Best Night Splints for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a tough one, we know, those painful aches wherever you are – walking, running, and at times even resting.

Its the number one cause for heel ache, as we’ve discussed here,

but it goes away most of the time in a period of around ten months.

Postponing treatment for PF might lead to a worse injury, or even a chronic disorder, so be aware and stay safe!

You can deal with the injury in many ways, including choosing the right footwear, the right insoles, and giving your feet time to heal.

So today we’ll talk about a set of highly effective solutions to cure your feet ache and handle those first sour steps of the day,

Let’s talk about the best night splints for plantar fasciitis.


So what are night splints anyway?

Night splints (basically braces for your feet) are a solution for treating several foot related injuries, the idea is the same as teeth braces – they hold your feet in a fixed position, letting it rest and cure.

With your splints on, your Plantar Fascia will be gently stretched throughout the night, assisting your recovery process.

Splints are considered as an effective treatment solution for foot injuries and we took time to assemble the chart below to help you choose the best one.


The Ultimate Night Splints Guide Chart

PictureNight SplintsRatingPrice
Florida Orthopedics Healwell Cub Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint Resting Comfort Slipper5$$$
Bird & Cronin 8144772 P.F.S4.4$$
Nice Stretch 90 Patented Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint4.1$$
Flexibrace Soft Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint4.1$$
Dorsal Night Splint4$$
Plantar Fascitis Night Splint Brace3.9$
Adjustable Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint3.9$
FLEXIBRACE Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint3.8$

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Do I need them?

Keeping your feet fixed at night is as important as proper shoe alignment and everyday stretching to defeat PR.

If you are in reoccurring heel pain and tried several other treatments – we highly recommend trying braces for a few months, as we’ve seen a high percentage of patients report that splints helped them in their process of recovery.

Let’s jump to some splints advantages so you could see for yourself!

Night splints advantages

Night splints are known for their two major advantages:

  • Providing that constant stretch to the Plantar Fascia and calf muscles plays a major role to your recovery process
  • It will relief that dreaded first step out of bed – and help you deal with the pains throughout the day

It might take some time get used to them of course, they are not the most convenient footwear available,

but you can be sure that they will help you – a lot – to fight back and recover from those pains.

Choosing the splints that are best for you

As well as any other footwear, choosing the splints that are the best fit is a delicate manner,

so what are some factors you need to look at when trying to choose splints?

We recommend look at:

  • Feet size – a lot of people fall on this category, simply purchasing splints that do not fit their size, having their toes stick out or in, this will reduce your satisfaction with the splint, be sure you double check the mentioned size.
  • Strap support – the straps should either be buckled or dual tension, to provide you with the best stretch and immobilization of the foot during the wearing period. Your feet should be fixed in place for the best result.
  • Read reviews – We can’t stress enough on this one, today in our social age you can easily find lots of reviews on any product you will search. We highly recommend going to the amazon splint page to get a better feel on what you are buying.

We tried to summarize information on the top products we have found, so be sure to take a look on the section below.

The top 4 night splints for plantar fasciitis

Medium Plantar Fasciitis Night Slip

This one has a low profile shell, it is simple to put on or off and can be a great choice for a night splint.

It will provide you with a light, yet constant stretch to the heel and arch areas, which will soften and ease the great pain in that first step of the day – and can, over time, help cure you entirely.

User testimonial

I am SO very glad I purchased this splint! After months of PF pain, I have gotten improvement every day after a month of use. I will probably not take up running again out of fear of getting the pain again, but otherwise my life has returned to normal and I can walk on the afflicted foot without wanting to scream!



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Adjustable Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

You can see that stretch from the picture, this one comes with dual dual tension straps to reach the best angle for a good night’s stretch.

Being also comfortable padded, it should avoid inconveniences that other splints may cause, and overall its shape and feel were great upon trying.

User testimonial

I have been suffering from plantar fascia for some time. I had bought an exerciser, but though it helped some, the pain was still bad. Mornings were the worst as well as standing after being off my feet for awhile. I have used this for two nights while sleeping and already I have noticed an improvement. In standing after sleeping the pain is markedly decreased.

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Flexibrace Soft Plantar Fasciitis Night Splint

The Flexibrace line is a solid investment for curing those constant heel aches you are feeling.

The soft night splint here is designed for that extra cushioning and padding around the straps.

You’ll get a constant 90 degree stretch as well with those splints, relieving heel pain in the first steps of the morning,

as well as skin irritation protection that might be caused from other splints.

The braces fit well and the extra padding is comfortable, so for those who seek that extra mile in comfort – we recommend to look into these.

User testimonial

When I researched and found out it was probably Plantar Fasciitis, I ordered the brace. I received it a day ahead of schedule and wore it that night. NO heel pain the next morning. I wore it every night for about 4 weeks and my problem has subsided.


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MARS Orthopedic Plantar Fasciitis Posterior Night Splint

Another solution that is worth looking into – the Mars night splint has a unique open design to it,

which gives you more air flow around the foot area and keeps it dry and cool.

Although not being the most comfortable choice – they will offer a good grip and stretch for your legs at night, and should be a consideration when looking into a night splint to relief pain and help you fight Plantar fasciitis.

They have all the basics as well – sturdy shell, buckled straps for securing the feet in place, and an overall design to ensure you get up in the morning and be able to walk without suffering even a mild pain around the heel area.

User testimonial

After wearing that boot support for a few days, I didn’t need to wear it again for a week or so, my food didn’t hurt in the morning anymore and I woke up refresh with no swollen foot.


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So in the end…

We hope we helped you reach a decision or at least a direction to choose the best night splints for plantar fasciitis,

be sure to read reviews thoroughly and note the foot-size mentioned on the splints before you buy.

Have any other suggestions? Had any success or failure with our recommended products?

Please tell us in the comment section below and hep a great deal of people to relief their aches.


Have a great ache-free day,

And remember, we are here for you – in every step you take,

TheShoesForMe team.

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