexpensive for a reason. The pairs that I had never fit quite right and usually made my feet hurt at the end of the day or gave me blisters. The flat, thinly cushioned bottoms made them far less comfortable than my Sperry’s. Even though some brands are less expensive than Sperry brand shoes, the savings is a result of cheaply made shoes with low quality materials. A few of the off brand boat shoes I’ve owned squeaked when I walked and even had stitching holes in the bottoms that let water into the shoes. After my experience with these low quality shoes, I always bought Sperry brand. The cheap choice can be tempting sometimes but a good pair of Sperry’s is worth the money.
The break in period with Sperry’s is significantly shorter than any other brand I’ve owned. They are pretty much ready to wear right out of the box. By the second or third use they are formed to your feet and make a great fit. I suggest trying a pair on before buying them. Sometimes the shoes aren’t a true size and can run a little big. I am a men’s size 10 ½ in most shoes but in Sperry’s I am either a size 10 or a 9 ½ depending on the style. If you are ordering them online be sure to look at a size chart especially if you don’t wear socks with them, the shoes are suppose to fit snuggly to your foot with or without socks. An incorrect size can make the shoes uncomfortable and cause blisters.
As a college student I see my classmates wearing Sperry’s all over campus, as well as some of my professors. My father has a pair and even my grandfather. If you are looking for an everyday shoe for yourself or as a gift for someone else then Sperry’s are the smart choice. They are a universal style that is really popular right now for any type of person. Sperry Top-Siders are the best of the best in boat shoes.




Sperry Top-Sider Men’s A/O Boat ShoeSperry Top-Sider Men's A/O Boat Shoe


I gave this product 5 stars because it is truly an amazing shoe. They are just as listed on the webpage, and almost look even better in person. The leather is a nice and soft leather, with a great color to wear with just about anything, whether you want to go casual and slightly sporty, or if you would like to dress a bit classier. The white sole and light brown laces give the darker leather a nice contrast to make every little detail on the shoe pop out. I would recommend this shoe to just about anyone, even if it’s not really your style. One little thing that annoys me that really isn’t bad about the shoe, just a bit of a me problem, is that since the laces are those leather type of laces, they are difficult to tie and keep them standing instead of being flimsy and all over the place. If you have trouble with them, I would recommend searching for another way to tie them (my friend did that and it helped him a lot). The laces also have a slightly greenish color at first, but that’s because of the material and they change back to the regular color after some time. At least you know this is quality!




Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Billfish 3-Eye Boat ShoeSperry Top-Sider Men's Billfish 3-Eye Boat Shoe


These shoes make you super cool. Before these shoes, I was a lame nobody… My life was in disrepair. People made fun of me, they spit at me and called me names.
Then, one day… A bright light struck me! It lead me to find the way….to the store to buy these shoes.
I didn’t even look at the sizes, the right one just called me by name and floated onto my feet. The fit was perfect (size 12) and it made me 8 inches taller, buffer, and just sexier overall.
I can now dance, kick a ball 150 yards, jump over fences, and dunk a basketball. I have received a job, got a raise, and was promoted in the same day because of these shoes.
If you haven’t already purchased these shoes…then you’re insane…and should be thrown into an asylum.
If you have already bought these shoes, then I have no Idea why you are reading these reviews 0.o




Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Ivyfish Boat ShoeSperry Top-Sider Women's Ivyfish Boat Shoe


Product reviews play an essential role in the decision to make a purchase. Hopefully my opinions on this style of Sperry Boatshoes will help you decide if these are the right shoes for you.
Sizing Recommendations:
When purchasing these shoes, I would recommend getting a size smaller than your typical shoe size. The leather of this model will stretch and form to your foot; a smaller size will ensure proper sizing post-stretch. The well-known rumor surrounding Sperrys is that breaking them in can be very painful. This style, however, has a much more comfortable build than previous styles. The pain is minimal to non-existent during the break-in period, and the post-stretch size will be a perfect mold to your feet. These shoes will will truly feel like they were custom made for your feet.
Durable Leather Composition:
The leather composition of Sperry shoes is extremely durable. As an inhabitant of the Midwest, I am familiar with how harsh weather conditions can be on footwear. The leather of this model has exceeded my expectations; they have excelled in rain, snow, and sun. The lighter color of the linen/oat combination does show dirt quickly, but proper cleaning can help keep them looking new.
The padding on the tongue and sole creates a comfortable fit for everyday activity. As a college student, I walk an extensive amount every day. After six months of walking regularly, the leather is still like-new and the traction on the bottom of the shoe is barely worn. The built in arch-support is minimal, however, this does not hinder the overall comfort.
The Ivyfish 3-Eye Boat Shoe is a well-built, stylish shoe that will soon become your go-to footwear. The comfort and durability will not disappoint, and the curly laces ensure a shoe as unique as you.




Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Angelfish Oat Slip-On LoaferSperry Top-Sider Women's Angelfish Oat Slip-On Loafer


I was looking for an alternative to flimsy ballet flats to wear with my skinny jeans. (I’m 27 and starting to worry about how I treat my feet.) I’d been eyeing these shoes for months before I broke down and bought a pair. No regrets! They are just as I thought they would be. LOVE the linen/oat color. They go with just about anything and are extremely comfortable to walk in.
They do run large. I usually wear a 7.5, and I bought the 7M, and they’re still very roomy. I can’t wait until spring/summer so that these will be more appropriate to wear around. I’m sure they will be my go-to shoe.




Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Authentic Original One-Eye Boat ShoeSperry Top-Sider Men's Authentic Original One-Eye Boat Shoe


I received a pair of Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Originals as a gift in May of 2014. This pair was my 3rd pair of Sperry’s, and my first leather pair. I will be comparing these shoes to my previous experiences wearing other shoes, discussing how comfortable they are and also their appearance.
Wearing the Shoes
As with all Sperry’s I have owned, they do take some time to be “broken in”. This process is short, about a week or two, and afterwards the shoes are among the most comfortable I have ever worn. Having worn this pair nearly every day for the past 7-8 months, I can say with confidence that they are extremely comfortable and conform to the shape of your foot very well. As far as shoes go, they are perfect for any regular day-to-day activities you will be doing.
The appearance of these shoes is also something that has been done very well. They are great for wearing casually, such as in jeans and a t-shirt, yet they also look great with a button-down and khakis. The versatility of this pair of shoes is something that I appreciated over my previous pairs, brown leather being a great neutral color to go with any outfit.
Final Thoughts
Overall I was extremely satisfied with this pair of shoes. Although I received the shoes as a gift, I would not hesitate to buy them for myself in the future. The fit of the shoes is phenomenal and will conform to your feet perfectly, and the appearance is great for almost all occasions. I would recommend these shoes to anyone looking for a pair of shoes to last a long time that will work in almost all situations.




Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Bluefish 2 Eye Boat ShoeSperry Top-Sider Women's Bluefish 2 Eye Boat Shoe


I love these shoes. I wear them everyday. I live in DC and tend to do a lot of walking everyday. These are great for commuting before I get to work and put heels on. They are equally as great at the end of the day when my feet are sore but I still have to get home. They have more support than a pair of flats and come off better than a pair of sneakers. They also fair pretty well in the surprise rain and keep my feet warm during the colder months.
I guess my only complaint is that I wear through the soles. But when I wear them for walking what amounts to a few miles every day, I guess it’s not too much to have to buy a new pair every 9 months or so.
Best shoes ever and Sperry ever goes out of business I will be that person who buys up 100 pairs,




Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Salt-Washed Striper CVO Boat ShoeSperry Top-Sider Men's Salt-Washed Striper CVO Boat Shoe


This has been my teen son’s go-to casual shoe for a couple of years, so I’ve bought 5 or 6 pairs since he’s started wearing these! He has worn these both laceless (laid-back summertime look) and with the laces (serious schoolday look).
These sneakers have a preppy vibe if you wear them with madras shorts, and they’re less nerdy than classic leather TopSiders. With blue jeans and a a tee or flannel shirt, they look more skater-ish. Either way, a fashionable but comfortable shoe option for a young boy.
As for fit: these are roomy enough for his wide feet, and sizing has been consistent for all the pairs he’s had. I’ve thrown these in the washer and dryer and they came thorough fine. Unlike other sneakers like this style, these Sperrys do not separate where the canvas meets the rubber sole, even with a lot of wear. Great value!




Sperry Men’s Gold A/O Boat ShoeSperry Men's Gold A/O Boat Shoe


I have owned two pairs of Sperry’s Top-Siders that were not gold cups and finally I convinced myself to buy a Gold Cup shoe about a year ago and it was so worth it! Needless to say, I am now buying my second pair. The deer skin inside it what makes it worth it because your feet are warm, yet not hot. If you have worried about rubbing on the back of your heal, I have found that the deer skin makes it less of an issue and I can wear these longer than I can a non-gold cup version. The only two gripes I have with this most recent purchase was that I ended up ordering two shoes before I got one that: didn’t look warn and had been placed correctly on the sole of the shoe. I am insanely careful with my shoes, but with this pair I tripped and it ripped the leather lining that you can see attached (glued) to the soul of the shoe, I’m sure you can fix it with a leather repair cream, so be careful! These shoes are much more softer due to the memory foam inside compared to a non-gold cup Sperry and once they are broken in, they really become even more comfortable to wear. Maybe I am bias, but Sperry really does make the best boat shoe.
So my advise: just buy it from Zappos website instead of Amazon because then if there is something wrong, you can still return it free of charge, unlike if you buy it through Amazon.
Overall, none of this has deterred me and I will definitelly buy another pair of Gold Cup Top-Siders again.





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