The Best Kids Shoelaces

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Today, dear readers, we’ll cover the best shoelaces available for kids.

Shoelaces come in different colors and lengths, and what we looked for are shoelaces that bring both

beauty and durability.

We all know that kids run around, tackle things, and might even play with their laces till their done.

We took that into consideration while cherry picking the best laces out there,

and this is what we came up with –


Shoe Laces For Kids Guide Chart

LOCK LACES (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces)4.5$7.99
BIRCH's Oval Shoelaces 27 Colors Half Round 1/4" Shoe Laces 4 Different Lengths4.7$3.99
Homeout 1 Set No Tie Silicon Shoelaces - Colorful4.2$7.99 - $12.99
Shoelaces in 30 Colors to choose from! Flat wide style in 3 lengths4.0$2.95 - $6.99
Reflective No Tie Shoelaces for Kids & Adults by Qi Laces4.2
Neon Shoe Laces - Pack of 124.6$5.39
U-Lace Kiddos No-Tie Customized Sneaker Shoe Laces Mix & Match 6 pcs. - 1 Pack Per Shoe4.3$8.50
LOCK LACES (Elastic No Tie Laces) (Pack of 3)4.7$20.99
LOCK LACES 2-Pack (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces)4.8$14.99
LOCK LACES Reflective (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces)4.6$9.99


LOCK LACES (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces)LOCK LACES (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces)


Update 25 Feb 2014: There seem to be a lot of questions about these, so I’ll try my best to be helpful.
-Each pack comes with 2 laces, 2 locks, and 2 clips for the ends, all in a nice resealable plastic bag, which I used to store my old laces just in case.
-The laces are about 4 feet long, and can stretch to about 9 feet. (I think stretching them that much would to fit your shoes would cut off blood circulation though)
-Lacing your shoes with Lock Laces is a lot like lacing with normal laces. You start at the bottom of the shoe making sure to have the same length on either side, and work a cross pattern as you go toward the top of the tongue. Once you finish using all of the holes in your shoes, or the ones that you want to, squeeze the locking mechanism and put the laces’ ends through the two holes.(I personally made use of every hole in my Asics Gel-Kayano 19s. This allowed for a more comfortable fit for me.) Then try them on. If it doesn’t feel right, make adjustments to the tension on the laces until it is most comfortable. Changing the holes you use toward the mouth (I think that’s what it’s called) of the shoe will change the way the tension is distributed around the ankle. (I went on a little 20 minute run, stopping every few minutes to make adjustments. It wasn’t until after I had them perfect, that I cut the ends and attached the two laces together with the clips.) It did require a fair amount of force to get them to close around the laces, so just keep that in mind.
I’ve added a picture as well, detailing the contents of the bag, and the bag itself.
Original review:
I have to say, I really like them. I’ve always tied my running shoes, thinking it was the only way. Then I found these awesome laces. I don’t think I’ll ever go back. Took a while to get them adjusted so there was even pressure across the foot, but it was worth it.




BIRCH’s Oval Shoelaces 27 Colors Half Round 1/4″ Shoe Laces 4 Different LengthsBIRCH's Oval Shoelaces 27 Colors Half Round 1/4


I recently ordered the BIRCH’s Oval Shoelaces Half Round 1/4″ Shoe Laces (56″ (142cm) – XL, Gray) for my running sneakers. My sneakers came with a dark colored lace, and with the dark colored sneakers I preferred to lighten up the look with a lighter gray shoe lace. The laces come in 27 colors and 4 different lengths. The longest, 56″ length, is a perfect fit in my Brooks Adrenaline sneakers. I like to use the “runners loop” style lacing, and the length is right on for this technique! Here’s a youTube video of this technique…
The wide selection of colors and fast delivery will guarantee a future order from this company! An added bonus, was a small NYC pin and thank you card in the package! Great price, great service. Thanks, GiftOz!




Homeout 1 Set No Tie Silicon Shoelaces – ColorfulHomeout 1 Set No Tie Silicon Shoelaces - Colorful


Excellent product. I’ve purchased 5 sets so far. I curse my sister for not making her kids learn to tie their shoes. They are now 7 and 11 and are pretty much refusing to learn. I was tired of only seeing them in Van’s slip ons and dumb looking Velcro shoes, so I bought them some tie shoes and hoped for the best. After weeks of tying and retying their shoes and hearing them complain everyday about the laces I started experimenting with different products to ease their pain (ha!). These are the best solution I’ve found. They have many fabulous colors to choose from and they really work. They are difficult to insert, but with some baby oil and needle nose pliers (careful not to squeeze too hard and nip the end off) I was able to get the job done x5. I was not put off by the extra effort to install them as I believe it is a testament to how hard it would be for them to come undone. The kids love them and the shoes stay securely on their feet. We have had ZERO issues with these staying in place. I will continue to buy these.




Shoelaces in 30 Colors to choose from! Flat wide style in 3 lengthsShoelaces in 30 Colors to choose from! Flat wide style in 3 lengths


I bought the 27 inch laces and they are the best laces in this length that I have found in many years. They hold a knot very well. This is the first time in years that I have been able to go an entire day without having to retie my laces even once. I have had a hard time buying good laces for dress and every day shoes in local stores; usually finding thin ones that don’t hold knots well and with ends that break easily. These are made more like the laces sold for for boots. They are a full quarter inch wide and thick; maybe wider than ideal for dress shoes but it is better to have secure laces than untied shoes.
They came very quickly too. My only complaint is that, when one includes shipping cost, they are a bit pricy.




Reflective No Tie Shoelaces for Kids & Adults by Qi LacesReflective No Tie Shoelaces for Kids & Adults by Qi Laces


My grandson hates tying his hiking shoes. These laces make things much easier. He loves them. Make sure to follow the directions, which may seem a bit confusing. I might make it even more confusing. But here goes: Remove the old laces. Lace up each shoe with the stretchy laces, then thread both lace ends through the round spring-loaded slide, cut the two lace ends to desired length (which will remove the plasticized ends of the laces, close and open the lace-tip cover (I’m going to call it a “clam”) a couple times to help it close better when ready to snap over lace tips, insert about a quarter-inch of both lace tips into one clam-like clip and snap closed. That’s the tricky part–insert too much and the clam won’t close, insert too little and the clam will fall off. Notice how the clam locks shut. This will help you use a tiny screw driver or other tool to open the clam again in case you have to re-apply it to the lace tips. A couple extra clam end-clips are included.




Neon Shoe Laces – Pack of 12Neon Shoe Laces - Pack of 12


So far, they’ve been snakes, hair, a beard, vomit, and alien worms sprouting from my 6 year old’s belly! Oh, and shoelaces.
I bought this pack because the yellow laces match my son’s sneakers, and the laces that came with the sneakers were garbage that he wore through in just a few months of wearing the shoes. We love these laces, and they were a perfect fit for a 6 year old’s shoe allowing both single and double knotted bows. The knot seems to stick pretty well – they don’t come undone during the day. We only needed one pair of laces, so the other 11 will be practice laces and toys for my 6 year old and my 3 year old. So far, this is the best five dollar toy I’ve bought all year…




U-Lace Kiddos No-Tie Customized Sneaker Shoe Laces Mix & Match 6 pcs. – 1 Pack Per ShoeU-Lace Kiddos No-Tie Customized Sneaker Shoe Laces Mix & Match 6 pcs. - 1 Pack Per Shoe


Love love love these for my daughter they have already outlasted a pair of shoes and went into the second pair. They last longer then the shoes and they are great.








LOCK LACES (Elastic No Tie Laces) (Pack of 3)LOCK LACES (Elastic No Tie Laces) (Pack of 3)


I ordered these laces because I was training for a marathon, the laces on my running shoes are too short to double tie, and most important of all, since I broke my left foot a couple of years ago, I am always adjusting the tightness on the left foot to find a balance between slipping around and easing pressure off the part that I broke.
Just some of my thoughts…
1. Received all three and in the colors shown in the pic within the 2-3 days that Amazon stated.
2. Used them on a short run for first time to test them out, so I kept them long (cutting just a little bit off one end) and did not install the end tab — just tied the ends together in an overhand knot.
3. After a few runs, I did cut them to a good length for me — still cutting only on one end and to make sure the cut end did not fray, I applied a little flame from my gas stove (or lighter) to melt the cut end. And then I installed the tab. Read a few reviews where they complained about how hard or impossible the tabs are to uninstall. I don’t think they are meant to be uninstalled and reused — once snapped close, that’s it for the tab. If you want to reuse the laces on another shoe, say a new pair of running shoes, you will have to cut off the tab or break off the tab and either use the laces without a tab or buy new tabs.
4. Overall these have worked out great. I still have to tighten and loosen through my long runs to ease the pain in my left foot but I do it less often as the elastic does give and when I do need to make an adjustment, it is much easier and faster.
Plus I do a lot of my runs on trail and inevitably rocks and stuff end up in my shoe. These laces make taking my shoe off and on much easier.




LOCK LACES 2-Pack (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces)LOCK LACES 2-Pack (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces)


I just got another pair of no tie shoe laces and it’s awesome! The color is very bright, I have a blue and an apple green. Colors! It’s two pack! What more? Each of the laces measure 48 inches long! That’s quite generous! The first no tie shoe laces that I got only measures 34 inches long but it was enough for me since I am a woman size with size 7 shoes. It’s very lightweight and easy to install. It came with an instruction written on its small pouch. It’s waterproof, elastic, stretch to fit and locked in safety. It is well made with good materials being used!
I installed the blue color on my husband’s rubber shoes. First, I put on the laces on each shoes and then loosen it to fit his foot on each shoes. The slider is a round one and it’s quite unique. I put on a little pressure on the slider while sliding the laces on each side down. The word “lock laces” on the slider should face you while putting it on, don’t turn it upside down, do this on the other shoe. Once installed, let your feet wear the shoes and adjust the laces according to your preference before you cut it, once you cut and locked the plastic on the end part, it so hard to open it again.
This lock laces is also very ideal for those who have mobility problems to avoid tripping which can cause further fracture or joint problems especially the older ones. It is also ideal for athletes and kids!
I highly recommend this especially to those who have big feet as the laces are very long.




LOCK LACES Reflective (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces)LOCK LACES Reflective (Elastic No Tie Shoelaces)


As someone with Erb’s Palsy, this is just…. Awesome. I usually ask someone close to me to tie my shoes and knot it. Tightly. And that usually lasts a long while, but then if it ever comes undone at work, or out anywhere… It can be rather embarrassing trying to shove my laces into my shoes while keeping them tight enough to walk without tripping… I used to used spiral laces long ago and I tried to find something no-tie to replace the laces in my old trusty sneakers since I now stand a lot for work. I saw these and figured it was worth a try. I installed them (I hesitated a little because you do have to cut the ends off, in my mind I was like “I HAVE TO CUT A NEW THING I BOUGHT WHAT IF IT DOESN’T WORK OH NO!” Anyway – They’re WONDERFUL, they hold to my ankle very well and they were easy to install (once I realized the laces go through the BIG hole first, not the clip end). I’ve only had them for a few days but they do seem sturdy. I like that they are slightly reflective too. I’m just really glad I found something that makes me feel a little more normal about my sneakers.
Despite the disability thing, I’m rather excited because regular tennis shoes usually feel more comfy to me and tend to last me longer than the shoes I’ve bought that had the elastic “laces” already in them (It could just be me, but that’s been my experience). So I’m TOTALLY ready to get regular sneakers and replace the laces. LACES ON SNEAKERS ARE NO LONGER DAUNTING! I more than likely will buy more of these again, and happily!
Tip: I think once you actually clip the ends of the laces and lock it, you can’t take it off, re-cut them, then clip it again, say, if you needed to even the length out to match the other shoe, so try to get them as close to each other as you can before you actually clip the ends of your laces!



A Quick Note…

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