The Best Socks For Running

Running is fun, its healthy, its addictive.

I’ve been running for a couple of year now, and I feel awesome. I have my running group, we meet up

either early in the morning or in mid-day when we can and we have a nice run.

One thing all of us have notices is how much the proper shoes could make a difference,

and I took it really seriously, covering a lot of running shoe types:

Best Salomon running shoes

Best long distance running shoes

Best barefoot running shoes

Best running shoes for flat feet

But one thing I haven’t reviewed – till today, are socks.

Socks, my friends, play an enormous part in our running experience, if you have the wrong socks you might:

  • Sweat too
  • Leave unwanted odor
  • Have blisters

Socks are a key player here – and this is why I’ve decided to ask around my running group for their recommendations

for the best running socks out there.

This is what we found –

Amazing Running Socks

Thirty48 - Ru Cushioned Running Socks Series, 3 Pack, with CoolMax® Fabric Keeps Feet Cool and Dry4.4$35.00
Saucony Men's 6 Pack Performance No Show Socks, Grey/Blk Asst, 10-13 Sock/8-12 Shoe4.6$14.00
Balega Blister Resist Running Socks (X-Large, Charcoal/Lime)4.7$10.61
Balega Hidden Comfort Tab Running Sock,White Large4.6$9.39
ASICS Women's Quick Lyte Cushion Single Tab Running Socks, Turquoise/Chrystal Blue, Medium4.5$13.95
ASICS Women's Intensity Single Tab Socks (3-Pack), Medium, Pink Glow/Mosaic Blue4.6$11.99
ASICS Cushion Low Cut Sock (Pack of 3), Small, Black4.6$7.99
ASICS Women's Cushion Low Cut Sock (Pack of 3), Medium, Knockout Pink4.6$9.90
ASICS Intensity Quarter Socks (3-Pack), Large, Black Assorted4.6$9.99
Balega Ultra Light No-Show Running Sock Grey/White, M4.7$9.56
BGR8 Athletic Running Socks Unisex Added Cushion 2 Pairs (Large) ...4.7$17.77

Thirty48 – Ru Cushioned Running Socks Series, 3 Pack, with CoolMax® Fabric Keeps Feet Cool and Dry


I bought these for my son’s girlfriend and have posted a positive review, but Kasia loves them so much she wanted me to post this one too!Thanks for doing this I appreciate it.I recently received these socks as a thoughtful gift. I took these socks on a long run to try them out. I noted that my feet had been getting sweaty/wet on longer runs and that I had the beginnings of what could be a blister or a sore in some spots because of this. These socks solved the problem for me. They are specifically marked Right or Left (that was pretty amusing) but it is because they are specifically built to hug your foot but more specifically, support the arch of your foot as well. I found the sock did have some cushioning built in as well, and the back of the sock was a bit longer than most other socks (a good thing – the sock didn’t fall down into my shoe like some tend to do, and it is sort of a nice ‘tab’ for pulling the snug sock on, and yes, protected the back of my foot from my shoe, though that is not generally a problem for me anyway). And best of all – no wetness after the long run, so they wick as advertised. I would say the extra features and reasonable price put them a step above most typical running socks.


Saucony Men’s 6 Pack Performance No Show Socks, Grey/Blk Asst, 10-13 Sock/8-12 Shoe


These socks are a GAME CHANGER! First for those of you concerned with sizing I have a size 13 foot, I am on the narrow side but lengthwise could never fit in a 12.5 shoe…these are 10-13 Sock size (8-12 shoe) so I was a little concerned about fit. Good news is that these fit great. No issues even though when I saw them in person I was certain I would have issues with them being too short in the back, I have had other socks that laid over these were the exact same size and cut but rode down into my shoe leaving blisters on the back of my upper heel (achilies tendon area). No such issues with these, once you put them on, they hug your feet, have nice cushioning on the bottom, supportive alternate pattern arch hugging sticking in the midsole and vents on the top from the base of the toes to midfoot.Why are they a game changer? I am new to running, I stay fit but have always hated running…I am in my thirties now and while still relatively young, my metabolism is not what it used to be and adding a running regimen to my diet and exercise program was a must. I worked my way up to 5K 3-4 times per week but had tremendous issues (I will save you all the unnecessary stuff that does not relate to the socks) fast forward to me running in expensive shoes custom fit and selected at a highly recommended running shop…now I kept getting excruciating blisters on my inner foot arches! I couldn’t win and this was getting me discouraged with my runs. I tried every type and fabric of “athletic” and “running” sock short of the pairs that are 25 dollars each. No luck. In one final last ditch effort I read reviews and decided to give it one more shot. I am glad I did! The moment these arrived I was so eager to try them out I put them on right from the package (it says to wash before wearing) and got ready for a run. This would be a true test because I still had a recent blister on my right inner arch that was healing. My run went great, I did not even notice the existing blister; the socks hug your feet, STAY PUT, don’t rub or create friction, wick moisture and let you focus on running (imagine that). These socks have made me go from dreading my runs due to the discomfort that I associated with them, to looking forward to them and focusing on the benefits of the run and improving my times. I will be buying more!


Balega Blister Resist Running Socks (X-Large, Charcoal/Lime)


I walk on the treadmill most days and my problem prone feet can derail that effort. To combat blisters, I need to have socks that wick moisture away.Up until a year ago, I used Duramax socks and then I discovered Balega Hidden Comfort socks. The Hidden Comfort are very good socks and they are SO soft and comfortable. I don’t want to wear anything other than my Balega socks now. When it was time to purchase more socks, I checked out the Balega website to see what was new. The Balega Blister Resist sock sounded like a perfect match for me. I ordered a pair with only 1 reservation…they contain wool. I wasn’t sure if these socks would be as comfortable as the Hidden Comfort socks.After wearing the Blister Resist socks a few times, I am hooked. These are now the best socks I have ever worn for the treadmill. My feet stay dry, they do not get hot, they are comfortable (so much so I added an extra 10 mins on the treadmill the first day without blinking an eye). The Blister Resist are not quite as soft as the Hidden Comfort socks, but they are every bit as comfortable. I also like the fact that the Blister Resist sock is just a bit higher on the ankle than the Hidden Comfort. The Hidden Comfort tends to sink down into the heel. While the Blister Resist is still considered a “no show” sock, it is just a bit taller and does not sink into my shoe.My buying experience was great with Amazing Socks via Amazon. The seller was great at communicating and had FAST shipping.


Balega Hidden Comfort Tab Running Sock,White Large


I am an overweight woman, so I am harder on my feet, shoes, and socks than most people. I exercise most days of the week, and I mostly use the treadmill and elliptical. With the treadmill, I ALWAYS have hot spots on the bottoms of my feet and that just makes me want to quit sooner than I should. They HURT! I decided to do some research on shoes and socks that were supportive and comfortable…and for ME they have to be DURABLE. That’s when I found Balega. I read the reviews and finally decided to pay crazy money (or so I thought at the time) for a SINGLE PAIR of socks! “UNHEARD OF” I thought. But…you usually get what you pay for…so I decided to see if these were as exceptional as they seemed. AND THEY ARE. OH MY GOSH. They are THE BEST PAIR OF SOCKS I HAVE EVER HAD. They are soft, comfortable, supportive, cushiony (I know that’s not a word, but let’s pretend it is) on the bottom and in the back (no blisters!) and they let your feet BREATHE. I no longer get hot spots! And in fact, my feet felt SO GREAT the first time I wore them, that I ACTUALLY RAN ON THE TREADMILL! That’s something I’ve never felt comfortable doing. So not only do these help my feet feel great while exercising, but they are ACTUALLY going to help me reach my goals faster by allowing me to do more in my exercise! What could be better?? Nothing as far as I’m concerned. 🙂 Thanks Balega!


ASICS Women’s Quick Lyte Cushion Single Tab Running Socks, Turquoise/Chrystal Blue, Medium


I absolutely love these socks! They were exactly what I was looking for. The cushion on the back of the sock helps to not rub your skin as you walk or run, the socks are light and airy too. Very very comfortable and my feet feel so much better after my workout with these socks. My only issue with these socks are the price, if you got 5 pair for this price it wouldn’t be SO bad. They are worth the money but it would be nice if they were a bit cheaper. Even with the expense I will be purchasing another set at some point.


ASICS Women’s Intensity Single Tab Socks (3-Pack), Medium, Pink Glow/Mosaic Blue


I am a fairly active person and I love to go for long walks and to the playground with my three-year-old twins. Until recently, I had just been using plain, boring socks for walking but I decided I wanted to get some fun, colorful, comfortable socks that are made especially for exercising. I did some research and came upon these socks. I’ve always been a fan of Asics shoes so I figured their socks had to be pretty good as well. There aren’t any size charts for these socks available at the time I’m writing this review and I’m very grateful for other reviewers helping out by providing size charts and helpful sizing information. I’ve included the size chart taken from the packaging so other customers can have an easy time purchasing these socks as well.I am a shoe size 7, but wear 7 1/2 in Asics shoes and I purchased size small in these socks. When these arrived, I immediately tried them on to make sure they fit and they fit perfectly! I also couldn’t believe how comfortable they are. These socks come with cushioning in the ball and heel of the foot and I can definitely feel it when I wear them. The socks are also breathable and keep my feet sufficiently warm without getting too sweaty. They also have material by the heel of the socks to help protect your heels from rubbing against your shoes when you walk. The one thing I noticed with these socks is that the black and purple pair seem to shrink slightly in the washer and dryer whereas the other colors are just fine. I ended up stretching out the black and purple ones and then hanging them up to dry and now they are just right again so you may want to do this as well, especially if you are at the top end of the size like I am. For anyone who is interested, these socks are made in China of 52% polyester, 45% nylon, and 3% spandex.I love these socks and am so happy with them that I plan to order some more soon. I originally intended to use these for exercising but I’ve been wearing them everyday so I guess I need to buy more. These socks feel like you are walking on clouds and if you pair them with ASICS Women’s Gel-Nimbus 17 Running Shoe, Blue Atol/White/Purple, 7.5 M US, your feet will be so happy as are mine! I feel these socks are well-worth the price and plan on buying more soon so I highly recommend them!


ASICS Cushion Low Cut Sock (Pack of 3), Small, Black


I bought these primarily to wear them at the gym and they’re paying off great. The fabric is very breathable which of course helps keep my feet cool; they’re stretchy and adapt nicely to each foot’s anatomy, not too snug not too loose, they feel just right; the bottom and ankle padding are great. I’m a size 11, got an XL pack of these and, to me, it’s a perfect fit.My only concern is some possible shredding, it seems that it may happen for higher impact sports (like running). Haven’t noticed any yet but I’ll keep an eye on that and update this if needed.


ASICS Women’s Cushion Low Cut Sock (Pack of 3), Medium, Knockout Pink


Love these socks! They’re my favorite workout socks by far. Just enough cushion to keep the blisters and soreness away during impact exercise, but not so much that my feet get overly sweaty. And the COLORS. So bright! They’re also super comfy to just wear around the house. Very soft and the elastic on the ankle doesn’t cut into my skin. I’ve washed these at least 30 times and the elastic/fabric on the socks is still the same as the day I opened them.If you have high-top hiking boots or running shoes these might be a little annoying because the lip on the back of the sock does have some thickness to it. I don’t have an issue with it thanks to my low-top running shoes (in fact, it keeps the socks from slipping down because the back is “supported” by the lip), but I definitely would not use these with boots or any footwear that makes contact with the back of your ankle.


ASICS Intensity Quarter Socks (3-Pack), Large, Black Assorted


I was sick and tired of my socks stretchin out by the end of the day and the seams rubbing on my toes inside my Often when I would put my shoes on, the sock would stretch and I would end up with too much material in the toe or too much material pulled up past my heel. So I went looking for a new sock to try and stumbled upon these Asics. I have now worn all three pair and washed them before writing my review of them. These are the most comfortable socks I’ve ever owned. No seam across the toe to rub, no stretching inside my shoes or having the heel of my shoe eat them! I wear a 7 1/2 M shoe and the medium sock fits me perfectly.The material stays snug against my foot, both in my shoes and just wearing the socks around the house. My feet easily sweat but this material seems to keep my feet nice and dry. They come out of the wash looking like new. I’ve already got my order in for three more pair and will probably purchase more after that.


Balega Ultra Light No-Show Running Sock Grey/White, M


This sock is the best sock I’ve ever run in. I have worn out dozens of other pairs and this one is the BEST, period. Hot, cold, wet, dry, this one prevents blisters and hugs your feet really well. No slipping, no squeaking, and they are tough as nails, even compared to other (awesome) Balega socks I’ve used.I’m a guy and liked the blue/grey mix I ordered… but when the pair arrived, this is sort of a periwinkle/purple color that looks pretty darn feminine. No real problem, but beware that this “unisex” sock skews either way sometimes. Not a huge deal, but it was sort of amusing when I put them on.They fit very snugly all around, and do really well about keeping junk (leaves, stones) out of the top opening. They are slightly warmer in very hot conditions than other socks, but I found that they wicked moisture extremely well after the sweat started really rolling, say in 100 degree plus conditions.Great great sock, this is all I wear now. And if I don’t have a clean pair ready, I use a dirty pair. I will not go out without these puppies.


BGR8 Athletic Running Socks Unisex Added Cushion 2 Pairs (Large) …


BGR8 Running Socks Unisex Added Cushion 2 PairsGreat socks. They fit really well. Just the right amount of cushioning. Product details give you more of an idea of the quality:Thermo Vent Technology breathable fabric keep feet dryDouble woven composite materials form a solid soft structureMotion Fit is tailored to support every foot movementAntibacterial effect and extended ribbing reinforcement to prevent blistersQuality stretch unique blend of cottonIf you have learned anything helpful about this product from my review, you can let me know by clicking the “yes” button. Please note I’m not compensated in any way for your vote; however, your positive vote definitely helps me learn what shoppers find as helpful. When I make purchases to review, I buy what I am already in the market for or have interest in. I know that honest and helpful reviews provide insight to the company and to the purchasers as well. I respect other’s opinions of different products and their use. I also read what reviewers on Amazon have to say and value their opinions. I want to help others by providing my reviews that detail the products as well as how the products that I purchase on Amazon have or have not benefited me personally.I rely on amazon for reviews of nearly everything before I buy. One of the reasons I shop so much on Amazon is the amount of healthy customer feedback about the products there. I like to give back to the community by reviewing items myself. My reviews are always honest and accurate to my experience.Some items are offered to me for a discount. My opinion and review is never persuaded by this fact. I do not only review items that are sent to me at a discount either, the majority of my reviews are on items that I paid full price for. With that in mind, this item was sent to me for a discount in exchange for a review. I have thoroughly tested it and my reviews are always 100% honest and are not affected by the discount given.



My Final Say

Socks are crucial and I would recommend you buy a decent pair for your runs – they’re cheap

and most likely are totally worth it 🙂

Oh, and please comment in the section below if you have any recommendation for sweat running socks!

We will add them gradually in our review and that would really benefit us all.

Hope you enjoyed your read!

TheShoesForMe Team.