The Best Kitchen Shoes (We’ve tested many)

Today we talk about Kitchen Shoes, my friends.

What are kitchen shoes? You might ask yourself, well, they have many names – kitchen shoes, kitchen clogs, chef shoes,

all are basically pointing to the same variant of footwear.

They can provide some really clear benefits and are great for all of you guys who like (or work at) cooking, baking, or generally

working in a kitchen area:

  • Slip resistance – Slippery surfaces appear out of nowhere, either post-cleaning or when something was spilled. Be prepared and have your awesome pair slip resistant.
  • Stain resistance – Stains are everywhere, you’ll be ready with your stain resistant shoes, removing stains is a blast
  • Waterproofing – Some shoes can be waterproof as well, so if you find yourself soaking into wet surfaces, fear not, your shoes will be prepared
  • Proper cushioning & Arch support – Let’s keep in mind that your hobby / job requires you to stand on your feet, continuously. You should really take the footwear support into consideration, and we did.


So after reviewing our main criteria and key points, let’s review the most amazing chef shoes out there:


MOZO Men's The Natural Low Canvas Sneaker4.6$89.95
MOZO Men's Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoe4.0$59.95 - $70.00
crocs Unisex Bistro Batali Edition Clog4.2$17.13 - $44.95
Merrell Men's Jungle Moc Pro Grip Slip-Resistant Work Shoe4.4$99.95 - $110.00
Skechers for Work Women's 76536 Sure Track Slip-Resistant Shoe4.1$45.99 - $80.99
Skechers for Work Men's 76690 Keystone Sneaker4.3$41.99 - $56.98
MOZO Women's The Maven Sneaker4.1$47.99 - $85.00
Skechers for Work Men's 76832 Rockland Systemic Lace-Up Shoe4.3$28.22 - $69.95
Crocs SureGrip Unisex Bistro Realtree® Camo Slip Resistant Work Clogs4.8$34.98
crocs Unisex Specialist Clog4.2$9.99 - $59.99
MOZO Men's The Maverick Canvas Sneaker4.1$79.00 - $84.99

MOZO Men’s The Natural Low Canvas Sneaker


What an idea: a pair of kitchen shoes that can also look great with pretty much any outfit. Some of the best nonslick I’ve ever had, sturdy, comfy.After going through pair after pair of cheap Walmart-type kitchen shoes (Skechers, Dr. Scholls, etc), which are very cheaply stitched at the toe, and which all separate from the sole within 2 months of my owning them, I’m optimistic about my Mozos. They seem much sturdier than any of the cheaper shoes I’ve bought before. They actually HAD a break-in period, which is usually a good sign for shoe durability. They did break in quickly; I got them on a Friday afternoon heading into a tripleheader of shifts (one close and then a fourteen hour double, back to back to back) and they felt fine about halfway through the ordeal. I don’t know if I read that Mozos have memory foam here or somewhere else; that is not true, there are no memory foam insoles here, and they’re still comfy! If you wanted to, you could get some gel insoles to boost that a bit.I wear these shoes everywhere. Everywhere. I’m a college student who often takes the bus straight from class to work, but convenience isn’t my only reason. These look good! They wipe off easily, so if you throw on a pair of jeans and a clean shirt after your shift, you can go out on the town comfortably and stylishly with your FOH friends after service. Attention to detail was clearly a first order concern – quality materials, quality stitching, and cool little kitchen-themed motifs, from their crossed cutlery logo to the liners of the shoes, which could’ve been cut out of pinstriped aprons or pinstriped chef’s pants. Even on my days off I often wear them to class or around town. I have a few pairs of sneakers that I used to wear on days off… not anymore.Thanks for making a pair of shoes that we can finally be proud of. Long after I hang up my apron, I’ll still be rocking these… and if they give out, I’ll rock another pair.


MOZO Men’s Sharkz Slip Resistant Work Shoe


If you’re in the business and looking for a pair of shoes that will do you right, you just found them. Working two jobs, on my feet for countless hours, these have been money.Initially when I first bought them, I thought the “slits” were a little gimmicky and silly, but they actually work. You don’t really notice too much on the line until you go in the walk-in, then it’s VERY noticeable. My feet don’t feel all clammy and horrible after work.Very comfortable and light. It’s like a sneaker and kitchen clogs had a mongrel kid. Tread is amazing, you basically can’t slip.After about a year or so, I’m planning on buying a second pair. Some of the stitching has frayed but that has more to do with going balls out all the time rather than the quality of the shoes in general. In other words, it’s my fault it happened. Hitting the side of my foot against walls and stuff being in a hurry, etc. My current pair work just fine still, it’s more of a cosmetic problem at this point. I’m vain lol.Well worth every penny and then some.


crocs Unisex Bistro Batali Edition Clog


My crosstrail crocs had worn out, they became very thin on the base and started to be a bit slippery in the kitchen, they were still very comfortable but I needed a new pair.In my search for a replacement, having been converted to crocs in the kitchen, I came across the bistro Mario Batali, I was a bit concerned that they might be a bit hot not having the ventilation of my previous pair but this has not been an issue, they are firm enough to stay on nicely but also not so tight that they won’t allow a bit of air to circulate in and out of the shoe.The grip on the slipery floor is better than the crosstrail crocs, but the sole pad does pick up some dirt from the floor of the kitchen, they are easily cleaned with the fine hot water hose at the back of the restaurant if needed.They are really bright if kept clean and stand out allot, especially if you wear a black uniform like me, but I have had some compliments on them from the color cultured coworkers.They have the comfort (I have wide feet with one a little wider than the other), style and grip needed for my use and I really like them.D


Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip Slip-Resistant Work Shoe


I am admittedly biased and prefer Merrell shoes. I have not had a bad experience with them . I bought these shoes for a trip to China during which I toured multiple manufacturing facilities. At no point did my feet hurt. The shoes remained comfortable throughout very long days. They are a slip on, so traveling through airport security was less of a hassle, and it was easy to take them on and off during the 14 hour flight to Hong Kong. While my wife thinks they are not good looking (I disagree), they work equally well with slacks and jeans. They are in fact waterproof, which is terrific because it rained nearly everyday while I was on my trip. The only issue is the fit with Merrell shoes. I purchased these as a 12, but other Merrell shoes I own are size 13. Merrell mocs are available at a number of brick and mortar stores, so I would suggest trying them on before ordering online.


Skechers for Work Women’s 76536 Sure Track Slip-Resistant Shoe


I LOVE THESE SHOES!!!!! I work two jobs & am on my feet for long periods .One job is waitressing so I have to have non skid shoes also. I have a non existent arch, have had two surgeries on my right foot-one for a bunion, the second to move bone over on the top plate. I know have plantar fasciitis on my right foot & a bunion (trying to put off surgery) on my left. I have spent $100’s of dollars on shoes for comfort and still by the end of the evening can barely walk. I did a search for shoes for bunions & these pulled up so I thought what the heck, they’re cheap, I have nothing to lose. These shoes are literally like walking on a cloud. I can not believe how comfortable they are & how my feet are killing me at the end of the evening. If you have problem feet I highly recommend these shoes!


Skechers for Work Men’s 76690 Keystone Sneaker


This shoe style is the best work shoe I have purchased. They are comfortable and non skid, which keeps me safe at work. I highly recommended them, I have been wearing this particular style for about 7 years.A couple of negatives, the thread at the top of the shoe frayes and because of the environment I work in, they only hold up for about 3 months.


MOZO Women’s The Maven Sneaker


I work in a restaurant where the kitchen floor is frequently slick. These shoes have a good grip that keep me from skating all over the kitchen. They are comfortable and aren’t terrible looking like a lot of restaurant shoes. The shoes can be worn with or without laces. The laces are just for looks, and make no real difference to the fit of the shoe. I wear them with the laces just because the black and white shoes look weird without the laces. The only issues I have so far is that the right shoe is a little tighter than the left, but that could just be my feet.Update 4/21/15Six months later, and these shoes are great. The original tightness across the top of the shoes, especially of the right shoe, disappeared after a couple of weeks. I’m on my feet for 10-11 hours a day 5-6 days a week, and my feet don’t hurt at all. They are the best work shoes I have ever owned. I’ve washed them in the washing machine a few times with no problems, other than that they look a little faded now. I actually like that, though.


Skechers for Work Men’s 76832 Rockland Systemic Lace-Up Shoe


I have had non-slip shoes from Payless and even Shoes For Crews – and they simply do not cannot endure what these kicks can. Many high-priced, non-slip shoes have synthetic uppers, and with repeated kneeling and walking….soon start falling apart, after one season of active, full-time restaurant use. What good are shoes when they start looking shabby, while the soles still appear to have much life remaining? The two Payless work shoes both started coming apart, after 1.5 years of use. The Shoes For Crews pair did not fare much better….lasting nearly two years, before my managers started commenting I needed new shoes.The Skechers Rockland Systemic Oxford has a REAL leather upper, which means it can easily endure many flexing and squatting cycles, without uppers material separating at the flex points. Mine has endured nearly 3 seasons of work and they still hold-up strong. They clean-up easily and the soles do truly work, withstanding oil, water and even acidic surfaces. Due to the light weight(395g/each) they remain light on the feet and comfortable, even while standing for 8 hours/day on end. Wide sole is a plus – offering max traction with a wider sole contact patch.


Crocs SureGrip Unisex Bistro Realtree® Camo Slip Resistant Work Clogs


These were for my son. The only reason I marked “hour or less” is because he hasn’t worn them longer than that. They do have a good tread on the bottom — which is not good for going in and out of the chicken coop. However, good for everything else and my son is pleased with them.




crocs Unisex Specialist Clog


MEN’S CROCS, SPECIALIST UNVENTED MODEL is specifically THE Croc for me. These are the original Crocs I bought and my feet have been thanking me ever since. There’s no need to discuss the strange, antimicrobial uber-rubber material; the back strap is self-explanatory (I always remove the straps from mine). Since I am essentially crippled and can only barely shuffle a few yards through my house, I need really reliable shoes like Crocs. The vented styles are anathema ever since I somehow got my feet in the shower when they weren’t supposed to be–like some kind of a dummy I got my feet good and soaked! Boy was I mad.Let me just say these shoes will take a beating and then some. You’ll barely notice any wear on the soles: that is a huge plus for me and my shoe needs. They love all feet and all styles of socks, or no socks. One of the biggest and best features is the support they offer. Got them stained or dirty? Wash them off in the bath or shower, it’s that simple. Comfort, go-almost-anywhere (I know a guy who wears his black Crocs to funerals but I would not do it because usually they serve as my house slippers), toss-them-anyplace, last forever, and NO THEY ARE NOT UGLY. In fact I have worn them to various places, just not to funerals.These spectacular shoes lured me away from my decades of wearing Okabashi sandals … they are that comfortable and more. Not too worried about cold feet, then wear these in winter because they do offer a bit of warmth since they have no vent-holes. Perfect year-round and you won’t believe how cool they are in the summer heat. This model Croc also comes in a ‘vented’ style, which doesn’t have nearly the color selection, but the vents I think make them breathe a little nicer. It also lets them swallow water which I do not like as I’ve said. Vented or not, these are the last Crocs, mules, clogs, driving moccasins or loafers you’ll ever want to buy. You may buy more, you may buy other types of shoes too, but these things will make you fall in eternal love.Crocs also saved my life. Though it is my relief to be able to say I never fell because of bad shoes: I notice a lot of amazon reviewers are having severe shoe problems. My feet are exactly size 11EE, and there my grave error started: long ago, I listened to one expert too many and was wearing FIVE sizes too small on their advice. I was wearing size 9 shoes in a C (“medium”) width. It is little wonder, then, that I never checked on the horrid state of my feet. They were in constant pain with some awful swelling. One fateful day back then, I simply could not get my feet into any of my shoes. They seemed swollen very badly, but that wasn’t the whole story! Then inspiration came a-callin’ and I measured them, checked all over the net and found my correct size. The rest is history, but I would have never made it had it not been for the generous Crocs I kept on hand. I have loved them even more dearly ever since.CROCS: YOU ONLY THINK THEY’RE UGLY BECAUSE YOU DON’T LOVE THEM. WEAR THEM AND YOU’LL LOVE THEM!


MOZO Men’s The Maverick Canvas Sneaker


This is my second pair of MOZOs. The first pair I had for close to a year with 50 hour weeks before they began to split. Definitely heed the warnings, they run small! I have small feet so I ordered true to size. The tongue is strapped to the shoes inside with elastic, so I cut that to provide more room, yet they were still tight. After a couple weeks of wear, they were perfect. This time I sized up, and once again the elastic creates a little too much pressure on the top of the foot, but I figure I’ll just have to wear them in as well. Overall I am satisfied though with the look, function, and durability of these.



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And that’s it, folks, the best kitchen shoes ever – all reviewed in one place for your convenience.

Be free to leave a comment below with any suggestion or question, help us grow our shoe-loving community,

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