Sof Sole Deodorizing Fresh Fogger Review

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Sof Sole Deodorizing Fresh Fogger
Sof Sole Deodorizing Fresh Fogger Front

Heya friends, today I’m going to review the Sof Sole Deodorizing Fresh Fogger.

About Sof Sole

Sof Sole is around us since 1991, they are a professional shoe-care product manufacturer and brand.

They are making insoles, socks and shoe care that answer both everyday needs and extreme atheletic needs.

Checking Sof Sole line, I have looked into Amazon and found an impressive amount of products, and, most importantly,

an impressive amount of review rate – most of their products are rated >= 4 stars (Which you could see in the picture to the right)

Sof Sole Review Rates

Their facebook page has > 2,000 likes and they have around 700 followers on their twitter account.

That is Sof Sole in a glance.

Let’s dive in on the product itself!

About this product

So what is this deodorizing fresh fogger at all ?

If we look at their specification, Sof Sole tells us this product


  • Deodorizes and destroys tough odors
  • Has a Fast-acting formula
  • Should Leave shoes, lockers, bags and gear smelling fresh
  • Built with a Free flow spray nozzle which provides higher concentration of active ingredients and longer-lasting coverage
  • Has a Refreshing orange scent
  • And a Concentrated formula designed to absorb and destroy odors

Yup, a lot of promises right there.

Basically, this is a orange-scent fresher, it should stick for a while, it should eliminate bad odors and its multipurpose so you could use it with shoes, socks, bags, lockers and other gear you seem fit.

I should not that prior to testing the product myself, I got ahead to amazon and checked out some reviews,

first let me mention this bottle has an impressive review rate of 4.4/5.0 with over 170 reviews.

85% reviews were positive -> 3+ stars, and you have the occasional dissatisfied 15% which received a bad container,

odds are in our favor, and I received a well formed product without apparent defects.

Sof Sole Deodorized Fogger Review Rates



The test method

I thought about how to go about and test this product to receive the best results possible.

For this test I did the following things:

Post-Action tests

  • Took a pair of sweaty socks (after a 3 mile run)
  • Took a sports bag I haven’t cleaned up for 2 weeks or so (had a wet towel that made it smell not so great)
  • Took a pair of running shoes (same pair I had as the socks above)

Pre-Action tests

  • Took a pair of clean walking shoes and sprayed them before my daily routine.
  • Same for a clean pair of socks

For each of those items I took the bottle, shook it well (as you should), placed it a couple of inches above, and gave it a 2 (roughly) second spray.

I found this to be a good testing environment for the ‘performance’ of this deodorizer.

The Results

Let’s start with the post action:

  • The socks were smelly first, and after spraying them and shaking them a bit to let it do its magic, they were bearable. The orange scent surpressed the sweat, but it was still there. In this round I’ll give this product a solid 7/10.
  • The sports bag, previously smelling like a week old wet towel, actually smelled pretty good after the spray. Maybe it’s the combination of ‘wet-towel’ smell and orange, but I actually enjoyed sniffing that bag for a bit. This round get a 10/10 at my end.
  • The running shoes were slightly less smelly than the socks above, and it was probably the right amount of smell that this spray could overcome pretty much completely – guess that shoes are a better use case than socks. They smelled decent and I would probably start spraying them from time to time. Another 10/10 for me.


The post action looked good – if you have ever had to quickly deodorize your shoes or bags, this might be a great spray for you – this deodorizer does this well.

Now let’s dive in into the pre action tests:

  • I sprayed the shoes and at the end of the day – they smelled surprisingly fine. I thought they were going to smell a bit, but they were more than ok. This made me think that this might be the proper use for this spray (spray it before you walk/run/…). A 9/10 for me here, I removed a point because if you want it to smell amazing you should spray it after use as well.
  • The socks, much like the shoes, smelled fine – they had a tiny bit of sweat smell, but it was almost unnoticable. I sprayed them once more after making this review, making them smell great. 8/10 were my thoughts in this round.


Sof Sole are a known brand that sells shoe care products for over two decades. They built themselves around the athlete community

and they shine in decent reviews and fine quality products.

You can find this deodorizer at amazon for 7.5$, and on decent use, it’ll probably last between 3-5 months.

I enjoyed reviewing it and my bags and shoes smell orange-y the past few weeks – so if you’re into that orange smell, I think you’ll find

this product useful.

If you’d like to read more reviews – I’d recommend going over to the Amazon reviews section of this product and have a quick glance.

I give this deodorizer a 8.5/10 – it worked as expected most of the times, it smells great, and it lasts for a long period of time.

I would also recommend going over to our ‘best socks for sweaty feet review‘, if you think you’d find it useful.

As always, be sure to leave comments in the comment section below, you can leave special requests as well,

or a general tip for everyone to see.

Hope you had a good read and that I’ll see you on my next review!


Sof Sole Deodorizing Fresh Fogger Back
Sof Sole Deodorizing Fresh Fogger Back

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