Choosing The Best Oxford Leather Shoes

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Hello everyone !

Today we will review the best oxford leather shoes out there – we will go through all competition and brands

and add relevant testimonials on each of the oxfords there.

Let me tell you – there were some great oxford leather shoes out there, and we think that this article will help you

choose the best of the best.

Let’s get to it then 🙂

Leather Oxford Shoes Guide Chart

DADAWEN Men's Leather Oxford Shoe4.0$29.99 - $32.99
Kunsto Men's Classic Leather Oxfords Flats Shoes Lace Up4.0
Bass Women's Ely-2 Oxford Shoe4.2$46.99 - $84.95
Nunn Bush Nelson Wingtip Oxford4.3$67.95 - $85.00
Clarks Men's Newmann Oxford4.4$45.00 - $100.95
Dockers Men's Gordon Cap-Toe Oxford4.1$35.99 - $75.00
Calvin Klein Men's Brodie Burnished Leather5.0$59.99
Calvin Klein Men's Brodie Epi Leather Oxford Shoe4.4$89.99 - $109.95
Kids Conda Boys Suede Loafers Water Resistent Slip On Split Leather Boys Oxfords - Deck Shoes / Sneakers4.3
Clarks Men's Keeler Walk Oxford4.5$34.62 - $89.95
Dockers Men's Perspective Moc Run Off Toe Oxford4.1$28.99 - $79.95
Clarks Men's Portland 2 Tie Oxford4.4$58.69 - $127.27


DADAWEN Men’s Leather Oxford ShoeDADAWEN Men's Leather Oxford Shoe


I am very happy with the shoes. Many times you get what your pay for, but in this case you get more…
The shoes look great. I have similar pair in blue for which I paid $90. I am not used to getting compliments on my shoes, though with this pair people are commenting on them left and right. You can wear them (I got brown color) with jeans, khakis, or even with something more formal.
They are comfortable and very light. The material looks great. After wearing them for 2 weeks, they still look like new.
The arch support could be better. Keep in mind they are $30 – the material is fine, though they may not last as long as shoes you pay $300 for.
Somebody commented about the smell – leave them out for a day or so and the smell goes away. Yes, if you inhale from the box they come in, it is noticeable. There is no way somebody will smell the shoes when you wear them (unless you have some medical issue which is whole other problem).




Kunsto Men’s Classic Leather Oxfords Flats Shoes Lace UpKunsto Men's Classic Leather Oxfords Flats Shoes Lace Up


Very comfortable and an outstanding value for the price. They work as a more dressy shoe and casually as well. The arch support is lacking but they aren’t made to play hoops in so that is fine. I love wearing them. They are thin but surprisingly warm. Not recommended for wet weather wear.




Bass Women’s Ely-2 Oxford ShoeBass Women's Ely-2 Oxford Shoe


I generally wear an 81/2 – 9 in women and the 8.5 in the Bass Oxford fits perfectly on me. I was going to buy a more ‘punchy’ tone, but once these came I was glad I hadn’t. The nice neutral tones of the grey ‘sea rock’ stood out, but in a nice way and the fit of the shoe, the style, and the beet-red sole really jumped out. Because this shoe is suede, it kind of has a nice subtle pattern of the suede’s grain, which I always find neat. I wouldn’t wear these when the forecast calls for rain (or snow, soon!), due to suede’s inevitable talent of losing it’s beautiful pattern once it gets wet. This can be fixed, but it is easier to just wear another pair of shoes on rainy days. If you live in a rainy climate, look for shoe water protectant, this usually does the trick.




Nunn Bush Nelson Wingtip OxfordNunn Bush Nelson Wingtip Oxford


I bought the wide because I have a slightly wide foot and some people said these shoes fit on the smaller size. They seem longer than I expected but that may just be because of the shape of the toe. They fit well and my foot doesn’t move or slide while I walk around in them. They are pretty comfortable to wear for long periods of time, they have a comfort gel in the heel so standing isn’t an issue. At this point I’ve very happy with them and would buy them again.




Clarks Men’s Newmann OxfordClarks Men's Newmann Oxford


I had my last pair for 4 years and just bought new pair today. The shoes are still comfortable but just a little worn over that long time period but… what would you expect!?! They are the most comfortable dress shoe I have ever tried. I searched three stores before I found a new pair of the same thing. Checked Amazon and it looks like here they are. They don’t scuff and leave annoying white marks! I could probably fight Agent Smith in these, that how not like dress shoes they feel !! By the time I need my next pair, I should have a way better job and not cringe when I spend $70. But if I bought other dress shoes I would probably go through them 2X as fast and not be as comfortable or satisfied. Good thing is they are not $250 and if you feel like walking through the grass because your running behind schedule, do it! I did for 4 years and they are still in decent shape. That is all.




Dockers Men’s Gordon Cap-Toe OxfordDockers Men's Gordon Cap-Toe Oxford


As an attorney, I need to dress up a fair bit, and prefer my shoes in black. I am a no-nonsense person who likes clean, functional designs, and feel that these shoes are perfect for me. As long as the manufacturer makes these, I will buy them. It is amazing to me that leather business/dress shoes of this quality are available for a cheaper price than good sneakers.
Pros of this model:
1. High-quality leather. All of my pairs have worn in gracefully, without any strange wrinkling or other earmarks of low-quality leather.
2. Will take a shine if necessary. If you know how to spit-shine a shoe (ex-Army guy here), you can make these take a mirror finish with work. They also look good for court or other important appearances with a minimal brush shine.
3. Looks good without being shined. The semi-gloss finish retains its look for a long time.
4. Single-piece sole. I have been through more expensive pairs of Italian shoes than I care to count, fully half of which developed sole or heel problems walking the cobblestones of Boston (I don’t know if I have a peculiar way of walking or what, but a shoe has subpar design if it’s even possible for a heel to fall right off).
5. Good traction for a professional-looking shoe. This is because of the semi-hard rubber sole material and tread design.
6. Comfortable (very).
7. Cheap. You don’t have to worry about ruining them with winter salt, or anything else; you can keep a knock-about pair. They are so cheap you can have a pair for every use. I have an extra pair just to throw at the cat. Or I would, if I had a cat.
Cons of this model:
1. Laces which fray easily. (Oh, well. You can’t have everything.)




Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Burnished LeatherCalvin Klein Men's Brodie Burnished Leather


Thank you so much!! These shoes fitted so good, they are comfortable and you can’t beat the price compared to a department store.










Calvin Klein Men’s Brodie Epi Leather Oxford ShoeCalvin Klein Men's Brodie Epi Leather Oxford Shoe


The following applies to the first week of purchase/wear:
Out of the box, these shoes look exactly like the photos, though they aren’t as shiny as you may expect. That is very easily remedied though, if you use a bit of shoe polish. I had best results with Meltonian branded polish/cream.
The laces do not appear to be leather, which doesn’t bother me and is just a call out for those who find this important. The eyelets for the laces are reinforced with a little metal rivet thing on the underside. Some shoes don’t have this feature and their eyelets will deform, so it was a pleasant surprise to find this feature.
The leather for the shoe is pretty stiff, but that’s out of the box. It should break in as I wear it more. I will follow up with additional comments.
The fit for me was excellent and is comfortable, though it is a bit lacking in terms of cushioning and arch support.




Kids Conda Boys Suede Loafers Water Resistent Slip On Split Leather Boys Oxfords – Deck Shoes / SneakersKids Conda Boys Suede Loafers Water Resistent Slip On Split Leather Boys Oxfords - Deck Shoes / Sneakers


My daughter actually wears these shoes, and they are the first things she grabs in the morning when she gets out of bed! She has pink sneakers and sandals, but she chooses these because they’re easy for her to put on herself without any help, and they’re comfortable. They’re perfect for the fall weather we’ve been having! I love the color, they match with anything, they seem to have very good arch support for her feet. She has never complained of them hurting her feet or being uncomfortable, and she has no marks on her feet after wearing them. These shoes are actually for boys, so her size was a little different, but they still fit perfectly and the shoes themselves are adorable. I hope to buy another pair for my cousin’s son! They are too cute to pass up. The grips on the bottom are great too, she doesn’t slip and fall if it’s raining outside which is great! I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest, unbiased review.




Clarks Men’s Keeler Walk OxfordClarks Men's Keeler Walk Oxford


Thanks amazon, I could have a reliable way to buy it. my feet usually will have too much sweat. These shoe are really comfortable.




Dockers Men’s Perspective Moc Run Off Toe OxfordDockers Men's Perspective Moc Run Off Toe Oxford


I’m called cheap but I prefer thrifty. Either way I’ve never spent more than $75 on a pair of shoes. With that in mind, these are the most comfortable office shoes I’ve ever owned. There was no “break in” period they were comfortable from day one. They feel a little bigger than other shoes of the same size but not to the point where I should have bought a half size smaller. The gel insert is irrelevant as I don’t even feel it but I don’t feel it’s needed either. I might feel different if I was standing all day, which I don’t, but for an office job they are quite good. I have not experienced the issue I’ve have read with the shoes coming untied. Maybe they changed the laces which is what I would do if that situation arose.
Styling is decent. The soles are a but big and stick out around the uppers more than I would like but overall they are fine for a casual or office environment you’re just not going to impress any one with your shoes.
Overall I’m very happy with the shoe and the price.




Clarks Men’s Portland 2 Tie OxfordClarks Men's Portland 2 Tie Oxford


I have never had a pair of Clarks prior to buying these. As I’ve gotten older I’ve developed some foot problems and my feet have become wider and longer which makes it difficult to find the correct fit. I’m having to buy 14’s now but most of them aren’t wide enough and often time they are a little long. 13’s now are typically too short and I now need a wide which limits selection. I read about these shoes and they were a great price so I bought them. I bought a 13 wide and they fit wonderfully. They are a little longer than normal 13’s by about a half size and plenty wide. The amazing aspect of this shoe is the cushioning. I bought and tried several pairs including 2 pairs of Ecco’s and none matched the Clarks in cushioning and comfort. I think I’m also noticing less foot pain but I need to wear them longer to be sure. They are a little darker than the picture but they are so well made. I’m a Clarks guy for life now!




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