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We’ve looked into the dancing sneakers market and found out that there’s a lot to offer.

Many brands and models are available for an immediate purchase,

but choosing the pair that would be the exact fit for you can be frustrating without some help.

To tackle this, we’ve organized the top shoes we’ve found in market in the following chart

and we’ve attached some relevant testimonials on each.

Hopefully, we can help you choose your next dance pair !


The Best Dancing Sneakers Guide Chart

Capezio Women's DS11 Fierce Dansneaker4.1$28.25 - $64.00
Capezio Women's DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker4.1$45.00 - $65.00
DPO Women's Modern Jazz Shoe Soft Sole Lace-up Breathable Dance Sneaker4.9$35.33 - $36.78
Bloch Women's Boost Dance Sneaker4.1$48.27 - $79.99
RYKA Women's Influence Cross Training Shoe4.1$23.51 - $90.00
Zumba Women's Zumba Fly Print Dance Sneaker4.4$44.99 - $52.99
Capezio Women's DS19 Web Dansneaker4.1$45.55 - $65.00
Capezio Women's Canvas Dance Sneakers4.3$29.99 - $58.95
Adult Leather Split-Sole Sneaker,T80003.9$34.75
Bloch Women's Amalgam Dance Sneaker4.1$26.98 - $52.00

Capezio Women’s DS11 Fierce DansneakerCapezio Women's DS11 Fierce Dansneaker


I bought these for Zumba classes because regular sneakers are clunky and stick to the floor, making it difficult to pivot, slide, and shake to the latin beat. I’m enjoying the class so much more with the right shoes. According to the Zumba instructor, these shoes shouldn’t be worn for other fitness classes, so the price offered on was just right. My street shoe size is 8; and based on the reviews I read, I bought a size 9, and they fit.6/5/2010 – I am on my second pair!! The first pair lasted through 2-3 Zumba classes per week, AND when they got a little stinky, I’d throw them into the wash (cold water gentle cycle). Great shoe for a great price!



Capezio Women’s DS24 Rockit Dance SneakerCapezio Women's DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker


I started taking Zumba a couple of months ago and was wearing my cross-training shoes to class. I started to develop knee pain immediately after each class. Several friends mentioned to me to buy a shoe that allows lateral movements. I finally found these shoes on Amazon for a great price because all of the other websites were too expensive. I was blown away with these shoes! I normally have a difficult time finding shoes for my 11 W foot, but when I read the reviews and ordered a size larger, 12, they fit perfectly. I wore these shoes to class for the very first time last Friday and immediately my knee pain disappeared. It was amazing! They are light-weight and provide great support for my weight. I am now able to perform all of the moves with ease and precision. You will not be disappointed. I plan on purchasing another pair.



DPO Women’s Modern Jazz Shoe Soft Sole Lace-up Breathable Dance SneakerDPO Women's Modern Jazz Shoe Soft Sole Lace-up Breathable Dance Sneaker


Be warned first, there is something wacky going on with the sizing and packaging of these shoes. First, they run 1 to 1/2 size large. Secondly, when you order them, the size you order will be 1 size larger than what you ordered. Weird? Confused? Here’s what happend to me. I ordered a 7.5 US. The shipping slip, order form and even outside of the package said 7.5. However, on the shoe’s tongue, where the size label is, it was a 6.5. Now, remember that they run big? Well, I returned and reordered. Thinking I really needed a size 6 (half size too big, and I was going by the tongue label). Guess what I got? Shipping slip, order form, outside of package read size 6, the shoes inside read size 5. Now, oddly enough, they fit. It was a tight fit, but I always order my dance shoes small because of the stretching that happens after time. Other than this freaky mix up, I love these shoes. Super comfortable. Great cushion. Great arch support. Would totally recommend them, just beware when you’re ordering your size.



Bloch Women’s Boost Dance SneakerBloch Women's Boost Dance Sneaker


Love these dance sneakers. I do line dancing and rock n roll in them and they are excellent. They slide beautifully but not so much that you go zooming off the floor! They also look good. Split sole is not a problem for me. I tried them on at the shop first for correct size. Left foot perfect, Right foot is a little small – toe is touchng end of the shoe, as my right foot is slightly bigger but as they are soft I’m thinking they’ll stretch slightly. I normally take a size 7AU/7-1/2US street size or 8-1/2 in my Adidas or Reebok trainers. You need to go up 1-1/2 – 2 sizes from street size. I got the 9. I have quite narrow feet and they’re not too wide. The bloch website is accurate with the sizing charts.




RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training ShoeRYKA Women's Influence Cross Training Shoe


I purchased these shoes after my Zumba instructor suggested I get shoes specifically for Zumba. Get the right shoe for the right activity, she said. I had told her how my knees had been hurting and that is why I didn’t do some of the higher impact moves, and she said the right shoes should help. I was a bit skeptical, and almost didn’t get these shoes especially because of the price point, but I am so glad I did. I wear 6 1/2 or 7, and have a fairly wide foot in the toe box area, but not so much in my heel, which ironically is how these shoes are designed, for a women’s foot, Made “For Women, By Women”, and the size 7 fit me perfectly. First thing I noticed is how lightweight, yet at the same time still very supportive, and surprisingly stable feeling they were. The real test was at my next Zumba class, and they passed with flying colors!!!! My skepticism quickly disappeared when I was doing the high impact moves that I wouldn’t even attempt before because of knee pain. I did a whole one hour class with no knee pain at all and worked out much harder than ever before since I was pain free. The lightweightedness of the shoe helped make kicks, and jumps much easier. And the spin spot on the bottom of the shoe made turns much smoother as well. As a result I am getting a much more intense workout, and becoming better at: “Zumba-ing”! I would also like to mention Amazon delivered before the projected delivery date, which was an awesome surprise to receive them so quick. Kudos to Ryka for making such a great shoe! This was my first experience with Ryka shoes and I will try some of their other shoes as well in the future.




Zumba Women’s Zumba Fly Print Dance SneakerZumba Women's Zumba Fly Print Dance Sneaker


Great Zumba shoes. I haven’t worn them for so long but they feel comfortable for a 1 hour a day class. They fit my feet perfectly; I’m usually a 8.5, and I order a 9 in running shoes, but I ordered an 8.5 and they don’t feel tight at all. I had to get used to a soft upper, and I’m not sure if they will stretch over time, but they slide well and feel comfortable.




Capezio Women’s DS19 Web DansneakerCapezio Women's DS19 Web Dansneaker


For my fellow Zumba addicts….
I looked at and read reviews on a lot of shoes. I have been doing zumba for over a year and had been using tennis shoes with carpet sliders as most of my work outs take place at home on carpet.
I needed a new pair of shoes and as a zumba over-enthusiast I was very concerned with getting these due to the reviews that comment on the shoes being too slippery. My fear is an injury that would sideline me.
I rec’d my shoes and put them on and was in love before I even stood up.
They are no more slippery than tennies with sliders. I went to the linoleum and did lunges with NO sliding. I went to the ceramic tile floor and did lunges with NO sliding. I do not have hardwood floors to test and report on. There was zero apprehension. I would never have done lunges on tile with sliders on. Do not worry about them being too slippery.

The split sole provides great flexibility – the improvement over regular shoes is immediately apparent. Some moves that had been difficult for me I was doing like a zumba pro right away.

I also have very high arches and very wide feet. This is the first time I have ordered shoes due to these issues. For those of you who remember buster brown – I was one of those kids…lol. these shoes are definitely wide enough for me and really have great support. Because they have actual shoe laces I think any foot width would work.

Hope this review helps you make an important Zumba shoe decision. I will be comfortable wearing these on carpet or on a gym floor at a live class.






Capezio Women’s Canvas Dance SneakersCapezio Women's Canvas Dance Sneakers


I purchased these shoes to wear to Zumba classes and am glad I did. I’d previously worn flat split-sole studio shoes (sometimes called jazz shoes) that offered no support. My arches, with which I’d never before had problems despite my being in a semi-pro dance troupe, had begun hurting badly. Regular “gym” shoes were no better, as they tended to grip the floor as I turned and caused stress on my knees. These problems ended when I started wearing my Dansneakers. I’m able to toe-point, jump and spin with ease.

To those women who, like me, have a wide foot, I’d say give these shoes a chance. I wear a 6.5 W and and as these only come in full sizes and a medium width I purchased a 7. After 2-3 classes they began to loosen up a bit and conform to my foot, and I don’t feel pinched. As they are a half-size too long, the front of the heel portion of the sole hits a bit far back onto the heel of my foot, but otherwise they have been fine to wear.

I was told by another member of my Zumba class who had the same shoes to expect my lower legs to be tired when I first wore them, but not to worry because after a couple of classes it would go away. This proved to be true.




Adult Leather Split-Sole Sneaker,T8000Adult Leather Split-Sole Sneaker,T8000


After reading the reviews on this shoe, I figured I should order a size up for my daughter; however, they were too large. I ordered a size 8.5 (1/2 sz. up from her normal size) as well and they fit like a dance shoe should. The shoe itself my daughter loves; she said she’s comfortable while dancing in them and she is also pleased with the style/look. They were also more reasonably priced than others I have seen.





Bloch Women’s Amalgam Dance SneakerBloch Women's Amalgam Dance Sneaker


The shoes are good quality and crafted well. I would have to agree with several of the other reviewer’s, order a 1/2 to one size up. I have a narrow foot and normally wear a size 9 to 9 1/2 in standard leather shoes (pumps, sandals, and flats). I usually buy Asics brand running shoes in size 10. After reading the Amazon reviews, I went directory to the Bloch website for fitting recommendations. The fitting guide recommended ordering a 1/2 to one size larger. I ordered size 11 and they fit very well. I have a little room in the toe box and I’m able to wear cotton ankle socks comfortably. I brought these shoes to use for ballet style training, Zumba, and other dance activities.I love these shoes and would definitely purchase another pair.



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