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Hey there! Looking for the best socks for babies?

Fresh moms, dads, uncles, aunties and family, welcome!

We are going to present the cutest socks ever made, what we believe are the best socks for babies out there –

So join us and take a peek at one of the first sock pairs your newborn baby will wear – this is exciting!


What are you seeing in this review

We’ve assembled what we believe is the most awesome list of baby socks ever made!

To do this we have:

  • Talked to friends, family and customers out there, taking notes about their choices
  • Took the top rated baby socks over at Amazon
  • Took the most useful customer testimonial we could receive on that sock
  • Asked about durability, wash-friendliness and overall satisfaction
  • Ranked them accordingly
  • Uploaded a guide chart that you can overview right below

One thing we can say – we are now officially baby-sock pros!


So let’s jump in –

Best Socks For Babies Guide Chart

HOVEOX 12 Pairs Kids Baby Toddler Socks Non-skid Crew Walkers Unisex4.3$14.99
Jefferies Socks Unisex-Baby Non-Skid Turn Cuff 6 Pair Pack, Multi, Infant4.7$9.99
Gerber Unisex-Baby Newborn Sock, White, 12 Months (Pack of 6)4.1$9.99
Carter's Baby-Girls Newborn Mary Jane Socks, Multi, 0-3/Medium Months (Pack of 6)4.5$11.99
Carter's Baby-Girls Newborn Pointelle Socks, Multi, 0-3/Medium Months (Pack of 6)4.5$14.00
Toptim Baby Girl's Socks Anti Slip Skid Socks for Infants and Toddlers (5 Pairs)4.3$10.86
Jefferies Socks, Llc Unisex-baby Newborn 6 Pack Seamless Sport Half Cushion Crew Socks, White/Grey, 3-12 Months4.2$12.00
Luvable Friends 10-Piece Baby Socks Gift Set, Pink, 0-9 Months4.5$9.99
Baby 6 Pairs Anti-slip Foot Socks for 8 - 36 Months Infants and Toddlers4.8$11.38
Carter's Baby-Boys Newborn Sneaker Socks, Multi, 0-3/Medium Months (Pack of 6)4.5$7.99
Luvable Friends Baby Little Shoe Socks 3 Piece Gift Set, White/Pink, 0-9 Months4.7$4.99

HOVEOX 12 Pairs Kids Baby Toddler Socks Non-skid Crew Walkers Unisex


I purchased the HOVEOX Kids Baby Toddler Socks for my infant daughter. I received six pairs of socks, not 12, but the listing has changed since I ordered, in a variety of adorable styles in vibrant colors. They have a metal clip to hold each pair securely and I like that o didn’t have to worry about the plastic tabs that go through the fabric, potentially causing holes before they’re even used. Included with my order were 1 pair in each of the following designs:*Yellow with Orange Heel and Toe-Frog Design*White with Red Heel and Toe-Grey Stripes, Red and Blue Stars*Blue with White Heel and Toe-Yellow Laces and Light Blue with Grey Stripes-Tenneshoe Design*Dark Blue with Grey Heel and Toe-Red Top with Contrasting Light Blue Car Design*Light Blue with Dark Blue Heel and Toe-Red and Yellow Airplanes, Rainbow and White Car Design*Black, Grey and White Striped with Black Heel and Toe-Red and Yellow Fire Truck Design**I have included pictures for referenceEach sock has white dotted grippers on the bottom to avoid slipping along with the “Kid’s Basil” logo in the same non-skid material. The elastic on the ankle blends with the sock and is very stretchy. Unlike other, similar products I have purchased, the HOVEOX Socks do not leave indentation marks on my child. They are made from a cotton/spandex blend, making them both soft and breathable. They are machine washable, although I turn them inside out to protect the grippers.All things considered, I am very pleased with the overall quality, durability, function and softness the socks provide. Disclaimer: I received this product at no cost in exchange for my honest, unbiased review. Regardless, I’m very happy with my HOVEOX Kids Baby Toddler Socks and would happily purchase.


Jefferies Socks Unisex-Baby Non-Skid Turn Cuff 6 Pair Pack, Multi, Infant


Wonderful quality socks that will last. These socks do not slip off and can be worn as baby is starting to walk. They are beautiful, comfortable, and launder well. I bought the original set, and then bought 3 more – one more for my house (grandma), and two for home. They will last for at least six months of growing or more. They start out as knee socks (six months) and comfortably move down the leg as baby grows without stretching out of shape or becoming too tight. The colors in my case were for my granddaughter – I personally would not use them for a boy. Highly recommended.


Gerber Unisex-Baby Newborn Sock, White, 12 Months (Pack of 6)


These socks are cozy. They are perfect to layer under footie pajamas for extra warmth in chilly weather. They seem to fit 12-15 lb babies well and do not fall off but are not too tight. They may fall off of smaller babies when they squirm around.These do leave sock lint in your babies toes – maybe it would be helpful to wash them inside out at first?


Carter’s Baby-Girls Newborn Mary Jane Socks, Multi, 0-3/Medium Months (Pack of 6)


I love buying baby socks for my little Girl. I have bought my baby girl juDanzy (second favorite), KF, and a knock off brand called Noodle Trumpets off from eBay. Carter’s socks fit the best, and the colors go great with all the Carter’s outfits I have bought for my daughter.The 12 – 24 month size, does have no skid letters on the bottom that say they are Carter’s and the size (12-24 months).I don’t like how most socks have elastic at the top, where the baby’s leg gets wider so it leaves a mark and is tight around a baby’s leg. I had a gift set of socks where they were narrower at the ankle and flared at the top, but I don’t know the brand. At any rate, these Carter’s socks do have the elastic at the top, but they fold down so you can place the elastic at the ankle so the socks won’t leave marks on your babies leg. They look beautiful folded down, and may have been designed for this.I only wish these socks came in 2 year to 4 year size. I read archaeologists can tell when people started wearing shows because the bones in their feet became thinner. That’s one reason I want my baby walking around in socks as much as possible, so she with strengthen her feet.


Carter’s Baby-Girls Newborn Pointelle Socks, Multi, 0-3/Medium Months (Pack of 6)


I purchased the next size up as my daughter had received an infant sized set at the baby shower and I loved the quality and colors! Great socks to use on my grandchild during colder months and they stay on good! She tries to pull them off but they stay in place 90% of the time and I love the grippers on them for standing practice! Great option when you don’t need shoes on a young child & yet want to keep their feet warm!


Toptim Baby Girl’s Socks Anti Slip Skid Socks for Infants and Toddlers (5 Pairs)


We’ve tried every type of “won’t fall off” sock out there and nothing has worked…until now! I was a little skeptical…because they were shipping directly from China and you never know how that’s going to turn out (I can say that because I’m Chinese and have bought lots of poorly made stuff from China), but I was really impressed with these. We’re putting them on over other socks as a second layer during the winter (we have cold hardwood floors) and they’re perfect.They stayed on ALL DAY without falling off and kept the other socks on too. Don’t know why no one else makes these but they should! Only thing I would improve is the quality of the material, it’s not bad, it’s just not as impressive as the other aspects of these socks.


Jefferies Socks, Llc Unisex-baby Newborn 6 Pack Seamless Sport Half Cushion Crew Socks, White/Grey, 3-12 Months


I love these socks! Mainly because they keep my sons feet warm AND they are too hard for him to get off his feet. I marked it as Fits as Expected, but honestly this all depends on your baby. My son is bigger than most, so I ordered 12-18 month for him (he is 7 months) and they fit just as I predicted. I have a friend who’s baby is smaller, so the 0-12 month size would be good for him. But knowing my son always wears larger than his age, I got the right size.Again, I just love that they come up high on his legs to keep them warm even when his pants ride up (which always happens when you pick up a baby) and they fit snug so he cannot pull them off. Which all other socks he can houdini his way out in 0.5 seconds! These are excellent for function. No they are not as cute as some socks with pictures, but I don’t care when they keep him warm in 0 degree weather.


Luvable Friends 10-Piece Baby Socks Gift Set, Pink, 0-9 Months


I felt a little silly buying this, because it is a gift set, and I wasn’t planning to give these as a gift.They were just what we needed, though! They’re wonderful!So far my daughter (6 months) has worn two pairs–she wore each pair for an entire day and night–and they have never fallen off. Not even once! Sometimes the heel slides down a little and I hike them up, but we haven’t come close to losing one or having one actually fall off.I wish we would have found these sooner! We had been using BabyLegs socks, which were much much better than Walmart baby socks, but even the BabyLegs socks kind of start to come off sometimes. So, the Luvable Friends socks are definitely the way to go.I cannot recommend these enough! They are well made, and they actually stay on extremely well. Give them as a gift if you want–they would really be a very useful, very good gift.


Baby 6 Pairs Anti-slip Foot Socks for 8 – 36 Months Infants and Toddlers


Whether your baby started to walk or not,having extra socks around the house is must! And if the child started to walk,twenty pairs of socks is not enough,as they walk all over the place,and changing their socks become a routine that is done few times during any given day!!Quality/Durability:————————-These socks are made mainly out of cotton,with some spandex,for stretching and comfort! Cotton is best material to have on those little feet,safe and easy to wash! Variety of colors is a plus! What distinguishes these socks from others,is the the anti slip rubber bottom! It makes the walking more steady on slippery floors,wood or tile,and especially important for new walkers,as they tend to fall easily. The cotton is soft,yet durable at the same time. Stitching can use better thread,however it seems to be tight enough.Final Thoughts:———————-If you’re looking for inexpensive start up socks for your active baby,at price tag,they socks are highly recommended! Although they’re advertised as machine wash safe,my personal advice to you,is to hand wash them and let them air dry! Cotton tends to shrink when washed in a machine and dried in a dryer! By hand washing,you give them extra life. As for durability and long lasting,only time and use will tell,and I will make sure to report back on any negative change in quality!Still, if you’re a skeptical person and not sure whether to trust other people’s reviews or not! With Amazon’s 30 day return policy, you have four weeks to try it out yourself, before returning it for any reason, with no questions asked, and in most cases Amazon will pay for the return shipping, in other words, it is a win, win situation!! With that said, I hope you find my humble opinion helpful in making or breaking your buying decision, if so please return the favor by hitting the YES button bellow while you’re at it 🙂


Carter’s Baby-Boys Newborn Sneaker Socks, Multi, 0-3/Medium Months (Pack of 6)


These are adorable! They look much better in person! Just like little tennis shoes. The skid proofing on the bottom is so cute! They are a nice variety of colors to go with just about anything. Highly recommended!






Luvable Friends Baby Little Shoe Socks 3 Piece Gift Set, White/Pink, 0-9 Months


I cannot recommend enough of these, my LO wore this for more than a year..they are cute, comfy and most of all looks like shoes and keeps baby legs warm. They fit perfectly from newborn to almost 15 months. They stretch and get used to baby feet, also you can machine wash them and they are still intact! I am so glad I bought this and this has been one of the items that I have been giving to my friends who have babies or baby shower and everyone have loved it. So pretty as a gift as it comes in a cute box and they will surely use it. One item even without thinking twice I will repurchase over and over.



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