Best Flip Flops With Arch Support

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Hey guys !

Today we’ve reviewed the best flip flops in market for those of you who needs arch support.

Arch support could be really handy for more than a several of cases, including flat feet, plantar fasciitis,

heel spurs and more,

so if you’re looking into making your daily activity more comfortable for you feet – you’ve reached the right place.

Best Flip Flops With Arch Support

Reef Women's Ginger Flip Flop4.2$8.39 - $80.00
Clarks Women's Breeze Sea Flip-Flop4.8$14.99 - $80.00
Orthaheel Tide Slide In Orthopedic Sandals4.4$39.97 - $69.99
Vionic with Orthaheel Tide II4.4$32.86 - $77.95
crocs Women's Capri IV Flip-Flop4.2$24.99 - $59.99
Rafters Women's Breeze Flip Flop3.8$13.73 - $36.99
Reef Women's Sandy Flip-Flop Sandal4.4$10.49 - $29.40
OluKai Women's 'Ohana Sandal4.6$44.99 - $119.99

Reef Women’s Ginger Flip FlopReef Women's Ginger Flip Flop


I’m a loyal flip-flop wearer, but spent many years in uncomfortable cheap ones that were completely impractical for walking everywhere around the city, and fell apart much too quickly. These flip-flops changed my outlook. They lasted through a LONG summer of daily wear without fading or collapsing. The ribbon-y thong is comfortable on the toes, there is just enough arch support to walk for hours, the foot pad gives a little and feels marshmallow-y soft on feet, and the look is feminine, not clunky. I’ll be buying another pair this year- and my “old” ones are still in great shape. I just want to be sure I get them in case they ever stop making them!



Clarks Women’s Breeze Sea Flip-FlopClarks Women's Breeze Sea Flip-Flop


I just ordered my next supply for this summer. I put them on first thing in the morning and don’ttake them off till bedtime. Good arch support, soft and squishy and being ableto tighten the arch strap with the velcro flap makes it the almost perfect sandal.




Orthaheel Tide Slide In Orthopedic SandalsOrthaheel Tide Slide In Orthopedic Sandals


I own three pair of these fantastic sandals. I had chronic Plantar Fasciitis for over a year and spent well over a hundred dollars trying different insoles only to be disappointed again and again. Knowing that traditional flip flops are a contributor to this, I needed some sandals for a trip to Bermuda that wouldn’t cause me further harm. After much googling and research, I settled on these. While I was initially turned off by the price, I liked the fact that they came in different colors, were stylish and well reviewed. I had tried only one other flip flop style orthotic by Spenco that I was unhappy with, they did not have enough arch support, (I have a med-high arch), and well, they were just ugly. When I wore them I felt like I had duck’s feet. Orthaheel sandals were worth every penny. I ordered a 6 for my size 7 foot because other reviewers said they run big. The 6 fit perfectly. While they are a bit uncomfortable at first it’s not in the way that you’d think – there is no rubbing, the straps are well made, sturdy and soft and the toe strap is just right – they take some getting used to if you are not accustomed to the arch support. They explain this very well in an insert that comes with your sandals. I did as they suggested and began to notice within a few weeks of wearing them that the pain in my heel was lessening. Now, I am not saying that these will cure Plantar Fasciitis, but for me, I am sure they contributed to the fact that I no longer suffer daily heel pain. I do, however, wear them almost constantly! First thing out of bed and all day long. If I wear shoes without support, I immediately put my sandals on the second I am out of them. I took them to Bermuda and they were my go-to shoe. I wore them hiking, trail walking and even the occasional rock climbing for a good photo, with absolutely no pain. They have never given me a blister, never stink, (I do clean the footbed with a Greenworks wipe several times per week), and hold up to day after day of wear. I even wear them to ride my recumbent exercise bike every day! If you are considering a purchase, I highly recommend these sandals.



Vionic with Orthaheel Tide IIVionic with Orthaheel Tide II


Love these shoes… Gorgeous purple and fits well. I wear a 8.5 in regular shoes so I ordered the size 9 in the Vionic Orthaheel. Last year, I ordered a size 8 in an earlier version of the Orthaheel sandal, but felt my foot was hanging over the end. The size 9 works perfectly. Previously, I had critiqued this shoe and gave it 4 stars, but after a 3-mile walk this weekend, I’m giving the shoe 5 stars because my feet were not sore. Keep in mind, if you’ve never worn these shoes, you have to start out wearing them only an hour or two day so that your arch can adjust.



crocs Women’s Capri IV Flip-Flopcrocs Women's Capri IV Flip-Flop


I broke my leg and ankle last year and had to have surgery. Fast forward a few months, after countless hours of physical therapy and some really painful complications, I basically couldn’t stand on my feet for more than an hour without being with a swollen ankle and in excruciating pain. Basically the only thing that gave me some limited comfort was tennis shoes until I found these. My friend told me to try on her pair after hearing about the issues I was having. Let’s put it this way… I ordered a pair as soon as I got home that night. These flip flops are incredibly comfortable. The hill is slightly elevated, not flat like the typical flip flop. The little bumps along the bottom part where the bottom of your food rests relaxes and massages your feet when you walk. Great arch support which allows me to wear the flip flops for hours. I highly recommend it. I ordered my size which is 8 1/2. The fit for the first few days was a little small but I knew the flip flops would get loose after being worn a few times and I was right. It fits perfect now. If you have wide or flat feet, you may want to go 1/2 a size up. That’s what my friend recommended since she has flat feet.



Rafters Women’s Breeze Flip FlopRafters Women's Breeze Flip Flop


I found these sandals last year and loved the good fit, great arch support and low price. Now I am kicking off this summer by buying more! I am a tried and true flip flop wearer but the flat ones kill my feet at my age. Rafters to the rescue! This is a wonderful light weight yet durable sandal.



Reef Women’s Sandy Flip-Flop SandalReef Women's Sandy Flip-Flop Sandal


I never spent over $5 for a pair of flip flops, until now. I highly recommend these little beauties, they are worth every penny. As soon as I tried them on I was in love. The straps are wider than normal and so comfortable. My foot also felt like it stepped into butter – they are thanking me every morning since I have no flip flop aches and pains. I have walked miles in these sandals, as well as a day in the hot sun at Sesame Place, and my feet felt so pampered! I’d say these sandals have moderate arch support.I wear a size 8-1/2, sometimes a 9… I ordered a 9 and they fit perfectly.You won’t be disappointed with these Reefs!



OluKai Women’s ‘Ohana SandalOluKai Women's 'Ohana Sandal


These flip flops are great for individuals who need arch support. They are stylish and can be thrown in the washer. I love love love them. Worth every cent.




And finally…

If you have any recommendation for flops with a great arch support be sure to tell us in the comment section down below,

this will be extremely helpful and will be used a resource for other people 🙂

As always, we hope this review had relevant information for you,

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