Steel Toe Shoes For Women

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Looking for a new steel toe pair ladies ? You’ve come to the right place !

We’ve gathered the best pairs around to help you choose your next one.

Take a look –


Best Steel Toe Shoes For Women Guide Chart

Women's Puma Safety Fuse Motion SD Low Steel Toe Shoes4.3$89.99 - $110.00
Caterpillar Women's Brode ST Work Shoe4.1$56.99 - $109.95
Skechers for Work Women's D'Lites SR Work Shoe4.2$39.77 - $110.49
Keen Utility Women's Flint Low Work Boot4.6$59.95 - $120.00
Ariat Women's Steel Toe Safety Clog4.2$109.95 - $119.95
Keen Utility Women's Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Shoe4.7$55.30 - $139.95
Nautilus Safety Footwear Women's 1771 Work Shoe3.7$70.99 - $112.62
Caterpillar Women's Switch Steel Toe Work Shoe4.0$82.89 - $114.95
Skechers for Work Women's Felix Doozer Work Shoe3.8$42.99 - $62.95
Keen Utility Women's Detroit Low Steel Toe Work Shoe4.5$59.25 - $139.95
Caterpillar Women's Brode Steel Toe Work Shoe4.2$56.99 - $83.65


Women’s Puma Safety Fuse Motion SD Low Steel Toe ShoesWomen's Puma Safety Fuse Motion SD Low Steel Toe Shoes


I bought these shoes for my wife since she works around a lot of lumber and on her feet all the time on solid concrete floor after going through a different pair of work shoes she would come home with her feet aching from walking and standing in them so long but not anymore I haven’t heard one complaint after I bought these pumas if anything she tells me thank you all the time for these shoes although it was about a half size larger than expected she loves them!!!




Caterpillar Women’s Brode ST Work ShoeCaterpillar Women's Brode ST Work Shoe


These are absolutely wonderful! The fit is a little loose, but I wear thick socks so they are okay. My feet feel great in them and for steel-toe shoes I’m not walking around like Herman Munster!!! Yay! I highly recommend these shoes and they’re cute, too!






Skechers for Work Women’s D’Lites SR Work ShoeSkechers for Work Women's D'Lites SR Work Shoe


I bought exactly my size and the fit was perfect. They are very confortable for work. I wear them for 12 hours in a row and I dont get tired. I totally recomend them.






Keen Utility Women’s Flint Low Work BootKeen Utility Women's Flint Low Work Boot


These shoes are great for anyone looking for comfort and for those standing on their feet for 8+ hours a day. They are lightweight for steel toes, but still a bit heavier than regular shoes. They feel like the weight of a boot. I have serious foot problems and an upcoming foot surgery, so comfort is important to me. There is no break in period so they are ready to wear. I have been wearing them outside of work too. I took a long hike with them on and they did really well. I haven’t had any problems driving with them on, like some other steel toes. The mesh on these shoes allows your feet to stay cool. The Atlanta Cool style had much more mesh and may be cooler, but I was concerned with rain/snow leaking into them, so I opted for the less mesh. My fellow employees each bought a pair and we all have 3 different styles that are available. I would say that the Atlanta Cool has the most mesh for breathablity, while these (Flint) have just enough 🙂 , and the Detroit has no mesh and my co-worker says they are hot. My feet haven’t been sweaty or stinky at all! I would recommend using the sizing chart as it is accurate. I measured my foot with a yard stick. Don’t be alarmed by the extra toe room though. There is plenty of wiggle room and by the end of the day you will be glad that you have it. They are also ESD rated. These are awesome shoes and I will buy them again.



Ariat Women’s Steel Toe Safety ClogAriat Women's Steel Toe Safety Clog


Very comfortable and warm. Love the color. They are a little heavy because of the steal toe, but not enough to be a huge deal. Fit is great and didn’t take breaking in at all! Fit is true to size. ***UPDATED 6/2013: A few years since I’ve purchased these now and I still love them. They’ve stood the test of time and are holding up well. I wear them for work (in the field as a videographer) and are pretty rough on them. I’ve scuffed them up (the first scuff was traumatizing) but now they look great. They are still as comfortable as the first day I put them on. I would highly recommend these!




Keen Utility Women’s Atlanta Cool Steel Toe ShoeKeen Utility Women's Atlanta Cool Steel Toe Shoe


I’m a woman mechanic and I have to have steel or composite toe shoes. I have a hard time finding boots that fit. Last year I bought a pair of Keen’s without the safety toe and they are still working like a dream, but I still needed a pair for work. I ran across these and snatched them up. I got them today and they fit like a dream. Though I won’t know how well they will work until I have worn them all day, they feel great. Will update…




Nautilus Safety Footwear Women’s 1771 Work ShoeNautilus Safety Footwear Women's 1771 Work Shoe


I really liked these shoes. They were safe and very comfortable. I ordered the same size as my running shoes and the fit was great. My colleagues were very jealous I had cute safety shoes.





Caterpillar Women’s Switch Steel Toe Work ShoeCaterpillar Women's Switch Steel Toe Work Shoe


Great work shoe! I always have problems with my feet when i purchase a new shoe. This shoe is very comfortable, fashionable, and well worth the price.





Skechers for Work Women’s Felix Doozer Work ShoeSkechers for Work Women's Felix Doozer Work Shoe


I needed an all white steel toed shoe for work and this was literally the only one I could find, but they are very comfortable, seems like they fit big however because of the steel toe you dont want it being too snug so I’d say it fits true to size.





Keen Utility Women’s Detroit Low Steel Toe Work ShoeKeen Utility Women's Detroit Low Steel Toe Work Shoe



I gave them 5 stars – There was no break-in period, they were comfortable right from the start! Men and women at work are asking me about them. I stand on concrete for an average of 10 hours per day and there is no foot pain. Other steel toe shoes had my dogs barking by the middle of the shift. They look great, too! My pair was a little wider than I had anticipated, but this proved to be an advantage as my feet spread as the day progresses. There was no sliding as I walk, so there are no blisters. I highly recommend these shoes for anyone who needs steel toe protection for work or play.



Caterpillar Women’s Brode Steel Toe Work ShoeCaterpillar Women's Brode Steel Toe Work Shoe


I love these. They’re one of the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned and they’re just perfect for my job where safety is a concern. They’re also one of the more attractive steel toed shoes I’ve seen. I was a little nervous to buy them because of the reviews that said they ran large. I ordered my standard size of 8.5 and they’re nice and roomy in the toe box but without room to have my foot slide. They’re absolutely perfect. Great value.Would buy again!



Wrapping it up…

Reviewing the top steel toe shoes was a rewarding task that will hopefully help you in your journey

of seeking the best fitting pair.

Please let us know in the comment section below which pair won your heart.

TheShoesForMe Team

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