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Mens Clogs And Mules Guide Chart

Clarks Men's Clog Mule5.0$20.15 - $43.69
OOFOS Men's/Women's OOcloog Clog4.4$36.00 - $64.95
Wembley Men's Flannel Clog Slipper Mule4.5$10.91 - $28.24
Skechers Men's Superior Kane Open Back Casual Slip On4.5$62.95
Wolverine ICS Fountain Clog Men's Outdoor Oxford Shoes4.2$47.97 - $49.99
Simple Men's MESA Mule4.8$69.85 - $90.00
UGG Australia Women's Alamar Suede Slipper4.2$36.00 - $100.00
Haflinger Unisex GZ Clog4.5$71.30 - $124.95
Speedo Men's Blaze All-Purpose Clog4.2$24.99 - $50.59
Merrell Men's Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe4.6$87.00 - $102.35
Dansko Men's Pro XP Mule4.3$134.95 - $163.50
ACORN Men's Wearabout Slide with Firmcore Mule5.0$46.54 - $84.95


Clarks Men’s Clog MuleClarks Men's Clog Mule


Great shoes, especially to wear around the house!!! Very comfortable…and warm. The styling is like a casual shoe and I wear them out on nice days, but functionally they are built more like a house shoe with a synthetic rubber bottom. The sole is very flexible with some cushioning but not a lot. They are very easy to slip on and off. Because they are warm, this is probably not a warm weather shoe. I would DEFINITELY BUY AGAIN. As a matter of fact, after initially purchasing the gray, upon seeing the brown for less than $20.00, I have now purchased them too!




OOFOS Men’s/Women’s OOcloog ClogOOFOS Men's/Women's OOcloog Clog


The shoe is a bit pricey but worth ever penny. This shoe has saved my life in regard to work. I developed plantar fasciitis about one year ago in my right heel. This brand Oofos has an incredible arch support plus super cushion on my heel, while I am standing up straight I feel no direct pressure on my heels. As I walk the shoe provides amazing comfort for my heel. Such good arch support my arch was slightly sore for a couple of days but my foot loves it now. Before this shoe I was only able to walk normal for a short amount of time with my Klogs work shoe with the arch supports I bought, then I would find myself kinda tip toeing on my bad foot part of the day. I thought my career would be tainted for ever. I work 12 hours shifts in a very busy emergency room. Now I am able to walk in a heel to toe fashion all day. Is all of my plantar pain gone NO, but am I able to function at work like I was a year ago YES. I also bought every color of the Oofos flip flop for the my summer, I thought my vacations would be contained to just relaxing by the pool but with the Oofos flip flop I am able to go on excursion, walking, shopping and dancing. The shoe runs true to size, I love this shoe so much I ordered all colors for the summer and I use a pair as the shoe I step into when I get out of bed in the morning. A must have for plantar fasciitis.




Wembley Men’s Flannel Clog Slipper MuleWembley Men's Flannel Clog Slipper Mule


Love these! Super comfortable. Big, warm, soft fur line memory foam sole. Would definitely buy again.




Skechers Men’s Superior Kane Open Back Casual Slip OnSkechers Men's Superior Kane Open Back Casual Slip On


This year I decided that coming in form cold and snow with cleated boots should not be a hardship on me or the house. Simple off with the outdoor wear and on with the indoor, preferably a slide with as little disruption as possible, no sitting down, bending down, one legged pogo, and/or finger in the heal to aid in the glide on. So the year of the Clog!!! With a front door and back door at home, and add another door at my office, ideally I needed three pairs. Unusual chance for side to side comparison. One, LL Bean model, is still at the back door but too small. Two, TimberLand is still a the front door when I get home, but too big. Three, at work were I spend 10 to 12 hours is the Sketchers, who would figure that the cheapest by a wide margin was the most comfortable. Best fit of the three, and clogs have nothing to cling to or hide behind in tight bindings, they either fit or the do not. The memory foam is making them better as time goes by. To do again I would get three Sketchers, but maybe in different colors, like brown, black and red (if possible).




Wolverine ICS Fountain Clog Men’s Outdoor Oxford ShoesWolverine ICS Fountain Clog Men's Outdoor Oxford Shoes


These Wolverine footwear fit my needs perfectly. I was looking for all-weather, all-terrain footgear that is quick to put on and quick to take off. Slip-on’s were a must. I use them for walking around outside my house, which means I’m walking in dirt, grass, on cement, on a wooden deck, and so forth. I also use them for boating on a pontoon boat and for general, quick around-town use. These clogs fit the bill perfectly. They are durable, don’t get dirty easily, are very easy to clean, and provide the foot with protection without stifling the foot. I’m very satisfied with these oxford shoes




Simple Men’s MESA MuleSimple Men's MESA Mule


These shoes keep coming in and out of production but I have been wearing versions of them since ’97 or ’98. These ones are much lighter than the last run and have two seams in the leather on the inside of the foot that none of my older ones have. When I first tried them on, they felt a little small or like the foot opening was too small but after one afternoon’s wear, they stretched out and fit perfectly.




UGG Australia Women’s Alamar Suede SlipperUGG Australia Women's Alamar Suede Slipper


I bought several Ugg Alamars because they fit great. Two years ago, I destroyed my left heel bone, and even after reconstructive surgery, my left foot is and always will be disfigured. Alamars don’t come in half sizes so it’s not surprising when buying shoes online that they might be too long or two narrow. When I wear the right shoe, there’s definitely some room between the back of my heel and the heel of the shoe. But these are slip-ons and that extra space doesn’t bother me at all. The best part is I can fit my much wider left foot into the shoe. The shoes come with two inserts/soles: fleece and leather. The fleece adds extra comfort and is surprisingly cool, even in Arizona’s heat.




Haflinger Unisex GZ ClogHaflinger Unisex GZ Clog


I found out about these Haflinger Grizzy Clogs when I developed a bad case of plantar faciitis in my right foot and visited my local shoe store for a remedy. The store’s podiatrist immediately recommended this clog to me, explaining that it keeps the foot in a neutral position to prevent further damage and also allow for maximum healing. He futher explained that I should put these on immediately before getting out of bed in the morning, or a whole night of healing could be negated by stepping barefoot on the floor. They have helped tremendously to improve my plantar faciitis problem.
As for the clog itself, it is comfortable and well made. The upper is made out of high quality wool which breathes well, allowing for comfort in both winter and summer. Since it is made of wool, it will stretch from wear and to comform to your foot, so I recommend picking a size that is slightly snug. The sole has a cork top with a rubber bottom, which provides just the right amount of “give” and shock absorption when you walk. They have a nice classy look and will go well with most anything you wear.
Perhaps the best thing I can say about these clogs is their extreme quality and durability. I usually put these clogs on whenever I am home, so I wear them for many hours every day. After 5 solid years of continual heavy daily use, they finally started to separate and fall apart. I still was able to wear them another 6 months before replacing them. There are not many shoes or clogs for which you can make this claim.
My only complaint is that there doesn’t really seem to be a good way to clean these clogs (there was nothing about cleaning on the clogs or in the packaging). Since you are supposed to wear these clogs in bare feet, obviously the wool part of the clog will get soiled by sweat and dirt. If anybody knows how to effectively clean these clogs, please post a response to this review.




Speedo Men’s Blaze All-Purpose ClogSpeedo Men's Blaze All-Purpose Clog


The shoe is a tad pricey…but on the other hand is fits great and performs as expected. The ventilation is great, especially if your feet are prone to overheating in crocs. Not quite as cushiony as the aforementioned brand, but a stable comfortable shoe. I’m already thinking about ordering another pair!




Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On ShoeMerrell Men's Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe


I absolutely love these Merrell Encore! I am on my second pair. The first pair I wore almost every day for 10+ hours. I did have some issues with the front of the sole separating from the leather, which is why I purchased the second pair, after four years. The pair I am currently wearing, I have had for a year plus. I wear them during the winter every day. I have had zero issues with the second pair so in all likelihood they must have changed the glue on the toe.They are so warm and toasty, I don’t like to take them off until bed time. Often times I will shower and slip right back into them at night and use them as a slipper. They look awesome with jeans. My only recommendation, and it is a MUST, is you have to pull out the factory insole and slip in a pair of Dr. Sholls from the super market. This makes the shoe a real Cadillac – and one that I can assure you will never want to remove…until summer time! My wife has a pair and although she LOVES them, they are a bit too big and clunky for her. The leather is awesome and seems indestructible. They wouldn’t be good for snow or heavy rain due to the low rear end…they are almost a clog, but not low enough to be considered one.




Dansko Men’s Pro XP MuleDansko Men's Pro XP Mule


These were a gift so I did not buy them personally, I am only wearing them. Regardless, they are awesome. At first I was worried that wearing clogs would damage my reputation of being a man of manliness, awesomeness, and danger (the rumor that I am scared of mice is nothing but communist lies). However, I am very impressed with the shoes. I have not fully broke them in and they are taking some time to get used to but the more I wear them the better I like them. You definitely do not want to go out and wear these all day without getting used to them. They also look pretty good. I had this awful image in my head of how I would look in clogs but I am happy with how they look too. I am going to buy a pair of brown ones next.




ACORN Men’s Wearabout Slide with Firmcore MuleACORN Men's Wearabout Slide with Firmcore Mule






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