The Best Leather Shoe Dye

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Today fellow readers,

I’m going to review the best leather shoe dyes that are available in market.

They come in various shapes, sizes and colors – so be sure to double check you get what you pay for.

We aimed for high quality, durable and color-matching dyes, and as usual, we bring you only the top-notch products, along with relevant costumer testimonials for you to check out,

have a great read – and enjoy coloring your shoes with a top rated dye.


Leather Shoe Dye Guide Chart

Fiebing's Leather Dye4.2$1.90 - $50.00
Kelly's Professional Grade Leather Dye4.7$7.89
Kiwi 11806 2.5 Oz Black Leather Dye4.8$6.33
Fiebing's Leather Dye w/ Applicator 4 oz.4.4$9.85
Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye and Preparer 25Ml.4.4$9.48
Tarrago Quick Color Dye 25Ml.4.5$6.50
Meltonian Shoe Color Spray - 615 Black4.3$9.37
TRG the One Self Shine Leather Dye Kit4.2$9.85
Fiebing's Leather Dye 4 Fl. Oz. (118 Ml) - 27 Colors (Yellow)5.0$7.44
Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint Starter Kit4.6
Angelus Dark Brown Acrylic Leather Paint 1oz4.5$7.81
Leather Sole & Heel Edge Dressing (Black or Brown)4.2$6.36


Fiebing’s Leather DyeFiebing's Leather Dye


I made a big mistake. I asked my 9 year old son “If you could only get one thing for Christmas, what would it be?”. I was expecting the answer to be “An Xbox 360” since he had been wanting one for a year. I already had one wrapped and under the tree, so I thought this was a safe question. Boy was I wrong! His answer flabbergasted me. “A teal baseball glove.” A WHAT? Now, it is important to note that my son is a very good baseball player. His dad was a very good baseball player and has worked with him. He plays on a team and it is the one thing that he loves more than video games. I just wasn’t expecting an answer like this in the middle of winter when he hadn’t touched a baseball in months.
I asked him why teal? There is a baseball video game. One of the players has a teal baseball glove. It is apparently awesome. So this began my search for a teal baseball glove. After searching high and low on the internet and in real life I discovered that teal baseball gloves do not exist. I found one that was manufactured several years ago, but it is no longer made and a very expensive collector’s glove now. It also was teal & black. He wanted solid teal.
So I found myself in a bad situation. I had asked a 9 year old what the one thing he would want for Christmas was and he had given me a very good answer. He asked for something simple. Something that would encourage him to play outside, with other kids. (He is shy and baseball has helped tremendously with that). So there was only one thing I could do. Dye one. I searched for info online and found a baseball glove collectors forum where they were discussing dyeing gloves for restoration purposes. They recommended Fiebings’s Leather dye. I googled their website and found that they didn’t have a teal dye, but they did have Turquoise and Aqua. The Aqua looked closer to teal on their color chart.
I sent an email to their customer support and explained my project. A very friendly person emailed me back and we discussed my project and he recommended a stripping product to use before dyeing and a sealing product to use afterwards. Very helpful customer service.
I got a very light colored glove from Play it Again Sports. This glove had the kid’s name written on it 50 places with sharpie. I was skeptical about the dye covering it, but it worked amazingly. You cannot tell that there was ever anything written on it, and it looks like a brand new glove now. The dye was very easy to use. It took only about an hour to dye the whole glove, including using the stripper and getting into all the little nooks and crannies. I forgot to buy some gloves, and ended up getting quite a bit on my hands. Of course I was dying a baseball glove. If you were dying something flat you could probably do it without gloves. The bottle said that rubbing alcohol would take the dye off, but I didn’t have any. It wore off in a few days.
On Christmas morning my son was SO excited. He still believes in Santa, so I boxed it up and wrapped it with the same paper his gifts from me and dad were in. Then I put a note from Santa in his stocking explaining that when Santa told the elves what he wanted they didn’t have any teal leather, so they couldn’t make him one. So Santa had called me to see what else he might like and I had offered to dye one for him. Santa then explained that he had sent me one of his old gloves and the supplies to dye it and I had done him a huge favor by doing the work.
I would definitely use this product again. It made Christmas morning an amazing experience!




Kelly’s Professional Grade Leather DyeKelly's Professional Grade Leather Dye


I bought a nice Thomasville leather couch on Craigs List. It is in good shape exept for slight wear on the dark leather had light spots showing through. I bought this product based on reviews saying it doesn’t rub off on your clothes. Being alcohol based I was able to dilute it slightly and working quickly apply it over the entire couch. Two coats restored it to brand new condition! Its true it doesn’t rub off on your clothes. I love it.




Kiwi 11806 2.5 Oz Black Leather DyeKiwi 11806 2.5 Oz Black Leather Dye


I had purchased a nice black leather belt (name brand and everything!), which began flaking the color off the blet within a couple of wearings. If I had my receipt, it would have been returned to the store! Instead, I fumed and looked around town for leather dye to salvage this thing. No such luck, NOBODY had leather dye, not even the “better” shoe store in town. Amazon to the rescue! I used the dye according to package directions, problem SOLVED! It worked beautifully, as easy to apply as shoe polish. My belt is once again back in my wardrobe rotation and looking great. Thanks, Kiwi!














Fiebing’s Leather Dye w/ Applicator 4 oz.Fiebing's Leather Dye w/ Applicator 4 oz.


THIS IS A WONDERFUL DYE for equine tack. My mule looks best in black leather, so if I buy something for his saddle in a brown leather I count on Fiebing’s to turn the leather a nice dense black. I clean the leather, layer this on, then after a few hours buff the excess off with a cloth. I even just now used it to dye the felt in a britchen, it sucked up a lot of it but did the job well. The leather will stay black for a long time, but if it gets worn, easy to give it a tune-up. Good to buy the version that includes the applicator, a puff of cotton on a wire. Makes the process just that much easier. But you CAN use a small brush for close work.




Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye and Preparer 25Ml.Tarrago Self Shine Color Dye and Preparer 25Ml.


I purchased a leather messenger bag on Ebay. While I usually have great luck and great sellers, this one really exaggerated the “barely used” aspect of the bag. It was deeply stained and looked horrible. I almost cried and then I almost threw it away. I did some research and found a purse forum recommendng this product. I sucked it up and thought I would try it. I would at least learn something new.
The bag was a deep reddish-brown. I chose a cognac color, which turned out to be lighter. I received the product fairly quickly. I tend to be impatient (the type that stains a wood piece 32 times in one afternoon) so I forced myself to follow directions and go slowly.
I followed directions to the letter and the end product is amazing!!!! I used the preparer to prepare the bag. It will ask you to use a used scotchbrite type pad–here I deviated, I used a new one.
This step was amazing and quick. Took it down to the beautiful bare leather. Then the staining. Stir well, then pour into a little cup or plate. Go slow and follow the directions. It’s a snap!! If the stain gets on your hands or metal pieces it will come off really easy, so don’t fret. A little water or scrubbing will do the trick.
Tips I learned from the purse site: if you are doing a bigger item, use the foam brushes you buy at a hardware department. Let the item you are staining set a couple of days before use. Also, finish up with some gentle leather conditioner a couple of days after you’re done. It took me a weekend.
I can’t paste pictures, but if you want to see some things people have done, google Tarrago Dye and visit the purse forums. Amazing transformations. The outcome is not as shiny as the pictures look, either.
For those who say it peels off: I think they might have done too many coats at once and didn’t let it dry. No color transfer or peeling. It’s not a paint, it is a dye. A high quality dye.
I have bought black and red to fix a couple of other bags I want to keep longer.
FYI: there is also a Youtube video which demonstrates the product as well.
Update: it is now summer 2013 and the bags still look great! Also, I again got a misrepresented product from eBay–this time a pair of “brand new” ” white” Keds shoes. They may have been white at some point, but they arrived at my door an ugly yellow-white. I used leftover red dye and they look fantastic now!! Still love this product!




Tarrago Quick Color Dye 25Ml.Tarrago Quick Color Dye 25Ml.


I bought an off white Kate spade handbag that I loved very much. After much use it had some dirt stains and in my ignorance I washed….yes washed the bag. Some of the color came off and I was devastated. When I contacted repair shops in New York, they told me that dyeing my handbag would cost me $100US. I could by another handbag with that money
I decide to purchase this dye and it was a great decision. The dye was a prefect match and you can’t even tell that I dyed a spot
I am a satisfied customer ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️




Meltonian Shoe Color Spray – 615 BlackMeltonian Shoe Color Spray - 615 Black


I have a pair of Dansko clogs that are my favorite shoes. Unfortunately, the finish does not allow for regular shoe polish (the polish actually removes MORE of the finish than adding anything to it).
I was so happy when I found this paint because I can now have my clogs look nice again! I’ve sprayed them with Black, Red and Navy Blue, and they’ve turned out great each time. With one coat it lasts for about 8 months before I start seeing scuff marks and need to redo it.
This is been a life-saver. I thought I was going to have to get rid of these shoes.
This will be the first time I’m purchasing this off Amazon. The first few times it was through my local shoe repair shop, which charged me twice the price. So, it’ll be great to get it a little cheaper too.










TRG the One Self Shine Leather Dye KitTRG the One Self Shine Leather Dye Kit


TRG the One Self Shine Leather Dye Kit #167 Dark BeigeI own a beige color grain leather pair of Christian Louboutin Pumps that kept getting really nasty dark scuff marks with even small lil rubs since the leather its made of is very delicate. At first i took it to the professional cobbler who charged me 20 dollars for color restoration and after about a month back to the same problem. I was getting very frustrated and went online to search for leather dyes. Stumbled upon this TRG the one leather dye kit and took a gamble of 13 dollars …at first I ordered beige color that turnd out to be too too light. Then i stumbled across “dark Beige” number 167 and voile it was seemless and perfect!!!! I followed the directions except one change….the leaflet says to apply the clear prep leather conditioner with a scotch brite dishwashing pad….i didnt….thats very very rough….instead i used the magic eraser that is very light and wont damage ur shoes…apply that let it dry and then take the provided brush in the package mix the dye really well inside its bottle and then blot on top of the sponge dye applicator that it comes with…the instructions say to apply the color in circular motion it didnt work…instead do blotting action pressing like one blots their face with powder puff. Do one coat let it dry for half an hour and go for one more coat of color…let it dry overnight and Voila u will have the perfect results……I DIDNT NEED ANOTHER COAT BUT THEY SAY U CAN EVEN GO FOR THIRD COAT IF REQUIRED. I used the brush to directly color the shoe joints and stitchings and it came out perfect !!!! I highly recommend this product… will save a lot of money !!!!




Fiebing’s Leather Dye 4 Fl. Oz. (118 Ml) – 27 Colors (Yellow)Fiebing's Leather Dye 4 Fl. Oz. (118 Ml) - 27 Colors (Yellow)


Works beautifully! Vivid colors and easy application. Great price for a good sized bottle.








Angelus Acrylic Leather Paint Starter KitAngelus Acrylic Leather Paint Starter Kit


Works Great! I started painting custom leather shoes as a side job and was not having good luck with acrylic craft store paints.
decided to give this a whirl and it’s made a HUGE difference! This is now all I will use!
Doesn’t Crack, Peel, or chip! Colors are very true. The paint is a little thinner than I’d like, but I just have to use several coats and be very careful when doing small details.




Angelus Dark Brown Acrylic Leather Paint 1ozAngelus Dark Brown Acrylic Leather Paint 1oz


Used this on a old coach purse and it was very easy to apply. I used my finger so there wouldn’t be any streaks and the good thing is the paint would rub off my hands.








Leather Sole & Heel Edge Dressing (Black or Brown)Leather Sole & Heel Edge Dressing (Black or Brown)


This edge dressing provides a nice final step after a good boot polishing. The only thing I noticed is that if you are not careful, the dressing can drip off the applicator onto whatever is below (carpet, etc). Just be aware and make sure you have a drop cloth, newspaper, or at least something to protect yourself from getting in trouble with your spouse.




One Final Thought…

If you’ve used any of the mentioned products – or you’re planning to purchase them and use them,

please leave a comment in the comment section below and tell us your impressions.

We will use this information to better our article, and you’ll really help us – help others.

Have a fantastic day ahead,

TheShoesForMe Team.

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