The Best Socks For Women’s Flats

Ladies – if you ever wrote flats you’re probably going to enjoy this review!

We tested the best socks out there for women’s flats, those include the following brands:

  • Moochi
  • Stomper Joe
  • Kilofly
  • HUE
  • Habiter
  • Avidlove
  • Oureamod

As you can see – we covered a vast variety of brands, to give you a glimpse of the best names in this market.

We provided detailed consumer testimonials on each of the pairs so you could have a better understanding

of each pairs pro’s and con’s.

Without much blabber – let’s begin!


Best Women’s Flats Socks

MOOCHI (Pack of 3 pairs) Women's No Show Liner Invisible Sheer Socks Silicone Heel4.7$7.99
Stomper Joe 4 Pack Premium Cotton No Show Socks for Women, Non Slip, Low Cut4.2$11.00
kilofly No Show Silicone Heel Grip Non-Skid Socks [4 Pairs Set, Black & Beige]4.1$14.35
HUE Women's 4 pair pack Cotton Liner, Asst, Medium/Large (Size 2)4.1$16.00
OSABASA Womens 3 Pair Casual No-Show Socks of Hidden Flat Boat Line BLACK US 5-8/Asia S (SETKWMS09)4.1$11.99
kilofly No Show Full Cuff Silicone Grip Non-Skid Socks [Set of 4, Black & Beige]4.2$14.75
SHEEC - SoleHugger SECRET SHEER No-Show Socks - 4 Pair (Cream/Medium)4.6$28.00
Habiter Women Anti-Slip Lace Sock with Silicone Heel Grip, Ankle Socks,3 Pairs4.9$12.99
Avidlove Women No-Show Low-Cut Hidden Flat Boat Line Sock Liners 4 Pairs Skin4.9$11.99
SHEEC - SoleHugger SECRET - Women's Cotton No-Show Socks (Cream/Small)4.1$7.25
Oureamod Womens Casual No Show Liner Hollow Boat Socks 5 pack4.4$10.99

MOOCHI (Pack of 3 pairs) Women’s No Show Liner Invisible Sheer Socks Silicone Heel


They actually stay in place! I have been searching for no show liners that don’t bunch up and these are it. I have tried others that have that little silicone patch on the heel but none of them have remained on my feet. These actually work. I went to order a several more sets but found I could only order one…I’m hoping they will be available again soon.


Stomper Joe 4 Pack Premium Cotton No Show Socks for Women, Non Slip, Low Cut


These are absolutely the best things I have ever bought for my feet! I have horribly flat feet and Raynaud’s syndrome which make my toes react very painfully to changes in temperature. I wore these for the first time this week when we had some warmer weather and I was finally able to wear something other than boots. I typically find that small socks or pantyhose hurt my feet since they pull on my toes, but these didn’t hurt at all! There’s no heavy seam on the toes, so it doesn’t irritate. I was able to wear a brand new pair of ballet flats without any painful rubbing on the heels or tops of my toes, for the first time ever! I strongly recommend these socks to anyone that wants to prolong the life of their flats and be comfortable all day. I can’t say enough positive things about these socks. I will certainly be buying more!!!!


kilofly No Show Silicone Heel Grip Non-Skid Socks [4 Pairs Set, Black & Beige]


This completely surpassed my expectations! At first I thought they were a bit pricey, and they may be, but I feel like it’s worth it. It’s hard to tell but the little smiley in the second to last picture is for the back of your ankle, which is where I always get blisters. I typically don’t wear any kind of sock with my flats, but now I am totally addicted to these. The lace is nice, because if they slide a bit it looks like an embellishment to my shoe, rather than a stock. I thought I would always be aware of the silicone grippies on the bottom (flower pattern), but they aren’t noticeable even though they are preventing the shoe from slipping around. Definitely hand wash these or wash them inside of a lingerie bag, and air dry. They are packaged nicely too, each pair on a cardboard form – 2 pair of nude, 2 pair of black.


HUE Women’s 4 pair pack Cotton Liner, Asst, Medium/Large (Size 2)


I have NEVER used these types of shoe liners before but I recently got orthodics that I like to wear in my mary janes and synthetic insoles ALWAYS stink up FAST when I don’t wear socks so I decided to get these to see if it would delay this inevitable result. So far so good. I wear a 10.5-11 womens and I ordered the Size 2. They stay up because at the back of the heel it has this little rubber film, however where the seam of the elastic meets, it usually digs into my skin and starts to make it sore. These were just a hair to tight for me and that’s why I’m giving 4 stars.4/9/14 Update: When I wrote the review above, I had only worn these brand new, never washed. I recently went to Target and saw some liners that looked promising. They were less expensive than these and came in a pack of 3 in pink, black and white. They were 100% synthetic material and also had a little rubber pad at the back of the heel. They felt better when wearing them at first, but they kept slipping off my heel. GRRRRRRRRR. Also, I could not get them to stay hidden when wearing my mary janes no matter what. ALSO my feet sweat a lot in them which I felt didn’t happen in these. I had worn a pair for about 2+ days without them getting stinky. (yeah, I know, gross and TMI) I did not take a chance with the Target ones. All in all, I felt I wasted my money on the target ones and here I am buying another set of these. One more thing, after I washed them and wore them, I did not have any problem with the seams and they didn’t feel as tight. Who knew? I wore them with the same shoes so I know it wasn’t a shoe issue. The rubber heel slip protector is about 3 times the size on these than they are on the Target ones. I changed my rating to 5 stars.


OSABASA Womens 3 Pair Casual No-Show Socks of Hidden Flat Boat Line BLACK US 5-8/Asia S (SETKWMS09)


Over the years I’ve tried a lot of different low profile style socks, but every time I’ve been disappointed. The main problem is that they always slide off into your shoe. In pure frustration at my stinky feet I decided to give another brand a try.Firstly and one of the major factors besides staying on my feet, they are mostly cotton. I would have expected that to be more common, but the ones I’ve tried in the past had little or no cotton in them. I love wearing these so much, I leave them on when I take my shoes off, and wear them around the house. They have never so much as needed me to readjust during the day. They just stay where they are. They aren’t as low profile as some, but honestly I don’t care, as I can wear shoes now that used to be impossible without socks.As a non sock wearer for many years.. I’m a convert! I wear a size 7 shoe, and got these in the 5-8 size, and they fit well. I have them in black and beige, and plan on buying more in other colors.


kilofly No Show Full Cuff Silicone Grip Non-Skid Socks [Set of 4, Black & Beige]


These are my favorite no-show socks! Love the silicone grip and non-skid features! The lacy design makes them attractive, and if just a bit of the sock shows above the shoe, it still looks nice. They stay well on my foot with most shoes – occasionally the back will slide off but that depends on the shoe and how the shoe sits at my heel. I highly recommend them. I gave them to friends, and all of them loved the socks as well and bought more.


SHEEC – SoleHugger SECRET SHEER No-Show Socks – 4 Pair (Cream/Medium)


I wear a size 7.5, trending slightly larger to almost an 8. I bought size M. I was *incredibly* skeptical, as (perhaps like you) I have bought dozens, probably hundreds of pairs of these kinds of socks, each one more disappointing than the next. So to spend $30 for four pair seemed like the ultimate folly. In fact, I bought both the cotton ones AND the sheer ones, doubling down on my folly. Which is why I’m writing this review for you today. Because today I tried the sheer ones, and you know what? They are AWESOME. Thin, transparent but sturdy mesh means that they don’t make your tightest shoes feel any tighter, and they let your feet slide around just a bit inside of your shoe with no sticking (so no blisters). They are super sheer, so the seams are thinner, more like pantyhose and less like socks. The seams are also placed such that they are not at any part of your foot that would rub AND the sock stayed firmly put on my foot as I walked four blocks to work. The heel didn’t slip off, the edge didn’t start to show on the sides of my foot. But most importantly, the toe box is just a *tiny* little thing. I knew as soon as I put them on that Sheec had gotten this one most important thing right, finally. It covers only down to about where your toenails end, so they really are invisible in almost ANY shoe. I’m impressed, and I’m a customer now. I love them. I don’t care that much for the non-slip bumps on the bottom of the feet, but honestly, that’s my only complaint, and it’s an easy one to overlook. Try these. I like the sheer ones better than the cotton ones for tighter shoes, but I bet I’ll love the cotton ones more in the winter, or for looser shoes. Really well done, Sheec!


Habiter Women Anti-Slip Lace Sock with Silicone Heel Grip, Ankle Socks,3 Pairs


These little socks were a welcomed surprise. I hate to even call them socks because they’re more like a skin. When I first got the package I thought “oh no”. They said they were size “XS” and they looked so tiny but they do fit as advertised. I wear a size 7 1/2 and I can see them fitting another size up. I honestly didn’t think that they’d stay on feet working around the house but they most certainly do. The silicone strip goes all the way around ensuring that they’ll stay in place. The other thing I love about them is the silicone non skid foot. It’s only on the toes and not too thick. I stopped buying slipper socks because they were just too much gripping action and you feel it. These are just enough to keep you from sliding around on a hard wood floor. I ordered the natural color and I’m glad I did. They’re like wearing nothing. Their work great both inside and outside of shoes. They were designed properly, made well and a great deal for a pack of 3. Buy with confidence.I was offered a Coupon Code to purchase for evaluation purposes, and the details of my review are a typical example of what you can expect. My thoughts reflect all my own personal purchasing decision processes and reactions. Hopefully they may help clarify if this best meets your own needs and expectations. They did mine.


Avidlove Women No-Show Low-Cut Hidden Flat Boat Line Sock Liners 4 Pairs Skin


This is my second order from Avidlove and without a doubt they are one that comes out on top! Items are of high quality and very nicely made.Today I tried the low cut / no show foot liners that I ordered. They are so light and comfortable that you don’t even notice you have them on! They are very soft but are not slick like panty hose would be. There are also small flower rubber grippers on the sole of them.I wore these today with a pair of slip on canvas tennis shoes that I have only wore one other time. The last time I wore these shoes they rubbed my heel and caused a blister. Today with wear the Avidlove footies liners I was able to wear the shoes to the grocery without one complaint! The liners come up high enough in the back to protect my heel but still do not show. The small is true for the side and toe of them as well.When you order you receive four different pair. You receive two in neutral/tan and two more in black. I believe that my daughter will be wearing a pair of the black ones with her high heels to prom!I wear a size 61/2 shoe and they fit me well. They are not tight or loose. My 16 yr old daughter wears an 11 shoe and can still wear the same ones! They are just a bit snugger on her than on me.I received this item at a discounted rate on exchange for my unbiased review.


SHEEC – SoleHugger SECRET – Women’s Cotton No-Show Socks (Cream/Small)


Ok, silly low-cut sock comparison review. Hopefully this is helpful for people trying to find actual low-cut socks, because finding a good pair was harder than it should’ve been. I’ve been trying to find a good pair to wear with my flats, to keep them in good shape for longer and stop them from getting stinky.Here are the styles I tried and their results:- SHEEC – SoleHugger SECRET Cotton: : best- Hue Ultra Low Cut Liner Sock: : 2nd best- Hue Cotton Liner: : 3rd best. soft cotton but not at all low-cut- Jays No Show Socks: : worst. felt cheap, not low cut at all.Love the Sheec socks by far the most. At $7 a pair, they’re approaching “stupid expensive” range for socks, but I figure it’s worth it given that they’ll protect my shoes. They fit small and tight, aren’t remotely near showing on even the lowest cut shoes, don’t stretch out, and have little bumps under the pad of your foot to keep it from slipping around. I prefer the cotton ones (as opposed to the “active” ones) as the cotton ones are a bit softer.Hope this helps!


Oureamod Womens Casual No Show Liner Hollow Boat Socks 5 pack


These were the best priced for the most pairs of socks so I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were good quality! The packaging is super cute and it came with a nice note and 2 ‘no dent’ ponytails. There is a band on the sock (pictured) that is a bit tighter than the rest of the sock which felt strange at first but once I put shoes on I couldn’t tell it was there at all. Highly recommend.




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