The Best Parkour Shoes

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Hey hey, my parkour friends!

I’m gonna review the sleekest, most comfortable, and generally, the best shoes for parkour that you’ll find -ANYWHERE- in market today.

I have personally researched the field, in forums and parkour experts – and have managed to compile the following list.

Now listen here folks, having the best fit while parkouring will RAMP UP your level, help you with balance and posture, and will help you eliminate unnecessary injuries.

Its critical and important to remember that, while its fun and exciting, there is no reason it should not be safe as well.

Parkour shoes are roomy, comfortable, you can run and jump with them in ease, as they have an appropriate support and insole density – most importantly, they also look awesome.

Let’s dive in and check out the best parkour shoes, shall we 🙂 ?


Zelten Unisex Feiyue Classic Canvas Kung Fu Shoes4.4$22.99 - $29.99
Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Running Shoe4.6$33.63 - $99.99
Zelten Feiyue Hightop Zig-Zag Kongfu Shoes4.1$39.99 - $49.75
TF-BK30 Tesla Men's Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoe BK304.2$19.98 - $36.98
Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Classic Running Shoe4.5$21.57 - $109.95
Feiyue Classic High Top SL Canvas shoes4.3$34.99 - $113.64
Zelten Feiyue Lowtop Zig-Zag Kongfu Shoes4.6$36.99 - $46.99
Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Classic Sneaker4.5$22.50 - $79.95
Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Mexico 66 Sneaker4.3$30.26 - $110.00
Feiyue Lowtop Deck Shoes4.7$34.79 - $45.99
Nike Women's Free 1.0 Cross Bionic Training Shoe4.4$40.84 - $184.99

Zelten Unisex Feiyue Classic Canvas Kung Fu Shoes


If you like the “sneaker look” but can’t wear Keds, Vans or Chuck Taylors because they’re too narrow…You should absolutely try these. If they turn out to be too roomy you can always stick some molefoam padding in the toes at the sides to shore up the difference. I’ve done this in other shoes and it works.So, I wear a straight up 6 women in the length but I have very wide toes. I ordered these in 6 Dabowen hoping that the reviews were really true about the super wide width and not just a bunch of people with skinny/normal width feet saying the shoe was too wide.Seriously, these are W – I – D – E.I can wear a pair of thick terry low socks and have plenty of spread room for toes…comfortably. I can freely wiggle my toes ad nausea. But this is great. I’m on my feet upwards of 10 hours a day and I’m fairly certain these will do a good job. They’re are roomy enough for me to add insoles without cramming my toes. I think that the left shoe is just ever so slightly larger than the right shoe. The tongue is attached in such a way that it wont slide around, which is awesome.The smell is nothing worse that the smell of shoes from Kmart or Payless. Petroleum/factory smell. It will dissapate…or it won’t…whatever. They’re shoes, on my feet…not near my nose.They feel fairly well made. Again…on par with the price I paid for them. The canvas is not too stiff, not too flimsy.I really like that the rubber of the outsoles comes up and around the sides slightly. Makes me more inclined to think that they’s last through rain and the occasional wet spill at work. The outsoles seem like they would be not to great on wet floors or an occasional food scrap. Also, I have read other reviews stating that their shoes didn’t come with laces. For the record, mine did. Cotton laces. I’ll probably revisit and revise after I wear them a bit.Forgive my unrotated photos. If I can figure it out later I’ll change it.


Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Running Shoe


These lightweight, super comfortable, super fly ninja shoes are…deadly. I think you can pretty much do anything in them: run, fly, shoot lightning bolts, be invisible, be awesome, etc. Many color options are available for any and all missions, be it covert op or just generally winning at life. These kicks are ready for just about anything.This is my second pair. The first pair have lasted me 2 years on practically all terrain types and still have good tread, still have magic powers, still ride like a Ferrari, still look good (every once in awhile, after they’re getting a bit dusty from the trail of victory, I fill the washing machine with water, put a cup of bleach in there, swish it around, drop these bad boys in there, put a couple white bath towels on top of them to keep them submerged, and hit “go”. Presto. After you let them AIR DRY, they look brand new again.). They seem to be immortal.Some basics:They ride low to the ground for good tactile sensitivity, but cushion is plenty adequate – so you can feel just enough of what you’re stepping on without hurting the bottom of your foot. They are a significant step up from a “barefoot” running shoe in this respect. They run nearly true to size – oh so slightly larger than normal for me, but not enough to buy a smaller size (a half-size smaller would have my toenail digging out the toe of the shoe with every step), and it’s not a problem.These are my number one recommendation for hybrid athletic-casual swag deluxe. I don’t know what else to tell you.By the hammer of Grapthar, as long as these things are manufactured on the Earth, I will continue buying them, for the rest of eternity. I’m a 36-year-old dude, and they are probably my favorite all-around everyday shoes of all time. Huzzah.


Zelten Feiyue Hightop Zig-Zag Kongfu Shoes


I bought these as a gift for my daughter, who is studying kung fu. She wanted them for her classes and had heard good things about these. I bought her a size 41 (her US size is 9.5) and they fit well. She says they’re very comfortable to work out in, and she often wears them as everyday shoes. The price at $50 seems reasonable to me for a good pair of workout shoes, and she’s very happy with these. I would buy them again.


TF-BK30 Tesla Men’s Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoe BK30


VERY IMPORTANT:Order 1 size up for walking, standing an entire day, or wanting to wear socks. I usually wear 8.5 men’s sneakers but I took the advice and ordered a 9.5 and it fits great.I got a second pair at ONLY 1/2 a size up for RUNNING barefoot in. Full size up may result in too much toe-space length-wise as I found out, either way the width is narrow.Now for the review.WOW!, for a couple of reasons. One, this Tesla brand, which apparently is Korean, makes budget/inexpensive versions of very famous footwear. In this case, this shoe is practically a replica of the Merrell Vapor Glove, even the sole design is practically the same. The only difference is that this shoe doesn’t use Vibram rubber and instead of saying Merrell it says “Bare Trek” on the side of the heel.The other reason for the Wow is that this shoe is actually very impressive. No way is any minimalist shoe worth the 100 dollar asking price, considering the lack of materials used in them, so if you’re interested in minimalist footwear but aren’t willing to fork over a hundy for the design and innovation in minimalist footwear, is that irony?, then try this out for size first at a mere 20 bucks.The only thing preventing a perfect score are: the thin upper which appears to lack durability and might be torn from the sole. Also, the tongue is terrible! Seriously, they just stitched a thin piece of cloth onto the upper, ugh…Finally, the pictures make the sole look terribly thin, but in fact I’m actually quite surprised at the amount of cushioning there is for walking, I haven’t tried running in it yet but the rubber at the forefoot seems denser than the surrounding area, which makes sense since any running will be forefoot based. You also do get an everyday removable insole in the shoe.For 20 dollars it’s hard to complain, even if it breaks, it’ll take four to five of these to make up for one pair of Merrells.UPDATE, I’ve now ran in the 1/2 size up shoe twice, 3 miles each after another first day adjusting to minimalist wear, which will probably hurt the back of your legs the first few times, don’t over push it. Luckily I have a college soccer field near my track so I also did some bumpy running on thinning grass :)I can honestly say that my fears about the upper tearing is unwarranted. These shoes will probably hold up. Plus, there is practically no wear on the rubber, which also nice, contrasting with my Pearl Izumi’s sole which had the hard foam flaking already. Finally, the only downside is the scratchy think tongue which is bothersome. So 5 stars. I also noticed the price went up 10 bucks 🙁


Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 Classic Running Shoe


I bought this shoe for it’s appearance, positive reviews and historical significance. Ontisuka shoes are famous. At first I was a bit skeptical. How could a shoe from the 1966 Olympics be any good in the 21st century? The answer is some things are designed properly from their inception and last the test of time. This shoe is an example of that. Just like a 66′ Shelby Cobra or the metal prop rod used to hold up the hood of your automobile, this shoe remains a competitive idea even today. Apart from the fact these shoes squeak like crazy on wet floors and cause one to imagine they are in a scene from Police Academy where Micheal Winslow is simulating squeaking noises, these make a very good daily active shoe. The sole is very thin and I made sure to order about a half size smaller for optimum fit. I usually wear a 91/2m US but a 9m US in this shoe fits me like a glove… (or in this case a well fitting shoe). These shoes are not made for rain or wet conditions. Think of this shoe like a sports car, minimalist and purpose built. If your goal is heel and toe down-shifting in your sports car, look no further. These shoes offer great feel. They are stylish, well made and are pretty comfortable, but adding a Dr. Scholl’s gel heel support makes them about perfect. So apart from the embarrassing wet floor squeaky aspect and lack of traction in the wet, these are a great performing shoe. Kinda pricey though. An Adidas Samba or Gazelle are about half the price and probably just as effective but not nearly as unique or aesthetically pleasing in my opinion. .


Feiyue Classic High Top SL Canvas shoes


These turned out to be my dream shoes. I have Muscular Dystrophy and have a hard time walking – I have no strength. I had some Sketchers flexible shoes that I liked but still wanted something more like walking barefoot. These shoes do just that. for me. They are flat and have no angle what-so-ever. Even the slightest rise makes it harder to walk so having a flat sole is important to me.


Zelten Feiyue Lowtop Zig-Zag Kongfu Shoes


I LOVE Feiyues. This model is both comfortable and very stylish — I ALWAYS get compliments. BE WARNED. however, they are a minimalist show — not much arch support (but better for you — make those muscles work!). I like to feel the earth beneath my feet, and prefer a flexible show that allows me to stretch my toes. I’m a massage therapist so want to be grounded. The only negative is that this pair squeaks a little when I walk (I’m hoping it will work itself out). I also love the Feiyue Tiger Claws (which I also get compliments on) for Tai Chi class and walking around. I used to use Nike Frees, but these are 1/2 the price (and the Tiger Claws 1/4). They will probably wear out faster than your typical sneaker, so it all evens out in the end.


Onitsuka Tiger Ultimate 81 Classic Sneaker


Very nice shoes, and not too expensive. My old shoes (Puma Athletic somethings) have very pointy toes – It wasn’t a problem, but the fact that these Onitsukas have lots of room for my toes is apparent and very welcomed.The tread seems grippy enough; Not so aggressive that you’ll tear out rubber and shred the shoes in horrible mangled chunks (after a few weeks of jumping around and gym stuffs), but good enough that you won’t slip in most situations. It does an amazing job of picking up little rocks though; you’ll be picking them out all the time if you like keeping the soles all nice looking (or uniform and clean).Unlike my Pumas these shoes are very nicely constructed (The Pumas were on sale -like 75% off- because there was some quality issue) . The materials and stitching are very good quality. No defects or any weird problems occurring due to manufacture error or shipping mishap.They are pretty flat shoes, but actually the insole is slightly molded to support your inner arches. They are extremely lightweight too, which is awesome because then I don’t feel like I’m lugging extra weight around. It also makes them perfect gym shoes (I work at a parkour/gymnastics type gym)And they are pretty stylish; bold looking with the stark Black/green/white contrast. I almost don’t want to wear my other shoes anymore because they simply don’t look as sharp as these do.I was originally going to use them as my parkour gym shoes, but I really love them, and now I find I wear them all the time. It takes a determined effort to not wear them with my everyday outfits haha.Very nice shoes!


Onitsuka Tiger by Asics Mexico 66 Sneaker


I’m very picky when it comes to shoes so I spent a long time finding something that wasn’t like every other sneaker. It’s amazing how an entire shoe store can have essentially one or two styles of sneaker in 50 different colors.I was nervous about buying shoes online but the only store around me that ever has them (journeys) left the mall when I went for a visit. I decided to just take the plunge and buy them and I couldn’t be happier. 10.5 is what I wear and they fit perfectly. They didn’t feel at all like they needed to be broke in. I’m sure it has to do with higher quality materials and it doesn’t have extra material for no reason. They look slick and unique and I plan on my next shoes to be Tigers as well.


Feiyue Lowtop Deck Shoes


I havr had feiyues before but I found out were cheap knock offs. These were of a higher quality in all aspects. Very flexible with amazing grip but like all shoes, you gotta break em in.






Nike Women’s Free 1.0 Cross Bionic Training Shoe


My boyfriend and I recently signed up for gym memberships so I did a little searching online for the best jogging shoe. I’m not sure if this shoe is that best but for my budget, I am very happy with my decision to purchase this shoe. I feel I walk funny to begin with so finding a shoe that supports my awkward stance is important. The first day running in these shoes I felt airless. I definitely recommend them. My foot is 24 cm and I ordered a US 7.5 at 24.5 cm and it fit perfectly!!






And that sums it up.

Hope you enjoyed this article – be sure to share it with your parkour friends, and keep up the awesome work!

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