How To Wash Wool (Thermal) Socks

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How to Wash Wool Thermal Socks

Thermal socks are made of wool. For the longest time, this kind of material has been recognized for its ability to retain heat. One of the distinguishing characteristics of wool is that it does not absorb moisture or sweat. It is capable of retaining heat. These features make it the perfect material for thermal socks designed to keep your feet warm and dry, but just like other materials, you also need to take good care of it. It is crucial to learn how to wash it properly to maintain its excellent condition for a long time.

Unlike cotton, note that you cannot just throw wool into the washer and tumble it dry like you do in ordinary pieces of clothing. When it comes to cleaning, the material requires a gentler approach to ensure that it stays in good shape. It is no secret that wool costs a little higher than cotton, so it will do well to take the necessary precautions in washing. This will make your thermal socks, made primarily of wool, last longer.

Here are some things to keep in mind when washing your wool socks:

  1. First off, read the label instructions – Some thermal socks are washing machine-friendly while others are not. When in doubt, be on the safe side by choosing to hand wash them. Know that wool thermal socks require more attention and care than those made of cotton. This is because the structure of wool is far more delicate, which means washing them with less than the required care may damage the fabric.
  2. Choose the gentle cycle – If the thermal socks are washing machine-friendly, it is crucial to set the machine to gentle cycle and use warm water. Dissolve mild detergent. Avoid using bleach of any sort.
  3. If the thermal socks have to be washed by hand, begin by pouring warm water into a basin – Gently coat the socks with soap and spread it out with your hand. Avoid rubbing the socks or else the fabric will be ruined.
  4. Refrain from using the usual laundry detergent – Avoid using bleach, as well. Most detergents contain potent chemicals that may cause damage to the wool fabric. Use a mild detergent or bath soap, such as baby soap, instead.
  5. To rinse, either dip the sock multiple times in a basin of water or place it under running water – Do so until all the soap suds are gone. Allow the excess water to drip. Avoid squeezing it with too much force, or else the wool socks may lose their shape or even shrink.
  6. Turn the socks inside out before dipping them in either the washing machine or the basin – This prevents potential damage to the outer layer of the fabric. This also prevents the socks from fluffing.
  7. To dry the socks, avoid using the dryer – It’s mainly because letting it dry using your dryer will cause the wool fabric to shrink or lose its shape. Lay your socks flat on a clean surface to air dry, instead. You may also lay them flat on a clean towel then roll over the towel carefully. Press it gently to get rid of the excess water. Do the procedure again before picking up the socks. Spread them on a flat surface to air dry.
How To Wash Thermal Socks

Thermal socks are the best choice for those who don’t want to be bothered by cold feet, particularly during cold days or during the winter season. These can offer superior heat-retaining capacity, allowing the feet to remain warm even when the mercury dips. This makes them ideal for those who constantly need to be outside in the the snow. Skiers and lumberjacks, for example, all swear by the excellent thermal ability of these kind of socks.

Note, however, that washing wool thermal socks does not necessarily have to be done on a regular basis. Since wool repels moisture, wool thermal socks basically remain free from any sort of odor even after repeated use. There is a reason why wool is referred to as a natural product with the ability to clean itself. Still, when the time comes that you need to clean it up and wash it, follow the tips mentioned in this article to ensure that you won’t be damaging it.

With all the benefits of thermal socks, plus the ease in cleaning and washing it, it’s time to pick a pair or two. This can keep your lower extremities warm and dry when winter comes. Without a doubt, wearing wool thermal socks is a game-changer. Once you try them, there is no looking back.


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