Most Beautiful Stance Socks

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Hi folks,

some time ago one of our readers has asked us to make a review of the best stance socks

available in market – and let me tell you, there are some amazing stance’s out there.

Stance’s founders saw a category that had been ignored, taken for granted, and dismissed.

By breathing life into something that had been overlooked, Stance has ignited a movement of art and self-expression that has drawn

athletes, performers and iconic cultural influencers to the brand – a group called the Punks & Poets.

And by underpinning its creative roots with a relentless focus on technical innovation, Stance is now found in over 40 countries on those who dare to be different.

Check out our table and review below and tell us what you think,

Have fun !


The Best Stance Socks Guide Chart

Stance Men's Boise Crew Socks4.0$9.95 - $12.00
Stance Women's Athletic Tomboy Crew Sock4.9$7.50
Stance Men's The Fourth Crew Sock4.7$5.97 - $19.99
Stance Men's Sunchild4.5$11.99 - $22.95
Stance Men's Cano Crew Sock4.7$6.43 - $15.99
Stance Men's Sequoia Socks4.7$7.17 - $15.47
Stance Women's Tomboy Crew Sock4.9$10.46
Stance Men's Pineapple Demon Comfort Style Crew Socks4.5$12.00 - $22.95
Stance Women's Athletic Lite Crew Sock4.7$9.95
Stance Men's Larieto Crew Socks5.0$7.40 - $16.00
Stance Men's Calexico Crew Sock4.7$8.99 - $11.99
Stance Men's Hawkins Crew Sock4.9$12.00


Stance Men’s The Fourth Crew SockStance Men's The Fourth Crew Sock


As I undid the plastic baggy these socks came in, I was thrown back in my chair and blinded by the rockets red glare, while Uncle Sam himself tore out of the bag and attached this product to my feet.


Within 45 minutes of wear I had lost 25 pounds, grew 3 inches, shaved 3 minutes and 22 seconds off my mile run (that’s right, I am now sub-4, at altitude), and developed such a lethal roundhouse kick that Chuck Norris sent me an apology letter.

Some 2 hours into gliding around in these foot rockets [yes, gliding – U.S. Code prohibits one from trampling upon the American flag – which apparently the product developers at Stance took seriously and using an unreported breakthrough in fabric science, built this masterpiece on a cotton/spandex blend with a levitating elastic/nylon component], I found myself destroying every other sock, shoe, boot, and flip flop in my possession, as they were no longer useful. I leave no more footprints in the sand, rain puddles part to my stride, mud hardens, dust whisks away, and snow melts before my path.

Just 3 hours later at work, rather than walk around the entire building to my favorite employee entrance, I simply leaped the building in a single bound, bypassed the saluting security, flew by the elevator, and watched as the staircase beneath me transformed into an escalator and 2 bald eagles swooped me up to the third floor.

Nearing the fourth hour of wear, my heart had completely changed its rhythm and began to continuously belt out the Star Spangled Banner. I pound out perfect 30″ steps, snap my heels to the cadence of freedom, and execute such marching precision that even my former drill instructor would move aside, offer the appropriate greeting of the day, and present arms as I pass. Women and children cry at the beauty of these crews, and the lesser men bow before these red, white, and blues.

WARNING: In the event of freedom feelings lasting longer than 4 hours, seek immediate medical assistance.

FURTHER WARNING: Not for the unpatriotic. The product can detect the unfaithful, and will rain down bombs bursting in air upon those who are untrue.


Stance Women’s Athletic Tomboy Crew SockStance Women's Athletic Tomboy Crew Sock


Daughter loves them. These socks are SOOO nice. They are soft and comfortable. Only wish they didn’t cost so much.










Stance Men’s Calexico Crew SockStance Men's Calexico Crew Sock


These are the best socks I have ever worn. This model is too thin for me, however found out I need the mid-cushion variety. So Iforward the thin ones to my nephew who wears them with his suits! Everyone should have a pair of these. The mid-cushion has the same feel as a pair of cashmere socks does.






Stance Men’s SunchildStance Men's Sunchild


Hands down my favorite pair of Stance Socks. The colors are vibrant and, over the past month, didn’t fade one bit. Let me be the first to say I wear Stance socks everyday, I work at a McDonalds, and even with me constantly moving around, these socks don’t rip, tear, or lose shape. The best part is I have big feet (size 12-13) and these socks fit me comfortably with no signs of lost circulation. Buy a pair, or two, or eight. They make everyday fun and enjoyable for everyone!


Stance Men’s Cano Crew SockStance Men's Cano Crew Sock


Love my Stance sox, I own more than one pair. Great fit, stylish. I get lots of compliments. Now if I could keep them from getting eaten in the laundry, I would then have to give six stars.






Stance Men’s Sequoia SocksStance Men's Sequoia Socks


Though somewhat limited, Stance makes high-quality, stylish, and reasonably-priced socks. Like other Stance socks, the Sequoia’s are tightly woven and thick enough to be comfortable, but still can be worn in temperature. After all, having 40 different kinds of socks is fun enough to organize, who wants to separate them by season? The colors are very vibrant, and have held up after several gentle-cycle washes. Want to roll up those skinny jeans and show off your latest pair? You can do that with these!


Stance Men’s Pineapple Demon Comfort Style Crew SocksStance Men's Pineapple Demon Comfort Style Crew Socks


These are the best socks I have ever had. Not going to lie pretty much all the people I know (namely girls haha!) don’t notice, and if they do they normally have pretty negative feelings but that is all to say it doesnt matter how people look at you as long as you look at your self the right way. I love these socks they are beautiful in my eyes they are so incredibly comfortable and not to mention they are haiwaiin. I love the flowers and leaves! They work well for dress socks, athletic socks, casual socks, or just wearing around the house. Needles to say if you wish to purchase and own the most fabulous, and amazing socks ever buy these.


In the way of material they are sturdy warm enough for winter cool enough for summer. I honestly don’t care at all what negitive thoughts or comments any other people have to say because you can’t only listen to other peoples opinions sometimes you DO need to listen to your self. I am not at all saying that you shouldn’t get others opinions about clothes… do so indeed, but when people say your clothes choices are stupid you don’t necessaraly have to heed their opinion. I was sooo happy to buy these I have no prblems with them, other people do, that’s ok, I respect the fact that everyone has an opinion, not all opinions are the same, but even so when someone judges your standpoint or opinion you must keep in mind not all people are trying to opress you some people just want to help. For people frequently wearing flamboyant and crazy clothes you will get insulted sometimes and somtimes people don’t like the same thing as you, but remember …. PLEASE remember we are all humans, everyone is different and if we strive to get along we musn’t care how badly people don’t like our clothes because no matter how you dress you can still value people and realize that we don’t know each others thought and reasons.



Stance Women’s Athletic Lite Crew SockStance Women's Athletic Lite Crew Sock


I love these. Their toe design is on point. I hate socks where the top of the toe line rubs against shoes and with Stance socks you don’t have to worry about this. The stripes look very nice as well. This pair is more of a work sock, so slightly thinner than their athletic sock, but great for fitting into work shoes. Can be worn with boots.









Stance Men’s Hawkins Crew SockStance Men's Hawkins Crew Sock


They’re mid-weight between a regular athletic sock and a dress sock. They come in a variety of colors and patterns and they are a perfect whimsical touch to your work or weekend wardrobe. They’re supportive in the arch and some (not all) have a lightly padded bottom.

I own a dozen pairs – and NONE of them have worn out after 2 years of wear. Wash them cold and hang them to dry and they’ll love you back.




Stance Men’s Boise Crew SocksStance Men's Boise Crew Socks


Son loves them. They fit fine, but I wish you had what size the SM/M and L corresponds with






Stance Men’s Larieto Crew SocksStance Men's Larieto Crew Socks


These socks are incredible! I love the quality and comfort of Stance socks. They last forever too.










Stance Women’s Tomboy Crew SockStance Women's Tomboy Crew Sock


Fantastic socks. Very lovely colors. If you have thick legs might be a little tight. The little logo stiched in is a great touch.








Our Verdict…

We have taken a ton of stance socks in our review and have categorized them by the best

quality, colors and general feel.

Hopefully this article helped you to choose the best pair for you.

If you have any recommendation for additional pairs – please let us know,

we will use that information to better our articles and help more people.


Wish you the best,

TheShoesForMe Team.

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