The Best Futsal Shoes

Hello everyone – today we’ll discuss the best futsal shoes out there.

Futsal, my friends, although not played by many – is an awesome variation of sport that you should totally look into.

You probably have a local community of futsal around your town, and a national league as well, it can be an awesome sport

for your kids to grow into, and gives them their own unique niche to talk about.

I’ve been introduced to futsal not long ago, by my close friend Michael, and he said to me that he’d like to help me compile a list

of the best shoes for futsal that we both could found.

For that we got some help from his coach and their team, and, well, here’s what we came up with:


Your Awesome Futsal Shoes Guide Chart

adidas Performance Men's Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe4.2$34.51 - $82.01
adidas Performance Men's X 15.4 Indoor Soccer Shoe4.3$34.79 - $50.50
adidas Performance Men's Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe4.5$32.59 - $80.00
Kelme Star 360 Mens Michelin Leather Mesh Inset Soccer Shoes4.1$29.21 - $74.95
adidas Performance X 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)4.8$29.99 - $55.00
Nike Men's Mercurial Victory V IC Soccer Shoe4.4$29.99 - $154.00
adidas Performance Men's Ace 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe4.7$43.55 - $200.00
Nike Elastico Pro Ic Men's Soccer Shoes4.6$40.85 - $95.00
adidas Originals Men's Samba MC Lifestyle Indoor Soccer-Style Sneaker4.5$29.17 - $70.00
adidas Performance Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)4.5$33.00 - $59.95
Nike Men's Mercurial Pro IC Soccer Shoe4.6$47.99 - $84.95

adidas Performance Men’s Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe


I normally wear a 10.5 with Nike and had to go with size 12 for these. Adidas’ tend to run small for me; I usually have to wear a size 11 or 11.5. This is the first time I had to go size 12. This is more to do with the width than anything else, as a size 11.5 was good on length but the width hurt my left foot. Luckily, size 12 is not too long, where the front of the shoe folds when I bend my foot/toes. Once I knew my size and got the shoes, they have been great! Very comfortable. I use them as a pair of casual shoes, walking around, day to day kind of stuff.


adidas Performance Men’s X 15.4 Indoor Soccer Shoe


My son ordered these and loves them! After reading the other reviews we did order a 1/2 size larger than he typically wears and I am glad we did! They are a perfect fit. (His cleats are a size 8 but we got a 8.5 in these). VERY bright! I will not have a hard time finding him in the game. 🙂


adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe


TL;DR: Great shoes, will mold to fit you like a glove, and last for at least a year of heavy use. Get the Samba Originals if you prefer a short tongue.About me: I’m on my fourth pair of Samba Classics. In a row. I love this shoe, and I think you will too. That being said, here’s what I think you need to know:I first started wearing these shoes because I needed something with a flat sole to dance in (I did musicals in high school, and I wore straight through a pair of running shoes), and I fell completely in love with them. I wear them 100% of the time when it isn’t raining and there isn’t snow on the ground. I have also worn them for their “intended purpose” – indoor soccer – and find they work great there too.I would DEFINITELY recommend these shoes for serious walking, dancing, or indoor soccer. NOTE WELL: they will mold to your feet as if you were born wearing them, and will change their appearance somewhat once broken in (the leather will look a lot less shiny, and will develop a flatter fit across your foot), in my opinion much for the better. Like all leather shoes, these have a break in period, and I find it’s less than a week. Once broken in, they feel AWESOME, and last a very long time: my last three pairs lasted between 1 year and 1.5 years each, depending on the amount of walking I did (walking increased when I went to college). They’re also very comfortable walking / standing shoes. I’ve never gotten blisters or pains from them.I would NOT recommend these shoes for rain, snow, ice, hiking, or serious running. The flat sole, which makes them great for traction on flat, dry surfaces, falls short on all of these things. Since they are leather, they’re fairly water resistant, and a coat of water repellent spray will make them very water resistant (and avoid winter salt water stains), but water WILL get in around the tongue, which is not attached at the sides, only at the front.These shoes tend to wear in two places: the interior heel (the back of the inside lining), which will develop holes if you’re a fan of slipping your shoes on and off (which I don’t recommend: these are leather, they’re meant to be tied snug); and the sole, which will gradually wear toward smooth. I find that the sole and the upper wear at about the same rate: i.e. by the time the sole is worn to the point of noticeable slippage on wet surfaces, the shoes themselves look like they’re ready to be replaced. If you don’t care about these two factors (or you want a pair of old shoes to work in), they will basically last forever. I still use my first pair for construction, painting, and mowing the lawn. They’re over four years old and the leather will probably outlast everything else in my life.These shoes are essentially identical to the Samba Originals, the difference being that these have a longer tongue. Some people don’t like the tongue, which is reminiscent of soccer cleats, but I like it because it makes the shoes pop a bit more, and goes well with long casual pants, with which you can wear the tongue outside of the pants (the tongue is also not uncomfortable with shorts, especially after it gets bent forward a bit by being worn with long pants).


Kelme Star 360 Mens Michelin Leather Mesh Inset Soccer Shoes


First off, I want to concur with the other reviews about the 1/2 size down from what you know you wear. I personally walked into an Adidas store prior to buying these and found that I fit in a US 11.5 Samba. When it came time to order these, I saw that the recommendations from other reviewers said to get a 1/2 size smaller and I did. And they fit great.I appreciate how light they are on my feet. It’s like an extension of my foot with uber traction. And the Michelin rubber used on the sole gives me peace of mind. (I’m sure that Nike’s and Adidas’ soles are great too, but they aren’t makers of automobile tires. I don’t know, guess that bit of marketing sold me on them.)I will say that the laces are pretty long. Still figuring out what to do about that. I’m considering getting some smaller ones so that there isn’t so much tied up at the top. Regardless, this isn’t enough to sway my 5 star vote.I would recommend these to anybody and will purchase them again when the time comes.Thanks Kelme for a great product.


adidas Performance X 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)


I bought these shoes for my 8 year old son to play indoor soccer. They are a great looking pair of shoes. I let him pick out which pair he wanted to purchase. He chose these because of the bright colors. They have held up very well during the soccer season. He may even get another year out of them. They are a great fit. I love that the bright colors make it very easy to find him during the game on the indoor field. I would definitely recommend these shoes to anyone who is looking for a great pair of indoor soccer shoes.


Nike Men’s Mercurial Victory V IC Soccer Shoe


I’ve worn these for many years, from when I actually engaged in football (soccer) to just walking the dogs. Everyone has different ideas about shoes, so your mileage may vary. But for me these are comfortable, durable, and a real bargain. If you’ve never had a pair before, which you haven’t if you’re bothering with product reviews, I can’t urge you enough to try them out. i just got the shoes. They look wonderful. You can wear them virtually with everything. Great looking and comfortable. Picture does not tell how good they are given the price range they are in, best buy.


adidas Performance Men’s Ace 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe


The shoes are smaller than it looks. I usually order 10.5 soccer shoes. For this one I had to upgrade to 11.5 which is two sizes up. Beware.


Nike Elastico Pro Ic Men’s Soccer Shoes


Comfortable stylish and great grip too! Love them






adidas Originals Men’s Samba MC Lifestyle Indoor Soccer-Style Sneaker


I have had a number of Samba variants, and these are about the same as all of the others in term of fit and feel. They are a narrow shoe, but comfortable. It may take a day for your foot to stretch it out a little and not feel like it is scrunching the middle of your foot together.The white label on the back was something I was afraid of when ordering, but when I wear them, it actually does not look bad. The bottom of it is not sewn to the shoe, which was my fear, but it stays down and hugs the shoe well when your foot is in it.Very comfortable after a week or so of wear.


adidas Performance Messi 15.3 Indoor Soccer Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)


Great shoe! Beautiful on the court and works very well. My son loves these shoes. He loves the weight of the shoe and the way the ball feels and reacta off of the shoe.


Nike Men’s Mercurial Pro IC Soccer Shoe


Instantly in love! I’ve always been a fa of the way Nike fits, and these are perfect. True to size and quality.




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