The Best Skate Shoes

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Yo, Yo Skaters 🙂

Let me tell you a little story – This story begins around a month ago, I’ve been with my friend Dan.

Now, Dan loves skating on his spare time, he’s enthusiastic, he gets up to the latest news and always knows whats up.

I’ve been walking with Dan, when we started talking about my blog and his hobbies, and he was like – Man, you should totally

write an article about the best skate shoes out there.

It struck me then – heck, why not? I asked my friend Dan to help me with choosing the best performant skate shoes that are available in market,

we did quite a research, talked with a few of his more-expert buddies, and, well – we would like to present what is a result our research.

Talking to the experts I have also learnt that wearing the right pair of shoes, regardless of it being super slick, is that the right pair

can actually help you balance, help reduce injury, and generally is a better choice for skating than your day-to-day footwear.

So, with that, I’m happy to present:


The Ultimate Skate Shoes Guide Chart

adidas Performance Men's Adi-Ease Skate Shoe4.7$29.97 - $79.95
Etnies Men's Marana Skate Shoe4.4$29.12 - $139.99
Heelys Dual Up Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)4.4$29.38 - $62.99
adidas Performance Men's Seeley Skate Shoe4.8$41.52 - $65.00
DC Men's Pure Action Sport Sneaker4.4$24.00 - $99.99
etnies Men's Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoe4.4$15.04 - $74.52
Heelys Launch Skate Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)4.6$42.65 - $149.49
Heelys Split Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)4.1$39.95 - $104.90
C1RCA Men's AL50-PC Skate Shoe4.2$29.99 - $60.00
Globe Men's Tilt Skateboard Shoe,Black/Grey/White TPR,9.5 M US4.4$26.26 - $89.00
Globe Men's Mahalo Skate Shoe4.6$16.99 - $79.95


adidas Performance Men’s Adi-Ease Skate Shoe


They are super comfy until about an hour in them. then the back rubs your heel weird and sides rub ankle. But once theyre broken in they are amazing. i work 10 hour shifts walking around constantly, and these hold up. ive worn the sole glue of most shoes in a couple weeks and have to buy a new pair. HIGHLY suggested to wrap your ankle in duct tape while braking these in to prevent blisters.


Etnies Men’s Marana Skate Shoe


I was pleasantly surprised with this shoe. I’ve been skating my current pair for around 30 hours, and here’s everything I’ve noticed. First off, although these are a cupsole, the break in almost immediately. Generally it takes forever for a cupsole to feel right, but these were perfect right out of the box. However, when it comes to support and comfort, these are definitely a cupsole. The insoles aren’t quite as thick as I usually skate, but the sole makes up for that. Also, the insole is removable, so if you use the same orthotics in every shoe, that’s a huge plus. If you’re tired of heel bruises, or aching feet after a session, I really suggest you give these shoes a shot. As for durability, this is definitely the longest lasting shoe on the market. The sole takes a long time to wear down, then there’s the rubber toecap that also takes forever, then after that there’s still the original suede toecap. It takes forever to finally tear through this thing. So bottom-line, the shoe lasts, feels great, and at the price they’re selling these (Mine were $33) you can’t find a better shoe. I highly recommend the Etnies Marana.


Heelys Dual Up Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)


I had been watching the price of these shoes for awhile… I was going to buy them regardless of the price. Our son had been asking for them for quite awhile. I shop at Amazon for everything! One day the price started dropping. We got them for $23!!!!! I could not believe it. They arrived quick, and in excellent brand new condition, my son just got to open them last weekend at his party and his face was PRICELESS!!!! I would have paid the full price anyways. They are high quality and fit great. The wheels are easy to remove with the tool they provide. Then you add the rubber pieces and they become normal walking shoes, except tbey make him much taller too! Overall great shoes and a very happy 7 year old. He is already getting good at skating around the house. We have all tile floors. I recommend a butt pad (we stuffed a pillow down his shorts) and possibly a helmet if they don’t have any experience with skating…. We have not been outside yet though, but when we do a helmet is the first thing to go on!!!! But soon, very soon….


adidas Performance Men’s Seeley Skate Shoe


My boyfriend loves them!! They look so good in person




DC Men’s Pure Action Sport Sneaker


My son needed a new pair of high quality sneakers that he could stand in for hours at a time behind a retail counter for a part time job. Getting him sneakers has always been a bit of a chore, and we typically go to three or four stores like DSW, Famous Foot Wear, Footlocker, etc., before we find something he likes that is comfortable and not exorbitant. We typically have to settle for a new style that’s close to what he’s had before, due to the nature of then fast changing market. This time was totally different.He loves an older pair of beat up sneakers that he still has, so I suggested that we check out Amazon as an alternative to our typical sneaker routine. I found the exact style and size, in a broader choice of colors than is EVER available locally. To top it off, they were available at a better price than any local store could offer, even with our Famous foot Wear account and latest coupon. Prime provided me with free shipping and the option of free returns.Net, we had the exact right pair of sneakers in hand within two days at the best possible price. Wonderful sneaker shopping experience that has forever changed my perspective on purchasing shoes online. Very pleased with the service, product and price.


etnies Men’s Jameson 2 Eco Skateboard Shoe


I work at Petco and I wanted a shoe that would match the uniform (dark brown aprons). It was almost impossible to find a dark brown shoe, and this one was one of the few. However, I do thing it looks great (I didn’t just settle). Also, it seems sturdy, which is hugely important to me as I tend to tear through the soles of my shoes within two or three months. The fact that it is eco friendly is amazing. It’s really hard to even find non-leather shoes, and this one even contributes to planting a tree? That’s great. The only downside is that it’s not very available in smaller sizes. I’m actually female so even the 7.5,which was the smallest I could find, was a bit too big for me (I’m 8.5 in women’s). However, keeping the laces tight helps a lot and I don’t feel like their a problem when I’m working, so good enough. I didn’t take this out of the star count because I knew my shoe size would be smaller and that it’d be unlucky I find them as male shoes don’t usually run in sizes that small.


Heelys Launch Skate Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)


I ordered these for my son’s 12th birthday. He has wanted them forever but, since they are banned in many locations, I had not purchased a pair. The Heelys have proven to be a great purchase! He has not had any issues in malls, stores, or on walkways. We are careful to only use them where there is no apparent chance of disruption though. He is loving them. They are sturdy, look nice, and function well. I was worried that the wheel “key” would be lost easily but he hasn’t misplaced it so far. We keep it in a kitchen drawer. He never uses it while we are out- which is where I thought the most trouble keeping up with it would be. About 2 months after purchase, one of the wheels became more difficult to spin- it was grinding a very small amount. We oiled it and it’s as good as new now. I purchased these in May and he is still using them often in September. The shipping was as expected for amazon prime. Good buy!


Heelys Split Skate Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)


I decided to buy these rolling shoes for my daughter from because there’re lots of choices of designs and sizes to choose and the price was right. My girl loves them. She puts them on everyday and it looks like she’s proud of owning them. The shipping time was not that fast but as exactly as stated in the tracking. Thanks.


C1RCA Men’s AL50-PC Skate Shoe


I really love the shoes but they do run a little small…..I was hoping to contact the seller to ask if I tried to wear them out for the day would they still allow a return to a larger size, I only tried them on at my house so initially they feel small but I think if I would just wear them for a day they would stretch and be fine but if not I don’t want to not be allowed to exchange due to slight wear.


Globe Men’s Tilt Skateboard Shoe,Black/Grey/White TPR,9.5 M US


I bought these to replace my old Globe CTIVs, which lasted me 9 years and were in pretty horrid shape. These shoes are a great replacement, since they no longer make the CTIVs. I wish they had the black/cyan ones in stock but I can live without them.


Globe Men’s Mahalo Skate Shoe


I bought these (white/gum) and the (Charcoal tweed) the white mahalo’s are suede and are actually slightly fatter, thicker padded shoes, the tweed mahalo’s are a tweed canvas like material and is a more slim, slightly less padded shoe. Both VERY COMFORTABLE non the less


A little bonus

My friend Dan came up with an awesome list of references for you beginners, intermediate, and even expert skaters.

Check them out right here:

Braille Skateboarding – One of the best youtube channels out there, provides ton of cool tutorials, a must

Skate-Talk – The most popular skate forum, awesome guys, girls, resources, articles, and basically your every-time stop for learning more

Top Rated Skateboards – Top rated skateboard, read reviews, check different colors, shapes, find your next ride

How To Skateboard (For Beginners) – A great wiki-how article on skating


The End…

And that’s basically it guys!

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