Best Snow Boots For Women

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Hello there ladies !

Its getting colder and colder, and we’ll soon see those street covered in snow, won’t we ?

To help you prepare we have researched about the best snow boots for women available in market.

After some serious filtering of brands, we’ve come up with the following results,

so check it out – and get ready for some snow 🙂


The Best Snow Boots For Women Guide Chart

U.S. Polo Assn. Women's Artic Boot4.1$23.99 - $25.43
Columbia Women's Ice Maiden II Winter Boot4.7$50.00 - $80.95
Nature Breeze Duck-01 Women's Chic Lace Up Buckled Duck Waterproof Snow Boots4.4$27.85 - $35.99
Khombu Irene Snow Boot4.6$68.88 - $78.88
Kamik Women's Momentum Snow Boot4.4$61.98 - $140.00
Northside Women's Bishop Fashion Boot4.2$41.51 - $85.95
DREAM PAIRS LUGG Womens Winter Fur Lined Collar Lace up Cozy Snow Ankle Boots with Durable Outsole Booties4.1
Khombu Women's Waterpoof Winter Boots Nordic 24.4$33.99 - $54.99
Columbia Women's Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter Boot4.5$61.04 - $129.99
Womens Twin Button Fully Fur Lined Waterproof Winter Snow Boots4.2$39.99


U.S. Polo Assn. Women’s Artic BootU.S. Polo Assn. Women's Artic Boot


I got these on that auction site because they had the right size for my wife.
They are just what I thought, an excellent bargain for the price.

Fit: they fit my wife just right with a little extra room for her toes which she loves (and room for her thick winter socks).

Appearance: they look like they would cost a lot more and she says they are stylish.

Comfort: she says they feel great when walking with good arch support and are easy to put on and lace up, and are very warm.

Quality: they’re built very sturdily and should last through many fall and winter seasons and for the price you can’t go wrong.

Highly recommended for quality and style for the money!



Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Winter BootColumbia Women's Ice Maiden II Winter Boot


I wish I could give more than 5 stars for these boots. I’m having back surgery in a few months and needed boots with stability and good traction so I don’t fall. I’ve never bought boots online and was freaking about it after reading ratings. Well, I bought them and in my 40 years of age, these are the best boots I’ve ever had. Did I mention I live in Wisconsin? We are in the beginning of coldest part of winter. When it was -10 I walked dog, which I do 4 times a day. Well, we were walking and my hands were chilly, ears so cold etc. Then I stopped walking and got a big smile. My feet have never been so warm, EVER! I put them on anytime I go outside, even if just to get mail. I read reviews where others were complaining on hard to put on, no support and I cannot agree with any of them. I’m just wondering if I should get another pair in case they stop making them. 😃


Nature Breeze Duck-01 Women’s Chic Lace Up Buckled Duck Waterproof Snow BootsNature Breeze Duck-01 Women's Chic Lace Up Buckled Duck Waterproof Snow Boots


I sized up from a 7 to an 8 and they fit great!! They came faster than expected which was very exciting. They are perfect and I can’t wait to wear them!!!





Khombu Irene Snow BootKhombu Irene Snow Boot


I LOVE these boots. I have not had them through the cold Maine winter that is coming yet – but they seem like they are going to be great. The soft warm lining goes all the way to the toes (unlike a lot of boots that just have it around the top)! They are SO comfortable and cute at the same time. I usually wear size 8 so I got them in 9 to allow room for thick winter socks and that was the right choice. I think these are going to be great this winter.



Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow BootKamik Women's Momentum Snow Boot


Very stylish for warm winter boots. The gray upper is a bit darker in color than the picture, but I prefer the charcoal color. The entire inside of the boot is a short black faux-fur…very cozy & warm. Love the fur trim & toggle closing. VG tread on boot. The first time I wore my boots I shoveled snow & took a long walk in 18 degree weather & they exceeded my expectations. No break-in time needed & my feet stayed warm. I highly recommend if you are looking for style, warmth in a quality snow boot.





Northside Women’s Bishop Fashion BootNorthside Women's Bishop Fashion Boot


My mother saw my wife’s winter boots, which look similar to these. The retailer where we bought the boots for my wife no longer carried that particular pair, so we found these on Amazon. My wife actually prefers the look of these boots to the pair she bought at the big box store.

As for these boots, my mother tells me they are warm. I know they’re fashionable, because literally every single time I go somewhere with her, random women will approach her and ask her where she bought them and fawn over them.

If you have a woman in your life who needs some winter boots, these are the pair to buy. I can’t speak to how well these would hold up to a -10F day of ice fishing, but for getting around in the winter, they appear to be great.



DREAM PAIRS LUGG Womens Winter Fur Lined Collar Lace up Cozy Snow Ankle Boots with Durable Outsole BootiesDREAM PAIRS LUGG Womens Winter Fur Lined Collar Lace up Cozy Snow Ankle Boots with Durable Outsole Booties


Ok – I bought 2 of these as gifts for family women. I got the black on black for my mom-in-law and the red(actually dark hot pink) for my 14 year old. Mom wears a 6 1/2 and got her the 7 and for the kid, she wears a 7 and I got her an 8. They fit really well actually and are very warm. I had them try on each others boots so they had no idea they were for them so I know they fit. The traction is very good on the bottoms and they appear to be made pretty well. I’m going to waterproof both of them and let them air out before wrapping them up and putting them under the tree. Excellent buy for the price and I know they’re both going to love them. You can unfold them and pull them all the way up if you want them to cover more of your leg too and it didn’t look awkward like I thought it would. The fur goes all the way down into the boot and is very warm and soft too. I wanted to write a review quick since I didn’t see any reviews on the pink ones at all to verify they were actually pink and not red like the description color shows. I think I’m going to get her different colored laces though. The laces that came with the pink ones were a red and black multi-color and didn’t match the boots really. I think black would go better.


Khombu Women’s Waterpoof Winter Boots Nordic 2Khombu Women's Waterpoof Winter Boots Nordic 2


I really love these boots! We ordered two pair based on price point and other reviewer comments. I live in South Dakota where we get a lot of ice and snow in the winter months. These boots are easy and fast to pull on and off since the laces are mostly decorative. I did order a half-size larger based on other reviewers recommendations to accomodate heavy winter socks. They are warm and fully water proof. The soles provide excellent non-slip traction for ice and slick floors. They fit really well, have excellent arch support. I would liken the feel of them to my Keen summer shoes. I have average feet – not wide, not narrow, not thick ankles and no particular foot problems. My mother, who got the second pair, has bunions and a good deal of foot difficulty. She likes them too. I stand on my feet all day at work and these are comfortable for a full shift.



Columbia Women’s Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter BootColumbia Women's Minx Mid II Omni-Heat Winter Boot


First off, I was truly worried about purchasing boots online — as the sizing could always be off and the return process is always a pain. However, after much research, I decided to gamble on going a full size up (I’m usually an 8, I bought a 9.) It arrived almost a week after purchase, I was just grateful to find something in my size this late into winter. Unfortunately size 9 seems to be the most common boot size for women.

It arrived on time, I initially pulled the boots out and found them to be in wonderful new condition, I tried on the boot and it was a perfect fit! I was worried because I have track runner legs, VERY muscular calves that always cause problems when buying boots. In fact, besides these boots, I usually only buy Uggs because leather zip ones never fit! So frustrating. The laces make this boot so convenient to wear. Very warm and cushioned, they fit quite well with normal boot socks and my toes still had wiggle space. I like how they’re not too long, I’m 5′ ft tall and the come to about 2 inches beneath my knee; but they don’t scrunch up, which was what I worried about initially.

Overall, I’m really happy with the investment, worth the money — the winters here in Boston can be tough! I love that it’s waterproof and doesn’t make your feet feel raw and moist either. I do wish the dark black or charcoal was available in my size but the brown is lovely too! They don’t hold onto stains well, which is awesome; I run through the mud and it wipes right off.


Womens Twin Button Fully Fur Lined Waterproof Winter Snow BootsWomens Twin Button Fully Fur Lined Waterproof Winter Snow Boots


WOW! I am impressed with the fit and stability of these boots for the price. Five stars! Shipping was quite speedy as they were desperately needed to confidently travel out to my appointments. I ordered them in black, size 9, for my size 8.5 wide fat feet and calves, and was hesitant that they would fit me. Success in all points with room to spare for wearing them with wool socks. If I had normal feet and calves, I fear they would be too big. Also, I am disabled and walk with a cane, prone to ankles swelling and rolling outward causing me to fall and end up in ankle sprains. I am unable to physically shop from store to store as other people. The boots have a stable foot bed and sole which suits my needs perfectly. I shopped uggs and ausland comments sections and was not convinced enough to purchase those boots without trying them on, especially with their high prices. These Holly boots are awesome and priced right. Thank you Amazon for saving me.




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