Best Golf Shoes Review

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Hello men readers,

Today we’ll discuss golf shoes – we made a thorough review of the best mens golf shoes.

We considered the best brand names – mainly Adidas and Nike, and compiled the table

and list below.

Check out our review below 🙂


The Ultimate Mens Golf Shoes Review Chart

adidas Men's Adipower TR Golf Shoe4.2$35.89 - $119.99
adidas Men's Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe4.4$49.95 - $70.00
adidas Men's Pure 360 Lite Golf Shoe4.1$33.20 - $89.99
Nike Golf Men's Nike Lunar Control II Golf Shoe4.5$59.95 - $219.99
adidas Men's adicross Classic Golf Shoes4.4$28.59 - $89.95
adidas Men's adicross III Golf Shoe4.1$35.96 - $119.99
Men's Footjoy DNA DryJoy Golf Shoes Wide4.7$102.19 - $245.99
Nike Golf Men's FI Impact Golf Shoe4.6$52.96 - $176.99
Nike Golf Men's TW '14 Golf Shoe4.4$73.99 - $179.99
adidas Men's Climacool Golf Spikeless4.1$36.55 - $90.00
adidas Men's adizero Sport II Golf Shoe4.2$39.95 - $109.99
Nike Golf Men's Air Rival III Golf Shoe4.4$49.99 - $109.95



Choosing a Great Golf Shoe

While choosing your next golf shoe pair – think about if you’ll want them spike or spikeless,

the great folks at askgolfguru made us this great explanatory




adidas Men’s Adipower TR Golf Shoeadidas Men's Adipower TR Golf Shoe


I wanted to buy my husband a new pair of golf shoes for his birthday and he was adamant about going to a store to find a pair so that he could try them on. After running around to Dick’s and the NIKE store he really didn’t decide on a pair. I went on Amazon and I saw this pair. I thought that the colors would match all of his golf shirts and I thought it was a nice looking shoe. I ordered them without showing them to my husband and they arrived three days later. He opened them up and he loved the style of them, however I was worried that they might not fit because of another review on here about them running super small. Anyway, he wears a 10 1/2 in shoe size and they fit him perfectly. He also stated that they were very comfortable. He is very happy with them and I was happy about the price.


adidas Men’s Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoeadidas Men's Tech Response 4.0 Golf Shoe


My whole life I have had the standard saddle back style golf shoe, i.e. footjoy, nike, puma etc. I’ve always experienced sub-optimal comfort after a long round on the course and often had pain in my feet and ankles. I always assumed golf shoes were just “made that way” and I would have to accept that as part of playing the game. Ever since I transitioned to these sneaker style golf shoes I will never go back to the old saddle back style golf cleat. These are well supportive and feel like walking on regular sneakers. I can go an entire round on the course, walking at that and be ready to go another 18. Perfectly supportive and comfortable on the ankles. The only negative to these shoes is they are not water proof so your feet can get wet if you get caught out on a rainy day on the course. That aside, for the price of these on Amazon I will never look elsewhere for my golf footwear. When these get old I plan on buying another identical pair to replace them.


adidas Men’s Pure 360 Lite Golf Shoeadidas Men's Pure 360 Lite Golf Shoe


I love these shoes. They fit more like a sneaker than a traditional golf shoe, so they’re really really comfortable. I also think they look really good.I will mention that because they’re black they can get a bit hot in intense sunlight.

I have a somewhat narrow foot, so they fit true to size for me.


Nike Golf Men’s Nike Lunar Control II Golf ShoeNike Golf Men's Nike Lunar Control II Golf Shoe


These are the first pair of golf cleats I have purchased and I was skeptical buying them. Golfing 2-3 times a week, and wanting to golf more in the future, I thought that golf shoes were a good investment. I was looking for a golf cleat that had high durability, longevity and made me look like and experienced golfer. I am the type of person to wear cleats through a season and have to buy a new pair the next year. These cleats have minimal wear and tear, even though I was pretty rough on them. I liked to variety of colors and designs Amazon had to offer. They are not just an attractive shoe, but also great quality. Although, some colors were cheaper, with Amazon Prime, than others I still believe that the price was reasonable for the quality of the product for how much it is going to be used.The only thing I would like to change about them is that the lace’s seemed to be a little shorter than I would have liked. I enjoy wearing them loosely so it requires the laces to be a little longer than usual. This is really the only problem I had with the cleats, which is an easy fix if it really bothers someone. Most shoes take some time to break in before they feel comfortable, but these cleats were comfortable from day one. I am giving these cleats five stars, even though I did say that I had a minor issue with the length of the laces.

Overall, this is a great purchase for an avid golfer or even someone that enjoys being comfortable and looking good at the same time. I will most definitely invest in a new pair when these eventually wear out. Nike is noted for having expensive products because of their brand name, but with that brand name come great quality. I’m sure you can find cheaper shoes out there, but I don’t think it will be able to match the quality or sleek look of what Nike has to offer. They are a must have!


adidas Men’s adicross Classic Golf Shoesadidas Men's adicross Classic Golf Shoes


I typically wear either size 10 or 10.5 in ADIDAS shoes, but I was fortunate to try these on at a local store and found that I had to buy size 11. These are my second set of ADIDAS golf shoes that I had to buy in a larger size so maybe that is just a thing with them. They are a great fit and very comfortable. Hopefully they can help improve my golf game!


adidas Men’s adicross III Golf Shoeadidas Men's adicross III Golf Shoe


After reading the other reviews on this shoe saying it runs a little small and narrow, I decided to order this shoe 1/2 size bigger and get the wider size. I typically wear a 9 1/2 , regular width, shoe. I ordered a 10 wide and it fits perfectly. Incredibly comfortable, even the first day I wore it. In fact, I walked 18 holes the first day, and my feet felt great the whole way. The grip is perfect. On the green it’s easier to feel the undulations in the green since there aren’t individual spikes on the bottom of the shoe. It breaths quite well and didn’t give me a single blister (which is more than I can say for my last 2 shoes)


Men’s Footjoy DNA DryJoy Golf Shoes WideMen's Footjoy DNA DryJoy Golf Shoes Wide


I have been for many ,many years an unconditional and enthusiast user of the FOOTJOY CASSICS PREMIER ,all leather golf shoes .
Alas ,the US Factory who made them has been closed ,through a very stupid decision by Management ,and these beautiful ,sturdy ,comfortable ,classical golf shoes are no longer available since several years (Having been a top CEO of US Multinationals for many years ,I know how those stupid decisons are made and manufacturing transferred to CHINA ,who make good stuff ,but not to the standards of the US of before .
I bought 10 CLASSICS PREMIER before the closure ,but they are wearing out since I play three times a week 18 holes.
The DNA are good looking shoes ,light and pleasurable to wear,providing good foothold and traction ,but they have a”flimsy “finish ,made of plastic stuff ,not full leather and I doubt they will give the same usage as the CLASSICS PREMIER .
I wil try the ECCO’s who seem to be more “Classic “.


Nike Golf Men’s FI Impact Golf ShoeNike Golf Men's FI Impact Golf Shoe


These are incredibly light and comfortable. Note that the bottom is a softer material which is great for comfort but it won’t hold up as well. I walk a few rounds a week and these are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn on the course. However, after two weeks, I noticed small sticks were sticking into the bottom material and leaving small holes when i pulled them out.Just be aware that any shoe with a softer sole material will allow the most comfort but you will sacrifice some durability. That’s just physics and not any bearing on the quality of the product. That’s why I’m giving these five stars. They are amazing golf shoes and perfect for a day on the course. If you stay on the fairway and cart path you should be fine but if you’re like me and like to adventure out and about during a round then these (and other soft-soled shoes) may not be the best option for you.

I enjoy looking for lost golf balls… I find 100 or so balls a month and use them to hit around the yard at home. It’s like an easter egg hunt every time I play:)


Nike Golf Men’s TW ’14 Golf ShoeNike Golf Men's TW '14 Golf Shoe


A superb golf shoe!In 2012 I switched from the AdiPure golf shoes to the ECCO Biom, which I found to fit supremely comfortably `right out of the box’ and to provide excellent ground contact for the foot, plenty of stability in the hind foot and adequate support through the rolling of the feet. Nonetheless, despite since acquiring two more pairs, I was excited to try the TW’s when they debuted.

Although the TW’14 looked to be a heavy shoe — which I anticipated was a necessary offset for the greater stability of the entire foot as well as a sole with superior traction — that did not prove to be the case at all. I find it extremely difficult to criticise these shoes, other than due to the most minor of idiosyncracies that accompany each individual’s feet. I always walk and I typically play hilly, demanding golf courses.

My Ecco Bioms might afford me greater and more neutral colour combinations and a slipper-like comfort, but the TW’14 is my go-to shoe for every serious round of golf, regardless of the course conditions or the weather. I have worn them in the stifling heat of the Middle East, African rainy seasons, the humidity of Asia, dewy mornings in the foothills of northern Europe, and elsewhere. They clean easily and recover quickly from hours of stomping and twisting and, amazingly, I have not yet had to change a single spike in the 18 months I have used them. I never leave home without them: that’s why I just bought a pair in black for the winter.


adidas Men’s Climacool Golf Spikelessadidas Men's Climacool Golf Spikeless


I golf in 110 degree weather in Arizona during the summer and these shoes are perfect. Very comfortable, feels like you’re wearing a running shoe. They also have great grip in sand and on the grass. These replaced a pair of Puma Faas spikelesss shoes that had hardly any cushioning and not great grip.


adidas Men’s adizero Sport II Golf Shoeadidas Men's adizero Sport II Golf Shoe


I would recommend going a half size up if you are not a person who usually buys the correct size shoe and then break them in, I bought a size 11 ( I wear nike and underamour) which I usually wear as a daily shoe but is actually a size too big, (easy to slide on and off without having to tie and untie them), being in sports I learned quickly that you want to have the right size shoe or my flat feet would be really sore. This shoe is a half size smaller than my normal shoes but fit exactly how I want considering I usually walk the courses I play, I did have to break them in(i.e. wearing around the house) great shoes for the price!


Nike Golf Men’s Air Rival III Golf ShoeNike Golf Men's Air Rival III Golf Shoe


Bought these shoes for winter since my only other golf shoes were ASICS without removeable spikes and not waterproof. I bought them at a store so I had the luxury of trying them on. I ordinarily wear a 9 but I went with a 9.5. I bought the same shoes for my son and he also bought a half size larger.Right away, the shoes were very comfortable. Little to no break in period. I have worn these shoes and walked 18 holes with no discomfort. The traction is exceptional, even in wet conditions. So much so, that when it gets dry, I may have a tough time going back to my ASICS. I have played quite a few rounds in the last couple of months and they have held up very well. The shoes keep my feet dry even in very wet conditions. There has been quite a bit of soggy areas of the fairway because of heavy rains and the shoes have been covered in mud. They clean up very easily and look nearly new afterwards.

I am not a big Nike fan in terms of shoes, but I highly recommend the Air Rival III’s. I would definitely buy them again and may do so if I find a good price on them.


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