Best Hiking Boots For Men

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Ladies and Gentleman, today we review a rather hot topic,

hiking boots for men, that is.

We took the liberty to collect the best brands and models of hiking boots we found in market,

and we’ve compiled the below list for you to examine.

Moreover, we present each boot separately with a helpful testimonial for you to read and

make your thoughts about it.

We hope this article will help you choose the best fit for your feet !

Let’s begin, shall we ?


Hi-Tec Men's Bandera Mid WP Hiking Boot4.0$38.99 - $96.99
Hi-Tec Men's Altitude V I WP Hiking Boot4.4$63.99 - $104.99
Timberland White Ledge Men's Waterproof Boot4.4$57.65 - $190.49
Vasque Men's Snow Junkie Hiking Boot4.3$52.98 - $139.95
Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Boot4.5$64.00 - $102.78
Columbia Men's Woodburn Mid Hiking Boot4.4$59.70 - $86.98
Salomon Men's Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot4.7$160.96 - $252.95
KEEN Men's Gypsum Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot4.4$99.95 - $159.95
Merrell Men's Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot4.3$95.96 - $130.00
Timberland Men's Chocorua Trail Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boot4.5$62.71 - $179.99
Merrell Men's Annex Mid Gore-Tex Lace Up Shoe4.5$104.69 - $180.00
Skechers USA Sergeants Verdict Men's Boot4.4$32.95 - $99.99

Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid WP Hiking BootHi-Tec Men's Bandera Mid WP Hiking Boot


I bought these boots for a different reason than most people. Over four months ago I fractured my heal (calcaneous fracture). I opted not to have surgery and getting off crutches and onto my feet was a very long difficult process. I really needed to get back to work and my life.

One of the first things I discovered was that I kept re-injuring my ankle. Daily, extreme swelling has been a problem. The need for proper cushioning at the bottom of the heal also is. I made an assumption that ankle support would make a difference and I remembered having Hi-Tec hiking boots when I was younger.

It has worked very well. I can walk far better, the swelling is greatly improved. When I switch back to a regular shoe, the swelling is again intense. They provide a good level of ankle support and cushioning.

Another problem is that while I’ve been getting used to walking again, I’ve tended to beat my shoes up in various ways (tripping, wearing the soles weird, etc). These boots are able to take that wear and tear yet continue looking perfect.

I’m wearing these almost daily. If they can provide the support and durability for this, then they are great for normal use.


Hi-Tec Men’s Altitude V I WP Hiking BootHi-Tec Men's Altitude V I WP Hiking Boot


I bought these boots previously. The IV version. I wore them for hiking, then for work, and for yard work. After two years it was time to replace them. I purchased a pair of Mountaineer brand boots of a similar build. They were more expensive, and ultimately the sole began to delaminate. In addition they were hotter during the summer. Meanwhile the old Hi-Tecs are on my porch and I’ve been using them for yard work. They are still holding up! Its a great boot for hiking, or working (not if steel toe is required though). Once they break in they are extremely comfortable and light. They seem to breath well because my feet never get hot in these. They are totally waterproof almost to the top. The new version has a more attractive sole and nicer hardware. I highly recommend.


Timberland White Ledge Men’s Waterproof BootTimberland White Ledge Men's Waterproof Boot


I had owned a pair of these for over four years and they never let me down. I use them for all types of hiking form the Alaska to Yellowstone, from the White Mountains in NH to the Great Smoky Mountains in the south. Always comfortable and water resistant. After over 4 years of on and off use the bottoms are wearing out and the leather, which is still in great condition, is beginning to separate from the sole on one of the boots. Comfortable fit and long lasting for a great price. I just replaced them with a pair of Timberline Chocorua boots which have the identical bottom but slightly higher ankle support and a Gore-Tex liner for better breathing. Both of these boots are great and if you don’t mind spending a few more dollars consider the Chocorua line for the above reasons, you can’t go wrong with either.Tip 1: As soon as you get these boots rub the leather with some mink oil and repeat a few times year. This will keep them waterproof and insure the leather doesn’t dry or crack and will extend their useful life. I did this with my pair of Timberlines and the leather is still soft and water resistant after almost five years.Tip 2: For serious hikes do not use cheap cotton socks. Instead either use wool socks in winter or Hiking Socks. Hiking socks, like Thorlo are expensive but well worth it because they not only wick away moisture, which cotton does not, but also and provides much better cushioning to reduce shear and impact forces so your feet feel great and minimizes the potential for blisters. The weak link of a good boot is the socks – it took me years to realize this.


Vasque Men’s Snow Junkie Hiking BootVasque Men's Snow Junkie Hiking Boot


Let me start by saying I hate wearing boots of any kind. These are very comfortable, fit perfect, and they’re warm. This is my second purchase of Vasque. I recently purchased Vasque Men’s Mantra 2.0 GTX Hiking Shoe (see my review), and these are actually more comfortable! The foot bed is cushy with good arch supprt. They do require some break in time as they’re stiff at first, but they become comfortable after about a week. I’m in these from 8:30 am till 8pm and there is no sigh of relief when taken off. As you can imagine, these aren’t being used for hiking, but I am outside for sometimes an hour at a time and my feet are warm. I wear a light woolrich wool sock and that’s all you need. I haven’t really tested them for being completely water proof, but I can see no issues. They are also light and provide good feeling when driving. They also have good traction in most cases. I noticed another review saying they were slippery on ice, no worse than any other shoe, probably better than most I think. I highly recommend these boots!I have been wearing these for awhile now, stepped in a deep puddle yesterday, I would say they’re more water resistant than water proof. Once water is above the rubber sides, water will get in. Not a lot, but any can’t be called water proof. Regardless, still a cofortable and warm boot for the money.


Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking BootColumbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Hiking Boot



I almost don’t want to tell you how good these boots are, because if you are a size 11 you may take my pair. I’ve had a pair of these in black for almost a year and have hiked in Pike’s Peak National Park with them as well as in the winter urban jungle of The Loop in Chicago. Regardless of where I was, these have been comfortable and perfectly waterproof. I highly recommend a pair.



Columbia Men’s Woodburn Mid Hiking BootColumbia Men's Woodburn Mid Hiking Boot


Love these shoes. Ordered them as I was going hiking and doing some work in a mountainous desert region, but also wanted to a pair to wear while hiking greener and wetter areas. Great boot. I can easily wear all day. Wore them recently while travelling and flying across the country, wore them after landing and driving 4 hours to my destination. Wore them all day the next day while hiking and on foot all day. Very comfortable.

Only complaint is they don’t breathe as well as I’d like, but that’s the Gortex’s fault and more or less what you can expect from any water proof shoe. Even if you just wear them around the house/yard and don’t do anything labor intensive, you can expect some sweaty feet when you take them off. Not really an issue with sneakers and other shoes I own, but none of the other shoes are water proof…



Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking BootSalomon Men's Quest 4D 2 GTX Hiking Boot


I began my thru hike of the AT in Feb with the original version of this boot. It lasted me over 1,000 miles until PA where the rocks kind of tore it up a bit. The boot was still good to go but I had a pair of unused Merrell’s waiting at home so I decided to get those sent out. With about 500 miles left in the trip, I saw Salomon released the Quest 2. I didn’t feel like buying another pair of boots but I felt like I needed a good pair before I headed into the White Mountains, so I decided to purchase the new Quests and had them sent out to Vermont where I would pick them up.With about 484 miles left of the AT I received the new boots. I was like a kid on Christmas. I popped them on, they felt a little stiff but I know they had a short break in period. It was only 10 miles before they felt worn in. I completed my thru hike a couple days ago and I’ll say that I will never use another pair of boots. These Quest 2’s are amazing. Extremely comfortable, I never had a blister in them. The lacing system is unique, you can loosen or tighten each of the three top levels of the lace to how you want. I would usually just tighten all of them. I will say that the laces they provide with do not stay tied throughout the day. I’ve never had a problem keeping laces tied expect with the Quest 1 and 2. I recommend you double knot it.The boot can take quite a beating. If you’re unfamiliar with the AT, the last 484 miles of the trail going north includes the White Mountains, southern Maine (which some including myself believe is harder than the Whites), the 100 Mile Wilderness and then the summit of Katahdin. I took the boots straight from the box and into all that and it held up extremely well. I noticed that the seams on the front of the boots do come open though, same thing happened with the Quest 1s that I began with. Except this time is happened quicker. The boots still worked fine but I was a little upset to see that.Against water, the Quest 2s do very well. You can fully submerge the boot up near its collar and as long as you remove your foot fast enough, you will stay dry. This was a great feature to have on the AT. Other hikers I was with would have to carefully hop around little 2-3 inch puddles of mud and water while I could just walk straight through it and stay dry. I remember one stream that I had to ford. In the middle of it I would have to put both feet completely under running water to get across. I figured I would just suck it up and deal with wet feet. To my surprise my feet were still dry even after having both feet completely under water for 3-5 seconds with each step across this overflowing stream. I couldn’t believe it! Now that being said, water can and will get through the boots. If it’s raining all day or you’re hiking in snow, your feet will begin to get wet after a few hours of hiking so it’s not completely waterproof.If you’re like me and need good ankle support, these boots will do the trick. It’s a high cut boot so if you roll your ankle while hiking (which I do a lot) you will be fine. The same goes for overall foot protection. The soles of the Quest 2s are pretty tough, you’ll have to step on a very sharp pointy rock to feel it.As for traction and grip, the Quest 2s also excel in this area. I still slipped a few times on rocks and roots but so did every other hiker, I just seemed to do it less. I’ve had to go up some rocks that were nearly straight vertical up and down. The boot didn’t slip at all. I felt like a vampire at times being able to walk up walls. Sometimes I feel the tread is too good, a few times I didn’t lift my feet high enough off the ground and the tread would get caught and cause me to nearly fall down. Nice to know the tread is that good. After summiting Katahdin, I continued onto the Knifes Edge which is a very narrow and dangerous trail. It’s all rocks and requires four point climbing in many sections. The boots almost made my feet stick to the ground, felt great. The Knifes Edge is not the place where you want to slip and lose your footing.As I mentioned earlier, the boot is very comfortable. Almost like a heavy duty sneaker. I carried a load of 40-45lbs on the trail and the Quests (1 and 2) had no problem bearing that weight and keeping my feet comfortable. I also ran on the trail a few times when it was getting late and I needed to make up some distance. Obviously, I did so with a pack on my back. The Quests were able to handle this as well. A good ruck running boot if you wish to do so.All in all this is an AMAZING boot, I’ll probably stock up one or two more just for future hikes. If you’re a traditional hiker like myself and is looking for a good mid weight boot, look no further.Pros- Nice lacing system- Great traction/tread- Does well against water- Very durable and lasts long (Have nearly 500 miles on mine and they can still go. Over 1,000 on the Quest 1s)- Good looking boot- Almost zero break in time- No blisters- Comfortable- Great foot and ankle protection- Can handle heavy backpack weight- Easy to put on and take offCons- Laces tend of come loose- Seams wear outUPDATE: 3 Oct 2015The boot is currently 30% off. That’s an absolute steal if you want to buy a boot for future use.I also forgot to mention this boot is a favorite among many SOF veterans in the military when deployed to the middle east. I was in the Marines and know how terrible and rough the terrain is over there. You carry HUNDREDS of pounds over there (yes, with an “S”) so that alone speaks to how good this boot is.


KEEN Men’s Gypsum Mid Waterproof Hiking BootKEEN Men's Gypsum Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot


Straight out the box this boot was the most comfortable boot I have owned. I was introduced to Keen about a year ago and never looked back. This pair of boots just took my love of Keen to the next level, especially on materials used. Here’s a few things to consider before you buy:This is a MODERATE level hiking boot. It probably wouldn’t hold up for backpacking. Then again, that’s not what it’s advertised as.This boot is WARM. I don’t know if I would recommend it for the summer season.This boot is WIDE. All Keens are made wider that the average shoe/boot, and this is no exception. As a guide, I wear a 15 EEEE, and these (size 15) fit PERFECTLY. Consider yourself warned if the you have narrow feet.


Merrell Men’s Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking BootMerrell Men's Moab Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot


I bought the Merrell waterproof Moab boot for a weekend trip to Southern California’s Mt. San Jacinto Wilderness. Mt. San Jacinto experienced a 3 foot accumulation of fresh snow that was melting daily from the 50 degree F days. The 50 degree F days made for some WET snow conditions during April 1st 2012. From here on the forecast was to be cold and WET. My brother and I hiked 2 miles in 2-3 feet of snow that was melting at an alarming rate during the 50 degree F days. I used The Northface winter pants that were fully seam sealed, along with water proof gaiters that were snugly secured to the soles of my Merrell Moab boots. After a 2 miles which took an astonishing 2 hours to hike to Round Valley Primitive Campground, on top of the San Jacinto mountain (which, by the way, is above palmspirngs, CA), my feet were dry AND VERY comfortable. This was while allowing zero break-in time before the hike. These boots feel more like shoes. I find myself wearing them more on a day-to-day basis and for causal were due to their comfort.

If you are thinking of altitude climbing hikes that need the extra comfort of being waterproof, you will be missing out if you dont give the Merrell Moabs a try. Im VERY happy with mine. Yesterday I bought a second pair of the Merrell Moab (Earth). Get them while you can. Btw, thanks Sportchalet for guiding me in the direction of these Merrell Moabs!!!! Mind you, Sportchalet has been awesome at refunds and consumer service for me (eric p). keep up the great work!)


Timberland Men’s Chocorua Trail Gore-Tex Mid Hiking BootTimberland Men's Chocorua Trail Gore-Tex Mid Hiking Boot


I spent a long time looking for the right boots and then finally decided to go for these ones. Read all the reviews, looked at the pros and cons and took he plunge. They are fantastic. They are so light that when the box arrived, I thought that there must have been a boot missing. They are comfy straight off, and despite what other people have posted, the quality of the boot is top notch. There are NO problems with the eyelets – they won’t fray the THICK laces that came with the boots. There are NO problems with the innersoles – they are not cheap and thin. The boots are extremely warm and will keep you warm in the coldest of days and nights. The soles are fine. Some people have said that you can feel stones through them. Yes you can but it’s not a big deal. What you can actually feel are the soles moulding around the stones. They are NOT digging into your foot as I was led to believe by some reviewers, you are merely aware that you have stepped on a stone – that’s all – really not a problem at all – and you are only really aware of it when you are stepping on a pebble on a flat path, which is then makes the boot push around it. When walking on a very stony patch, you can’t feel a thing. These soles are very similar to another pair of boots that I had that I used for about four years, both hiking and on a motorbike and the lasted for an extremely long time. You won’t have a problem. The major thing I would recommend is that you go for half a size bigger. I’m normally a UK 12 but I got the UK 12.5 (US 13W) and I’m really pleased that I did.

At this price range, especially with the major discount that are being offered (but even without the discount) you are getting an extremely good boot that will be perfect for all types of long walks and short walks. I wear them all the time because they are so comfortable. They look great, and I am very confident that they are going to last for long enough to make their price worth it. I’m really pleased that I went for them.

EDIT:- I took them for their first test yesterday up to a skifield and wore them whenever I wasn’t in ski boots. They were fantastic – I would not have known that I was walking upon snow if I couldn’t see it. My feet were warm, completely dry and they felt great (especially compared to wearing the ski boots!). I also bought some nikwax leather and fabric proof to give extra waterproofing and I would definitely recommend this to add to your boots before you tke them anywhere – it should keep your boots extra safe for a lot longer.


Merrell Men’s Annex Mid Gore-Tex Lace Up ShoeMerrell Men's Annex Mid Gore-Tex Lace Up Shoe


Wow. Just Wow.

true to size all around.

The Merrell Annex Mid Gore-Tex boot is unbelievable. I was looking for an all day any weather kind of wear boot and I found it. I am a huge fan of Merrell, but these were my first non-barefoot Merrell footwear (2 pairs of barefoot trailglove 1s)

Look: the annex has a streamlined look, kind of a cross between hiking boot and high top sneakers. I purchased the blue wing on a whim and couldn’t be happier. toned down colors with a sophisticated look.

Feel: my foot in these are amazing. I live in Chicago and spend many of my hours walking. they are lighter than most boots I have ever worn, similar to the weight of some air force 1s. I am not clunking around in some heavy boots nor do i feel like they are heavy. they get nice and cozy all the way up above the ankle and give moderate ankle support depending on the tightness of your laces. however, these puppies have a high arch, which unfortunately for me, gave my feet a work out for the first few wears as my arch is not so high. that to say the toe box is nice and wide for stability in unstable turf.

Performance: vibram sole is nice and grippy with a great tread, mid thickness sole. I feel like I can grip on to any type of environment in these. Winter in Chicago so far has yet to cause even a minor slip, in ice, snow, rain, or sleet. That being said, Gore-Tex is GORE-TEX. no water, no rain, no snow, no homeless man sputum. more breathable than other boots I’ve worn and keeps the water out. Keep my feet at a good temperature no matter what the ambient temp is. Minor sweating depending on sock choice.

So far I have yet to use them in anything but an urban environment. But I am planning on testing them out in the mountains later this year.

All in all, great waterproof lightweight hiking boot with many different uses that only get more comfortable as you wear them. I look forward to many many more years with these as my third pair in the Merrell arsenal.


Skechers USA Sergeants Verdict Men’s BootSkechers USA Sergeants Verdict Men's Boot


With these boots I’ve walked through floods, traversed slums, worked with the poor, did some constructions, worked at farms, as a humanitarian all across Asia Pacific this past year. Let me tell you these boots have been through some tough conditions and they still look and feel good after a little over a year of rugged use. Sole is still in tack and the laces are still in good condition, the outer wear looks just as it did when I bought it with a few rugged battle dings from my volunteer work.

One of the highlighted features of the boot is the waterproof claim, and at feet level right bellow the laces it’s able to do just that. I tested this beyond typical conditions if you will…After some heavy weather I was volunteering at a farm and a rain catcher needed draining, except its drain was clogged and it wasnt visible enough to pull out due to build up, so we had to manually bucket out the water. While some of the local farmers had rain boots on, many of the volunteers had none and were warned not to enter the pool because the water probably harbored some diseases. Realizing I had the “waterproof” plate bellow the bootlace I decided to test it out, and it worked! After several hours of standing in water helping clear out the rain catcher my feet were completely dry! (at one point I thought water had seeped in but later found out the water was just cooling off the shoe) Of course anything above the waterproof logo would seep in, its just commonsense after that since the lacing is open.

In terms of style, it looked awesome when I bought it (got the “charcoal” one), and the minor dings I got from my volunteer work just added more value to it.

I have since bestowed on it the title of my “World Proof Boots”

If you don’t have a pair, you’re missing out in a world of action my friend!



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