The Best Diabetic Shoes For Men

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Choosing the right shoe for a diabetic could a pain… A – LOT – of shoes could get uncomfortable rather quickly,

and I know it.

That’s why I’ve decided on making my next article about diabetic shoes (for men, this time, but spouses – read through)

I made a list of the top shelf diabetic shoes, those bad boys will make you walk in comfort, painlessly, throughout your day.

Check out my review below, and have a fine reading.



Choosing the ‘correct’ shoes for diabetics

Check out an explanatory video from the folks at The Foot & Ankle Center,

it discusses finding and choosing a ‘correct’ shoe for diabetics – and we think there are some great

tips there.

Click to play the video below.



Diabetic Shoes For Men Guide Chart


New Balance Men's MW577 Leather Hook-and-Loop Walking Shoe4.1$42.55 - $85.99
Propet Men's MPED3 Pedwalker 3 Oxford4.3$36.71 - $105.95
Hush Puppies Men's Gil Slip-On Shoe4.3$34.20 - $99.95
Propet Men's M5015 Scandia Strap Slip-On4.1$34.13 - $99.95
Dr. Comfort Douglas Men's Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe Lycra Velcro4.7$115.00 - $139.00
Propet Men's Stability Walker Sneaker4.1$30.68 - $128.95
Mens Extra Extra Wide Slippers - Swollen Feet - Diabetic4.3$59.98
Propet Men's Cliff Walker Boot4.2$48.60 - $109.95
New Balance Men's MW411 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe4.4$31.75 - $61.95
Propet Men's Cush 'n Foot Slip-On4.2$48.35 - $80.00
Propet Men's Life Walker Strap Sneaker4.3$26.99 - $128.95


New Balance Men’s MW577 Leather Hook-and-Loop Walking ShoeNew Balance Men's MW577 Leather Hook-and-Loop Walking Shoe


I love these shoes, as I have small but wide feet. My neurologist also gives them two thumbs up for people with burning / painful feet. I previously had a pair in size 9. I upsized against Dr.’s opinion, but have not yet experienced negative aspects of doing so. They are wide in the toe box, and the velcro is a plus in making adjustments easier. In most US sized shoes, I wear an 8.5, and sometimes need wide widths depending on brand design. New Balance seems to run narrow consistently for me and my paddle feet. I do not find the 4E any problem at all, and is actually needed. I heard from a worker at one of their outlets that this shoe is a top seller, and I hope it means that they will continue making them for some time.





Propet Men’s MPED3 Pedwalker 3 OxfordPropet Men's MPED3 Pedwalker 3 Oxford


I’ve purchased a number of styles of therapeutic shoes for a family member who has multiple medical conditions, including pedal edema and neuropathy. These have been by far the best of all the styles we’ve tried. They expand as needed to accommodate swelling/edema and are comfortable/durable. I’ve spent much more money on specially fitted shoes by a pedorthist, but these are the ones she wears. There was no break-in period for these shoes. She has never had any blisters or reddened areas. I have even put these in the washer on occasion and they still look/feel fine. Admittedly, they are not going to win any glamour contest–they look just like the illustration. But they look as good (or better) than most therapeutic shoes of this type. We have been most pleased with this purchase and highly recommend these shoes.




Hush Puppies Men’s Gil Slip-On ShoeHush Puppies Men's Gil Slip-On Shoe


Well, I ordered these shoes from Amazon and was a little nervous,(ordering shoes or clothes can be hit or miss)but since it came from Amazon they take care of returns very promptly if needed.
Thankfully, when the shoes came in on time via UPS and I opened the box and tried them on, It was a perfect fit…not too small or big or narrow,they were sized correctly as ordered.
This particular model shoe is very light and comortable for daily wear and was designed as such.
Bottom line is this, I will never hesitate to order again from Amazon even for shoes or clothes.
I am so happy w/ these shoes I may order another pair, and the price was very fair from Amazon.




Propet Men’s M5015 Scandia Strap Slip-OnPropet Men's M5015 Scandia Strap Slip-On


I have been wearing these shoes for nearly 2 years now, every day, for all occasions. With very few exceptions, they are the only shoes I wear. They’re classy enough for dressy slacks, casual enough to wear with my blue jeans, comfortable enough for walking, and maybe the most durable shoes I’ve ever seen in my life (with durability probably being my main concern). They come with very thin tread, so they could be slippery in conditions where more tread would be needed. But, the rubber on the bottom is like an inch thick, solid, and soft. It’s not like that foam rubber that will break down, but the rubber is soft enough and thick enough that it’s springy/spongy. With it being so thick, there’s no way I’ll ever wear through the rubber. Surprisingly, the thin tread that came on them is actually still there, even after wearing them daily for nearly 2 years. With every other shoe I’ve ever worn in my life, which came with much thicker tread, I would have worn them down flat by now. The stitching is super strong and solid all around, without being weak at any point. Basically all but the rubber on the bottom is solid, genuine leather. Even the insert inside is leather and nice looking. My only complaint about the shoe is that the back comes up just a little too high and would make my achilles tendon sore, at least until the shoes were broken in. Actually, when I had first received them, this bothered me enough that I might have returned them because of it, but I was leaving on a trip and desperately needed new shoes, so did not have time to return them. But, this has not bothered me at all after being broken in. Although they are advertised as walking shoes, they are not at all ideal for walking long distances. They are a bit heavy and not enough arch support or cushoning. But, I don’t regularly do enough walking for it to bother me. I just wanted all purpose shoes that I could wear with either my blue jeans or my slacks, for all occasions, and wanted the shoes to be black, durable, leather, textured, comfortable, and I wanted a velcro fastener while still looking classy enough. I just hate having to tie and re-tie shoe laces. These are quick and simple to put on and take off, and I never have to worry about my shoes coming untied. I’ve received a couple of comments from people who noticed and referred to them as old people shoes (and I’m only 30), but they are so practical. So for my purposes, these shoes leave nothing left to be desired, are perfect, and everything I would want in a shoe. I’m actually very picky when buying shoes. The last shoes I wore, I wore far to long, to the point that they were falling apart, just because after going through shoe store after shoe store, I never could find my ideal shoe. These are it. There’s no doubt that once these wear out, I’ll be buying an identical pair again. I love them.




Dr. Comfort Douglas Men’s Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe Lycra VelcroDr. Comfort Douglas Men's Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe Lycra Velcro


I purchased these for my 78 yo dad who has one swollen foot from a past hip and back surgery. Mom and I have wrestled the shoe problem where dad has a difficult time pushing his foot into a lace up shoe or mule due to the swelling on the top of his foot. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable they must’ve been, but dad isn’t one to complain. In normal shoes he previously wore a D width so we tried wider shoes, bigger shoes, speciality shoes in a variety of styles, types and brands without ANY luck. Still none fit…
After I gave up the shoe hunt locally , I tried online. The first pair I ordered claimed they fit problem feet. They did not. The second pair I ordered claimed they fit swollen feet. They did not. But to be honest, I did see these from the beginning, but couldn’t justify the cost. After the frustration grew, I caved. I ordered these as a last ditch effort, expecting to return them. They came it, I opened the box and immediately knew they were different.
First, the appearance and craftsmanship was top of the line, especially for an orthopedic type shoe. The overall look- fantastic, soft (but not floppy) leather with a universal style, perfect dressed up or down with jeans or business casual.
Then, with the design, the top “tongue” area kind-of opens back/up where a swollen or normal foot can slip into it with ease and adjust the strap for a perfect fit.
But the real game changer came when he put them on. His face lit up like a light bulb! I ordered a normal wide width (not the widest) and a half size bigger than his regular shoe size and they fit to a “T”.
He loves them so much he’s wearing them around the house day and night. Even in his underwear. Hahaha. He says they’re so amazingly comfortable, he’s only taking them off to sleep.
(They also came with a nice set of inserts that he put in).
Now, since he’s just has had them for a week, so I can’t say how they hold up over time. Either way, they’ve already been worth the extra expense. We could’ve bought two pair of these with the wasted money in time, fuel and return shipping costs trying to save a few bucks.
Now I’m looking at other Dr Comfort styles since he’s so excited about these. Maybe Fathers Day. 😉
Thank you!
Update: Dad is still wearing his shoes daily, they are now 6 months old. No signs of any unusual wear. Actually, they look just the same as they did from day 1. I did spring for another dressier style in the Dr Comfort brand to wear to church, which he was very pleased with, but these are still his hands down favorite.




Propet Men’s Stability Walker SneakerPropet Men's Stability Walker Sneaker


I read the reviews on this product and decided to go for a first time online shoe buy. For the record- I have very wide feet, a high instep, and some gnarly toes that make getting the right fit extra tough. Brick and mortar sellers have so few wide/deep walking shoes that just finding a pair to try on can become a time consuming and costly effort and I always wind up settling for a pair with less width than I really need, ouch!
The supplier shipped them out the same day and they arrived on time with only a short delay with UPS in Illinois. The shoes were sized as ordered and in pristine condition. Most important though was the fit. Wow! The width was accurate on the money. Not like some shoes where skimping on material makes fit a dice roll. The toe box is wide and deep so there’s plenty of wiggle room for not so perfectly shaped toes, and the depth was no problem at all for my high instep. The leather top seems durable as do the metal “D” rings that the laces go through. Laces were the round heavy kind which stand up well to tugging on. The tongue is padded which in some shoes creates a crowding problem but not on these.
The insole was the only let down. It’s pretty much a flat foam with no amount of support under the arch or heel. That was no big deal since I purchased an aftermarket set specially for wide shoes that had an arch support and gel under the heel. And low and behold the aftermarket supports and my foot still fit into the shoe with heavy socks added in. This is a first for me. Because of my high instep this was never possible before. One or the other would always have to go, foot or insole. Guess which one won out.
There was minimal break in time with no chaffing or rubbing. They felt good from the start and the already soft body leather softened even a bit more after a couple of days. Treads on the soles seem to work fine on wet surfaces and stability is good.
These shoes worked out better than I expected. The price was right. The quality appears to be there and the fit and extra room really made these a find.




Mens Extra Extra Wide Slippers – Swollen Feet – DiabeticMens Extra Extra Wide Slippers - Swollen Feet - Diabetic


my uncle had surgery and could not bend to put his slippers on. his feet were very swollen and his regular slippers did not fit. even wide were not wide enough. these slippers are remarkable. they fit any size width with the Velcro. even the physical therapist commented on how nice these slippers are. He is home now and still wears them as slippers and as shoes to go out shopping. He loves them and has them on constantly. they have a great sole that does not slip. they are well built and very durable. I would definitely get them again.




Propet Men’s Cliff Walker BootPropet Men's Cliff Walker Boot


I ordered the men’s version of the Propet Cliff Walker Boot because the women’s version did not have my size. Before ordering I found more detailed information on Propet, this boot, fit guides, and size and width charts at I carefully measured the length and width of my feet and ordered according to the measurements on the charts. The boots fit me perfectly. They are attractive, very well-made and sturdy, although a little heavy. Plenty of toe room, and although they have some arch support and cushioning, I need more so I put my own favorite insoles on top of the removable insoles, and that makes them perfect. The boots have a wide, deep toe box and roominess for orthotic inserts, so I think that’s why some reviewers say they run too large. Instead of guessing and sizing up or down, I recommend one go to, measure your feet, find your inches on their size and width charts, and order the corresponding size to your measurements. I’m wearing these mainly for long walks with the dogs on sidewalks, and so far so good. I’m not an avid hiker and don’t walk in rain or snow here, but IMO these boots can withstand rough terrain. Can’t speak to their longevity since I haven’t worn them long enough. 5 stars for fit, comfort, support, quality, and price.




New Balance Men’s MW411 Hook and Loop Walking ShoeNew Balance Men's MW411 Hook and Loop Walking Shoe


I got these shoes to have something easier to fasten after my hip surgery. Oddly, I went to a large local shoe warehouse first, but they didn’t have a single pair of men’s walking shoes with Velcro closures! These shoes have been great. I wanted them just a bit large to accommodate any post-op swelling, and they have been perfect. I usually wear 11’s, and these 11 1/2’s have been ideal, just slightly loose to allow for swelling and to make them easier to get on. They are still snug enough when the Velcro is fastened securely. I have not found the straps to be too short, possibly since I got slightly oversized shoes. They have been very comfortable to wear, and I use them every day in my rehab walks. I am up to 2 mi/day on city streets and they provide very good support and cushioning. The uppers are of very good quality materials and they are quite attractive as walking shoes go. The soles provide a secure grip. Overall a very satisfactory purchase.




Propet Men’s Cush ‘n Foot Slip-OnPropet Men's Cush 'n Foot Slip-On


Due to foot issues, I was looking for a pair of men’s slippers with a particular feature set: removable insoles so I could insert my custom orthotics, indoor/outdoor soles with good traction, available in a wide size, easy slip on with adjustments, quality construction, and top these features off with a reasonable price. This is a hard combination to find, but the Propet CUSH’N FOOT fit the bill perfectly. These slippers resemble a slip-on loafer, but offer a pull over wide Velcro strap so you can make a quick, customized adjustment based on the condition of your feet without looking like a medical shoe. The upper portion is constructed of a flexible, black neoprene material with a suede-like finish so it wraps your feet perfectly and holds the orthotics in place. The trade-off here is that neoprene may not breathe as well as other materials, but this has not been an issue so far. These have been extremely comfortable to wear for hours. Highly recommended!




Propet Men’s Life Walker Strap SneakerPropet Men's Life Walker Strap Sneaker


I searched all over the internet for a sneaker slash walking shoe that had velcro straps, and came in size 14 with a 5e width and black for Under $50.00. After reading reviews I settled on the Propet mens black LifeWalker M3705 for $48.00 AND I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED. This shoe slides easily on your foot and the velcro strap sticks easily and secures the shoe. If you have a smaller foot you can get these much cheaper, and I will say for the price this is a GREAT SHOE. I would easily pay $65.00 for this shoe after wearing them for a full day, Im sold on them. Great Bargain.
The 5e is perfect, not to wide and not a 5e that is more like a 3e. It is a perfect 5e width. The shoe itself is better than i thought. Not only does it look good enough to wear with casual pants, but It easily goes with jeans as a sneaker. Walking in this shoe is like gliding on air, THE ONLY PROBLEM I HAVE IS THAT I DID NOT GET THIS SHOE SOONER. I have now thrown out all my other shoes and sneakers and have made this my go to shoe for now. I highly recommend it for anyone with foot problems. Don’t bother reading reviews for other shoes like I did, just get this one , you will be happy with the size and feel.
Now I did get this a 1/2 size bigger, as I am a 13 1/2 and I got the 14, but I wanted the extra room and I could feel that it is a touch big, but still fits good. SO this would lead me to believe it is true to size IN BOTH width and length. Great Shoe.




One More Thing

So we explored and reviewed the best diabetic shoes in market these days, be it Propet’s or New Balance shoes,

be sure to read reviews thoroughly before you choose your pair, that’s our formula for a successful shoe match.

What more, if you bought any of the mentioned shoes – and you’re willing to write a quick review down below in the comment section,

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We hope you’ve enjoyed this review,

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