The Best Memory Foam Shoes

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Hey everyone 🙂

I’m going to cover a special topic today – a type of shoe with special inner coating, that makes you feel like you’re walking on a cloud,

you’ve probably guessed it by the title – I’m covering memory foam shoes.

Now, something that I didn’t know about memory foam, is that it was invented by NASA for making aircraft cushions safer,

which, if you think of it, is really cool, essentially it’s like walking on space pillows!

Today it’s used in a variety of products, from shoes, insoles, and mattresses, and it includes chemical extracts of Aloe-Vera, green tea,

to reduce odors and provide health benefits.

Walking, standing long times and running with memory foam shoes feels amazingit’s one of those things that you try and then you can’t

go back.

Back to business then, after we saw the memory foam is awesome, let’s take a sneak peek of the best memory foam shoes out there.

We reviewed only the top here, and we provided real user feedback so you can review it yourself.

Shall we ?


The Best Memory Foam Shoes Guide Chart

Skechers Sport Women's Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker4.5$33.98 - $96.58
Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk Impress Memory Foam Slip-On Walking Shoe4.4$29.95 - $85.26
Skechers Sport Men's Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-Up Sneaker4.4$34.95 - $77.00
Skechers Sport Women's Skech Air Run High Fashion Sneaker4.5$43.00 - $170.00
Skechers Sport Women's Next Generation Fashion Sneaker4.7$33.98 - $99.19
BOBS from Skechers Women's Plush Peace and Love Flat4.5$20.76 - $72.00
Skechers Sport Women's EZ Flex Take It Easy Slip-On Fashion Sneaker4.4$29.95 - $75.88
Skechers Sport Women's Pretty Please Flex Appeal Fashion Sneaker4.7$33.98 - $99.00
Skechers Women's Bikers Pedestrian Memory Foam Slip-On Moccasin4.0$26.24 - $103.46
Skechers Women's Good Life Fashion Sneaker4.1$27.35 - $84.00
Skechers Sport Men's Vigor 2.0 Trait Memory Foam Sneaker4.4$32.95 - $75.00

Skechers Sport Women’s Loving Life Memory Foam Fashion Sneaker


These shoes are not just beautiful, however; they are very, very comfortable. I walked 5 miles in them yesterday (and I have bad feet). I don’t think I could have done that with any other shoe I have without blisters because of my flat feet. They have the memory foam inner sole that makes for a very comfortable experience.I gets lots of compliments on them, how pretty they are, too. My only caveat is that I tried these on at the Skechers store before I bought them on Amazon. I took a size smaller than normal for me (8-1/2 instead of a 9); so be sure you get the right size. (They are cheaper on Amazon, plus I had $24 in free points from using my Amazon Visa card.)You will not be disappointed with them (unless you get the wrong size).


Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk Impress Memory Foam Slip-On Walking Shoe


I wear these everyday for work, and they will be my go-to shoes for Disneyland all-day walkabouts. I have the “extend” grey model of these shoes, and those seem to be a tad bit longer than these. These fit your foot snugly even at the toe area, but even with my sensitive toe issues, this hasn’t become a problem. They’re incredibly light, and very squishy. Walking feels much more natural in stride with these on. If you have sweaty feet however, just buy some foot liners and be done with it (trust me). So despite them being slightly snug on the end and the not too fantastic breathability, I am definitely a fan of these shoes. I used to wear the less auspicious Croc flats, but honestly, after putting your foot from this shoe into one of those, it feels like you’re walking on a very hard surface. Kind of ridiculous… For the record, I sort of hate spending this much on any clothing item for myself, but I have two pairs of these things regardless!—Update 8/21—Still wearing these, still my favorite shoes! I forgot them on my last trip and bought the Croc Adrina flats in a last minute haste at the store, and let me tell you, these shoes were sorely missed! I purchased some sock shoe liners that are softer than the lace ones, a stretchy almost transparent fabric, and I’ll definitely mention that having soft foot liners with these shoes makes for perfect cloud walking. Some important things to note:-Snug at first, but stretches out a little bit-True to size due to some stretch with wear-Breathability is no longer an issue with foot liners-The fabric is super comfortable– no rubbing on ankles, blisters or too much pressure


Skechers Sport Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-Up Sneaker


I have big lumps of scare tissue on the main tendon along my arches on both feet. It has a long technical name but that is not important here. What is important is finding a comfortable shoe. The moment that I slipped one of these shoes on…OMG. I was in heaven. It was like walking on very soft pillows. WOW! I wore them all day walking in downtown Nashville and when I finally took them off my feet felt like I never walked anywhere at all. They were soft and comfortable all day. I was absolutely amazed. Since I had developed this scare tissue along the middle of my arches, no shoes were comfortable. I would hate to have to walk around very much because of the pain both during and after. Now I am pain free! I mean it, they are that good. I used to have to buy very expensive insoles to put in all my shoes. The expensive gel types. I had to get wider shoes so I could put in these thicker insoles to soften up the inside and cushion my feet. Not with these! I just bought my real size and tried them on. I am going to buy several more pairs because I don’t want to be without them for any reason. I highly recommend these shoes if you any kind of arch or sore feet problems. You won’t regret it.


Skechers Sport Women’s Skech Air Run High Fashion Sneaker


I don’t do reviews so this is my first. I have bought a pair of Skechers before for work and they hurt my feet I hated them so I was nervous to get another pair I tried these on at kohls and I loved the way they felt on my feet but the price tag was $74.99 I did not want to pay that simply because I had paid $60 for the last pair and they made my feet hurt I’d rather be barefooted anyway. A few days passed I de to see if I could found this shoe cheaper I got lucky with Amazon and paid around $43 and when they finally came in I put them on I had done crossfit in them I ser don’t want to take them off I have never had a shoe that made my foot feel that comfortable whether it be working out or walking in them. I freaking love them. They are a must have


Skechers Sport Women’s Next Generation Fashion Sneaker


I have not really like Sketchers in the past for me. My kids love them but they always seemed like they were made for kids and teens, not for me (45 years old). I found these and liked the way they looked so I decided to give them a try. I have wide feet so I worried they might not fit. The size 8 were perfect for my wide feet. I used to run track and my feet and toes are a mess and in terrible pain at times. I have trouble finding shoes that I can walk in for long distances without the terrible pain. The day after I received these I walked 5 miles and not a single pain. They are my favorite shoes and I wear the everywhere now if I don’t need to wear dress shoes. I am going to order another pair so that I always have a pair. I am now walking 4 miles a day and it is all because of these shoes.


BOBS from Skechers Women’s Plush Peace and Love Flat


Bought a pair of Toms and they were ok….bought a pair of Bobs and what a difference. Bobs are like walking on a cloud. I just love slipping my feet in. The entire shoe is more comfortable, doesn’t overheat, walk all day, don’t seem worn out in a month.Just a great slip on shoe for anything. I take my dog on walks, go out shopping for the day, volunteer at my kids school. these are truly great for anything but my job that makes us wear work safe ugly shoes, or I would probably wear my Bobs.My arch feels supported, feet are cool, ultimate comfort, so many fun styles.


Skechers Sport Women’s EZ Flex Take It Easy Slip-On Fashion Sneaker


I am 46 years old, 5’6″, 150 lbs and I wear a size 8.5 shoe and these shoes were a perfect fit. I had neck surgery last year and comfortable shoes that dont jar my neck are the difference between a great day and a bad day. I own comfortable running shoes that I can walk in but after reading other reviews on how amazingly comfortable these shoes were I decided to try them because after 9-10 hours in my running shoes they are not that comfortable anymore.These shoes are AMAZING! I have never owned a pair of shoes that are as comfortable as these. Also, they look great with sweat pants or with slacks and jeans! I was looking for a comfortable shoe I could wear to work with my dress pants or dress down with and I found them. They only down side for me is that these shoes are for mild or warm weather so come winter I will have to put them away. I hope to find a winter pair of sketchers that are this comfortable.I do not recommend wearing these shoes if you are hiking through the woods or walking in large gravel.


Skechers Sport Women’s Pretty Please Flex Appeal Fashion Sneaker


I got my first pair of Skechers Go Walk’s two years ago & I was amazed at how comfortable they were. They fit like a glove for my feet, they were so light weight, and absorbed the shock of my steps & impact from running/walking that I knew that I had found a shoe that I could finally be completely satisfied with whether the purpose be exercising, walking, running, working, or to wear just as a daily shoe. The sizes are consistent no matter what style of Skechers I choose I always know that I need a woman’s 8 1/2 Regular. I am thrilled with the durability of the shoe and how long they last. I have used my first pair to the extreme and even though they no longer suit my purposes for the shoe they have been passed down to my 91 year old grandmother and do to the comfort, light weight, safety and stylish look of Sketchers shoes my grandmother has finally found a love for tennis shoes for the first time in her life. Thank you Skechers!!


Skechers Women’s Bikers Pedestrian Memory Foam Slip-On Moccasin


I love Skechers and have several pairs of them. I was looking for something a little dressier for work but still comfortable when I came across these shoes. They fitt true to size in my opinion. They have the memory foam inside which makes me feel like I am walking on air. They are leather and have some stitching on top that reminds me of a nice pair of loafers. They have a definite heel instead of a flat sole. They offer some support for my high arch. They felt great right out of the box. They are perfect for the office! I highly recommend these shoes.


Skechers Women’s Good Life Fashion Sneaker


I wear my workout sneakers only for exercising, so I always have a pair of more lightweight “fashion” sneakers to wear around, mostly in the summer. My requirements are that the shoes be somewhat stylist, sturdy, and most important, comfortable, especially for walking.I loved these sneakers from the moment I first tried them on in the store! I’m not usually the type to buy a slip-on sneaker, but the fact that these do have laces (bungee-style, not tie) give them a unique look. Plus, they look really cute on–they come down a bit further on the top of the foot than a regular sneaker, but not so far as a flat/other type of shoe. I generally wear a size 8 1/2 in ALL of my shoes (both athletic and dress), and I found these sneakers to be true to size to me. However, they are labeled as “relaxed” fit, which means that they are a little more roomy in the toe box. This was absolutely perfect for me, as my toes tend to feel cramped in shoes (my foot is probably slightly wider than normal, but not so much so that I’d need a “wide” size).So, this shoe is definitely fashionable–I purchased the gray, which has cute mint green accents–but also extremely comfortable. In addition to the relaxed fit, it has a memory foam insole (removable), which makes every step very cushion-y. I have already worn these sneakers for several extended shopping trips and found them a pleasure; plus, it’s so nice to be able to slip them on and off! I’ve generally always been happy with Sketchers, and I definitely would not hesitate to recommend these shoes.


Skechers Sport Men’s Vigor 2.0 Trait Memory Foam Sneaker


I own a pair of women’s memory foam Skechers and they are my favorite and most comfortable shoes of all time. So I decided to buy a pair for my husband (men’s, of course), when he was complaining that his feet had been hurting him. I was thrilled when I saw these came in wide sizing as my husband has a wide foot and it can be close to impossible to find him shoes that fit properly. He tried them on as soon as they arrived and they did indeed fit perfectly. He has been wearing them today and doesn’t have a single complaint about foot pain.If you need comfortable shoes, I highly suggest these. My husband is now the third person in our household wearing Skechers memory foam shoes and we all love them. I cannot explain just how much of a difference the comfort level is between these and all of my other shoes, and I own a lot of shoes. Plus they look great, so that’s just an added bonus. I definitely recommend these.


Summarizing it all…

  • Memory Foam Shoes are space pillows (‘NASA Inside’)
  • Walking, Running and Standing for long periods is fantastic on memory foam
  • Try it – Love it – And you won’t go back


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