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We’ve figured that more than several people would like to have a fair review of the best

foot and calf massagers available.

So we took the challenge to compile a great list of the best massagers in market,

those include heated foot massagers, shiatsu foot masagers and wooden rollers.

As always, we include a testimonial on each of those for your convenience,

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Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager4.0$59.99
Due North Foot Rubz Foot Hand and Back Massage Ball Green4.5$5.49
uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with heat4.0$169.99
HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager, White4.0$49.97
3Q MG-F18 Foot Massager with Heat, Kneading Shiatsu Air pressure massage4.1
HoMedics FMS-150H Shiatsu Foot Massager4.2$30.00
TheraFlow Dual Foot Wooden Massager Roller (Large) - Relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, and...5.0$29.99
Body Back Company Foot Roller and Porcupine Massage Ball4.2$12.94
Due North Foot Rubz Foot Massage Roller4.6$11.86
All in one foot spa bath massager w/ heat, HF vibration, infrared, O2 bubbles MS0810M4.2$85.99
Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager Personal Health Studio w/ remote control AM-201-red4.0$139.98
Best Plantar Fasciitis pain relief for home or office - Perfect for Runners, Stay-On-Your-Feet Salespeople,...4.6$35.88


Homedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot MassagerHomedics FMS-270H Deep Kneading Shiatsu Foot Massager


My husband bought this and gave it to me as a gift. I hope it’s all right for me to review this massager because he hasn’t tried it, so I don’t think he could say enough to do it justice. I always use it after walking long distances or standing because my feet really hurt. After 10 minutes of use I feel like I’m walking on air. The pressure is just enough to feel wonderful – never painful. I can re-position my feet if I want to focus on a slightly different area of my foot. I love having both a warm and a cold feature. After walking outside in 90+ degree weather, the cool massage is perfect. When the weather is colder and I’ve been sitting for a long time, the warm feature gets the blood circulating in my feet and radiates warmth all through my body. I can’t say enough good things about this massager! My husband scored major points when he chose this gift!




Due North Foot Rubz Foot Hand and Back Massage Ball GreenDue North Foot Rubz Foot Hand and Back Massage Ball Green


I am a runner and triathlete. 25 years old, running for the last 10 years. Consistenly 35 miles a week, 45-50 miles are my longest week of the year. I got one of these balls when I started getting toe cramps and general cramps on the bottom of my feet. I also have ITBS and have been using a foam roller for 2 years with minimal ITBS flare up.This ball saved me!!! I started using it to get rid of the toe/bottom of foot cramps. I would roll it around on the bottoms of my feet for about 5-10 minutes per foot after a run. I began to notice that my incessantly tight calves were loosening up and my ITBS needed less foam roller work.I work in a cubical and ended up bringing this ball to work so I could use it while working. I can’t recommend this tool highly enough! You should be able to get it much cheaper at your local running store (less than $5).My advice. Start out gentle for about 1-2 minutes then increase intensity focusing on knotted areas. Make sure to get the furthest inner and outer portions of the bottom of the foot (this can be difficult at first but becomes much easier over time). Try gently flexing and pointing toes to find different areas of tightness on the bottom of your foot.Lastly. If after using this ball you feel how I do, write a review on Amazon. This has literally saved my legs.

uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with heatuComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with heat


Usually when I go to shoe store, I just take whatever they have in my size. This massager fits my feet, which is a big plus in my book. If you have a larger shoe size than 14M it probably won’t work, but anything that size and under is great.The massager works with air pressure, heat, and kneading. It feels great and is way better than the cheap foot massagers I’ve owned before that really just vibrate quickly.One word of warning: start off on the lowest setting, use just once, then see how your feet feel. I used it on the highest setting three times the first day – feels great right after, but my feet were killing me the next day. Use the lowest setting to start then build up from there.Highly Recommended.



HoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager, WhiteHoMedics FMS-200H Shiatsu Elite Foot Massager, White


This is my first foot massager, so I can’t compare it to other products. But I love this one!When I stand on it, it is such deep pressures that I feel my feet are very well massaged. I like it putting it in front of the sofa and put my feet on it too. That way, the pressure is lighter, and I can actually do it for a longer period of time.The heat setting is great. It gets a little hot if I do it more than 5 minutes or so, which only happen if I’m using it sitting down (I can’t last for 5 minutes standing on it, the pressure is too great and I don’t stand in one place for 5 minutes).What I love most about this is that I can use it for my calves. When I’m sitting on the sofa, I put this on the coffee table in front of me to massage my calves. The heat is fantastic! I put a pillow underneath when I do this so I can change angles depending on where on calves I want the massage (e.g. near knees, near ankles).I’m sure this is not the highest quality massager ever. But it’s $45. I wasn’t looking for a top-notch massager anyway. I think it’s as good as it gets for the price.Fabric: It’s thin. I just got it so I can’t speak to the actual durability – maybe it’s thin and durable, I don’t know.Heat: There is only one setting for heat – on or off. It takes half a minute to warm up.Auto shut-off: It shuts off automatically after some time (I haven’t timed – maybe 15 minutes?). It’s right about the time I feel like the heat gets too much to me, so it works for me.Noise: I don’t find it noisy at all.Weight: It’s very light, so I can easily place it on and off my coffee table with one hand.

3Q MG-F18 Foot Massager with Heat, Kneading Shiatsu Air pressure massage3Q MG-F18 Foot Massager with Heat, Kneading Shiatsu Air pressure massage


I bought this particular model after doing a lot of review comparisons. My feedback is this… It does an amazing job on the bottoms of your feet, except the heel. Almost all of the little fingers nub things (maybe about 12 per side) are for the bottom of your foot (the ball and arch areas). There’s only about one or two nubs for the bottom center of your heel, and none for the side of your heel. It does rub the inside fronts of your feet (but not the outer sides of your feet at all), and the area in front of the ball, between your toes (on the bottom of your foot). It’s nice, and there’s several different nub motions going on at the same time, too. Despite not doing a few parts of your foot, it is still very pleasing. The airbag squeezing pressure is pretty substantial on the high setting, but you can select medium or low also. When the airbags are off, there is enough room that you can lift your feet up slightly to reduce the amount of pressure the nubs are putting on your feet.

The first time I used it, I used it for about 30 minutes and the bottoms of my feet became sore/unpleasant, I think it bruised the bottoms of my feet, but that was my fault. I’ve got to let the soreness go away (it doesn’t affect walking, I just can’t use the massager for a couple days).

Seems like a quality built device… nothing is substandard quality. I’m detail oriented and satisfied with the build quality.

I have mens’ size 10 feet and it fits fine… there’s even room for a larger size.

**Edit 6/20/14**
I needed to use their customer service due to my own fault. I’m happy to say that their customer service is terrific! Very courteous and prompt. I’m very glad I purchased from this vendor. They have instilled me with a strong sense of buyer confidence. In my experience, that is hard to find. Excellent customer experience, you can’t go wrong. A++


HoMedics FMS-150H Shiatsu Foot MassagerHoMedics FMS-150H Shiatsu Foot Massager


I just started my first job in retail, which has me standing behind a register for hours at a time. By the end of the day, I’m ready to collapse from the crippling pain in my feet. My mom picked this up for me, and I was skeptical, to say the least – my feet are very sensitive and ticklish, and I’d never considered something like this product because I figured it’d be way too intense. I tried it out with a pair of thick wool socks. It was amazing. My foot pain was gone completely and I was left feeling incredibly relaxed. The wheels do stall a bit if you push down hard enough, but it still has just enough force to be effective. The heat is relaxing and adequate. I use this thing every day. My only concern is its durability – that remains to be seen. But in all, I’m extremely satisfied with this foot massager 😀


TheraFlow Dual Foot Wooden Massager Roller (Large) – Relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, and…TheraFlow Dual Foot Wooden Massager Roller (Large) - Relieve Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, and...


My husband has very tired, flat feet with an occasional bout of plantar fascitis, so when offered the TheraFlow Dual foot wooden massage roller for review, I jumped at the opportunity.

First, let me say the company, TheraFlow, communicates with the buyer exceptionally well. I received a thank you email, and a followup email on the use of the roller. I buy and test many products from Amazon, but TheraFlow is a step above routine.

Now to the roller, second hand from my husband, although I did give it a try and really enjoyed it. The roller is made out of wood and the assembly, finish, functionality are perfect. The instructions say that it takes awhile to get used to the feeling, as it tickles when first used, but after several uses, that sensation diminishes and any amount of pressure you wish can be applied. The four rollers with small bumps feel very relaxing and therapeutic. The fifth roller with the larger knobs can be used to get those specific spots you want to work on. By the way, TheraFlow’s website offers a two page PDF of all the foot’s reflexology pressure points and their associated body structures, like shoulders, heart, liver, sinuses, etc.

If you have any foot ailments, this is great addition to make your feet feel better and make your whole system feel better. Since, I am a firm believer in Acupressure, Acupuncture, meridians, Eastern medicine, reflexology, Chi, etc. , I know, without any doubt, this foot massage is helping my well being. Although, I received this TheraFlow foot massager in exchange for an honest review, I will definitely be buying a few for gifts as I’m certain anyone will appreciate the health benefits and the quality of the product.


Body Back Company Foot Roller and Porcupine Massage BallBody Back Company Foot Roller and Porcupine Massage Ball


The wooden foot roller wonderfully relieves localized, painful tension in the foot from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. For full healing of these conditions I also recommend you use some sort of massaging device all around your lower legs (shins and calves and ankles). This helped me recover from debilitating tendonitis.The little spiky ball, when you place it wherever you feel tension and lie on the floor, grabs onto the muscle knot and won’t let it slip away, unlike a tennis ball. My new friend “Spike” shows my muscle knots who’s the boss. If the skin is tender, it helps to cover the ball with a terrycloth towel. A therapist once described to me that muscle knots, just before they release, will “spider up.” After a few minutes on this ball I can feel that spidering up / twitching sensation in my back, then it relaxes. When you remove the ball, the pain is replaced with a sensation of warm, healing blood flow.The ball reaches small areas on your foot that the wooden roller can’t get to, such as between the toes. Roll it against the floor with your foot, or use your hands to roll it on the top of your foot.



Due North Foot Rubz Foot Massage RollerDue North Foot Rubz Foot Massage Roller


This thing is outstanding. I have one flat foot and I think the other one wants to follow suit. Also had Plantar’s and it tends to like to come back. Lately my ankles, knees and legs have decided to join the pain party and since I walk every where, that is not good. Using this little guy has been unbelievably effective. My legs, knees, ankles and feet feel 100% better. I just finished using it again before writing this review and my feet are practically tingling! Wonderful Product!



All in one foot spa bath massager w/ heat, HF vibration, infrared, O2 bubbles MS0810MAll in one foot spa bath massager w/ heat, HF vibration, infrared, O2 bubbles MS0810M


We’ve had this foot bath unit for a couple of months now and couldn’t be happier. It is easy to use, dependable, and well designed. I’ll address a couple of issues other reviews commented about that are simply not an issue:
1. I have size 12 mens feet, and there’s plenty of room to roll my feet back and forth on the rollers. Lots of toe room.
2. The rollers are not sharp as some have reported. They are plastic and rounded, and if you have sensative feet, I can see that they could be uncomfortable after awhile. Simply pop them out during your soak session. The little nubs on the bottom feel good and are helpful to scrub the bottoms of your feet.
3. Yes, it says there is a pour spout, but none exists. But REALLY FOLKS, it’s a TUB. When you’re through, just pour it out into the sink, toilet or tub. It’s not heavy, because it doesn’t hold a ton of water. There is no need for a drain tube, because a drain tube would have to drain out the bottom of the unit, and you would have to pick it up anyway to drain it. A drain tube would just be something else to break or go bad. It’s a tub, so just dump it out.
4. Heat. Yes, it heats the water, and yes, if you soak for a half hour it can get hot. So, just turn it to the setting where the heater is OFF. After the water cools down a little, turn it back to the heater settings. Very simple. If you lack feeling in your feet, you should monitor the temp with your fingers to keep from it getting too hot. Just common sense.
I use it with Tea Tree Oil and Salts, and it is great for relaxing the feet, and for softening calouses and dry skin.
When it comes to the bottom massage rollers, remember: a MASSAGE is designed to remove toxins, which means it has to work the muscles. If you don’t like that feeling, then just don’t put the rollers in the bottom. No problem.
This is a great unit, and I highly recommend it. It came well-packaged and worked perfectly right out of the box. I would definitely buy it again.


Shiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager Personal Health Studio w/ remote control AM-201-redShiatsu Kneading and Rolling Foot Massager Personal Health Studio w/ remote control AM-201-red


This thing is amazing. I walk on cement and climb metal stairs and ladders for about 11 of the 13 hours I work a day. When I get off of work, sometimes my ankles and feet are so sore that I actually lose sleep from it being sore. The pressure from the rollers is pretty intense at first, I could feel muscles in my feet being pushed around the first time I used it, after a couple of minutes I was in heaven. When I wake up and put my boots on the morning, I feel fine and then soreness from the previous shift doesn’t exist. I believe that if your only complaint is that this is “too rough” – you probably didn’t want this as much as you thought you did. Because I liked it so much, I brought it into work one day and some of my co-workers had bought one for themselves off of Amazon before the break was even over.

I’ve bought a couple similar products before and the ones that vibrate and stuff – that’s probably for people that sit in an office chair all day, the people that are actually on their feet need the pressure and force this thing puts out and will Love this thing. This is one of the few massaging devices I’ve come across that puts pressure on the feet on the sides – I didn’t realize how necessary this was until I purchased this one because if a massaging device rolls under the soles and arches of your feet doesn’t really have the same effect on your feet as one that grips the feet on the sides and prevents the rollers from simply pushing the feet up off of the rollers.


Best Plantar Fasciitis pain relief for home or office – Perfect for Runners, Stay-On-Your-Feet Salespeople,…Best Plantar Fasciitis pain relief for home or office - Perfect for Runners, Stay-On-Your-Feet Salespeople,...


Wow – I’m a Personal Trainer and spend 55 hours on my feet lifting extremely heavy amounts of weight daily. I’ve recently undergoing my second bout with Plantars Fasciitis and in 10/10 pain for over a month now. I’ve tried other devices and creams which offered a 2-4 point relief but seemed like nothing I tried would allow me to continue working at that pace. My “Oh Ball” arrived today – I’ve used it 2 times for about 20 minutes each session. I can honestly say my pain level is now down to a 3-4, anyone having foot pain or heel spur/plantars definitely needs to purchase this product. I am able to walk again without excruciating heel pain and fingers crossed work will be manageable once again. Thank you!!!



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