The Best Lightweight Shoes

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We have a fascinating review coming next – in the area of lightweight shoes.

Most of us don’t really pay attention to the weight of a shoe, but let me tell this –

lightweight shoes feel different, unique, even.

It might be the fact that you can walk or run for longer periods of time without fatigue related to the shoe

weight, or it might be the fact that it feels like you’re walking on thin air, idk, but what I do know – is

that it’s the sort of feeling that you can’t go back from.

As always, we went ahead and researched the subject, gathering the top lightweight shoes in the market,

considering top brands, form factor, insole quality, and shoe durability – we went ahead and gathered

the best lightweight shoes in market.


The Ultimate Lightweight Shoes Guide Chart

DREAM PAIRS 5003 Men's New Light Weight Go Easy Walking Casual Athletic Comfortable Running Shoes Sneakers4.1$24.99 - $29.99
Merrell Men's Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe4.3$83.93 - $101.36
Tesla Men's Lightweight Sports Running Shoe E6214.4$29.98 - $32.98
Mark Womens Slip On Lace Up Athletic Running Shoes Breathable Gym Casual Sneakers4.2$39.99
Tesla Men's Ultra Lightweight Running Shoes L5104.0$19.98 - $23.98
TF-BK30 Tesla Men's Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoe BK304.3$26.98 - $32.98
Tesla Men's Lightweight Sports Running Shoe L5414.6$23.98
Changping Mens Air Permeability Lace-up Mesh Upper Stylish Simplicity Lightweight Walking Running Shoes4.4$18.99 - $28.99
YJN Men's Lace Up Lightweight Fashion Sneakers Athletic Running Shoes Black / Grey 9.5 D(M) US5.0$30.99
Helen Men's Fashion Lace-up Athletic Sneakers Lightweight Breathable Running Shoes4.6$34.99
Speedo Men's Seaside Lace 4.0 Water Shoe4.2$16.93 - $36.00

DREAM PAIRS 5003 Men’s New Light Weight Go Easy Walking Casual Athletic Comfortable Running Shoes Sneakers


No, my feet aren’t built for these, but my oldest grandson’s are. He says these are the most comfortable sneakers for all day wear that he has ever had. They are lightweight and the sole bends easily , making travel over rough ground simple comfortable. He loves them so much that he them on his Christmas list because they will wear out eventually and he doesn’t want to be without them. So, 5 stars and 5 thumbs up on these.


Merrell Men’s Vapor Glove 2 Trail Running Shoe


I have to end up thanking Merrell for initially making me sad–they made the Trail Glove thicker (from 9.5mm to 10.5mm stack height) to cater to the pendulum swing in the market towards maximalism. When I saw that they were coming out with a 2nd version of the Vapor glove without thickening it’s sole from its prior, it gave me hope that Merrell would still be my sole trail shoe provider. I decided to take a risk with buying the Vapor glove V2 for trail running. I have been running road, treadmill, or light trail and all daily work/walking in Sockwas–a shoe that is only 1mm thick. My feet have strengthened and thickened–my legs and feet have never felt better and I no longer have to cross train to prevent runners knee! I love technical trail running, though, and my Sockwas don’t give me the protection from stubbed toes or the comfort I like to maintain to just take the edge off of the technical trails I run on.Enter Vapor Glove V2.V1 VS V2: Talking to customer service I found out that the main upgrade to the version 2 is that it has deeper lugs while maintaining the same 5mm stack height. This creates better flexibility which I found to be out of the box amazing! These shoes hit the ground running–no need to “break them in.” Customer service also mentioned that the V2 weighs slightly more. Total pair weight for the V2 is 11.6 oz size 9 compared to 10 oz size 9 for V1. The other upgrade is simply aesthetic–it has an amazing new design which I love. Now if you ask customer service what changed the weight they’ll tell you there is nothing to suggest added weight. My guess is that this is at least partly, if not fully, due to what another reviewer (who owns both V1 and V2) reffered to as a difference between the two. Vapor Glove V2 has paint-like spots where the upper meets the sole right beside the pinky toe and big toe areas (you can see a slighty darker grey if you look closely at the picture). According to that fellow reviewer this is not present on V1 (I have to take their word for it since I never owned V1). Although I’m not sure why Merrell didn’t include this in the list of upgrades for customer service to see, it is an obvious answer to the durability issues of V1. If you look at the reviews for V1, holes developing in those spots are the topics of the most concerning negative feedback. While these paint-like spots may be the answer to the slight weight gain of V2, in my books, durability is a worthwhile sacrifice of weight. Stay tuned. I will update this in a year to answer if the paint-like spots have fixed the problem.TREAD: I’ve thought about trying the vapor glove V1 for technical trail running before but the lack of aggressive tread has always held me back. As I wore this shoe on my first technical run with everything from rock strewn paths to gravely steep decents I realized that once one has transitioned patiently and correctly into a barefoot style of running, tread aggressiveness doesn’t matter as much. A barefoot style runner constantly runs with their feet in the center of mass with a faster cadence (=less time on the ground). Slipping out is caused by overstriding or heel braking down a steep, loose path.TOE BUMPER: The Vapor gloves toe bumper is perfect! I ordered the same size I did with the Trail Glove V2 and have the recomended thumb width of extra space beyond my toe. I already accidently tested this out when I looked breifly at my watch at the wrong moment and my toe snagged a rock. I felt it coming and was able to minimize the impact and my toe wasn’t stung with pain!TOE BOX: The toe box is a little wider than the Trail Glove. This allows for very comfortable toe splay (also more comfortable than the Trail Glove).GROUND FEEL/THICKNESS: With the Vapor glove my feet are able to tell me if I don’t have my knees bent enough for the steepness of the grade. I feel everything on the ground comfortably. This should be the case for anyone who has safely done the worthwhile work of transitioning to very minimal foot protection, the 5mm of thickness is a perfect thickness to take the sharp edge off of sharp rocks! For those who want to change your running style to one that will make your leg muscles more balanced ( saying good bye to runners knee) the vapor glove is a great place to start (albeit slowly). Evaluate your goals. If your only goal is merely to get faster you probably won’t have the patience to listen to your feet and go slower and less distance until your feet strengthen enough to the point that your strengthened feet and balanced leg muscles will help you go faster and longer more efficiently. It is the impatient ones who are getting injured and making companies like Merrell cater to the demand of a more thicker shoe (enter Trail Glove V3).WEIGHT: This shoe has everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t. It is very light and appears very durable (there are other lighter shoes but at the cost of durability) My size 9 weighs in at 5.70 Oz (one shoe/my scale)WITH OR WITHOUT SOCK: The upper is very breathable and soft and once could wear these with no socks. I prefer socks since running trails tends to fling dirt in ones shoes.RECOMENDED USE: Light trails (for beginners) to technical trails (for experienced)THE ONLY DOWNSIDE OF THIS SHOE: (seeing what is happening to the Trail Glove) This perfect shoe produces a fear in me that Merrell will try to thicken it up or entirely drop it eventually and leave me in a position to find a new favorite trail shoe elsewhere.


Tesla Men’s Lightweight Sports Running Shoe E621


This will be a strange review. Normally I’d give a one star review for a mistake. I ordered a size 12 in this footwear item. I was sent a size 13. My son has a friend who wears a size 13. Instead of going through the trouble and cost of returning the product I gave the size 13 away. My son’s friend loves the shoe, it fits perfect and is extremely well made and very comfortable too him. I was a retail Manager for over 20 years that sold athletic footwear. I sold Tesla footwear and know of it’s excellent quality. This is a high end footwear line of running shoes. Purchase yours before they raised the prices up. They fir true to size, I’m surprised by the reviews that state it runs small. Many people don’t realize the running shoes are cut shorter than all athletic footwear. so if you purchase running shoes in the size you’re measured this one should fit just right. It’s too bad they sent me a size 13 instead of a size 12. I was looking forward to owning a pair of these classic well made running shoes. Good Luck getting the size that you may order. I’m very confused that it even states a size 13 review when my purchased ordered from states I ordered a size 12M.


Mark Womens Slip On Lace Up Athletic Running Shoes Breathable Gym Casual Sneakers


The soles are very soft and can bend, curl. it is also anti slip. They are nice shoes for casual but sporty look (I hate sneakers with anything but gym-type clothes). when I first tried them, I was concerned they were too narrow or big and worry about they don`t fit my foot. I wore them for a few hours around the house yesterday and again here this morning. It is so comfortable and fits me well. Awesome shoes for the price. I really like these shoes. They are comfortable and (I think) look nice on my feet. recommend this ones.


Tesla Men’s Ultra Lightweight Running Shoes L510


These shoes are VERY comfortable and light. I got them for walking around. (I’m old enough were I don’t run anyplace, and I drive where I have to go!) So before I bought them I looked at the reviews and saw that someone commented; “If you plan on wearing them with socks you should get a size larger than what you normally wear.” And I took this to heart when I ordered these. It’s true! I live in the US and normally wear a size nine shoe. I like to wear gym socks with my sneakers. So I ordered a size ten. With the gym socks it’s a bit snug, but I figure that’s because they’re brand new and after wearing them for a while they’ll loosen up. But straight out the box they have the potential to be VERY comfortable. Like I said they are brand new. (I only started wearing them the day before yesterday.) But I can tell they will be “broken in” in about a week. And oh my gosh! They will be even more comfortable! I should order another pair now that I think about it!


TF-BK30 Tesla Men’s Trail Running Minimalist Barefoot Shoe BK30


VERY IMPORTANT:Order 1 size up for walking, standing an entire day, or wanting to wear socks. I usually wear 8.5 men’s sneakers but I took the advice and ordered a 9.5 and it fits great.I got a second pair at ONLY 1/2 a size up for RUNNING barefoot in. Full size up may result in too much toe-space length-wise as I found out, either way the width is narrow.Now for the review.WOW!, for a couple of reasons. One, this Tesla brand, which apparently is Korean, makes budget/inexpensive versions of very famous footwear. In this case, this shoe is practically a replica of the Merrell Vapor Glove, even the sole design is practically the same. The only difference is that this shoe doesn’t use Vibram rubber and instead of saying Merrell it says “Bare Trek” on the side of the heel.The other reason for the Wow is that this shoe is actually very impressive. No way is any minimalist shoe worth the 100 dollar asking price, considering the lack of materials used in them, so if you’re interested in minimalist footwear but aren’t willing to fork over a hundy for the design and innovation in minimalist footwear, is that irony?, then try this out for size first at a mere 20 bucks.The only thing preventing a perfect score are: the thin upper which appears to lack durability and might be torn from the sole. Also, the tongue is terrible! Seriously, they just stitched a thin piece of cloth onto the upper, ugh…Finally, the pictures make the sole look terribly thin, but in fact I’m actually quite surprised at the amount of cushioning there is for walking, I haven’t tried running in it yet but the rubber at the forefoot seems denser than the surrounding area, which makes sense since any running will be forefoot based. You also do get an everyday removable insole in the shoe.For 20 dollars it’s hard to complain, even if it breaks, it’ll take four to five of these to make up for one pair of Merrells.UPDATE, I’ve now ran in the 1/2 size up shoe twice, 3 miles each after another first day adjusting to minimalist wear, which will probably hurt the back of your legs the first few times, don’t over push it. Luckily I have a college soccer field near my track so I also did some bumpy running on thinning grass :)I can honestly say that my fears about the upper tearing is unwarranted. These shoes will probably hold up. Plus, there is practically no wear on the rubber, which also nice, contrasting with my Pearl Izumi’s sole which had the hard foam flaking already. Finally, the only downside is the scratchy think tongue which is bothersome. So 5 stars. I also noticed the price went up 10 bucks 🙁


Tesla Men’s Lightweight Sports Running Shoe L541


Please order at least one size up for this!!!I almost always wear size 9 but because of some reviews, I ordered 9.5 and the size is spot on!this shoe runs not only small but somewhat narrow around the toes, so ordering at least a half size is in my view a must!If you order the right size, as some reviewers say I can guarantee you will get the money’s worth more than 100%!Initially, I was thinking about buy a well-known brand like NB or Merrell, but after trying this shoe on, I am now more than happy to get this great shoe at such a low price (it’s like a steal!)


Changping Mens Air Permeability Lace-up Mesh Upper Stylish Simplicity Lightweight Walking Running Shoes


Cool looking and fits well. Replace the insole with a better one for maximum support.





YJN Men’s Lace Up Lightweight Fashion Sneakers Athletic Running Shoes Black / Grey 9.5 D(M) US


It fit perfectly!





Helen Men’s Fashion Lace-up Athletic Sneakers Lightweight Breathable Running Shoes


I`m supper happy with this shoes. i received them earlier than expected too and when i opened the package it was exactly as the picture showed.I must say that the pair looked far better and appealing in person when it arrived yesterday! Fit is comfortable and convenient tooI`m in love with them and can wait to purchase more!! 🙂


Speedo Men’s Seaside Lace 4.0 Water Shoe


Great water shoes. I typically wear an 11.5 so I ordered a 12. They were a tad long by the toes, but nothing I couldn’t deal with. They were also a tad tight in the width, but they were brand new and I’m sure would stretch over time.


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