The Best (And Cutest) Baby Slippers

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Hi there fresh moms and dads !

Today we’ve made a quick overview of the best and cutest baby slippers in market,

let me tell you something – there are some extremely adorable shoes which would fit great on your child.

So without further ado, let’s see what we have !


Zutano Newborn Unisex-Baby Fleece Bootie4.8$16.49 - $24.00
Robeez Fuzzy Bunny WT Crib Shoe (Infant/Toddler)4.5$13.28 - $29.99
Scooties Fleece Booties by Luvable Friends4.4$2.99 - $15.99
Elee Baby Infant Cartoon Cute Animal Pattern Slippers Soft Sole Non Slip Toddler Crib Shoes (7-12 Months,...4.7
smart, stay on baby booties - 1 pack S/M4.4$16.00
ACORN Easy Bootie (Infant/Toddler)4.3$8.07 - $38.41
Weixinbuy Unisex Baby Soft Plush Winter Warm Slipper Loafers Crib Shoes4.0$5.79 - $5.91
Luvable Friends Plaid Fleece Cushioned Booties4.3$4.99 - $17.55
Luvable Friends Knitted Non-Skid Baby Slippers4.7
UGG Australia Baby Bixbee Charcoal Microfiber Slipper 2/3 (6-12 Months) M US4.8$34.95
Zutano Unisex-Baby Newborn Cozie Fleece Bootie4.6$21.00



Zutano Newborn Unisex-Baby Fleece BootieZutano Newborn Unisex-Baby Fleece Bootie


These booties are so worth the money. Yes, the are expensive, but one pair is all you need! I bought these for my son after socks left marks on his fat little ankles and he could pull them off. He was 4 months when I bought the 6 month size and they fit him for 2 months. Then we bought a 12 month size and he is 9 months and still wearing them. Great for cold days or keeping his feet warm at night when using pajamas without feet. Also worked over footed pajamas so well on really chilly winter nights. They have two snaps but I have always needed to put them on the tightest. These booties are great because they can not pull them off if they are wearing the appropriate size. Trust me, my son is like an escape artist but he can not get these booties off!The only CON is that they don’t come with skid-proof bottoms. Now that my son is pulling up to standing, I am struggling with whether or not to by them in the 18 month size. Zutano, WHY do you make such great booties without skid protection?!Other than that, these are one of e few splurges I’d say is totally worth it!


Robeez Fuzzy Bunny WT Crib Shoe (Infant/Toddler)Robeez Fuzzy Bunny WT Crib Shoe (Infant/Toddler)


My daughter loves theses shoes. She is almost 5 months old and for the last month or so she has loved staring at them on her feet and now she loves that she can grab the bunny ears and pull them towards her mouth. She also loves gumming on the ears. They also don’t fall off. I put them on in the morning and they stay on all day. The shoes are also incredibly cute, people comment on them every time she wears them.


Scooties Fleece Booties by Luvable FriendsScooties Fleece Booties by Luvable Friends


I needed something warm for my son that wouldn’t fall off and these fit the bill. It’s great not to keep trying to put his socks back on. No tread on the bottom, so not intended for babies that are on the move.





Elee Baby Infant Cartoon Cute Animal Pattern Slippers Soft Sole Non Slip Toddler Crib Shoes (7-12 Months,…Elee Baby Infant Cartoon Cute Animal Pattern Slippers Soft Sole Non Slip Toddler Crib Shoes (7-12 Months,...


I started using these when my daughter was 5 months old. Like I am sure most other infants, she wiggles and kicks out of socks in about 2.3 seconds. These are shoes that are extremely easy to put on, and stay on much longer. They are also very durable and washable. The shoes are stretchy to get on, so no velcro, no shoe strings, and can be put on even when she kicks her feet around. Plus, we get a lot of compliments on them, which is always fun. Considering the price, these are one of my favorite clothing purchases for her.


smart, stay on baby booties – 1 pack S/Msmart, stay on baby booties - 1 pack S/M


I initially received a pair of these socks as a baby shower gift. I initially kept this pair in my diaper bag whenever the AC was too strong or I felt my little one was cold. They stay on and they are very cute. Everyone in my family thinks they are awesome, especially moms. I bought two more pairs for this coming fall/winter in a more neutral color because I want it to match with all my baby’s outfits. The M/L isn’t too much bigger than the S/M and they shrink a bit. I had the S/M and it fit my baby girl fine until 4 months, so I ordered the M/L now.Small downside, they pill a bit after washing them but I only initially had one pair and washed them almost every other day. The baby did not grow out of them before they stop looking acceptable. I wasn’t to upset about it.


ACORN Easy Bootie (Infant/Toddler)ACORN Easy Bootie (Infant/Toddler)


My wife and I were searching for something our son could wear inside the house since slipper socks are just too slippery for our toddler. Thus we started searching and found these house booties. His feet are toasty warm on with the windows open, in October in Boston. Definitely would buy these again because they keep feet warm and have lizard like grip on the soles to keep him from slipping on the wooden floors. Just might buy the next larger size when his foot grows. Speaking of size our son is a toddler 5 and the 12-18 months fit just right!


Weixinbuy Unisex Baby Soft Plush Winter Warm Slipper Loafers Crib ShoesWeixinbuy Unisex Baby Soft Plush Winter Warm Slipper Loafers Crib Shoes


Very cute! Great value, but a bit large. I think it should be fine since baby can grow into it. I wanted to use it for trips outside in the cold, babywearing, and extra warmth in the house if needed. But I am concerned that baby might fall since there is no grip and we have hardwood floors.




Luvable Friends Plaid Fleece Cushioned BootiesLuvable Friends Plaid Fleece Cushioned Booties


Socks? No.Shoes? No.If you have a busy little one who scoots out of his or her footwear almost as quickly as you can get the footwear on them, you might just be thrilled with these little dandies. For slippers that stay on your baby’s feet, look no further. The stay on until your baby intentionally pulls them off (and that is fun to watch anyway). I only wish they came in larger sizes, too.


Luvable Friends Knitted Non-Skid Baby SlippersLuvable Friends Knitted Non-Skid Baby Slippers


These booties are adorable and was a wonderful gift, so cute as an add on gift for a baby shower gifts !








UGG Australia Baby Bixbee Charcoal Microfiber Slipper 2/3 (6-12 Months) M USUGG Australia Baby Bixbee Charcoal Microfiber Slipper 2/3 (6-12 Months) M US


If you are like me and buying baby shoes online you read about 50 reviews hoping to find one that will go into detail about sizing. For some reason most people will write ‘fits great!’ without saying the age of their child which drives me mad.First off, I bought these originally when the baby was 6 months. I incorrectly bought the size 3/4 which was way too big. I then bought the size 2/3 which was perfect. She has worn the size 2/3 and just turned 8 months. I see her wearing this size another month or two and then she may be in the 3/4. She is near the end of the 2/3 at 8 months. She is a typically sized baby and wears size 9 months in carters and and 6-12 months in baby gap. her foot is typical size for her age.The fit is also great because these booties stay on! The adjustable strap is awesome for a secure fit that doesn’t pinch the baby’s feet. I keep them in the diaper bag at all times, even in the summer because sometimes when we go in an air conditioned place her feet can get cold even if we were outside in the summer sun where she didn’t need booties before going indoors.They have a soft, terry cloth feel to them. I go the vanilla and they are so cute. but a word of warning, they have gotten a bit dirtier now that my baby crawls. The vanilla picks up a bit of dirt. I haven’t washed them yet, but assume you can do so. Still, since my baby only crawls inside you can’t really see any dirt on them unless you look extremely close because our floors are clean. But, a basically white shoe being dragged around the floor by a crawler will show some wear and dirt. If this concerns you then the grey would be better.Also, I wouldn’t wear these outside for heavy use if you have a walker. The sole is mostly cloth and would get torn up outside. These are good indoor shoes mostly because of the cloth material. Overall they are comfy, stay on well and I would definitely buy them again.


Zutano Unisex-Baby Newborn Cozie Fleece BootieZutano Unisex-Baby Newborn Cozie Fleece Bootie


These booties are my favorites. They stay in place and act as “UGG” style booties for my daughter. I put them on her with almost anything and it turns out cute. My little girl is 6 months and wears them on the tightest setting for now and has room to grow. I wish I would have ordered them sooner.



To sum things up…

We’ve looked at some of the tiniest, cutest slippers in market, just for your baby, and hopefully we’ve helped you choose

a pair.

If you’ve decided to buy one of those, or bought a different pair and liked it – help us help others

in choosing their next pair and share it in the comment section below!

TheShoesForMe team.

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