Best Jazz Dance Shoes

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Choosing the best jazz dance shoes can be a difficult task, with many models available in market

we went ahead and made a quick chart to review the best of them.

Hopefully this can shed some light and help you find the best pair that would fit you the best.


Best Jazz Dance Shoes Guide Chart

Bloch Women's Neo Flex Slip On Jazz Shoe4.1$28.20 - $39.90
Capezio Women's EJ1 E-Series Jazz Shoe4.1$19.99 - $38.00
Dance Class GB600 Leather/Spandex Gore (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)4.1$24.99 - $33.95
Bloch Women's Super Jazz Shoe4.5$29.00 - $39.90
Capezio Women's CG05 Jazz Shoe3.7$23.99 - $62.00
Bloch Women's Jazzsoft Jazz Shoe4.4$19.99 - $31.90
Dance Class Women's GB601 Spandex Gore Jazz Shoe4.6$24.99 - $35.95
Dance Class Women's GS601 Center Gore Jazz Shoe4.6$23.99 - $32.50
Bloch Dance Super Jazz Shoe (Toddler, Little Kid)4.4$31.92 - $39.90
Capezio Little Kid/Big Kid "E" Series EJ1C Jazz Oxford4.2$15.94 - $30.35
Dance Class Women's GS401 Center Gore Jazz Shoe4.1$23.99 - $32.50

Bloch Women’s Neo Flex Slip On Jazz ShoeBloch Women's Neo Flex Slip On Jazz Shoe


I buy a lot of things on Amazon because I simply do not like going to Malls and by and large I have had very positive results and nothing has ever been less than satisfactory. I tell you this because it is against that standard that I rank this vendor at the very “tippy top” of quality customer service with a special acknowledgement to Danielle who understands the value of phenomenal customer service.We ordered a pair of the shoes and they run a little small according to other reviews so we order a half size larger than usual, but when they arrived (2 days later)my daughter could just barely get her feet into the shoes and dancing would have been impossible. We contacted the company (on a Sunday) and almost immediately received an email saying that they were not available on Sunday’s (which seemed very reasonable), but that they would contact us Monday. About an hour later we received an email from Danielle saying that she would personally see to it that the shoes were shipped on Monday and that she would send two pairs a size and a size and a half larger and that we could return the original purchase and the other extra pair once we determined the best fit.Short of flying to our area and putting the shoes on my daughter, there isn’t a possibility that we could have had a better solution proposed and this all happened in time for a performance on Thursday.So, bottom line, if you need a great product and you want customer service at the highest level, stop looking around Amazon and shop with Danielle at “Online Dancewear”, she represents the best of what Amazon has to offer…Thank you once again Danielle.


Capezio Women’s EJ1 E-Series Jazz ShoeCapezio Women's EJ1 E-Series Jazz Shoe


These Capezio shoes are a quality product – Capezio has been in the business for a LONG time. The body and sole of the shoes are well crafted. I bought these shoes for my 9-year old who wears a size 4 in street shoes so I bought these in a size 5 and they fit perfectly. My recommendation is to order a size larger than your street shoe size for these (and really all Capezio shoes as I’ve had the same experience with their ballet shoes).





Dance Class GB600 Leather/Spandex Gore (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)Dance Class GB600 Leather/Spandex Gore (Toddler/Little Kid/Big Kid)


I got my daughter a size 2 and that’s what size she is. My daughter did state it felt tight on the first time she put them on around the rim area but I told her she just needs to allow it to loosen up esp. since it’s leather but the spandex will stretch and after her first time using it during her dance class, she said it felt great and feels better now. Fully recommended.




Bloch Women’s Super Jazz ShoeBloch Women's Super Jazz Shoe


I ordered these to wear as house shoes and I love them! My mom tried mine on and fell in love also, so she then ordered her own pair. For mine I ordered a half size up from my street shoe. They’re not tight around the foot in any way, but due to the elastic in the tongue area they stay on and have no fear of slipping off of the foot. I love these so much! They make me dance around my house. I love the split sole too. I’m constantly bending my foot.



Capezio Women’s CG05 Jazz ShoeCapezio Women's CG05 Jazz Shoe


As I couldn’t get the jazz shoe I wanted in kids’ sizes I purchased these as it was recommended you can go to small adult sizes for older children. According to the reviews these shoes run at least a size to two sizes small. I decided to go up two sizes. AJ takes a 3 in a street shoe so I went with the 5 (two sizes larger). They fit perfectly which is fortunately because I would not be able to return them as I am an overseas customer (Australia).




Bloch Women’s Jazzsoft Jazz ShoeBloch Women's Jazzsoft Jazz Shoe


LOVE Bloch dance shoes… this is my second pair of Bloch brand jazz shoes as I needed a tan colored pair for an upcoming performance. I wear size 8.5 (same as my normal street size which is normally with a sock, mind you..) and it’s a perfect fit (with bare feet of course!)! The soft leather molds nicely to your foot shape. The laces stay put, so, no worry about having to tie and re-tie. You will get a lot of wear out of these. Just got my new jazz shoes today and wore them around the house all evening to get them a little broken in before my next dance class.. I forgot I was wearing them – they are that comfortable. Truly a great value for the price, too, because you will get a lot of wear out of these.



Dance Class Women’s GB601 Spandex Gore Jazz ShoeDance Class Women's GB601 Spandex Gore Jazz Shoe


We ordered these jazz shoes because my daughter had misplaced her last pair. These shoes were 1/2 the price of the shoes that we usually bought at our local dance store. She has always found jazz shoes very uncomfortable but these shoes are extremely soft and comfortable to dance in and she is thrilled with them!!





Dance Class Women’s GS601 Center Gore Jazz Shoe

Dance Class Women's GS601 Center Gore Jazz Shoe


I needed a jazz shoe for a show I’m rehearsing. I wear a 9.5 shoe but usually have to go up a half to a full size in a dance shoe. Not this one though. I should have measured the length of my foot because they do give the length of the shoe on the page. The size 10 was far to long for my foot so I returned and ordered a 9, which fits perfectly. I have wide feet but the shoes accomodate.. I’ve now danced in the shoes and I am pleased. Exactly what I needed.








Bloch Dance Super Jazz Shoe (Toddler, Little Kid)Bloch Dance Super Jazz Shoe (Toddler, Little Kid)


This is the 2nd pair I have bought of these, and so far they haven’t let me down. I do however recomend 1/2 size larger just so they will last 1 entire year. We actually got almost 2 out of the 1st pair and they never got any holes in them. They are now passed down to my daughters cousin and holding strong.





Capezio Little Kid/Big Kid “E” Series EJ1C Jazz OxfordCapezio Little Kid/Big Kid


I ordered these for my 5 year old grand-daughter. There is only one place locally to buy jazz shoes and the sizes start at 12. She is a 10 1/2 in regular shoes with a roomy fit in most cases. I bought size 12’s at the local store because a lot of places say order a size or two up for jazz shoes. They were huge, so they were returned. That is why I initially ordered 10 1/2M Capezio’s from Amazon. They fit (she has a narrow foot) but her toes were at the end. So they are going back for an 11M. The quality of the shoe looks fine, and they appear to be soft, flexible, and comfortable.




Dance Class Women’s GS401 Center Gore Jazz ShoeDance Class Women's GS401 Center Gore Jazz Shoe


These are a perfect replacement for Merrell barefoot shoes, for indoor dance/fitness only.
I’ve become frustrated in finding barefoot shoes to replace a well loved pair of Merrell’s from a few years ago (that model isn’t made any longer). These shoes are PERFECT for my indoor fitness classes that involve dance and strength training.




The Verdict…

There are some terrific brands out there that will make you the best fitting pair,

with this review we’ve hopefully helped you decide on a brand or a specific model.

If you’ve bought one of those pairs, or have a suggestion for a pair which is unlisted,

please let us know in the comment section below – and help us help others !


TheShoesForMe Team.

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