The Best Socks For Running In Cold Weather

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Our awesome socks-week continues! This time with a review of the best socks available for running in cold weather.

It could be raining, snowing, or generally cold (especially early in the morning) – either way, you should probably

have the right socks (& Shoes).

It will help your feet stay warm, healthy and cozy!

Most of the times they are pretty cheap as well, so having a pair is a real no brainer (Disclaimer: I’ve recently purchased 3 pairs for me and my family).

So instead of a long introduction on the subject, I’ll hop right in:

These Are The Best Socks For Cold Weather Running

Thirty48 Cycling Socks, Unisex, with CoolMax® Fabric to Keep Feet Cool and Dry ; Biking, Spinning, Running, Gym Training ; 6 PACK4.4$49.95
Thorlos Mens - Womens Trail Running Moderate Padded Ankle - Low Cut Socks |TRMX4.5$11.99
Thirty48 - Ru Cushioned Running Socks Series, 3 Pack, with CoolMax® Fabric Keeps Feet Cool and Dry4.4$35.00
Thorlos Mens Running Thick Padded Ankle - Low Cut Socks | JMX4.5$31.48
Drymax Cold Weather Run Crew Socks, Black, Large4.5$14.40
Thorlos Mens Running Thick Padded Crew Socks XJ(3 Pack),White/Navy,Large(13)4.4$33.73
Thorlo Men's 84N Sock, White/Navy, Large4.4$7.90
Reebok Women's Athletic Low Cut Sock Sketch Design 6-Pack, Black, 9-114.4$14.99

Thirty48 Cycling Socks, Unisex, with CoolMax® Fabric to Keep Feet Cool and Dry ; Biking, Spinning, Running, Gym Training ; 6 PACK


I mean – socks, man. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em. I wear a size 9.5 woman’s shoe and I got a pack of medium.I tend to ride without socks and clip-pedals and tend to ride for many hours at a time. Knowing that, these sock are great. They are snug – which you want – and offer a little support. I don’t have to worry about my toes being crushed with an extra layer in my shoe. As someone who does tend to ride barefoot – I feel like my feet can still breathe and all that and I have a little more protection.They are labeled for Left and Right feet – because of the way they support the foot. This also means, you will undoubtedly reach for a pair and have two of the same because the dryer ate all the other socks. That is not a limitation of the product, just life.


Thorlos Mens – Womens Trail Running Moderate Padded Ankle – Low Cut Socks |TRMX


Here is a couple links to the Throlos web page… The first is the “Care and use of the socks” and the second is the product page.I am allergic to “Fabric Softener” so I don’t know how long my four pairs will last… I just recently purchased these so I will update this at a later date. Amazon deleted the links for some reason,so just Google “Throlos” and go to their website.Care Recommendations:Put your Thorlos on with care: Place hands on either side of the sock and gather fabric up to the toe area, pulling the sock on around the toes. Then gently pull the socks over the heel and then foot and up the leg. Do not grasp socks at the top and insert the foot, as this will cause the spandex (elastic) to weaken and break.Periodically a loose end of spandex may work itself to the outside of the sock. This is not a product defect. If this occurs, do not pull the elastic because it will cause unraveling. Just clip it as close as possible to the fabric, without cutting the Thorlos, before you put the socks into the washing machine, to prevent premature pulling, breaking or unraveling.An individual’s perspiration and unsaturated body acids can cause deterioration of the elastic. Your best defense is to launder your Thorlos as soon as possible after every use.Remember, Thorlos are designed to be worn with activity and lifestyle specific footwear. However, because they are so comfortable, people often wear them indoors without shoes. We recommend that you do not do this, as it causes excessive abrading, pilling, soiling and general wear of the fabric, and diminishes the useful life of the products. You have paid for extra ordinary comfort and protection while being active. Wear Thorlos with the appropriate sport or lifestyle specific shoes, boots or around the house with slippers.Washing Recommendations:Wash in lukewarm or cool water, using Regular/Delicate washer setting. Wash with like colors: whites are to be washed with white clothes only, dark colors are to be washed with dark clothes only. Do not use chlorinated bleach, or laundry detergents containing chlorinated bleaching agents, on Thorlos socks. Use of these agents results in fiber deterioration and breakdown of elasticity. We recommend Thorlos be laundered and tumble-dried inside out to fluff the terry padding and achieve maximum comfort and protection. Plus, this will prevent lint and pilling from accumulating on the outside of your Thorlos.To receive full benefit of the Thorlos product design, we strongly recommend using LIQUID FABRIC SOFTENER in the rinse cycle. This is vital to extend product-wear life. Fabric softener enhances the wicking property of Thorlos Foot·Health fibers. It lubricates both the fibers and the elastic keeping them flexible and allowing them to stretch and recover as designed. It also helps to maintain product sizing, softness, stretchability and durability.Line drying is not recommended as it can contribute to premature breakdown of the elastic core through a process called hydrolysis. Consumers are advised to use a dryer and to tumble dry on permanent press or low heat. High dryer temperatures could cause shrinkage and spandex breakdown. The tumbling process will restore fiber loft for maximum comfort and impact protection.Be certain your socks have been thoroughly dried after laundering. If socks are put away damp, spandex break down may result due to excess moisture still present in the elastic.


Thirty48 – Ru Cushioned Running Socks Series, 3 Pack, with CoolMax® Fabric Keeps Feet Cool and Dry


I bought these for my son’s girlfriend and have posted a positive review, but Kasia loves them so much she wanted me to post this one too!Thanks for doing this I appreciate it.I recently received these socks as a thoughtful gift. I took these socks on a long run to try them out. I noted that my feet had been getting sweaty/wet on longer runs and that I had the beginnings of what could be a blister or a sore in some spots because of this. These socks solved the problem for me. They are specifically marked Right or Left (that was pretty amusing) but it is because they are specifically built to hug your foot but more specifically, support the arch of your foot as well. I found the sock did have some cushioning built in as well, and the back of the sock was a bit longer than most other socks (a good thing – the sock didn’t fall down into my shoe like some tend to do, and it is sort of a nice ‘tab’ for pulling the snug sock on, and yes, protected the back of my foot from my shoe, though that is not generally a problem for me anyway). And best of all – no wetness after the long run, so they wick as advertised. I would say the extra features and reasonable price put them a step above most typical running socks.


Thorlos Mens Running Thick Padded Ankle – Low Cut Socks | JMX


These are excellent for long walk, tender feet or hiking. Nice and thick for that extra cushion. Highly recommend, however if your shoes are very tight they may be too thick to wear.






Drymax Cold Weather Run Crew Socks, Black, Large


I bought these socks a couple months ago, and only recently had reason to wear them. I have small, and differently sized, feet (left foot is 7.5 US Mens, Right is 6.5 US Mens). I bought the medium sized, and the black heel outline ends up on the back of my foot. I didn’t check the size chart, and bought the medium based off the other running socks I own, so that’s probably my fault. Even still, the socks are still comfortable to wear. As of Nov. 19th I’ve ran approx 10 miles in these socks with no problems. The socks did not slide around or cause my feet to be slick or slimy. My feet stayed warm throughout the run. If you have tight fitting running shoes, these may not be for you. The socks are very slightly bulky, but I expected that from a cold weather running sock. Overall, I would recommend them.




Thorlos Mens Running Thick Padded Crew Socks XJ(3 Pack),White/Navy,Large(13)


Thorlo socks are expensive but worth it. This order is to replace the socks my husband plum wore out which is hard to do. I have gotten the advice that I turn them inside out and use a liquid fabric softener, they will last even longer. These socks came in sets of 3 pairs. I got 3 sets. With 20% off for Presidents Day…..I ended up paying only 11 bucks per pair of socks after tax. You think that is bad? They are usually 14.99 per pair.Thorlo makes socks for many sports, for diabetics, unisex, for men, for woman. These are running socks. My husbands walks but so fast you could almost say he runs. YES THEY ARE WORTH. Try a pair.


Thorlo Men’s 84N Sock, White/Navy, Large


I have worn Thorlos for over 10 years. They are quite expensive, so I don’t have many available to me for running or working out. I am a heavy guy – 235 lbs, 5′ 8″ – and suffer from overpronation and flat feet. Wearing Thorlos, therefore, is a therapeutic “treat” for my feet. I’ve owned several varieties of Thorlos. This micro mini crew, with the band around the arch, is among their newer products and I have to say it is my favorite. It is a little thinner than their standard, full-cushioned socks, but there is something about that band around the arch that just seems to cradle my foot the right way. It might be entirely mental and in my imagination, but my feet do tend to feel a little better after a workout when I wear these. The cushioning is otherwise very good in the heel and forefoot, though maybe not quite as thick as you’ll find in their more popular and widely-available products.


Reebok Women’s Athletic Low Cut Sock Sketch Design 6-Pack, Black, 9-11


These are a very well-made, comfortable sock. Nice tight fit around arches, with a thick warm fabric. They are great for cold winter nights, but fabric is breathable so your feet don’t get too hot during the day. I am very touchy about my feet being comfortable, and these I can wear all day/night.





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