The Best Leather Shoe Protectors

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Have a pair of leather shoes ? Well if you’d like to keep them dandy as ever you might’ve started looking into leather shoe protectors.

We did quite a research, and we ended up with the following list of the best leather shoe protectors available in market.

These bad boys will make you shoes fly – and will keep them fresh and tidy as if you’ve just purchased them.

So in no further a do, let’s get started –


Leather Shoe Protector Guide Chart

Kiwi Camp Dry Boot Protector, 12 oz.4.4$6.94 - $94.99
Scotchgard Suede and Nubuck Leather Protector, 7-Ounce4.3$8.99
Kiwi Protect All Rain And Stain Repellant - 4.25 Oz (image may vary)4.4$9.39
Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, the Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968, 8 Oz Bottle. For Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in the USA!4.5$17.95
Kiwi Select All Protector (Large Can, 7.7 Oz.)4.3$9.89
Kiwi Suede Protector, 4.25 Oz.4.5$3.80 - $85.99
Leather Conditioner & Cleaner - For Furniture, Cars, Jackets, Handbags, Shoes, Sofas, Couches, Wallets, Purses, Recliners & More - Cleans, Restores & Protects - Applicator Pad Included - Leather Nova4.7
Atsko Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing Leather Protector4.7$3.94
Leather Conditioner & Restorer 8 Oz - The Ultimate Leather Protector for Furniture, Cars, Sofa, Seats, Couch, Jackets, Shoes, Boots, Purses, Saddles & More- Best Water Repellent Formula - Leather Nova4.7
Leather Milk Water Protectant No. 3 - Water Protectant With With A Premium Consistency That Will Make Your Leather Look Like New Again - Protect From Water With No Chemical Smell - Made In The USA With A 100% Money Back Guarantee - 8 fl. oz.4.5
Dr. Martens Unisex Wonder Balsam Shoe Polish4.7$12.95


Kiwi Camp Dry Boot Protector, 12 oz.Kiwi Camp Dry Boot Protector, 12 oz.


I just got a brand new leather Texas steerhide tote and tentatively treated it with the Kiwi boot protector. It was already a dark brown and I made sure to hold the boot protector about 2 feet away and spray evenly, then re-sprayed a hours or so later after the first layer had dried. I did the same thing to my PINK leather realtree camo wallet and keychain. None of them changed colors but I made sure to shake the bottle well and stand back which seems to have worked for me through the years. None of them showed any damage in spite of getting soaked in the rain quite a few times. I also treated my husbands light tan suede leather shoes with no damage – it started to get dark as I hadn’t shaken up the bottle and I wiped it off the shoe quickly with a rag and everything went perfectly. All in total I treated 3 pairs of suede boots, a pair of leather DC gym shoes, tote, wallet, keychain, another wallet, leather sandals, leather chukkas and still have 1/4 of the 12 oz bottle left. I sprayed all of the items about 3-4 times each from a distance, waiting about an hour before doing the next layer. It smells awful so its best if you do in a outside, porch or somewhere you can get some fresh air circulating. I did it in my walk in basement and opened the outside door the whole time in spite of the 30 degree weather as the smell is very strong.




Scotchgard Suede and Nubuck Leather Protector, 7-OunceScotchgard Suede and Nubuck Leather Protector, 7-Ounce


After reading the reviews……my only concern was hoping the can would spray properly. It sprayed perfectly:) I sprayed 2 pairs of high top nubuck tennis shoes……(reebok exofit classics) and they came out perfect! I cannot detect ANY discoloration at all. During application, It was about 80 degrees and I let them sit outside in the sun for about an hour between 2 liberal coats. There is still a little bit left for touch up’s if necessary. I performed a “waterproofing” test under the kitchen faucet for about 30 seconds. The water runs away and did not permeate the Scotchgard barrier. The shoe remained dry as popcorn….and the nubuck stayed soft….. mission accomplished!
Concerning the spray problems some people had….I wonder if cold temperature was the cause? Some people remarked on no “salt stains” and “snow comments”. If a aerosol can is cold….the pressure drops way down. If it is warm / hot, the pressure rises considerably. I have experienced myself many times problems with a can spraying. If it was cold…..I placed it in a bucket of hot tap water for about 5-10 minutes and …..problem fixed! Just a food for thought.
With zero discoloration, perfect spray pattern, and complete waterproofing…..what more can you ask for? I highly recommend…GT:)








Kiwi Protect All Rain And Stain Repellant – 4.25 Oz (image may vary)Kiwi Protect All Rain And Stain Repellant - 4.25 Oz (image may vary)


I have distressed leather boots that I needed to protect, but was told not to use normal leather conditioners on them because it would change the color. So, I found this spray protectant and thought I’d give it a shot.
I sprayed one coat and it temporarily darkened the leather as it was wet, but as it dried it returned to its normal appearance. I’m pleased that it didn’t change my boots but still offers protection. I will be putting a second coat on my boots and then trying it on my suede booties.




Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, the Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968, 8 Oz Bottle. For Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in the USA!Leather Honey Leather Conditioner, the Best Leather Conditioner Since 1968, 8 Oz Bottle. For Use on Leather Apparel, Furniture, Auto Interiors, Shoes, Bags and Accessories. Non-Toxic and Made in the USA!


I know the seats in my wife and I’s cars have likely been ignored since day 1. They’re not abused and we don’t have children, but the Mercedes is 16 years old, the Lexus 9. We plan on keeping both until we cannot stand looking at them any longer, and interior condition is a HUGE part of making it feel ‘right’. I know for a fact, the second owner of the Mercedes, I’m owner #3, was both a slob AND lazy about upkeep. I’ve wiped the Lexus’s interior down a couple of times with leather ‘wipes’, but I’ve never treated them properly.
If you have a car with leather, you know leather vehicle interiors are not at all inexpensive to repair/replace, so it’s in your best interest to keep them in good shape from the start rather than trying to save them as they deteriorate. Additionally, the fix is never invisible. It may look the same, but does it FEEL the same? I’d put money on ‘no’.
Before diving in, first was a test on my wallet, which I’ve carried for 4+ years in a back pocket. I have done positively nothing to as it pertains to leather care, other than I do my best to not let it get wet, i.e. drop it in the sink.
Cleaning and Leather Honey…wow! Just…WOW!
After a thorough cleaning with Lexol, to get the dirt out of the leather, I brushed on some Leather Honey. It has an odd feel to it…almost beeswaxy. It’s not at all oily or slippery, like it appears. The next day, with my wallet feeling as if it were new…looks are another thing, but I don’t care about look as much as feel…the cars were next.
I read about people expecting Leather Honey to ‘heal’ cracks and restore color. That’s not what this is for, and it’s not touted as such a product (which would be magic if it could, ’cause cracks are physical damage). Now, had it changed my wallet’s leather from the color black to say, fuschia, I’d have an issue. This will not restore color to worn spots nor will it fix existing cracks. That’s what dyes and repair guys are for. Additionally, after reading some of the negative reviews, I can’t help but wonder what these folks expected. Restoration of worn/weathered anything isn’t easy, and it won’t turn out identical to the original. Items are new and original one time, and one time only.
Conditioning the cars’ seats took some time and plenty of effort, and I wish it were warmer so the Honey may be better absorbed into the leather, but I’ll tell you what, the difference in feel is amazing! The seats in my wife’s 9 year old Lexus weren’t this soft when the car was two years old! They didn’t ‘moo’, but it was close.
Now, be aware, this is NOT a simple brush-on, wipe-off kinda thing. You’ve *gotta* follow directions, and I think it’s better to apply too little rather than too much, as you can’t really recover excess, and removal of any excess isn’t easy. If using a foam sponge as an applicator, you can squeeze excess out, however. Having done it both ways, light and heavy, I’d MUCH rather go over it a second time than have to remove too much.
Tips: USE A LINT-FREE CLOTH! Heed the advice on the bottle! I thought the rag I was using wouldn’t leave lint, but I’ll be picking fuzz off the passenger’s seat in my car for the next week. Applying with a foam sponge is perfect. Foam paintbrushes aren’t sturdy enough, but the material is just right. I think removing with heavy-duty paper towels may be the way to go, too.
Get the 16 ounce bottle. It has no expiration date, and after you use it on a couple of items, you’ll be surprised how many leather goods you have which you want to bring back to feeling new. I’m eyeballing our large L-shaped sofa, and while it’ll be quite a bit of work, it’ll be worth it. If you don’t like it, I’d wager you could make the loss very minimal by eBaying the remainder.
Make certain you remove the excess a couple of times. I was tired and in a rush when I wiped down the 16 year old seats in my car, and I can see/feel I didn’t remove all of the excess. It takes some arm strength, ’cause this stuff is quite viscous. The seats have a little bit of residue, but it’s not oily, like I stated above, it’s almost like wax. This is 100% my error. I should have taken more time. The good, no GREAT, thing is, a light leftover residue doesn’t appear to stain clothes.
I parked my car in the sun, today, thinking maybe heat may help a bit of the excess soak into the leather. We’ll see. In fact, I’ll go check, now…
Nope, sunlight/heat (at least a nice late-February day in north Texas (mid-70’s) doesn’t help.
Let it soak in overnight, if possible. Do NOT rush it. Even with 16 year old car seats which have been in Texas their entire lives, a second coat is unnecessary. I might put a second on my wallet’s exterior, just to see if there’s a noticeable difference.
One other VERY important thing to remember. If you like ‘slippery’ leather, DO NOT USE THIS. It makes leather almost a bit ‘tacky’. At least initially. After a few days of contact with clothes/skin, it feels pretty normal, but not dried-out and polished like it may have been before proper conditioning. The leather is back to the somewhat “grippy” properties it had, originally.
Update: while this was a review for the 16 oz. bottle, the 8 oz item is identical. After a couple of weeks, my wallet *still* feels great, which is a VERY pleasant surprise. Another thing, no odor with this stuff and no fumes. While I can’t claim it’s magic, they’re close. My wife spilled a little bit of water on her car’s seat when getting out, and she was amazed at how well the water beaded up and ran right off. It’s like Rejex (used on automotive paint/windows, and much better than Rain-X), but for leather.
Any leather item, besides coats/jackets, is getting this treatment from now on. Fight deterioration from minute one.




Kiwi Select All Protector (Large Can, 7.7 Oz.)Kiwi Select All Protector (Large Can, 7.7 Oz.)


I got this to protect several pairs of cloth boots and ugg knock offs, also cloth. My biggest concern however, was that any waterproof spray would discolor them.
Not to worry! After two coats on three different pairs, the color remained the same. Yay! As to how water resistant they are, I haven’t had a chance to try them yet. I live in southern California and we are expecting heavy rain soon.
I will add to my review once the weather gets wet.














Kiwi Suede Protector, 4.25 Oz.Kiwi Suede Protector, 4.25 Oz.


I bought this for my suede coach bag. I wanted to protect it from water spots. I was always afraid to take it with me anywhere because I didn’t want to get it wet or dirty. I bought this and it is a rather small can but it was enough to do my entire bag.
It is VERY strong smelling so you want to do this in a well ventilated area. I took it outside and put my purse on a towel on my back porch and sprayed it down. It did darken my bag substantially so I was a bit freaked out at first. I hung it up to dry outside on a windy day and it dried in no time. Once it was dry i put it up to my nose and there was no trace of the chemical smell anywhere, just the smell of leather. It also went back to its normal color and I didn’t notice a shade difference. If there is any it is very slight and not noticeable. I also didn’t notice that the suede looked any different in texture etc from before it was sprayed in comparison to after.
I do have some leather on my bag and I got some of this on it but quickly wiped it off. Once it dried i didn’t see where I had gotten it on the leather and there was no shade difference anywhere. I got some on the hardware and it dried clear and was sorta a bugger to clean off but it did come off after i scrubbed it with a damp microfiber cloth.
I wanted to see if it worked so a few days later I sprinkled some water onto an inconspicuous area and it just beaded up and slid right off. So grateful for this spray.




Leather Conditioner & Cleaner – For Furniture, Cars, Jackets, Handbags, Shoes, Sofas, Couches, Wallets, Purses, Recliners & More – Cleans, Restores & Protects – Applicator Pad Included – Leather NovaLeather Conditioner & Cleaner - For Furniture, Cars, Jackets, Handbags, Shoes, Sofas, Couches, Wallets, Purses, Recliners & More - Cleans, Restores & Protects - Applicator Pad Included - Leather Nova


There is a lot of leather in my house and it definitely needs it’s own special treatment and not the regular cleaning supplies that I use on everything else. Between our office and our living room we have three leather couches. Our dining chairs have leather seats and my husband and I both have leather jackets. I guess you can call us leather lovers!
The couches in our house really take a beating with three kids! I was eager to try the Leather Nova products there first since all three were in dire need of a cleaning!
The office doubles as a den/tv/playroom for the kids so that ouch definitely takes the most abuse and needed a cleaning the most. I started with the Leather Cleaner using the included pad to clean with and following all the directions. I really liked that it was a spray bottle because it makes for quicker and more efficient cleaning in my opinion! I immediately loved the smell. It gives leather that classic leather smell but even better.
I followed up the cleaner with the conditioner to finish it off and give it that new, fresh, clean look.
While I loved the results, it seems like double the work to use the cleaner and conditioner separately so for the next couches I used the Conditioner and Cleaner in one! I’m a busy mom who barely has time to clean so anytime I can skip a step, you can bet I will! I really didn’t notice a difference in the finished results. I’m sure it’s like using shampoo and conditioner separately and then using a combined product. Your hair is never conditioned as well as if you had done it separately but it gets the job done. When it comes to my cleaning though, if I don’t really notice an obvious difference, it’s fine with me!
I am loving the Leather Nova products and will use the two separate ones if I have the time but am glad to have the cleaner and conditioner in one for a quick job! It’s easy to use, smell great and leaves your leather looking beautiful!




Atsko Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing Leather ProtectorAtsko Sno-Seal Original Beeswax Waterproofing Leather Protector


I noticed in one of the earlier reviews somebody else said that this was “too thick” for street shoes… for those who are urban warriors, don’t despair. This product does indeed work extremely well on dressy shoes, and it doesn’t make said dressy shoes look weird. I used it on a pair of black Ecco sneakers and also Ecco walking boots, and it’s been great. I live in Portland, OR, so it’s not particularly snowy here most of the time, but, well, it rains.
Applying this product will take about 24 hours in total, just because it’s good to let the shoes rest for a while after application so that everything can sink in. I also recommend buying Kiwi’s shoe shine kit if you don’t already have a shining kit on hand; it’s what takes this product and makes it applicable for the city. I did the oven trick – the lowest my oven goes is 170 F, so I preheated it, and then let it cool for about 5 minutes before popping the shoes in the oven to let the leather get nice and warm.
I applied the product with my bare hands so I could make sure to get it into every nook and cranny on the shoes. Make sure to get it around the eyelet holes for shoelaces as well as along the seams. Then I popped the first shoe back in the warm oven while applying product to the second one. Pulled the first one out of the oven when I finished with the second one and added another coat. I have to admit I think I used more of the product than a lot of other reviewers had – I just kept on letting it soak in and heat and soak in until it was obvious that the shoe wasn’t going to absorb any more – and then I took them out of the oven and let them cool.
There were a couple of seams where I had added too much – to avoid a “scaly” look I used a hairdryer to heat the overloaded seams up and just wiped the excess away. Let it cool again. Zero problems. Once that was done I hit the shoes with a shoe shine, and then had them sit undisturbed overnight just to give everything time to set.
This product has turned my leather walking shoes into fierce pieces of rain armor. Now, granted, I haven’t been sloshing through deep puddles with them or anything, but insofar as walking down the street in shoes during a rain, the water just beads off and my feet stay snuggly dry. I have also been sloshing around in wet grass at my friend’s farm while wearing the proofed boots and everything’s been snug as a bug in a rug. This is a fantastic product, considering how well it works and how cheap it is. I would recommend just adding more and more until your shoes can’t take it – I mean, it’s cheap enough, you can afford to be liberal with it.
Additionally, this product does leather repair as well. My lace-up Eccos I’ve had for a couple of years and there were worn areas around the toes; an application of this followed by the shoe shine and they look fresh and rehydrated. All of my leather shoes are black, so I can’t speak on any color-change, but if you have lighter leathers you may want to be more careful. Also, this won’t work on nubuck or suede or patent leathers, since those surfaces can’t really absorb the product. Also also, after application your shoes will be slightly sticky to the touch… but the shoe shine solves the stickiness. All and all, this product is just as much at home in the city as it is out on the snowy slopes and it’s an excellent buy for the right kind of shoes.




Leather Conditioner & Restorer 8 Oz – The Ultimate Leather Protector for Furniture, Cars, Sofa, Seats, Couch, Jackets, Shoes, Boots, Purses, Saddles & More- Best Water Repellent Formula – Leather NovaLeather Conditioner & Restorer 8 Oz - The Ultimate Leather Protector for Furniture, Cars, Sofa, Seats, Couch, Jackets, Shoes, Boots, Purses, Saddles & More- Best Water Repellent Formula - Leather Nova


My husband has a pair of “boat” shoes, you know the type, the leather or canvas type of slide on shoes with the thick leather lacing around the exterior? I’ve never been a fan of those, but I know a lot of people think they are ultra comfortable and a lot think they are “classy” (my husband really does, lol.)
He has a pair of Sperry brand leather boat shoes that he got on sale about 2-3 years ago, they look terrible. He loves them, and wears them everywhere when he is not at work. They seriously look 10 years old in my opinion, but I guess it is because he has worn them in the rain, while walking in the mall or errands, walking around the yard gardening (we live in the country), walking in muddy grass, every where. He has even worn them dressy casual to eat dinner with the family. I think they used to be dark grey or even navy blue grey tone. They are now a worn out blotchy dull, grey white. Ugly shoes. They are worn, dry, and the leather looks like it would cry if it was alive.
I decided to surprise him and try to freshen them up a bit, or at least try. I was sent a few sample products for review from Leather Nova which is a company that makes gentle, effective and natural leather care products. The Leather Cleaner comes in a large spray bottle that included a generously sized microfiber application and buffing cloth. The Leather Conditioner & Restorer comes with a small round sponge.
The leather cleaner spray (separate item from same company) prepares the leather to be treated, by lifting out dirt and stains, creating a clean base for the next step (conditioning).
Here are the shoes below: (don’t say I did not warn you, they are U-G-L-Y.)
I sprayed the Leather Cleaner GENEROUSLY all over these shoes. I did not pre-wash or wipe the shoes down (the white rubber soles and edges are dirty) because it was already late and I just wanted to surprise him the next morning. The directions instructed me to use the microfiber towel, but after a few uses, it seemed much easier for me to just use my fingers to get in all the crevices. After cleaning one shoe, I was amazed, I think these used to be dark blue toned grey. The wet leather appeared a nice navy, and I had wished they would remain that color as they looked rather striking, but I knew they were just really generously moistened with cleaner and would be lighter when dry.
However, they were starting to feel really soft, pliable, and felt so nice. As the pictures show, the leather seemed to smooth out and become almost buttery. The leather was squishy and for a moment, if I closed my eyes while cleaning them, I could almost dream and imagine they were my own soft, supple, squishy leather bag. :)Please excuse the dirty white soles, I was not in the mood to clean (scrub) them.
They smelled better too. The leather smelled newer and cleaner. I did not smell any chemicals or perfumes, just clean leather scent. I left that dry about 30 minutes and then applied the conditioner I was sent to review.
The Leather Conditioner & Restorer was a smaller bottle that came with a round yellow foam applicator and buffer. The conditioner was a clear oil / gel like consistency which surprised me. Our other leather conditioner that we had once was a white cream. This gel oil was not overly heavy or oily, and I found it easiest for me to apply it with my fingers and then use the sponge to buff in a circle. It did not feel waxy or sticky. It is supposed to assist will repelling water, so I am hopeful about that.
I think these 2 leather products worked well and I will use these again for his shoes and any other leather products. I really liked using the spray bottle for application as it made things much quicker and easier. I like how the products do not cover up the leather with fragrance. I like how the shoes were dry after only 2 hours and despite the generous amounts of conditioner I applied, they do not feel oily or sticky. I would have liked to known what the ingredients were.*sample product for review*




Leather Milk Water Protectant No. 3 – Water Protectant With With A Premium Consistency That Will Make Your Leather Look Like New Again – Protect From Water With No Chemical Smell – Made In The USA With A 100% Money Back Guarantee – 8 fl. oz.Leather Milk Water Protectant No. 3 - Water Protectant With With A Premium Consistency That Will Make Your Leather Look Like New Again - Protect From Water With No Chemical Smell - Made In The USA With A 100% Money Back Guarantee - 8 fl. oz.


I live in Southeast Alaska, so I get a lot of rain and snow, and while Saddleback guarantees their leather to be waterproof, I wanted to take extra precautions. I was very hesitant to buy it and try it due to the reviews saying it darkens leather, and the fact that no-one had posted pictures of the chestnut color. I own a Front Pocket backpack in Chestnut and absolutely adore the color, so I wanted to keep it that way. After getting rained on for about a week, I decided it was time to take the plunge, and boy, was I glad I did. It turns out, there was nothing to be worried about. I’ll try to post some pictures of the before and after, but I really didn’t see any difference whatsoever, and now the thing can hold up during a torrential downpour. I gave it the shower test and water beaded up and rolled right off. Top-notch stuff.
-For those people wondering how it smelled- I couldn’t smell it at all.
-The pad that came with it seemed to be of high quality, but I would recommend rinsing it/ washing it first, as there were some fuzzies/strands of cotton that dotted the leather during the treatment.
-It comes in a squeeze bottle, which was a huge relief to me. The consistency is a little bit runnier than toothpaste.
I think the instructions could use some work. It doesn’t tell you exactly how much to put on, so I ended up drenching my bag in the stuff. No biggie, it just made my bag softer.
-It says allow 15-30 minutes setting time. I recommend letting it dry overnight.
-Also remember to clean the leather beforehand, or like me, the treatment will be a little splotchy in some areas.
-One last thing- some of the dye rubbed off of the leather onto the pad. Not a huge concern to me, as the bag remains untouched, but that’s just my experience.




Dr. Martens Unisex Wonder Balsam Shoe PolishDr. Martens Unisex Wonder Balsam Shoe Polish


This product is magic in a jar. I own a pair of Men’s UGG Australia Capulin Cinnamon Leather which I received as a gift last Christmas. I wore them hard over the winter last year and then to a tailgate party in a gravel lot this fall. Needless to say, they were wrecked. The leather was faded and they were scuffed and scratched all over. The toes were so scuffed that they looked terrible and I didn’t think anything could save them. Then, I discovered Dr. Martens Wonder Balsam and they were saved. Just a little bit of this product on the included applicator was rubbed into the boots and they look brand new. You can tell where the scuffs were on the toes because they were very damaged but just barely. I think if I would have applied it after the initial scuffing they would have healed. Check out my product images for proof!






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Conditioners, Shoe polish, and protector sprays are all available in wide ranges of choices.

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