The Best Footwear & Accessories For Standing All Day Long

Have you ever just stood all day long? Be it your day job routine, that annoying standing line, or a standing concert,

its really annoying.

Believe me, I was there, standing all day, 9-hour shifts, for weeks and weeks, all I wanted to do is get back home and let my feet & lower back some rest.

I knew this had to stop or I’ll eventually collapse or cause myself some real damage.

Well, what if I told that there’s a way that you can stand up 20 hours straight and feel awesome?

Basically, this situation has triggered a deep and thorough research – I went on and consulted my friend, a podiatrist, and we came up with the following list of the BEST solutions out there for foot relief.

Since I’ve got my dedicated insoles and shoes I just feel relieved. It has its quirks of course, but generally, 3 months after usage, I feel great and comfortable – and I can stand up all day in no biggie. Without hassle, pain or side effects.

I present to you the most curated list of footwear out there.


Enjoy Standing Up With These

footinsole Best Foot Relief Soft Silicone Sports Insoles for Foot Arch Support, Foot Massage and All Day Long Comfort - Ideal Insoles for Work, Walking and Running4.5$14.90
footinsole Best Foot Relief Soft Silicone Sports Insoles for Foot Arch Support, Foot Massage and All Day Long Comfort - Ideal Insoles for Work, Walking and Running4.3$12.90
Timberland PRO Women's Renova Slip-On4.2$65.95 - $109.98
DoctorInsole Women's MultiStep Orthotic Insoles4.7$64.99
Dansko Women's Professional Oiled Leather Clog4.4$108.87 - $899.00
Timberland PRO Women's Renova Professional Slip On4.4$50.00 - $120.00
Deer Stags Gabe Lace-Up Dress Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)4.2$13.77 - $45.00
Spenco, PolySorb Heavy Duty Occupational Replacement Insoles4.3$19.89
New Balance Insoles IPR3020 Pressure Relief Insole4.5$34.95 - $39.95
New Balance Insoles IPR3030 Pressure Relief Insole with Met4.2$34.95 - $39.95

footinsole Best Foot Relief Soft Silicone Sports Insoles for Foot Arch Support, Foot Massage and All Day Long Comfort – Ideal Insoles for Work, Walking and Running


These are almost identical to the original Dr. Scholl’s gels that I purchased many years ago. Someone else said they are not as thick as the DS but I would disagree and say they are every bit as thick and maybe thicker. I know that my foot fits snugger in this pair than the DS in the same pair of shoes.There is no real raised arch support in these although there is a firmer gel in the arch area. I have found that this works well in shoes that already have a slight arch. The heels are thicker than the front foot area and this part of what helps them remain comfortable when walking or standing all day. You really don’t notice a lot of spring or sponginess in this style. It provides a firmer type of support and comfort than foam style insoles. It’s kind of like comparing a soft mattress to a hard mattress. Different people like and benefit from both of them. In this case it also makes a difference what shoes you are putting them in. I have always used this type insole in my athletic shoes as well as my work shoes. I would have used it in my boots except that I tend to want them a bit snugger on my foot and a thicker insole is not comfortable until I have worn them enough to considerably stretch them out. I have found more versatility of uses for this style insole than any of the others I have previously experimented with although now that I have recently purchased a wider variety of styles I am not as convinced that this is always the best style for every shoe.I will agree with one of the other reviewers who said these are cut a bit large. I cut them down to a 10 to start with and they still barely fit inside my size 10 shoes. The guide marks for 9 seem to fit me better. On the plus side, I think they really will fit a size 13 very comfortably! I normally like to ignore the size guides and trim them to the same shape and size as the original insoles but since I am putting this pair in a relatively new pair of tennis shoes with glued in insoles, I wasn’t able to remove the old ones without removing the arch support. The original insole combined with this one really gives me a nice arch and comfortable pad.Insoles are a matter of preference in many ways. Different people have different needs and subjective ideas of what they expect from them. This is a good style to start with if you don’t have any previous experience with insoles. There are better insoles for different specialized uses or orthopedic issues but this is the one that will work in the majority of shoes and still provide comfortable relief.I have received this product for a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


footinsole Best Foot Relief Soft Silicone Sports Insoles for Foot Arch Support, Foot Massage and All Day Long Comfort – Ideal Insoles for Work, Walking and Running


Nothing too fancy to this insole. It is just one nice solid layer of smooth gel under the velour fabric. There is no added arch support, no heel cup, no extra padding in problem areas. And probably because of all that, they are SUPER COMFORTABLE!!These are relatively thin for a gel insole and will fit nicely in shoes that are already snug. Some insoles end up making properly fitting shoes uncomfortable simply because they are so thick and there is no room left for your foot. But these are pretty thin and fit in almost any shoe. I am still debating whether to put them in my house slippers or my everyday leather shoes. It is such a nice soft and bouncy feeling that I really enjoy!I don’t run, but I suspect these would do well in a pair of running or walking shoes if properly fitted. When it comes to fitting, I think you might need to pay a little more attention to ordering the right size with this insole than you do with others. There is a rather small amount of fabric at the end for trimming so getting the closest to your true size is important. I wear a 10 and the large ones are only slightly too large. I only needed to trim off a thin piece from the tip to get them to fit.I’ve worn the Dr. Scholl’s gel insoles for years and while I’ve been happy enough with the way they felt, I never really got the whole ‘my feet are gelling’ thing. My DS gels don’t feel that comfortable. But this pair of Foot Mate Footcare insoles from footinsole really feel great!! I like having them under my feet. That’s why I can’t decide exactly which pair of shoes to start them with. I wear my slippers every day so having the slighty spongy & springy softsole in them is really nice. On the other hand, I have a good fitting pair of shoes that I wear to work more often than not and they also feel great in these. Because the shoes themselves have good arch support I don’t really need the added support from a specialty orthotic insole. I think a lot of people who aren’t comfortable in fancier insoles will find these are a nice alternative. I’ve always just worn a set of cheap flat foam insoles in well made shoes in the past and simply replaced them regularly as one would the odor eater varieties. This style of gel opens up a whole new approach to getting more comfort out of the good shoes I spend so much of my day walking in at work. These are certainly priced right and I just may have to get another pair so I can put them in my slippers and my work shoes.I have received this product for a discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.


Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Slip-On


After reading reviews and doing some research I bought the Timberland Pro Renova Pro shoes. I work in a pharmacy and am on my feet 13 hours 3 days a week. Very long days!! My tennis shoes were wearing out quicker and not giving me the support I needed. When I purchased these shoes, I had also ordered a pair of Reeboks just in case, and also I needed another pair of tennis shoes. I received my Timberlands on a Monday night, after I had worked a 13 hour day. I put them on the next morning and while I was working I had forgotten I even had shoes on. By the end of the day and night, my legs were not sore, my feet were not hurting and my lower back was not aching!! I LOVE these shoes. I look forward to putting them on everyday! Seriously! I even wore them out shopping this past weekend and enjoyed walking, and not being tired. I recommend them to anyone who works on their feet all day. They are stylish, many people, including my manager, who is a man commented on them and what a good looking shoe they are. He was even go to buy his wife a pair. The sizing is correct, I wear a 7 1/2 and it fit perfectly. Also, this is my 1st review on any product. I just felt compelled to let others know who are thinking about buying a pair to do so, it is worth the investment.


DoctorInsole Women’s MultiStep Orthotic Insoles


I personally have never tried a pair of insoles before but lately my feet have been sore all the time so I figured I would try these. Upon looking at them, I thought they were too hard and they would be uncomfortable. I guess my reasoning was I was use to seeing foam insoles and not a good pair of Orthotic ones like this.I ordered a size 9 and wear between a 9 and 10 shoe depending on style. I got these to mainly wear in my dress shoes for work and sneakers. I like these because they are easy to transfer from shoe to shoe and they fit in both just fine. They felt weird to me the first day but after the second day, I got use to them. I guess we never realize how bad our shoes are or how much support they DON’T have until you use something like this.My feet have felt so much better this past week. I don’t really think I have any major issues other than not good support in my shoes and these definitely help with the arch support and pressure on my feet. They have not made my feet all sweaty in my shoes either which I thought maybe they would with the layer of cushion foam. Definitely very comfortable and am thankful I was able to get these.**I received this product with a promotional discount in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. No compensation for a positive review was provided. All of my reviews are based 100% off of my experience with the product and I never guarantee a positive review.


Dansko Women’s Professional Oiled Leather Clog


**Update:** I’ve been wearing this pair of Danskos for 5 years and they’re still holding strong. The insole does feel a bit hard to me these days, so it needs a thin cushy insole. Otherwise, they look great, I run a polishing cloth thingy over them every couple months to add a bit of gloss to them. These Danskos were more expensive than other shoes, but they’re worth it, they’re great quality and built to last. They won’t fall apart on you.**Original review:**I love these Danskos! I have this clog in black, size 39 (I normally wear a size 9). I went to a store to try these on so I got the correct size, and I wear a thinner sock. I needed a shoe for a new job that wasn’t a business dress shoe, yet wasn’t a tennis shoe. These fit the bill, and I fell in love with them. I never wear tennis shoes to run errands in anymore, the Dansko clogs are always on my feet when I leave the house. Comfortable, yet so much more professional looking than a tennis shoe!Another reason I love these shoes? They make my feet look tiny! I’m 5’9″, so naturally, I’m going to have a larger foot than someone 1/2 a foot shorter than me. Size 9 shoes can sometimes look like clown shoes. But these Danskos rock, I wear them all the time with long boot-cut jeans, just slip ’em on and go. When my sister (also a size 9 shoe) saw me wearing these Danskos, she immediately exclaimed how small and cute my feet looked. Nice. =)



Timberland PRO Women’s Renova Professional Slip On


I purchased these shoes for Nursing school as we are required to wear all white, non porous shoes for all lab and clinical days. These shoes are exactly what I needed. Here are my observations about these shoes:PROS:No break in needed, comfort and support from day 1, no rubbing, blisters or sore toes!Very breathable, my feet don’t sweat and feel hot like other shoes I’ve tried.Great cushion that molds to my foot.My feet do not ache or feel tired after 12 hours on them non stop.Non slip!Easy to wipe down with Clorox wipes after each shift.Fits true to size, generous, yet doesn’t slip off while walking.CONS:Only that they tend to squeak while walking, can be a bit silly when walking in a quiet hallway. However I have noticed the squeak is getting better the more I wear them.These shoes are simply amazing! The comfort can’t be beat and I love the fact I can wipe them down with a Clorox wipe each day. For a size reference, I typically wear a 9 1/2 but often need a 10 in sneakers. I ordered a 9 1/2 and the fit is perfect and generous. Hope this review helps!


Deer Stags Gabe Lace-Up Dress Shoe (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)


I bought these for my son, though I was skeptical about the size chart versus manufacturer’s actual measurements. I was pleasantly surprised to see a perfect fit once the product arrived and my son tried them on.I usually prefer to purchase clothing and shoes in person, especially for my children, because good fit is by far easier to gauge prior to purchase… as opposed to trying it on post purchase and having to return it and wait. Amazon, with accurate size charting, and excellent quality of shipping service, has me duly impressed.As for these particular shoes, if you are looking for good quality dress shoes, you have found them!


Spenco, PolySorb Heavy Duty Occupational Replacement Insoles


I had a pair of chukka style boots I originally bought to put these in. The problem is they are so thick when I put them in, the boots become too tight near the toe. It is also so thick near the back (about 3/8″) that my heel slips constantly. So unfortunately for the chukkas, these were a flop.So instead I swapped them into my (more traditional fitting) Dr Martin boots instead. In these they fit like a charm and were VERY comfy. These are my “work” boots so they take a fair bit of abuse. I’ve gone through probably 10 different insoles in the past 4 years with these boots. Most of these insoles are the cheap, store brand insoles which invariably fall apart after a few months. These are built much sturdier and are probably the most comfortable yet.The black foam on the bottom is the soft, pliable portion of the insole, while the yellow foam is firmer. I find that insoles typically fall apart around the heel first, so the yellow support foam in this area should extend the life of the insole in this area.As far as fitment goes, I to trim these about 1/4″ to get them to fit in my shoes. I wear a 10 in dress shoes/boots and 11 in athletic shoe, so the size rating on these is just about right.Overall these are fantastic, just be careful that they won’t be too thick for your particular shoes.


New Balance Insoles IPR3020 Pressure Relief Insole


I have had flat feet since I was a kid. Been to a number of podiatrists and an orthopedic specialist for feet over the years. None of the inserts did anything but hurt. They kept trying to give me arch support, which I assume is the standard medical answer for those with falling arches. But I’ve had this condition all my life (it’s a congenital defect). Tried a lot of different shoes, including Sketchers, which helped, but I always have to be careful not to buy shoes or inserts with traditional arch support. It is like walking with a roll of quarters crosswide in the middle of the bottom of my foot (i.e., in the arch). I’m now 67 and have other feet problems caused by diabetes. I can not walk very far without a lot of pain. A few years ago, I found New Balance shoes. I’ve only worn the tennis shoes, so far, though they have some casual semi-dress shoes as well. Again, they tried to give me inserts with a strong arch support, but even walking around in the store nearly killed me. So, then they changed them out with these New Balance Insoles IPR3020 Pressure Relief Insole. Fabulous! They have a small, spongy arch support to the inside of the foot arch, which doesn’t hurt my feet but helps. These “insoles” (I call them inserts) work very well, though I also have pronated feet which tends to wear them through in a few places, especially near the heel, in about a year. I’ve tried lots of other inserts but nothing works so well as these. Comfortable. I still can’t walk real far without some discomfort but if needed, I can shop at a department store or grocery store for an hour or so and still get around, though my feet hurt moderately. For ordinary getting around without long distances, my feet feel as good as they possibly can in these inserts and New Balance Men’s M1540 Running Shoes, which have a built in anti-roll bar (for the pronation of my feet) but no built in high arch support. The inserts provide as much comfort as I’ve been able to find. (The natural insoles inside the shoes that come standard are insufficient; no pressure relief at all. Top notch.


New Balance Insoles IPR3030 Pressure Relief Insole with Met


Finally an insole that eases some of my foot pains! I am an active outdoors person who hikes, bikes, backpacks, etc. but with increasing multiple foot problems: Achilles tendonosis/itis, heel spur, metatarsalargia, plantar fasciitis. and neuroma. When my first foot problem occurred nearly 20 years ago, the orthopedic surgeon I saw suggested I get Superfeet insoles. These were great and got me through many years. But over the last few years my foot problems have escalated such that I have been living in constant pain, both acute and chronic. In the last year I’ve seen two orthopedic surgeons, two podiatrists, and a PHD physical therapist with a foot and ankle specialty and who makes custom orthotics. I have done exercises, stretches, had custom orthotics made, and gotten injections, but the pains have persisted.These NB insoles have finally gotten me back on the trail. They have significantly eased the pain in the ball of my foot and the feeling that there was always a fold in my sock just behind my toes. They have also eased the constant ache coming from my arch, plantar fascaitis. And even the pain from my chronic achilles tendonitis has finally eased. These insoles are very padded and with even too much bounce and initially too much thickness, but after a few days of getting used to wearing them in my hiking boots, they just feel comfortable. A month ago I was having trouble with 20 minute walks; this weekend I hiked eight miles! on the flat on one day and then three or four miles of fairly steep rocky trails yesterday. I’ve also gotten another pair of these for my slippers. And now I’ve ordered the NB Supportive Cushioning and Motion Control insoles, both of which have the heel and metatarsal cushioning and most importantly, the metatarsal rise to go in all my other outdoor shoes with less volume. I just wish I had discovered these earlier.




One final say

Here are some more tips for making standing up all day easier, I recommend you go and overview some basic exercises to keep your feet and back at rest.

And… A couple of videos with relevant footage for you to visualize some important exercises – go ahead and try those now!

Try These & Relax Your Feet

Try These & Relax Your Back


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