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My fellow readers, I would like to tell you a little story.

I was with my friend Joanna that other day, walking in the park, when a great big Labrador

came running towards us.

I LOVE dogs, and that cute thing was running with some little, paw shaped boots.

It was hilarious seeing her run so happily within our park with those tiny protectors.

I immediately located the owner, and he had told me that he bought them to protect her

paws – as she was once injured, hitting a sharp object while running around.

That day I already started combing through the best brands out there, and asking my friends for some recommendations, and I have compiled

a detailed list of the best dog boots out there.

I though that sharing this list can be really helpful – those little boots, so to call them, will help your dog stay safe from injuries,

collecting dirt and smudging it all over, and will certainly have that eye-catching effect – your dog will be the coolest thing around.

So, are you ready to look at some awesome dog boots?


Colorfulhouse Waterproof Pet Boots for Medium to Large Dogs Labrador Husky Shoes 4 Pcs (Black, 8 (3.3"x2.9"))4.1$18.00
Invisible Dog Boots - Protect Paws From Sand, Hot Pavement, Ice, and Salt with All Natural 100% Wax-Based Cream. For Dogs Who Just Won't Wear Boots. - 60gm4.5$10.99
Hiware Waterproof Dog Boots, Paw Protector Dog Boots for Rain, Snow, Salt & Heat (Blue, Small)4.6$17.99
Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots Black Medium4.0$34.95
abcGoodefg® Pet Dog Puppy Socks Shoes Boots, Outdoor, Waterproof, Nonslip, Rubber Sole+Velcro Strips, Comfortable Design, XL (#5, Plaid)4.8$15.99
Ship From USA Dog Australia Boots Pet Antiskid Shoes Winter Warm Skidproof Sneakers Paw Protectors 4-pcs Set (S, Dark Brown)4.1$17.97
Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots Black Large4.2$29.99
Waterproof Dog Shoes with Reflective Velcro and Rugged Anti-Slip Sole (Size 3, Red)4.6$43.99
Megi® Waterproof Pet Boots for Medium to Large Dogs Labrador Husky Shoes 4 Pcs(black blue,XL)4.2$23.99
Pawz Black Water-Proof Dog Boots, Medium, Up to 3-Inches4.1$16.31
Pro-Active Paws All Weather Dog Boots Protect Paws from glass, stones, coral, heat, ice or snow ball formation, cold. Orthopedic design prevents slipping and give free movement for dog activities4.3$18.00

Colorfulhouse Waterproof Pet Boots for Medium to Large Dogs Labrador Husky Shoes 4 Pcs (Black, 8 (3.3″x2.9″))


Amazing boots! My German Sheprador (German Shepherd/Labrador retriever), Lilly, loves them too. Her feet get so tender when we go out in the snow or even on a really cold day on the cement and these boots really hold up. I got the size 8 which are a little big for her, but she still functions and they still pad her feet well. I tried them on my friends two dogs, a golden retriever/Irish setter, and a longhaired Siberian husky, and they fit their feet perfectly. They held up well through a couple hours at the dog park, and are still in perfect shape. She loves to stick one paw in the water dish and dig at it and then just hold it in there while she drinks, and while the outside got damp, when I took it off the inside was perfectly dry, so they do keep water out well. When she really gets going, she actually runs a little quicker in the slippery mud and ice due to the traction they provide, and due to them being slightly larger on her, that make it easy to find her at night because they name a slight clip clop sound on the pavement. I got a red pair and a black pair and both do well on the dogs. I ordered them on November 26, and the red pair, which came through lifewheel, arrived the 10th. The black pair which shipped via Autumnfall, came today (18th) while I was writing this review, and as their expected ship date was the 22nd-11th, they both came early, especially considering it’s through customs during the holidays. 🙂 I do advise that if your dog has never had shoes on before ( or hasn’t in a prolonged time) let them get used to shoes. It’s just like children, they’ll walk funny, they’ll try to take them off, but once they get used to them, off they’ll go, especially when they realize that they keep their feet warm in the winter or stop their feet from hurting due to pain or heat, etc.


Invisible Dog Boots – Protect Paws From Sand, Hot Pavement, Ice, and Salt with All Natural 100% Wax-Based Cream. For Dogs Who Just Won’t Wear Boots. – 60gm


Okay, I just had to write this review because I skimmed through a few reviews that said it “helped against some issues with salt but didn’t protect them from frostbite.”Um, okay, not to sound sarcastic but this IS a paw salve, not a magic bubble that is going to totally insulate your dog’s paws from all of the elements. This is coming from someone who has a dog who ABSOLUTELY freaks out when you put anything boot or shoe-related on her feet and lives in Chicago where we have horrible cold winters with a lot of snow, ice, salt, etc.That said, it does definitely seem to help with a lot of the discomfort she feels when we’re walking outside in the cold. It doesn’t seem to leave any film behind even right after I put it on, and I usually only have to put it on about once a week – and that’s after washing her paws after we return from our walks to get rid of any salt that may be stuck between her toes. That was also a HUGE help in alleviating some of her discomfort, and something I recommend for those living in areas where salt is used a lot.(It’s also helpful in the spring and summertime when I know people use pesticides and chemicals on their lawns that she inevitably walks over. Dogs paws are magnets for all kinds of nasty things and I’d much rather clean them off for her than have her sit there and ingest unknown toxins into her body)Unfortunately, until I can get her nails trimmed short enough to try the disposable booties there is just some weather that is too cold for her to walk in. I live in apartment and own a pretty big active dog so our walks are SUPER important for both of our sakes, but when it’s really cold and/or inclement weather she just starts to limp once we’ve been out there a few minutes.Using Musher’s Secret definitely helps, I always slather it on on those type of days right before we go out and it definitely improved the length of time she can go. Ultimiately, however, like I said above it’s not magic and I don’t expect it to be!When the elements are harsh or treacherous a product like this only going to take you so far – if you really want to to continue in those environments finding another type of protection for your dog is a must. After all, would putting vaseline all over your hands help you for very long in lieu of gloves when the weather is freezing cold?Prior to hearing about and purchasing Musher’s Secret I tried vaseline and one other salve and neither of them worked like this one, and both of them seemed to rub off on the carpet and leave a trail as soon as I put it on. I’m sure there are other dog paw products out there that work great too, but I don’t have a need to try them as long as I can continue to find Musher’s Secret!


Hiware Waterproof Dog Boots, Paw Protector Dog Boots for Rain, Snow, Salt & Heat (Blue, Small)


These are the first boots that I came across that the whole boot is made of the waterproof material that I like. I ordered a small and they are a little big but I like them and will make do. Many boots have material on the top that is not waterproof thereby defeating the purpose of keeping your dogs’ legs and feet (paws) dry. All the material on these boots are of waterproof material and to reiterate really keep the paws dry and warm especially with the soft felt lining which is really nice. The strap is very helpful in keeping the boot on, however, I have a 9 lb Maltese with little feet and it is hard to keep any boot on. After she is out for a little while they work themselves off. Therefore, I put Velcro on the top of the boot and on the coat to help keep them on. It’s like wearing a pair of pants with a belt and suspenders. It works.


Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots Black Medium


First off, I think you have to be realistic about boots on a dog. Getting the sizing right is tough and there are a lot of spots on the foot, like the dew claws where you can get rubbing.So my goal when I set off to buy dog boots were the following:>Cheap. I didn’t want to have to slit my wrists when one was lost in the bushes or swimming or ??? $35 for a set of four is pretty reasonable.>Reasonable expectation of them staying on.>Reasonable quality so that we would get some use out of them before they died.>Use – Backpacking in the high sierras over lots of sharp shale, granite, etc. (I had a dog the year before blow through her pads and had to wear vet wrap and duck tape through the trip.)After reading tons of reviews on the internet, looking at prices, etc., I ended up with the Ultra Paws Rugged product.What I liked about these boots:2 straps. This is important. It gives you two opportunities to keep these on. If you can get the first strap below the dew claw, and the second over, that’s the best. With the two straps the boots didn’t twist around so that the dog is walking on the top of the boot. (I heard this complaint with a lot of boots.)The boot fits loose, more like a mitten. This eliminates rubbing from ill fitting boots with pressure points. The foot can move around in the toe and you don’t have their claws smashed against a hard surface.Good rubber traction on the bottom, but not stiff. Reasonable quality.We practiced at home, and watched for discomfort. My smaller queensland looked like her dew claws were bothering her. (You have to keep the straps pretty tight for the best results and the folds of the boot were closer to her dew claw than the other dogs.) So for her, I put vet wrap around the dew claws before I tightened the boot.My German Shepherd/Border Collie fit into his boots well, and I didn’t end up wrapping his feet at all.We had a small rat terrier (10 lbs) who also came with us. He didn’t have any dew claws to put the second strap over, so his boots were harder to stay on. Kind of like trying to put boots on skinny, straight poles. What we did here was vet wrap around the top of the dog’s leg where the top of the boot would hit. Then put the boots on. We then took thin strips of duck tape and taped the boot to the vet wrap (this prevents the duck tape from sticking to the dog’s hair.) This worked beautifully.So off we went, and I was amazed at the success of these boots. They stayed on – even with them flying down the trail full speed, running through the bushes off trail, etc.Another option that I did not try, involved a dual combination of boots. There are some other boots on the internet that are basically thick balloons. They are very cheap. So my plan was to put the balloons on first (which would have made it 5 seconds on sharp granite.) I would then put the Ulta Paws boots on over them, and tape the boots to the balloons that would fit snug on the paw. However, I never got to try out that plan as the above solutions worked well.I would highly recommend these boots with the above expectations along with some innovation with vet wrap.


abcGoodefg® Pet Dog Puppy Socks Shoes Boots, Outdoor, Waterproof, Nonslip, Rubber Sole+Velcro Strips, Comfortable Design, XL (#5, Plaid)


Amazeballs! I have a senior Lab/Chow mix and these socks are Aces for him getting around our hardwood very slippery floors! they come with velcro straps to keep them on but they are snug enough on my dog that I don’t need them at least for now. Pretty impressed with the quality of these socks! I have purchased many socks and these are definitely one of my top 3’s! I do wish there was more color/print options but totally happy with this purchase!


Ship From USA Dog Australia Boots Pet Antiskid Shoes Winter Warm Skidproof Sneakers Paw Protectors 4-pcs Set (S, Dark Brown)


Taking my furbaby out to do her business in subzero weather in Northern Minnesota was very discouraging when I had to see that, not even a minute later, she was lifting up her paws and tucking them tightly to her chest. Oh, how soon they become chapped in this weather! I don’t know how long I spent looking for dog boots. I read a lot of reviews and kept wishing someone would tell me the breed, age, weight, and paw size of their dog along with what size they ordered them so it would give me a better idea of what to order. Finally I decided to go with these, partly because the brand name caught my eye and partly because they had some of the best reviews. Here’s the first piece of advice I will give anybody: MEASURE BOTTOM PAD OF PAW TO TIP OF CLAW! A lot of people, I think, were measuring the bottom of the paw to the top of the toe pad and that is a huge mistake I noticed right away when reading the reviews. Please realize that their claws are going in there too! Their whole foot is going in! I have a 7-month-old shihpoo who weighs about 7-8 lbs. I measured again and again and again. My second piece of advice: If you’re unsure – if you’re second guessing yourself – measure that paw again. I finally got a decent measurement for her front paws of 2inches in length and 1.5inches in width; for her back paws, which were quite smaller, the length was 1.5inches and the width was 1inch. This was a big dilemma for me because I wasn’t sure if I should order two sets of boots for her. Upon reading the reviews I noticed that one person did buy two sets for their dog and it turned out well; they even mentioned that now they would have an extra set if something happened to the other pair. That’s smart, but I didn’t have the money to spend. I had to choose wisely between the sizes so I decided to go with the Large. We are very lucky! The straps on these are awesome, so they tighten right up on her back paws and stay on without a problem. The first couple times she wore them she was NOT happy, but we took our time and I consoled her that she was a good girl and it was alright. My third piece of advice (besides rewarding your dog/giving positive reinforcement for wearing the boots): There is some fluff that comes in the boots when you get them…at first I thought they were supposed to be there because they were so difficult to get out I thought they were attached to the bottom — so I thought maybe they were extra padding — but they aren’t. Yank them out! Most people probably have more common sense than I do, but it did confuse me for a few moments, and I admittedly did try and put my pup’s paw in the boot with it in there. The first outing wasn’t quite so successful because we didn’t tighten them up enough (testing out the waters, you know, didn’t want to cut off her circulation :/ ) but the second outing was definitely better. The hubby took her for a short walk and they returned with the boots still on. At this point she was still confused about them and didn’t know what to think. The third outing with them was awesome! it was a nice winter day and we put her snow suit on her as well and she went bulldozing through the snow. She liked the realization that her paws couldn’t get cold (or the snow wasn’t going to stick to her fur). She had so much fun and we had fun watching her. Although I gave this a 5 star rating, I will say that I wasn’t happy about the shipping — it took about 3 weeks for them to arrive and although I knew they would be a while it was still disappointing to wait so long for them. That was the only downfall, I think. I’ve included pictures of her second and third outing 🙂


Ultra Paws Durable Dog Boots Black Large


I have a 2 year old female German Rottweiler that is close to 100lbs. While she does spend time outside and we live in a very temperate climate she has had a very hard time of things once she comes inside. We recently moved into a home with all hardwood and tile flooring so she has no grip at all. I am a breeder of Rottweilers and my girl is now in her second month of pregnancy making her more tired and even more clumsy than she was before on our hardwood floors. These boots are a life saver. I have tried the socks and they just catch the ground and slid off her feet or they twist around and then she ends up slipping even more with the socks under her feet. I was afraid that they wouldn’t fit her large feet but they slid on perfectly and the neoprene padding on the inside keeps them in place even when she does get daring and tries to run down the hallway. I love them so much I bought a pair for my brother and his 2 year old Doberman who also lives in a tile and hardwood home. Our dogs are super picky about their feet and neither one has had any serious issue with these boots. The only thing I would say is once you get these boots on your dog have a camera ready to video the first steps in the boots. it is priceless. Our dogs now walk normally with the boots on but it took about a week before they got used to them.


Waterproof Dog Shoes with Reflective Velcro and Rugged Anti-Slip Sole (Size 3, Red)


These My Busy Dog boots are adorable! Hurricane Patricia is slated to make landfall and then head towards Texas, so they arrived just in time to get to try them out on one of my dogs before the rains hit us here, and it was hilarious watching him take his first steps in them. Like watching a dog trying to moonwalk! *lol*The important thing is that they do stay on him, but I think the size chart might be a bit off. I measured my 12# Silky Terrier’s paws per the instructions and then ordered a size 4 accordingly, but they wouldn’t stay on him for anything. Next I tried them on my Maltese-Westy mix who weighs about 18 – 20 pounds and they stay on him – but only if the Velcro is snugged down as tightly as possible around his foreleg. I hope those examples prove to be somewhat helpful as you try to order to correct size for your dog.I definitely like the boots. Besides being adorable looking on the dog, they’re waterproof, have Velcro closures that let me fit them securely on his feet, and one of them is reflective which is always a nice safety feature. I love the rubber treaded non-slip soles best of all though because in my part of Texas we have terrible sticker burrs in the pasture grass that get stuck in my dog’s paws and it’s painful for them, so the soles of these boots will protect his paws from rain, mud, slipping, and sticker burrs! Hooray!I took a short video of his first experience wearing the boots so you could see how funny he looked walking in them, but it didn’t take him very long at all after I shot the video for him to get used to them and go back to running around as usual. It was funny though. I like these boots and think they’re well made. Just read people’s reviews to find a pattern of which size boots work for what size dog before ordering. Enjoy!I purchased these waterproof dog boots at a reduced cost in exchange for product testing and offering my honest opinion. I hope that my inspection and observations about it prove helpful with your decision making. If you have questions about the boots just post them in the comments section, and I’ll do my best to answer based on my own experience with it.


Megi® Waterproof Pet Boots for Medium to Large Dogs Labrador Husky Shoes 4 Pcs(black blue,XL)


Update:- These shoes have been great through the snow, though the original product I reviewed no longer matches what is currently displayed. Look for the shoes with the yellow paw prints on the side and a strip down the middle that says “PomPreece”Pros:- easy to put on- double straps means they always stay on- actual rubber soles on the bottom!!- great water resistance – we went out during a full Midwest Rainstorm and when we got back home, my pup’s feet were only a bit moist- great looking shoesThis is the fourth set of dog shoes I’ve purchased in the past 1.5 years (we’re active outdoors and love to go hiking, so shoes rarely last long), and are by far the best quality as well as the lowest price. If they last through the snow this winter, I’ll definitely be buying many more of these.


Pawz Black Water-Proof Dog Boots, Medium, Up to 3-Inches


I got boots for my dog before and had to take them back- they kept falling off and he wouldn’t walk in them anyway. When it snows he gets balls of ice between his pads, so he really needed something. I only used these once because I got them late in the season, but they worked- my only suggestion would be to make the sleeve part of the boot just a little longer so that the snow wouldn’t ball up in the dog hair above the boot- but anyway- it’s like a little balloon- you just slip it on over the paw- it looks too big for his foot, but it kind of shaped to it when he was walking- and he really walked- at first he looked like it wasn’t going to work- he kept holding his front paw up and looking at me like really!!?? But when we went out, he just took off and had no complaints. So I am totally sold on these- they are reusable- after I used them I just took them off and let them dry- a friend told me about these and I am so glad she did -they are perfect for keeping off the snow and keeping all the salt and chemical products off your dog’s feet.


Pro-Active Paws All Weather Dog Boots Protect Paws from glass, stones, coral, heat, ice or snow ball formation, cold. Orthopedic design prevents slipping and give free movement for dog activities


I have been using these boots for my dogs since 2007. Josie had gotten an infection on one foot that spread to the other. It destroyed her pad tissue, making a protective boot necessary. We used Pro-Active Paws Dog Boots for her. We were very happy with the boots. They didn’t fall off and they protected her feet. The bottom of the boots were made of thick suede so they really protected her feet.Before we found Pro-Active Paws we tried every boot we could find. Despite the high prices all the other boots were poorly made, would not stay on, and had very thin soles. We won’t waste money buying boots from a different company again.We just bought Pro-Active Paws Dog Boots for Nikki, our present dog. Last year the salt hurt her feet and snow packed in between her pads. We wanted to prevent that.. On the day the boots arrived Nikki tore a toenail off length-wise, leaving a large portion of her quick exposed. My husband put her outside but she was limping and didn’t want to walk. The following day it had healed enough that I thought she could wear a boot to protect it so she might go for a walk. It didn’t take her long to get used to the boot. As soon as we got outside she was able to run and she was so happy! The boot didn’t bother her and didn’t interfere with her ability to move around. She didn’t limp at all, so the boot did the job.Pro-Active Paws will help you select the correct size boots for your dog. All I did was have my dog stand on a piece of paper and roughly traced one front and one back foot. The I measured the dimensions and wrote them down next to the foot outlines. I also explained why I needed the boots as there are different boots for different needs. Josie had no pad tissue, was flat footed and scuffed her toes, so Pro-Active recommended a boot with heavy suede on both top and bottom so when she wore it out we just turned it over. This allowed us to use the boot for a longer period of time. Nikki has no special needs so we purchased a standard boot with a full suede sole and a bit of suede on top to cover her toes. The rest of the boot is nylon, which allows her to walk and run unimpeded. The boots extend up past the dog’s elbow, allowing the boots to stay on her feet and prevents all but really deep snow from entering the boot. Two pieces of velcro wrap around the boot and leg, ensuring the correct fit for your dog.The quality is excellent and, for my dogs, they last all winter. I can’t recommend these boots highly enough. I will always use these boots for my dogs.



And my final note

I, myself, went on and got a cool pair of boots for my Roza (a beatiful cocker spaniel),

she had to walk with them a bit, but couple of ours in – it seemed natural, she had her proud

face all smiling up.

Let me know in the comment section below how your dog reacted!

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Hope you enjoyed this article,

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