Best Insoles For Flat Feet

Having flat feet ?

We know how uncomfortable you can get with regular pairs for shoes, and so we went out there and reviewed

the best insoles for flat feet.

See the chart below for our recommendations 🙂


The Ultimate Insoles For Flat Feet Guide Chart

Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotics Insole4.6$17.29 - $40.00
Superfeet Green Premium Insoles4.4$44.95
Superfeet Blue Premium Insoles4.4$44.95
Footminders Kids Orthotics - Arch Supports for Children (Pair) (K: Size 1 - 3½) - Prevent Foot Pain Due to Flat Feet in Children4.4$22.95
LEAGY Men's & Women's Memory Foam Orthopedic Silica Gel Shoe Insoles4.3$11.99 - $12.99
Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai Insoles®- Fight back against Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, and Pronation. Simply Insert Into Mens or Womens Running Shoes, Dress Shoes or Boots- Mens 10 - 10 1/2 | Womens 12 - 12 1/24.3$47.00
Sof Sole Fit Series4.3$14.37 - $41.95
10 Seconds Flat Foot Sport Insoles - Mens 114.2$23.00
PROFOOT Flat Fix Orthotic, Men's 8-13, 1 Pair3.8$7.19



Top Insoles For Flat Feet Reviewed


Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotics Insole


I have spent YEARS looking for a good pair of orthotics. I have tried almost every Dr. Scholls product and some of the drugstore brands. Some worked ok..others failed miserably. Others did not provide enough support, slid around in my shoes, or were just plain uncomfortable. These orthotics are what I have been looking for this whole time.

I have flat feet and spend most of my day on them (about 6 hours or so at work, plus plenty of time at home). When I first got these orthotics, I did follow the directions and only wore them for a few hours at a time to get used to them. After the first few times wearing them, I was not very impressed. They were a little uncomfortable and I felt the arches might be too far forward in my shoe. However, after continuing to break them in, my opinion changed drastically. I now wear these exclusively and have stopped using my other orthotics.


insoles for flat feet

Superfeet Green Premium Insoles


Both my son and husband suffer from flat feet and pronation. These do an excellent job of stabilizing their feet. We have purchased multiple pairs of these Superfeet Green over the years and are 100% satisfied.

We have tried other brands but always end up with Superfeet. They last a long time, and my son is tough on his shoes; usually they last longer than the shoes!

We remove the insoles from the athletic shoes that they wear and replace them with the Superfeet. Even though these insoles are very thin, you might find you need to increase the size of your shoe by 1/2 a size. This can be a challenge for my son, as he is currently wearing a size 15. They are easy to take in and out of shoes because they are not very stiff, but we like to buy multiple pairs of Superfeet and just keep them in the shoes.

Superfeet are a great way to add stability to your pronated and flat feet. They help align your knees and hips to prevent injury from an awkward gait.



best insoles for flat feetSuperfeet Blue Premium Insoles


I suffered from Plantar fasciitis for a few months, and thought I was going to have difficulty walking (especially in the morning) for the rest of my life. I have narrow feet with no arches, so I tried a few cheap shoe inserts with no luck. I saw a podiatrist, but balked at the high price of custom orthotics, especially since I tried them years ago and they didn’t work.

A shoe salesman suggested I try these inserts for some new shoes I was purchasing, and although the price seemed a little high for a piece of cloth-covered plastic, I decided to check them out. I pulled out the insert that came with the shoes, and slid these in.

My foot pain disappeared completely within a few days. (Cue the choir that always accompanies miracles.) I’ve now worn these in my shoes for many years, and recommend them for anyone who has flat feet and is experiencing foot pain.


Footminders Kids Orthotics


My son has very flat feet. We have tried every brand of shoes ever made and they always hurt his feet. I wondered why they didn’t have insoles for kids in the section of insoles at the store. Well duh, Amazon has everything. These are so great. He walks straight now and wears his shoes constantly. He sometimes forgets he has them on. I haven’t heard him complain once since we got them. I’m ordering more. So worth it.






LEAGY Men’s & Women’s Memory Foam Orthopedic Silica Gel Shoe Insoles


This happened to be a very convenient review as I was in need of something to help with my running shoes. These have ARC support which is what I was lacking with my shoes. Wearing these were night and day difference. I can noticeably tell that it was way better with my runs. It was a lot more comfortable and I could run a little longer as my feet did not hurt as bad.

Here’s what stands out to me:
* Easily fits into my shoes.
* Eases the tension and makes it more comfortable to go on runs, hiking, or just simple walks.
* Helps decrease the all mighty foot odor that all our feet like to make.




Orthotics for Flat Feet by Samurai Insoles


I have extremely flat feet (my footprint is oval shaped). I’ve tried many different types of insoles from custom made, cast-molded orthotics to regular over-the-counter insoles. I even tried the machine that you stand on that evaluates your foot and recommends an orthotic based off its findings. Wwhile those helped somewhat, but still were not very comfortable, nothing has come close to helping as much as the Samurai insole has. Its difficult to explain but it provides plenty of firm support while being soft and comfortable. For my job I’m required to stand on my feet for a long period of time in tactical boots, or dress shoes. I’ve tried several different types of boots and none of them have been very comfortable. I would inevitably end up with pain in my feet all the way up to my hips and lower back. After a couple of days of wearing the Samurai insoles and breaking them in as per the instructions, I had no problem standing for 3 hours straight without any foot related pain. I highly recommend these insoles.




Sof Sole Fit Series


I have narrow flat feet which has led to a history of running problems. I have used a custom ortho for many years but they are just a little short so I decided to buy this one “off the shelf” after seeing a great review in Runner’s World. I could not be happier with them. I was having some knee issues before I started using them and it went away almost immediately. The thinness of the Sof Sole makes it a great replacement for the original insole. I have only been using them for a couple of months so I can’t rate them for their durability but they seem very well made. You certainly can’t beat the price. Of course, without performance, it wouldn’t matter if they were free. These have both performance and price. Well worth the investment.

10 Seconds Flat Foot Sport Insoles – Mens 11


I have been wearing earlier versions of these inserts since 1995. They have held up all these years and help me with my serverly flat feet in so many ways. I was not happy because I could not find them anymore, no one else makes inserts the actually has correction for overnpronation like these. I searched Amazon again and here they are! Then they added a fabric covered platform even better! I spent over $500 years ago for custom made inserts that only partially solved my problems. They only provided arch support. I found these about 6 months later and now I have them in every pair of shoes I own.

Order them now, you will most likely have to go one size larger in shoe size. If like me you used to be size 11 order size 12 and take them to by one new pair of sneakers, cheap ones will do the trick. Wear this new set up for a week, you will be glad you did! I cant say enough about these!



PROFOOT Flat Fix Orthotic, Men’s 8-13, 1 Pair



Best flat-feet specific insoles I’ve used in my lifetime.

I switched to minimalist shoes (specifically Vivobarefoot shoes whenever I can get them on sale) a few years ago not because of the “Born to Run” trend but because it forces you to walk on the balls of your feet otherwise you’ll be in a world of righteous pain by the end of the day. I’ve always had problems with my right knee caused by my severely flat feet but with foam rolling, focus on squatting at the gym, and the minimalist shoes Ive been using, those problems have basically gone away. That could be coincidence or the placebo effect coupled with old-school new age B.S. and I’m well aware of that. At least I feel better, I suppose.

Anyways, I was using superfeet before the switch to the new shoe type but they couldn’t be used on my Vivo’s since the hard plastic didn’t allow for bending in the right spots.

These allow bending and I’m so grateful I found them. I am using them in a pair of old beat up vivobarefoot which are serving as my gym shoes and they make a world of difference when I am doing heavier squats, deadlifts, or other foot-placement intensive exercises.

To sum things up…

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed our review and it will help you to pick your next insoles,

be sure to comment below and let us know which pair worked for you!


And remember – we’re here for you,

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