The Best Socks For Mens Boots

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Ever had that need for an awesome pair of socks for your boots ?

I know how you feel – most of the standard socks are misfitting – they make you sweat, uncomfortable,

they become wet too easily – or loose their color.

Ah… Man, I can tell you what’s wrong with them all day long.

But this is why they have socks that are made for the sole purpose of being underneath your awesome boots.

In this review we have gathered consumer insights and provide you thorough details on the top brands:

  • Thorlo
  • Under Armour
  • Carhartt
  • Dickies
  • Fox River
  • Darn Tough

Those seven are your best go-to brands whenever we talk about great boot-socks.

We recommends reading the consumer testimonials to get a better picture for each sock below.

We’ve also made a guide chart so you could see them easily:


Boot Socks That Are Awesome

Men's HeatGear® Boot Sock Socks by Under Armour (Large/Black)4.5$9.66
Thorlo Men's Combat Boot Overcalf Socks, Black, Large4.7$11.63
Under Armour Men's Heatgear Boot Socks (1-Pack) LG (Men's Shoe 9-12.5)4.6$9.73
Carhartt Men's 2 Pack Full Cushion Steel-Toe Cotton Work Boot Socks, Black, 10-13 Sock/6-12 Shoe4.6$10.99
Wrangler Men's Western Boot Socks, Black, Large(Pack of 3)4.5$15.99
Dickies Men's 4 Pack All Season Marled Moisture Control Crew Socks, Brown Assortedment, 10-13 Sock/6-12 Shoe4.3$10.00
Fox River Adult Military Stryker Wick Dry Mid-Calf Boot Socks, Sand, Large4.6$8.24
Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Sock (White, Large),Set of 2 pairs4.6$12.79
Under Armour Men's HeatGear Boot Socks (1 Pair)4.5$9.55
Darn Tough Full Cushion Boot Sock - Men's Charcoal Large4.8$23.95
Under Armour Men's HeatGear Boot Socks (1 Pair)4.5$9.55

Men’s HeatGear® Boot Sock Socks by Under Armour (Large/Black)


This is a review of four socks:WrightSock Mens Coolmesh II Crew, Black, Large $8.53 (when I bought it)Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Boot Socks (1-Pack), MD (Men’s Shoe 4-8.5) $7.99 (now cheaper as an add-on)Carhartt Mens Work-Dry Lightweight Western Boot Over-The-Calf Socks, Black, 10-13 Sock/6-12 Shoe $8.99Carhartt Men’s 6 Pack Force Performance Crew Socks, Black, 10-13 Sock/6-12 Shoe $24.99 6-pack ($4.17/pair)tl;drAll of these are good socks, but my pick for value, versatility, and durability is the Carhartt Force Performance crew sock.I recently decided to scrap all my worn-out gross socks and get a bunch of good ones, so I had to search Amazon for the best option. I wanted them to be appropriate both for the office and for the outdoors. I ended up buying four types to compare. My requirements were:1. Synthetic or wool (no cotton): I need my socks to perform well when wet.2. Black or dark grey: I will wear them to work, so while they don’t have to pass for dress socks, they shouldn’t call attention to themselves either.3. Long enough to wear with my 8-inch Belleville boots that I use in wet weather.4. Suitable for both warm and cool weather: I bike to work year-round and I don’t want to wear special socks unless it’s a snowstorm.5. Comfortable.6. Durable: I don’t want to do this again in a couple years.1: MaterialsAll four are fully synthetic (mainly polyester). No wool socks I found at a reasonable price seemed like they would meet the other requirements.2: AppearanceAll four were available in black when I bought them, although the Force Performance crew socks have a gray heel decoration and stripe that stick up above my shoes and are visible when I sit down. The WrightSock looked best when new, almost like a dress sock, but after one wash it had kind of a beat-up appearance with a lot of pilling. The Carhartt Western tends to pick up lint more than the others and also had some pilling. The Under Armour Heatgear held up pretty well, and the Force Performance seems totally unaffected by washing.3: LengthTwo of these socks, the Carhartt Western and the Heatgear, are long over-the-calf socks. They come up within a few inches of my knee (I’m 5’11”) and would be long enough to wear with pretty much any boot. The Force Performance is a crew sock. I was worried it might not be long enough for my boots, but it is–as some have noted in other reviews, it’s pretty snug around the ankle and calf, so it doesn’t slide down easily. For boots higher than 8 inches, you’ll want a boot sock. The WrightSock is a little shorter (not as short as it looks in the picture, because it stretches more than the others) but still long enough to shield my ankles from the top of the boot. It does slide down a bit more easily, though, so I wouldn’t choose it for a long hike in high boots because I might have to keep pulling them up.4: WarmthThe Carhartt Western, the Under Armour Heatgear, and the Force Performance are all what I would call three-season socks. They are fine for summer if you don’t mind sweating in them a bit, not too warm to wear all day inside, warm enough in cold weather for short periods or if you remain active. None of them are suitable for standing around a lot in sub-freezing temperatures. The WrightSock, despite its double-layer construction, is the thinnest and most breathable of the bunch. It would be good for a summer workout. I just wore my WrightSocks for shoveling snow in 40-degree weather, and my toes ended up chilly after a couple hours. The Carhartt Western is slightly thicker than the Force Performance, with a fuzzier feel to it, and the Heatgear is slightly thinner and has a mesh panel over the forefoot to make it more breathable. The Western and Heatgear could get to be uncomfortable in hot weather because they cover so much of your leg.5: ComfortThe WrightSock is the most comfortable, being shortest and stretchiest. The double-layer fabric is there to prevent blisters, and it works. I did notice a little bit more foot odor with those than with the others. The Western and the Heatgear are both pretty comfortable and improve after a little washing and wearing to stretch them out and soften them up. Same goes for the Force Performance, though it was probably the one that caused the most itching on my ankles at first, because it’s a little tighter.6: Durability I’ve only had these all for a couple of months, but I can draw some conclusions already. The WrightSock is two layers of very thin fabric, so I’m already starting to see stress points where holes will form. It also seems the most likely to stretch out until it’s too loose, though I haven’t had that problem yet. The Heatgear and the Western both seem pretty good, although the pilling on the Western could progress further and the mesh panel on the Heatgear might be a weak point. The Force Performance seems surprisingly resilient, showing no visible wear after several washes.Bottom line:If you need a long sock to wear with your tall boots, the Carhartt Western and Under Armour Heatgear are both good choices; I would pick the Carhartt for cooler weather and the Heatgear for warmer circumstances.If you need a high-performance athletic sock to prevent blisters, and you can afford to switch it out regularly once it wears down, the WrightSock is a high-quality option.For general wear indoors and outdoors, year-round, the Carhartt Force Performance is a no-brainer. And at roughly half the cost per pair of the others I tried, you’re getting way more for your money.


Thorlo Men’s Combat Boot Overcalf Socks, Black, Large


These are military boot socks. My wife is in the Navy and hates to spend extra money on anything. However, I INSISTED on getting these socks for her since she wears steel toe boots all day walking on concrete or steel.She said they DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. She is less tired, her feet hurt less and are more comfortable with these socks.Another benefit is that they can be hand washed in a sink, wrung out, and usually dry over night if it isn’t too humid or raining. Be careful using a dryer or fire – too hot and they MELT!Be SURE to get the correct size sock. There are two sizes: foot size and sock height.For the proper foot size, go to Thorlo’s website or look carefully at the sizing information on Amazon.For each foot size, there are TWO MODELS of this sock. The foot size is the same, but the top length (height) is different. This model of socks are “over the calf” height which means the socks are VERY TALL. Frankly, they went above my wife’s knee! That was just too long.There is another model of this sock that is NOT over the calf, but just the right height to peek out 2″ above the 9″ high steel toe boots. THOSE are the best fitting for my wife because they don’t bind up around her knee.I think they also come in other colors (tan or desert?). Check out the other Thorlo socks for dress shoes and running.


Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Boot Socks (1-Pack) LG (Men’s Shoe 9-12.5)


I bought these for my fiance, who is a logger. With the weather getting colder I wanted to make sure his feet are warm and comfortable. These fit him perfectly, he tells all of his outdoor worker buddies how amazing they are, and after work, I listen to him go on and on about them for at least 10 minutes……every time. He pairs them with a regular pair of mid calf crew socks and his feet stay warm and never get wet, they stay up, and keep his 8″ logger boots from rubbing his shins. Will be buying at least one more pair, and would recommend them to anyone who works outside or for hunting season. Heck, he’s already recommended them to everyone we know.


Carhartt Men’s 2 Pack Full Cushion Steel-Toe Cotton Work Boot Socks, Black, 10-13 Sock/6-12 Shoe


I got these for my fiance since all of his other socks had holes in them. I went thru reviews to pick some good quality socks because the ones he would buy from Walmart would have holes in them within a couple uses. I chose these because they said they were thicker and I figured that could help prevent holes. They are thick but they are strong and comfortable. He works 10 to 12 hours, on his feet all day, with steel toed boots and these socks make him more comfortable throughout the whole day. They don’t have any holes or weak spots and he is really happy with them. I will be ordering more soon since I only ordered a pack of 2 pairs.


Wrangler Men’s Western Boot Socks, Black, Large(Pack of 3)


The Wrangler Boot Socks are overall a decent buy, but not perfect. My husband wears Red Wing slip-on work boots. Basically, it’s a working version of a cowboy boot. They come all the way up the calf like a cowboy boot, and regular socks simply weren’t cutting it – he was rubbing the heck out of the back of his leg and leaving a rash.Enter the socks. The first set we bought were black XL sized – the black matters here, so stay with me. He’s got a size 12EEE foot, so we needed the big socks. They showed up the next day (yay, Prime!) and were immediately put to use. The socks fit true to size – a firm sock with just enough compression to keep your feet from being tired – and came all the way to the knee. The bottoms were nicely padded and easily worked for all-day wear.He liked them enough to order up a second set, but this time in gray. Like I said – this matters…. Completely different. They’re half the thickness as the black and slightly tighter in fit. Almost no padding on the bottom. As if they’re a totally different item, not simply a different color. So the rating I’ve got is for the black ones. The gray, I’d say 2.5 to 3 stars. The black, great socks!


Dickies Men’s 4 Pack All Season Marled Moisture Control Crew Socks, Brown Assortedment, 10-13 Sock/6-12 Shoe


I’ve been wearing these about two weeks now. I like them a lot, and ordered more. They feel sturdy and fit just right, about half way up my calf. I wear a size 11.5-12 shoe, and I’m 6’3″.I like the colors, feel and fit of these socks.I gave them five stars not because I’m all fired up about how awesome these socks are.They’re socks.But because I’d definitely buy them again, and recommend them to others.


Fox River Adult Military Stryker Wick Dry Mid-Calf Boot Socks, Sand, Large


I stand by my title.I have about 6 different pairs of Fox River socks, I wore them every day in Afghanistan, and still have every pair i bought over 4 years ago. In fact, I wear them EVERY day now with my work boots, as I work as a conductor for the Rail Road.These socks will make even the most comfortable boot feel even better, and allow you to push yourself further if need be.They DO NOT lose their elasticity that holds them somewhat compressed to your foot over the years.They DO NOT get thin or get holes worn through them.I wore these socks in my welding class while attending college, burnt a couple holes in the tops of several pairs through my boots .The holes in the socks have not got any larger over the last 2 years that ive continued to wear them.I am pretty much convinced these socks are indestructible.They are worth EVERY penny you spend on them, and I recommend them to EVERYONE who is looking for a good sock, ESPECIALLY my Military brothers and sisters, or fellow workers who are on their feet a lot.


Fox River Steel-Toe Mid-Calf Boot Work Sock (White, Large),Set of 2 pairs


Have been trying to find a sock that works for my hiking boots and found these, which have saved my feet. I have problem feet and toes, and with these socks those problems disappear, what a relief! I was getting deep blisters under my toes and blisters on top of my toes from rubbing. The socks come in a good selection of sizes, so you can buy the properly sized one, which for me, made a huge difference. It means the sock is not “traveling” around your foot, which was a problem with the too large socks that I was buying at the department store. The toes and heel are well and generously padded and keep your feet dry.The other thing I notice is that they stay put on my ankle and above, and do not constrict my leg and cut off circulation. Whoever designed these socks thought things out.I have been hiking in these for a couple of weeks now, and can now focus on actually walking rather than worrying about my feet, which was getting to the point where I thought I would have to quit hiking. I hiked a couple of miles today at a very fast pace, and my feet felt wonderful!


Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Boot Socks (1 Pair)


Bought these for hubby for xmas. Thought they were to keep his feet warm – not. They are made to keep feet cool. This was serendipity since he has lots of warm socks. Seems these are going to be perfect to wear with his cowboy boots in the warm weather and keep his feet cool. Now that was something he didn’t have and he’s really happy with them.


Darn Tough Full Cushion Boot Sock – Men’s Charcoal Large


I was skeptical to purchase socks for this price point, as I had previously purchased Under Armor for this same price except for 3 pairs. I figured that was the best socks would ever achieve, little did I know there was a whole ‘nother PLANE that the quality of socks can achieve, and these are it.I loved my Under Armor socks, but they slowly became worn out, and always fell down my calf and bunched up to the top of my boot(Im in the Navy, and am on my feet 99% of the day outside in extreme heats and extreme colds), they are significantly better than Hanes in my opinion.Let me cut to the chase though as this isnt a review for Under Armor.These Darn Tough socks live up to their name and MORE, they are extremely comfortable, extremely well cushioned, and wick moisture better than any brand Ive ever owned, as well as keep my feet from smelling horrendous(as well as the sock) after a day of work(every day after work I had to throw the socks I wore in the wash as they would smell up whatever room they were in).The moisture wicking capability of Wool is INSANE, I figured synthetics were the pinnacle of performance socks. The Under Armor socks I own(Ive owned every type they make, they are actually made by Gold Toe)can not hold a candle to these things, not only do they excel at the things Ive mentioned, but they are also the best sock Ive worn that manages to keep my feet at the perfect temperature, if its cold out, they are warm and toasty, if its scorching hot out, they are cool and wick the sweat VERY VERY well even if they are thick. The best part is, after I take them off after a very hot day, the Under Armor’s would be soaked and 10 lbs heavier(exaggerating) and smell, the Darn Tough’s have a neutral smell to them as well as being as dry as if I just pulled them out of the dryer.They are also made extremely well, and Ive put mine to the test, I only brought 2 pairs of Darn Tough socks for a deployment, and wear one pair for two weeks straight, and then alternate to the other pair. The results were amazing. I did not have stinky feet from wearing them that long, NOR did they smell like I had worn them for two weeks straight of working, the best part was they KEPT ELASTICITY without needing to be washed, NEVER did they start slipping down my calf and bunching up at the top of my boots.I can NOT stress enough about the quality and comfort of these socks. Just yesterday I got to experience first hand the amazing properties of Wool encountering rain. I got stuck walking into work when it instantly started pouring down like crazy, my shoes were soaked, as were my clothes I was wearing. The socks were just DAMP, which was impressive considering I had to run through puddles of inches of water. The most amazing part is I worked for a solid 12 hours after that with the same pair of socks, and within the first hour of work I had noticed they were not damp anymore, I took off my boots to check during a break, and they were actually completely dry(they dried out inside of leather boots!).The durability of these socks has held up perfectly with my extensive wear, I have not noticed any degradation of material, or loose stitchings, and the elastic has been perfect. I actually abuse these socks now just to try to get some sort of indication of a weak spot with these things. Nothing yet, and Im extremely pleased.I am forever a fan of wool, not just any wool, but Merino Wool now. I will also always buy these socks for life, please continue the amazing craftsmanship, and please keep the manufacturing in Vermont, USA.


Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Boot Socks (1 Pair)


Bought these for hubby for xmas. Thought they were to keep his feet warm – not. They are made to keep feet cool. This was serendipity since he has lots of warm socks. Seems these are going to be perfect to wear with his cowboy boots in the warm weather and keep his feet cool. Now that was something he didn’t have and he’s really happy with them.













Final Say

First of all – Thank you for reading this review!

The winner in this case is the Under Armour HeatGear – it provides all the benefits you might want from your boot socks.

It keeps your feet in fair temperatures, they are fun to walk with – and they are extremely durable.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review – and would appreciate if you contact me down below or in the ‘contact us’ section

of the site and tell us your thoughts – what are your favorite boot socks?

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