The Best Socks For Walking

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Today, dear friends, we talk about ‘walking socks‘.

It may sound odd at first – but there are socks out there that are better fit for walking!

They have the following benefits:

  • Handle sweaty feet better
  • Have better cushioning
  • Extra ‘skin-guard’ in areas that are easy to injure after a long period of walking

For this review we’ve looked at the following brands:

  • Thorlo
  • Saucony
  • Aircast

All three of them are shoe-care veterans that provide relevant solutions for over a decade.

Most of the following pairs are unisex – they come in different sizes and colors, so check them out!

We have also included a testimonial for each pair of socks – go ahead and read it out to find the best fitting sock for your needs!


The Most Awesome Walking Socks Out There

Thorlo Women's Thin Cushion Walking Mini Crew Sock, White/Platinum, Medium/10 Ladies 7-94.6$9.14
Thorlo Women's Distance Walker Mini-Crew Sock, White/Pink, Medium4.7$11.24
Saucony Women's Inferno Tab Socks, Black Fashion, Medium/Shoe Size 7-10 (Pack of 3)4.6$15.00
Thorlo Unisex Moderate Cushion Walking Crew Sock, Black, Large(shoe size-Women's 10.5-13 Men's 9-12.5)4.6$6.00
Thorlo Men's Lt Walking Mini Crew Sock, White/Platinum, Large4.5$11.24
Aircast Replacement Sock Liner for Aircast Walker Brace / Walking Boot (Pack of 2)4.3$9.40
Thorlo Unisex Moderate Cushion Walking Crew Sock,White,Medium/6.5-104.5$11.24
Thorlo Walking Micro Min Crew Sock,White, 6.5-10-Medium4.7$10.49
Thorlo Unisex Walking Crew, Black, Large4.7$11.24
SLS3 unisex Performance Blister Resist Light Running Socks low cut Coolmax (M, 3-Pack Yellow/Orange/Pink)4.7$20.95
Thorlo Unisex Moderate Cushion Walking Mini Crew Sock, White, Large/13 Men's 9-12.5 Ladies 10.5-134.6$6.00


Thorlo Women’s Thin Cushion Walking Mini Crew Sock, White/Platinum, Medium/10 Ladies 7-9


These socks really comfortable! Not only is there cushioning at the heal and bottom, but on the top where the laces are. With other socks, the lacing area presses on the top of my foot and it gets really uncomfortable as the day progresses. Not with these! I was concerned that my shoes might feel too tight while wearing these socks because of the thickness of the socks. However, for some reason, they don’t. Also, my athletic shoes have cushioning in the bottom, but these socks add to the cushioning for a really great feel. I have had major surgery on my right foot and have trouble with pain in that foot when I wear athletic shoes. These socks cushion so well, I have not experienced pain when I wear these socks with my shoes. They are pricey, but well worth it. If your feet hurt, your whole body seems to hurt, at least for me. I will definitely be buying more of these.


Thorlo Women’s Distance Walker Mini-Crew Sock, White/Pink, Medium


I have been having a problem finding a sock thick enough to protect the hammer toes on both feet, plus one very crooked middle toe on the right foot. All caused by wearing shoes far smaller than required which I’m paying for in my senior years!I read the reviews, as well as the description of the sock (reduce blisters was #1) & felt these would ‘hopefully’ resolve those issues & I can say they have surprised me!The sock fits true to size, they are well padded in the toe & heel area, there is support in the arch which seems to help with some of the pain I experience because of my extremely high arch & best of all the extra padding underneath the toes seems to prevent blisters on the hammer toes of each foot. I also like the fact that this sock doesn’t bunch up when I’m walking, which is a blessing. Especially since I had to order a walking shoe that was a full size larger than normal so the toe box gave the room needed for the way my toes spread. Yep… Weird feet indeed.The socks have been washed several times & are always air dried. There has been no shrinkage, but piling is becoming noticeable which is why I swap them out with the Thorlo Unisex Distance Runner set I purchased around the same time (not a big fan of this sock). Although I far prefer the Distance Walker because it seems denser & protects my feet much, much better. I’ve actually gotten hammer toe blisters wearing the Distance Runner because it seems to bunch under the toes.Since I walk an average of 2 to 3 miles a day I’m hoping there is some longevity in this sock because of the cost. I did actually just purchase another pair because I like them so much.No cons, All pros. Would recommend them to anybody who does a lot of walking…


Saucony Women’s Inferno Tab Socks, Black Fashion, Medium/Shoe Size 7-10 (Pack of 3)


I run 25-30 miles a week on average so I’m always on the quest for the best, most comfortable socks. From the second I put these bad boys on, they became my favorites.Pros: They’re not “no shows”, about an inch of fabric shows over the top of my shoes. I like that because it prevents rubbing and the sock slipping down. The extra protection on the heel from the tab is also nice. They’re pretty lightweight but still cushioning so while they’re not completely unnoticeable, they don’t feel bulky. Breathable and still comfy/doing their job after 13+ miles.Cons: 5 bucks a pair is a little more than I would ideally like to pay for socks but in this case, it’s probably worth it. We’ll see how they hold up over time but for now, I have no real criticism!


Thorlo Unisex Moderate Cushion Walking Crew Sock, Black, Large(shoe size-Women’s 10.5-13 Men’s 9-12.5)


I just bought some more of these socks. My first order was from Sept 2013… 2 years last month. I wear these everyday and they are washed every week. So after 100+ washings, the elastic around the top was breaking down and threads were coming loose. That’s the weak point. In my opinion, that is not weak at all. Most socks I’ve had barely make it a year, if that long. The padded ball and heel of these was still relatively good even though the tops were unraveling. The padding on these feels as good as any padded hiking socks I’ve had, but they look like dress casual. If you need padded socks, I haven’t found any better than these.


Thorlo Men’s Lt Walking Mini Crew Sock, White/Platinum, Large


The quick review here is that yes I do like these socks and recommend them. I walk 4 to 5 miles daily and have been wearing the Thorlo padded Unisex crew socks this past winter. I find them very comfortable, more so then any socks I have previously worn and I have been walking more years then I care to admit to. They are expensive but there are occasional sales and I expect they will last a long time. I don’t really have any foot problems other then calluses which I assumed go along with walking. Since wearing the Thorlos I have not had a callus and I have not changed my walking shoe or anything else. Hopefully this trend will continue. I do find this sock to be warm now in late spring which wasn’t unexpected considering their thickness. I decided to try this Lt walking Mini Crew Sock, yes finally I am getting to the sock model this review is really about. I find the Lt walking sock to be almost as comfortable as the more padded model but to my surprise not noticeably cooler. I assumed less padding and more Coolmax would be cooler. Could just be me, it’s not a big deal, but while I like these socks I will stay with the slightly more” heavenly feel” of the Thorlo Walking Protection crews. Either model is great, they are made in America and I have spoken with customer service at Thoro and they are super nice helpful people.


Aircast Replacement Sock Liner for Aircast Walker Brace / Walking Boot (Pack of 2)


I’m encased in the Aircast for only four weeks, so I have it easier than many.When I first got the Aircast, I was given two socks. This quickly became inadequate. I prefer to change the sock in the morning and evening (I have a couple of incisions), and this was quickly becoming unsustainable without a spare. With the extra, I have more flexibility with my laundry.I haven’t found anything else as comfortable in the Aircast and as easy to put on as these socks. But let’s face it – wonderful though the Aircast is, it’s not exactly heaven.A couple of hints about these socks:1. Consider not washing them on the “super kill” cycle. My washing machine gets up to 205 degrees, and I think that this has possibly altered the softness of my sock. It seems rougher than the one I washed only at 140 degrees. The same would go for the dryer – I suggest air drying if at all possible.2. I wouldn’t use bleach on them – they seem like a synthetic and I don’t know if they can take the harsh chemical.3. Be extra careful not to catch them on Velcro on the Aircast. You will have snags for sure.


Thorlo Unisex Moderate Cushion Walking Crew Sock,White,Medium/6.5-10


I only tried these socks because I had a coupon that allowed me to get a pair for $5-$6.Until these socks, I thought that the only real differences you would find in sock quality/comfort would be fit, softness of material, thickness, compression, and maybe how well they were made, ie, didn’t run or fall apart in the wash.Here’s the ‘love’ part:These socks are ridiculously comfortable. *Really*-Just ridiculous.I had no idea socks could feel this good, and I’ve worn cashmere socks, cheap mystery socks, Army socks, and everything in between.These are warm, soft, and fit perfectly, with just enough stretch and zero bunching anywhere. The toe seam doesn’t rub ANYWHERE, no matter what you do or what shoe you wear.But Thurlo just couldn’t stop there, making a good sock, could they? Nope.The sock is light and the cushioning is barely noticeable–until you stand up.Then it’s like the first time you stand on a carpet in a fancy hotel, with its deep pad beneath, or on a memory foam rug: a cushy foot-heaven you never knew was missing from your life.Once you’ve walked around for awhile, it’s obvious that you’re less tired and any aches you’d usually have by that point are either non-existent or greatly lessened.When you take them off, even if you’ve been hiking around in the snow, or stuck indoors sweating in the artificial heat, your feet come out the same way they went in: not sweaty, not itchy or irritated, not tired, not smelly.Here’s where the hate comes in:They have ruined me for all other socks. Even my beloved cashmere-merinos and the ones I made myself no longer satisfy. If I could, I would replace every pair I own (except the really fancy patterned ones) with Thurlo socks, but I can’t afford them.The price for one pair of these awesome socks is what I usually pay for a 6-8 pack of socks. Or *two*.Don’t get me wrong: THEY ARE TOTALLY WORTH THE PRICE! It’s just beyond my means.Just to have one pair for each day of the week would cost well over $100, and that is simply not budget conscious for me at this time.So, I hate them for showing me the “yachts & lobster” side of sock life that I didn’t even know existed because now I’ll always feel the lack.It’s like tasting Belgian Milk Chocolate & Swiss Truffles, knowing that you’ll rarely taste them again, and then being relegated to generic chocolate-flavored morsels.However–I can save up and splurge a bit once in awhile, and even lobster & truffles go on sale now and then, right?This is a quality product, and eventually I’ll have a collection the way some people collect sneakers or watches, because they stand up to the wash and to wear & tear, will last a long time.* * *Also ,crew is not my favorite length; it’s too “in-between” for me. They do offer a few taller and shorter varieties, though.


Thorlo Walking Micro Min Crew Sock,White, 6.5-10-Medium


I’ve bought this brand for years and l love them. I bought my first pair years ago when I decided to walk The Bay to Breakers in San Francisco. I have narrow feet and need to tie the laces tightly so the shoes won’t cause blisters. In doing that, the pressure from the laces can really irritate the top of my feet. With these socks, the padding keeps that from happening. I have several pairs and the last forever.


Thorlo Unisex Walking Crew, Black, Large


I have always bought my socks from Hanes , Walmart etc but no longer . They have a 30% off coupon for Christmas 30CLOTHING right now is the code . They come to 7.83 a pr for the XL which are perfect for my size 12.5 feet . I like the larger ones and my feet are not wide . They fit so nice . I love the feel of the material and extra padding . I was wearing dress socks in my Keens for Church and they were too thin . These are perfect so my shoes fit better . My feet are more comfortable and warmer and of course with the extra padding they last longer as I am guilty of always walking around the house in my socks wearing them out quick. I bought one pair first and was so pleased I bought another right away . I was a little worried but these are fine for Church or the Office as long as you have room in your shoes for the extra padding and their not that heavy . I would say medium weight so as long as your shoes are not tight in dress socks you will be fine . Very nice shine to the material I have only had them a short time so I will comment later on durability and shrinkage . I know I will be fine I order size XL which is mens 13 to 15 . I have a 12 and do wear a 13 in some footwear so I went with the larger size and they are perfect . I am 6ft 1 in 190 pounds also .These are very nice socks though very expensive . God Bless .Here it is a little while longer . I want more but I just can’t afford these at the regular price . I keep checking back to see if they have a sale like they did at Christmas so I can get a few more pair . After wearing these I find myself wanting to wear them everyday . I also learned a big lesson that the big box socks that are always size 8 to 12 are too small I need the 13 to 15 or XL size here . Keeping my fingers crossed they have a sale again like before so I can load up and buy a pair for every day of the week . No more cotton socks for me .


SLS3 unisex Performance Blister Resist Light Running Socks low cut Coolmax (M, 3-Pack Yellow/Orange/Pink)


I’ve been going through a variety of sock brands in the last year. Trying to find a pair that wicks moisture, doesn’t slide into my shoe in the middle of a workout and most of all doesn’t cause blisters! I received an email about the new SLS3 blister resistance socks, they had a deal going on and I said why not give them a shot. So glad I did, my workout went off without me irritated by sweaty feet, but best of all….NO blisters!!! That alone sold me on these socks. My only negative is I’m not one for neon colored socks (hopefully they will come out with more muted colors), but to be blister free and comfortable while working out I will wear them gladly!!!


Thorlo Unisex Moderate Cushion Walking Mini Crew Sock, White, Large/13 Men’s 9-12.5 Ladies 10.5-13


Its really soft inside try them and you will feel the different .Unfortunately I also bought ( Drymax walking socks and Drymax running socks they are really bad for your feet ) .So if you are confused between walking socks in market don’t think just buy the THORLO sock you wont regret it .I am planning to buy at least 8 pairs of thorlo socks next month .I tried to be fair I tested both socks but thorlo is better . In thorlo you get the needed padding in the needed spot of your foot.In Drymax they are focusing on volume of the sock regard less of the needed spot you need the padding for .I live in Saudi Arabia middle east its really hot country in summer and very cold in winter .Thorol socks just kept my feet dry and cool in summer and worm in winter .If you planning to visit a hot country do not choose thorlo wool socks it will be hot for feet , Any wool socks you will feel the heat in your feet .i hope this review is fair enough for THORLO and DRYMAX .thank you




Some Final Say

There are some great socks out there for walking – they guard sensitive areas, they are more cushioned and they

help with sweaty feet.

We tested all of the above pairs and chose the first Thorlo’s as the top of the list.

They have everything an everyday sock would need – and they are far superior than your ordinary socks.


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Thank you for reading this article – hope you enjoyed!

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