The Best Bride Wedding Shoes

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Hey fresh brides !

Ah… The wedding days, how amazing, isn’t ? The excitement, the guests, the dance, the kiss.

I remember those days like it was yesterday – some memories.

I bet you’re looking for a pair of glamorous and beautiful wedding shoe, and, well, we thought you’d might like to peek at the best

shoes available for brides in the market at the moment.

Check out our compilation below – we include testimonials from each of the shoes as well 🙂

Congrats and have a wonderful read


Wedding Shoes Guide Chart

Lace High Heel Shootie with Flatback Crystals Style AYAEL94.3$31.99 - $47.96
DREAM PAIRS BERTHA-3 Women's Bridal Wedding Party Glitter Rhinestone Low Heel Pump Shoes4.9$27.99 - $35.00
Elegantpark EP2015 Women's Evening Pumps Buckle High Heel Platform Satin Wedding Bridal Shoes4.5
DREAM PAIRS ARPEL/BERRY Women's Formal Evening Dance Rhinestones Classic Low Heel Pumps Shoes New4.2
Getmorebeauty Women's Silver Rose Flower Crystal Glitter Wedding Shoes4.2$27.99
Badgley Mischka Women's Lavender II Dress Pump4.3$59.35 - $225.00
DREAM PAIRS ROMA-1 Women's Bridal Wedding Party Glitter Rhinestone Low Heel Platform Pump Shoes4.3$32.99
Badgley Mischka Women's Kiara Platform Pump4.7$107.99 - $245.00
Blue by Betsey Johnson Women's Gown Pump4.1$38.99 - $129.99
WeenFashion Women's Shiny Pumps with Flowers Floriation4.0$19.99 - $28.98
Jjf Shoes Angel-37 Sandals4.1$12.89 - $69.00


Lace High Heel Shootie with Flatback Crystals Style AYAEL9Lace High Heel Shootie with Flatback Crystals Style AYAEL9


They are exactly what I wanted for my wedding. I’m a little sad they didn’t have a 9 1/2 but the 10 will do they are just a little big. There is a zipper on the back of the shoes for easy slide on. The heal is about 3 to 4 inches high. They give you a few extra bedazzled jewels in the box in case some fall off ( I haven’t needed them yet). I put little insoles in mine to allow me to wear them for more than a couple of hours. Overall I would say they are stylish 3″ heals that will make others jealous.




DREAM PAIRS BERTHA-3 Women’s Bridal Wedding Party Glitter Rhinestone Low Heel Pump ShoesDREAM PAIRS BERTHA-3 Women's Bridal Wedding Party Glitter Rhinestone Low Heel Pump Shoes


These are stunning shoes. The color is sparkly understated (nude is what I purchased) and on the front, rhinestones offset these giving even more sparkle. The nude is a muted gold and I matched these with a gold sparkly clutch and it went really well together. I am totally not a shiny shoe person but these still worked for me and ticked all boxes. The heel is not too high, and is also covered in sparkly material – a plus. The sole is rubber and quite slippery on hardwood floors – beware… The inside is well padded but not particularly well supported. I did wear these for at least 4 hours to a gala without breaking them in at all and did not complain – quite a feat since I never wear heels. A great buy a this price point. As many others noted spare rhinestones and repair materials are included in the box.




Elegantpark EP2015 Women’s Evening Pumps Buckle High Heel Platform Satin Wedding Bridal ShoesElegantpark EP2015 Women's Evening Pumps Buckle High Heel Platform Satin Wedding Bridal Shoes


These shoes arrived in a timely manor. They fit true to size, which is slightly larger than I needed since they don’t have half sizes. However in this day and age that’s an easy fix, with a gel insert that fits in the toe. They were packaged with such care, it was like Christmas morning when I opened them. The color is lovely! I was concerned at first ordering ivory to match my ivory dress without seeing it in person first, but it was perfect. They are just lovely and graceful and feminine. All the things I want to be on my special day! (They might even steal the show)




DREAM PAIRS ARPEL/BERRY Women’s Formal Evening Dance Rhinestones Classic Low Heel Pumps Shoes NewDREAM PAIRS ARPEL/BERRY Women's Formal Evening Dance Rhinestones Classic Low Heel Pumps Shoes New


Sparkly and sassy? Sounds like me!
I love this shoe. It has a reasonable heel height and has a strap that goes across the foot to make sure you’re securely in while you dance (or in my case, run around doing Maid of Honor things).
I got many compliments from the shoes!
Easy to put on and to take off. I am a size 6 and they fit great. I can fit in 5.5 or 6 shoes depending on if they run small or big, but I have to say that these were a perfect size 6.
My only problems:
-It is made from very stiff materials. You may feel like you are putting on a piece of plastic (in fact it probably is). After wearing it for a bit though, they become more comfortable.
-The velcro. Oh my I have a love/hate relationship with the velcro. It makes everything 1000x times easier. My only issue was that the right foot’s velcro didn’t seem to stay as well as the left side; it came loose once or twice, but it was very easy to slap it back down on the velcro firmly.
-Hot. I wore these for the first time to make sure they fit and boy oh boy was it sweaty. You must must must wear pantyhose, nude tights, or nylons with these; the difference is amazing. I had some inexpensive nude tights ($5 at wal-mart) and I wore them for the wedding, and they helped my feet keep cool and comfortable.
-Blisters. Okay, okay this is my fault, I know. I bought these right before the wedding because the bride wanted me to have shoes that were a bit more conservative (e.g. half the height of my original shoes….), so I didn’t have time to properly break them in before the event. My suggestion is to definitely, definitely break these in, or the plastic of the shoe will give you a blister on the side of the bone right below the big toe if you wear these for 5 hours the first time you wear them like I did.
ALL IN ALL, a great buy!




Getmorebeauty Women’s Silver Rose Flower Crystal Glitter Wedding ShoesGetmorebeauty Women's Silver Rose Flower Crystal Glitter Wedding Shoes


These Shoes are absolutely gorgeous. They are even prettier in person. When i go them i was shocked. I was going to wear these to a wedding but i rather wear them on my wedding day! That’s how pretty there are! Im in love With these shoes! The only complaint was i felt they may have a bout and inch space in the shoe but if i wouldv’e went any smaller probably would have been too tight. Other then that Love it!




Badgley Mischka Women’s Lavender II Dress PumpBadgley Mischka Women's Lavender II Dress Pump


Bought these shoes for my wedding. Was a little nervous as I didn’t know how comfortable they would be, but they are amazing. I’ve been wearing them around the house to break them in (since leather takes some time to mold to your foot), and I’m planning on wearing them to some dance classes soon. I am so excited to wear these on my wedding day, and super excited that they can be worn afterwards too!
Also, I have always had wide feet and the wide size fits perfectly! Love these shoes. I would highly recommend as a nice pair of shoes for anyone. I would say they are worth the investment. Got to take care of your feet!




DREAM PAIRS ROMA-1 Women’s Bridal Wedding Party Glitter Rhinestone Low Heel Platform Pump ShoesDREAM PAIRS ROMA-1 Women's Bridal Wedding Party Glitter Rhinestone Low Heel Platform Pump Shoes


I’m not really into heels, but I ordered this for my courthouse wedding. My family unanimously chose this from three other bridal shoes. Was on sale and free shipping too. It was fulfilled by Amazon and arrived earlier than from what I expected together with my other orders. It was nicely packed, with shoe box. It comes with extra rhinestones. My shoe size is 6 and ordered size 6 and fits perfectly. It was comfortable for few hours but as always for me, my feet hurt after wearing for short time no matter what heels I wear. The best part though is that it did not give any blister. I got compliment on it too.




Badgley Mischka Women’s Kiara Platform PumpBadgley Mischka Women's Kiara Platform Pump


LOVE THESE SHOES!! they are so beautiful and I got a lot of compliments. They do fit a little small, so I would recommend ordering half a size up. I read the other reviews and got the 8.5 vs the usual 8 and they fit perfect! I’m normally not graceful in heals, but they were easy to wear and I was able to walk and dance around in them a lot longer than I normally could in other heals. They were more comfortable than I expected. I probably would still add a small cushion on the ball of my feet though because my feet where achy the next morning.




Blue by Betsey Johnson Women’s Gown PumpBlue by Betsey Johnson Women's Gown Pump


My shoes have just arrived and they have blown me away, so beautiful! Online pictures dont do them justice! For anyone who is not used to a high heel may struggle but they are very comfortable, I was a little concerned by the reviews saying they were quite narrow but I found them to be just fine. 5 months to my wedding and I cannot wait to show them off. Is it over the top if I do the hoovering in them haha.? After my trawl for the perfect shoes ive found them.




WeenFashion Women’s Shiny Pumps with Flowers FloriationWeenFashion Women's Shiny Pumps with Flowers Floriation


I bought these for my upcoming wedding in July and I love them! They look just like the picture, fits extremely well and the shipping came sooner than expected! I can’t wait to wear them 🙂 The few people I’ve shown them too think they are absolutely amazing and the price was just right! Thank you
Update: I wore these for my wedding and they were great! I got so many compliments on them! They only got uncomfortable by dancing time, otherwise, they were great!




Jjf Shoes Angel-37 SandalsJjf Shoes Angel-37 Sandals


These shoes are GREAT!! better in person. I wanted a dressy shoe, but didn’t want the high heel you get from most dressy shoes. These fit the Bill, I ordered a size 9, which I normally wear 8.5-9 and they fit great!!, comfortable and the right heel height.. If you looking for a shoe that you could wear all night and still look great, I recommend these, shipping was quick, they were packed good and they are beautiful!!! OH did I mentioned How CHEAP they are!! for the money you can’t beat it. Deferentially a winner in my book.




Some Last Words

So that was our brief compilation of some top shelf bride shoes – and we sure hope you’d liked it.

If you have any suggestions for other bride shoes – please do comment below and let us know,

help us reach out to others and build a great shoe community.

Have a great day !


We hope you’ve enjoyed this review,

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